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Bernice Moore
05-17-2010, 09:16 PM
u2r2h blog: US Shadow Government - Required Reading (http://www.google.com/url?sa=X&q=http://u2r2h.blogspot.com/2010/05/us-shadow-government-required-reading.html&ct=ga&cad=:s7:f1:v0:i2:lt:e3:p3:t1274081881:&cd=jnj4fV_EnTo&usg=AFQjCNGl13oKvWbQwOgOL2KN4lGrFF4lng)
By u2r2h
I reference the Kennedy assassination not to go into it at any great length but that it, like the later assassinations of Robert Kennedy and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr were all coordinated actions of the shadow government to ...:tomato:
u2r2h blog - http://u2r2h.blogspot.com/ (http://www.google.com/url?sa=X&q=http://u2r2h.blogspot.com/&ct=ga&cad=:s7:f1:v0:i2:ls:e3:p3:t1274081881:&cd=jnj4fV_EnTo&usg=AFQjCNH4u4-U5HpTn518I4zA8v1uqP0HVw) :willy:

Magda Hassan
05-18-2010, 02:52 AM
Ed Encho is a member here Bernice. He has posted part one of this and is in the middle of updating and editing for more posts on this very important matter. Stand by. It will be well worth it.