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Ed Jewett
05-18-2010, 09:14 PM
Azerbaijan to support NATO operations in civil emergency planning (http://therearenosunglasses.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/azerbaijan-to-support-nato-operations-in-civil-emergency-planning/)

18 05 2010 Azerbaijani official: Country ready to support NATO operations in civil emergency planning (http://en.trend.az/news/politics/enforcement/1689485.html)

Azerbaijan, Baku, May 18 / Trend (http://www.trend.az/) M.Aliyev /
Given the constant risk of natural and manmade disasters, the NATO member-countries and partners should work together to strengthen mechanisms of the international assistance, Azerbaijani Emergency Situations Minister Kamaladdin Heydarov (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Kamaladdin%2BHeydarov&m=a) said at the plenary meeting of the NATO (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=NATO&m=a) Senior Civil Emergency Planning in Baku today.
“Hence, Azerbaijan is ready to provide additional assistance to NATO in emergency planning,” Heydarov said.” Mutual success will be the result of our cooperation.”
He said this cooperation will enable the Azerbaijani people to contribute to international aid at the right time and right place.
Baku hosts the plenary meeting of the Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee within the NATO Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. The Azerbaijani Emergency Situations Ministry is the organizer of the event.
Civil emergency planning system has been completely reorganized in Azerbaijan over the years, Heydarov said.
Heydarov said this cooperation is a very important step that will allow to hold joint exercises on civil emergency planning. “These exercises strengthen the practical skills and create the conditions for the exchange of experiences,” he added.
Representatives of the NATO member-countries and partners and the organization’s relevant structures, as well as NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Maurits Jochems (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Maurits%2BJochems&m=a), attend the event.
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Magda Hassan
05-19-2010, 11:03 AM
Given the constant risk of natural and manmade disasters
Wont some one tell this man that NATO IS a man made disaster?

Ed Jewett
05-19-2010, 04:17 PM
It may be nothing, in the end, but I stick "it" up there on the community bulletin board because I am so sensitive now to the entire subject of "civil emergency planning" as something which can be corrupted, exploited and serve as a cover for nefariousness.

We have seen the use of drills that "go live"; the use of drills that mask ops, confuse people, and occupy attention; and we have seen entire Federal bureaucracies given over to the quiet development of programs that are waiting in the wings to impose martial law, round up "bad guys", etc.

If indeed the "lessons learned" concept has spread to NATO and Europe and countries that are in flux or otherwise critical in terms of exploitable resources, then the mere fact that some part of some government is planning to improve civil response to events may mean that there is an event about to happen.

Ed Jewett
09-01-2010, 05:03 AM
Trend News (Azerbaijan) Admits Links to Neoconservative and Rockefeller Front Groups (http://therearenosunglasses.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/trend-news-azerbaijan-admits-links-to-neoconservative-and-rockefeller-front-groups/)

30 08 2010 [Anytime an "independent" news source openly admits ties to Rockefeller front group, Council on Foreign Relations, as well as neocon central Heritage Foundation, it should serve as a large blinking red light to anyone paying attention.

http://therearenosunglasses.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/clip_image001_000.gif?w=80&h=80 (http://therearenosunglasses.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/clip_image001_000.gif)
Delete Trend News from your list of links.]
Leading int’l experts join Trend International Advisory Council (http://en.trend.az/news/society/media/1742882.html)

30.08.2010 17:10

A number of leading experts and public figures worldwide have joined the International Expert Council (IEC) of theTrend (http://www.trend.az/) News Agency. An agreement was reached on the membership of:
-Heritage Foundation Russia, Eurasia and International Energy Security expert Ariel Cohen (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Ariel%2BCohen&m=a);
- Director of the Russia-Eurasia Center of the Council on Foreign Relations of Germany Alexander Rahr (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Alexander%2BRahr&m=a);
-Johns Hopkins University Institute of Central Asia and Caucasus Director and Swedish Institute of Security Policy and Development Founder Svante Cornell (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Svante%2BCornell&m=a);
-Professor at the University of Glasgow Reza Taghizadeh (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Reza%2BTaghizadeh&m=a);
-Turkish Center for International Relations and Strategic Analysis (TURKSAM) President Sinan Ogan;
-Turkish Centre for International Relations and Strategic Analysis (USAD) Director Celal Cem Oguz; (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Celal%2BCem%2BOguz&m=a)
-Former Israeli Deputy Defence Minister, MK General, Former Israeli Deputy Defence Minister, MK General Ephraim Sneh, Ephraim Sneh;
- Director of Damascus Institute of International Studies, former adviser to Syrian Prime Minister, Samir Al-Taqi;

- Senior fellow at the Center for International Security at the Institute for World Economy and International Relations of Russian Academy of Sciences (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Center%2Bfor%2BInternational%2BSecurity%2Bat% 2Bthe%2BInstitute%2Bfor%2BWorld%2BEconomy%2Band%2B International%2BRelations%2Bof%2BRussian%2BAcademy %2Bof%2BSciences&m=a),Vladimir Yevseyev (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Vladimir%2BYevseyev&m=a);
-Russian expert on the CIS, Moscow State University Research Fellow Stanislav Pritchin;
-European Analyst on EU Eastern Neighbourhood, South Caucasus, Turkey & Energy Security Issues at European Policy Centre, Amanda Paul (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Amanda%2BPaul&m=a),
- ?ranian Press TV Television Channel Deputy Head, expert on the nuclear issue and the Caucasus Hassan Behishtipur;
- Kazakh Risk Assessment Group Director Dosym Satpayev.
- Russian State Humanitarian University Rector Efim Pivovar;
-Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA) Research and Development Department Director Theodore Karasik;

-”Lider-TV” analytic group expert Tofig Abbasov (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Tofig%2BAbbasov&m=a)
- TiMETURK Information Portal Director Turan Kislakci;
- Professor of international relations and international politics Barnard College at Columbia University Alexander Cooley and others

Previously, it was agreed upon membership of the International Advisory Council:

- Azerbaijani Banks Association (ABA) Head Eldar Ismaylov;
- Moscow State University History Faculty Deputy Dean, Internet portal “The Bulletin of the Caucasus” Chief Editor and Trend (http://www.trend.az/) Expert Council Member,Alexei Vlasov (http://en.trend.az/search/?str=Alexei%2BVlasov&m=a),
- Head of the Caucasian Centre under the Russian State Humanitarian University, Ismail Agakishiyev;
- Azerbaijani Political Scientists Rasim Musabeyov and Fikret Sadikhov;
- Representative of the International Coalition to increase transparency in extractive industries, member of the EITI International Board of civil society in Azerbaijan Ingilab Ahmadov;

- New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) Political Council Member, MP Aydin Mirzazade;
- Writer and historian, expert on Iran, Yunus Oguz;

- Azerbaijani Social Development Foundation President Rashad Rzaguliyev;

- Deputy Director General of Information-Analytical Department at the Moscow State University Alexandra Karavayeva;

- Izvestia-Kazakhstan newspaper Chief-Editor Eduard Poletayev;
- Director of the Kazakh Social and Political Studies Institute Botagoz Rakishev and etc.
Trend (http://www.trend.az/) Expert Council is considering a number of priorities targeted at active participation in the formation of an integrated expert opinion about the processes in the South Caucasus, the Caspian and Central Asian regions.
Trend (http://www.trend.az/) will continue to work on the expansion of the International Expert Council and report on activities conducted under the IEC.
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