View Full Version : British PM: "Iran has got a nuclear weapon"

Jan Klimkowski
08-06-2010, 06:40 PM
(David Cameron), the prime minister, was speaking about Turkish accession to the European Union before a crowd of local residents in the English seaside town of Hove on Thursday (snip).

Cameron said Turkey would be "a very good political influence for us" because the country "can help us solve some of the world's problems like the Middle East peace process and the fact that Iran has got a nuclear weapon."


So, the super smooth and poshly articulate Cameron states that Iran has a nuclear weapon.

And his aides then have to explain, quietly, that he misspoke.


Meanwhile, John Prescott, the rough and inarticulate New Labour bruiser, has just declared that the WMD intelligence used to justify the attack on Iraq, by the government of which he was Deputy PM, was "tittle tattle".

Of course, the recently ennobled Baron Prescott of Kingston upon Hull, was too much of a coward to do anything other than publicly back the Blair and Bush case for war back in 2003.

At least Ronnie Reagan was usually able to remember the script he had been told to sell, with all his powers of persuasion, to the sheeple.....