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Magda Hassan
08-20-2010, 03:23 AM
US mercenaries sued for helping Croats genocide Serbs

Aug 19, 2010
Two L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. units are sued for helping Croatian forces kill thousands of ethnic Serbs in 1995 Operation Storm.
The lawsuit alleges that a private U.S. defense contractor MPRI which is a unit of L-3 Communications Holdings “trained and equipped the Croatian military for Operation Storm and designed the Operation Storm battle plan,” which killed or displaced more than, suit claims, 200,000 Serbs in 1995.
The suit was filed in the Chicago Federal Court.
The suit demands billions of dollars in damages from MPRI, founded by U.S. military officers and have often been engaged on behalf of the US government.
L-3 Communications bought MPRI for $40 million in 2000.
“This is a class action brought by ethnic Serbs who resided in the Krajina region of Croatia up to August 1995 and who then became victims of the Croatian military assault known as Operation Storm – an aggressive, systematic military attack and bombardment on a demilitarized civilian population that had been placed under the protection of the United Nations,” the 40-page complaint begins.

http://serbianna.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/serbs_shot2.jpg (http://serbianna.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/serbs_shot2.jpg)Brains of executed Serbian children bludgeoned by the Croat forces whose strategy was developed by the MPRI.

“Operation Storm was designed to kill or forcibly expel the ethnic Serbian residents of the Krajina region from Croatian territory, just because they were a minority religio-ethnic group,” says the suit.
“Operation Storm became the largest land offensive in Europe since World War II and resulted in the murder and inhumane treatment of thousands of ethnic Serbs, the forced displacement of approximately 200,000 ethnic Serbs from their ancestral homes in Croatian territory, and the pillaging and destruction of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Serbian-owned property. The victims of Operation Storm and their heirs and next of kin herein claim that Defendants were complicit in genocide,” the complaint states.
Two named plaintiffs, Milena Jovic and Zivka Mijic, describe what they suffered in the offensive.
“Whether MPRI personnel took part in the genocide is not known and not alleged here,” according to the complaint. “What is known definitively is that MPRI provided the means that enabled the genocide to occur.”
Some of the personnel in the MPRI plans for the Operation Storm included ethnic Albanians from Kosovo some of whom became so-called prime ministers or still hold office in the separatist Albanian government of Serbia’s Kosovo province.
Ethnic Albanian Agim Ceku, who was the so-called prime minister of Kosovo separatists, was a former brigadier general in the Croatian army during the Operation Storm.
Ceku, along with MPRI military advisers, helped plan the Croatian military offensive that resulted in the ethnic cleansing of the Serbs from Krajina.
According to the London Independent’s Robert Fisk, Ceku is an ethnic cleanser in his own right.
The complaint against MPRI draws on the indictment from the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia at The Hague.
In it, it says that “In the course of Operation Storm and the continuing related operations and/or actions, Croatian forces inflicted inhumane acts on Serb civilians and persons taking no part in hostilities, including persons placed hors de combat, causing not only mental abuse, humiliation and anguish (including threats to kill such persons or their families), but also severe physical injury, by shooting, beating, kicking and burning people, including extensive shelling of civilian areas and an aerial attack on fleeing civilians. Family members were often forced to watch while other family members were beaten and abused. Inhumane acts and cruel treatment were especially inflicted on the most vulnerable victims, including elderly women and civilians in hospitals.”
“During and immediately after Operation Storm, land mines were placed in the areas that had had high-density demographics. The result is that displaced Serbians are afraid to go back to their old neighborhoods that are land-mined,” the complain states.
The suit seeks damages at $25,000 per person multiplied for 200,000 victims of Croatian genocide which amounts to $5 billion.
“The equivalent amount in today’s dollars, figured at 15 years at 5 percent interest compounded annually, is $10.4 billion,” the suit contends.
August 19, 2010

Jan Klimkowski
08-20-2010, 04:54 PM
15 years too late, and it should be at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

But putting MPRI in court is an entirely correct act.

As for the butcher Agim Ceku, he's Their made man.

Connected at the Mechanic/Facilitator level to deep black drug dealing and false flag atrocities.

See here: