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Keith Millea
12-15-2008, 02:52 AM
I use the Veterans Administration (VA) for my medical needs.I have for 40 years.My last two posts had to do with some problems I have with the pharmacuetical aspects of the system.

I have type 2 diabetes,and the doctors always say to use artificial sweeteners(Splenda,NutraSweet) instead of sugar to keep my blood sugars lower.Well it was a wake-up call when I did some research and found just what the dangers are with these artificial drugs.Now I do not use ANY sweeteners.

I also use Lipitor to help keep my cholesterol lower.After doing some research,I found that the Statin drugs also have many problems associated with them.Some very dangerous.I am now slowly working my way off this drug.This is putting me in a position of having to disagree with my doctor.It's not getting nice.

Now we get to the heart of the matter.I just don't trust the medical profession much anymore.So lets get to my big worry now.I just might move so that I can help one of my best and longest friends.He is now not able to take care of himself.The VA has had him on 9 different anti-psychotic drugs in the last six years.He is having a terrible time of it,and for the last few years started having seizures.This has led the State to take his drivers license away.My buddy not only will not trust his doctors,he blames them for all the HELL he has gone through.It's bad.He gets suicidal.He wants off the drugs,but the doctors say he can't.

So if anyone wants to chime in with an opinion,I would be very grateful.We know from the past that Veterans are a good source for experimental medical practices.I have grave worries about all these mental-mood type changing drugs.

Does anyone think that these type drugs are the new generation mind control drugs?Could this be MK-Ultra in the 21st century?Are we becoming a Nation of ZOMBIES?OK,I'm getting carried away.What say you.........


Magda Hassan
12-15-2008, 08:07 AM
Your friend is very lucky to have a friend like you Keith to care for him. The military has long experimented on their soldiers with or with out their consent. And is it ever fully informed consent anyway? It is also obvious that the VA is grossly under funded (like many government departments and agencies) and I can only conclude that they really do just want everyone to **** off and die as it would make things run so much easier for them*. A cost effective solution for them. I'm sure there are good doctors somewhere in the system but whether one ever gets to be in contact with them is often the luck of the draw. And there are certainly black one's in there too.

I am not a medical doctor so I cannot give any medical advice. However, many conditions and illnesses are caused or exacerbated by poor nutrition. Modern agricultural practices have also depleted the soil of many trace elements and fruit and vegetables are not as nutritious as it was generations ago. Peter Lemkin may have more to say here as this is his area. Most medically trained doctors do little time, as little as 4 hours in their whole course, on nutrition and health. Pharmaceutical companies want to push their products rather than have patients easily and cheaply improve their health by improving their diets so there is not much research from big pharma into this and they tend to trivialise what there is and the doctors which take an interest in it. You may find something of interest here http://orthomolecular.org/resources/pract.shtml#us I am assuming that you and your friend are on limited incomes because of your circumstances. You could try a clinic from a reputable Naturopathy training college near you. They do lots of study into nutrition and their students have to complete some hours before they can qualify and they are supervised by their teachers. Or you can negotiate with one in private practice to see you for free or reduced rates. Though my experience of natural health practitioners is that they can be every bit as money oriented and sell themselves to the wealthy as doctors so it is a case by case basis you need to negotiaite. Dr Mercola's website is very informative and he is a reputable doctor too. Maybe he can refer you to some one near your friend. Plus do all the usual good health things like get plenty of sleep and rest, balanced regular meals using whole food ingredients, no caffeine or cola or other stimulants, no sugar, no alcohol, plenty of water and exercise and something useful or meaningful to do in his spare time, a hobby or community work or classes or similar.

Even if your friend is not a victim of some black ops doctor and their experiement(s) one could send oneself crazy thinking about it. If you start from the premise that they are doing something to him it would be good to get a brand new doctor who doesn't know him from Adam and not let them refer him to anyone as he could still be in their system. Get some real independent advice, preferably two or more, about the medicines they have him on and if they are needed at all and if they are needed if alternatives exist.

* While I was in the military one of the members of my unit was in an abseiling accident. It left him pretty much a vegetable and requiring high levels of medical and nursing care and life long maintenance. He was also a young man in his 20's when it happened. There was much whinging by some in the office about this man and his ever growing file and costs and work associated with it all. Some even saying that it would have been so much better for all (in the department) if he had just died.

David Guyatt
12-15-2008, 11:31 AM
Like you Keith I also have type II diabetes -- amongst other ailments -- and have over many years learned never to trust prescritions for medication advised by medical practicioners. At least not without serious probing questions.

It's a real concernto know what to do when most younger doctors are held in the palm of the pharma companies without even knowing it.

Keith Millea
12-15-2008, 06:26 PM
Thanks for responding.Magda,I'm in total agreement with what you say.When I used to belong to my old Army units web forum,it was expressed a few times that the VA would like to see us older Vets die off.I quit that forum because of all the arguing(sound familier).:)I have heard it mentioned that basically 2/3 of us Vietnam Vets have already passed on,and many more of us have lots of problems(physical and mental).

The alternative medicine approach is where I want to go.This has been my belief for many many years.My Brother in-law is Native American,and he and his wife have an herbal medicine business.The Orthomolecular page was helpful.It shows a practitioner in Petaluma.That is close to where my buddy lives.This is a good lead for me to follow.I'm gonna try to head down there in a couple weeks.Not going anywhere soon,as I'm now stranded on the mountain:(.Hell of a snowstorm.

David,I hope that posting on the artificial sweetener problems might alert other diabetics to be careful.