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Peter Lemkin
09-08-2010, 10:30 AM

Format — Each panelist will make a presentation following a brief topic intro by the moderator, who will then question and challenge each panel member. There will be Q&A for each panel with the studio and online audience.

Note: Click on speakers names to view their bio and photo.
Saturday, Sept. 11
Keynote Speech - TBA, 12:00pm - 12: 15pm
PANEL 1 — 12:15pm - 2:15pm: The 4th Estate Fails In Its Duty And The Birth Of Alternative Media

It has often been said 'The first casualty of war is truth'. What about truth in the never ending war on terror? This first panel will look at modern reporting, military censorship, taboos, and techniques often used by media to hide the truth. A look at spin and sell and the false legitimacy added by today's mega networks. Panelists will also explore the use of revisionist news as events are entered into the history books. The panel will explore the birth of the citizen journalist movement, open publishing, and alternative broadcasting.

Moderator: Priya Reddy:

The Panelists:
Robin Andersen: Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordam University.
Danny Schecter: author, filmaker and commentator on economic issues.
Lynn Landes: publisher of The Landes Report, contributing writer to the Philadelphia Inquirer
Christina Borjesson: award winning journalist and author of 'Into the Buzzsaw, Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press'
PANEL 2 — 2:30pm - 4:30pm: Truth and Consequences: 'Resistance is Futile' , Or Is It?

A look at gains and disappointments of different social and political movements since 9-11. Four leaders of the anti-war and social justice movements speak on their experiences and the struggle to mobilize people against war, oppression, and government policies after 9-11. Panelists will look back at the Bush years and examine the current difficulty of mobilizing against the new friendly face of war under Barak Obama, as Bush's policies remain unchanged. This panel will also look at how differing analysis between leftist scholars and independent researchers on the events and repercussions of Sept. 11th, 2001 have split the left.

Moderator: Sam Husseini

The Panelists:
Cindy Sheehan: American activist
Elaine Brower: Military families for Peace and 'World Can't Wait'
Matthis Chiroux: Iraq Vets Against the War
Sara Flounders: movement organizer: Answer,IAC
PANEL 3 — 4:45pm - 6:45pm: Goodbye 4th Amendment: Your Government is Watching You!

9-11 and the Rise of the Security State. A look at the Patriot Act and other laws, as well as new interpretations of the law which have eroded privacy and the ability to travel freely without fear of unlawful search and seizure. Panelists will recount how decisions, often politically motivated, have thwarted and hindered vital investigations which may have changed the course of history. This panel will also address the unregulated and expanded use and sharing of databases amongst newly formed private quasi-security agencies.

Moderator: Daniel Sunjata

The Panelists:
Ray Mcgovern: former CIA analyst
Barry Cooper: former DEA agent
Coleen Rowley: former FBI agent and whistleblower
Annie Machon: former British MI5 agent
PANEL 4 — 7pm - 9pm: Rule of Law: Speak Truth to Power and Pay the Price

In a democracy debate is essential, unless, of course, you object to the ever more profitable war machine. Three leading American politicians and a former member of England's Parliament will look at how their governments and their own parties ousted them and others like them for taking a stance against war and equality.

Moderator: TBA

The Panelists:
Mike Gravel: former Democratic Alaska US senator and presidential candidate
Don Siegelman: former Alabama governor falsely convicted and jailed in a Bush era political prosecution.
George Galloway: former member of Parliament for 23 years , and international Antiwar leader. Ousted from Britons Labor party for his antiwar stance.
Cynthia Mckinney: former Democratic Georgia congresswoman targeted questioning the official 9/11 narrative and for her anti war views.
Sunday, Sept. 12
PANEL 5 — 10am - 12pm: Splitting the Classes - Was 911 the Perfect Stimulus Package?

The free market economy is on a war footing. Did the laxing of laws and deregulation of post 9-11 era facilitate a greater widening of wealth between the classes?

Moderator: TBA

The Panelists:
Max Wolff: teaches economics in the New School University Graduate Program in International Affairs
2 more TBA
PANEL 5 — 12:15pm - 2:15pm: Distrust Your Government: How Conspiracy Theorists Become Conspiracy Realists

This panel will peer behind the scenes of events that shape our world. The real motives of power are often hidden behind noble pretexts. This panel will shine light into the archives of historical and future plans for managing and handling societies.

Moderator: TBA

The Panelists:
Peter Dale Scott: professor at U.C. Berkely, author of American War Machine: Deep Politics, the Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan
Mark Crispin Miller: Author, NYU media professor, recent books include Fooled Again
Michael Parenti: award winning, internationally known American political scientist, historian
1 other tba
PANEL 6 — 3:15pm -5:15pm: Are We Patriots or Are We Terrorists? Have We Grown Afraid of Our Own Government?

Why have we grown afraid of our own government? A look at racial profiling, the home grown terror legislation movement, the merging of the war on terror and the war on drugs, and the threat of collapse of civilization.

Moderator: TBA

The Panelists:
Wayne Madsen: investigative journalist former NSA analyst, publisher of 'The Wayne Madsen Report'
Mike Ruppert: investigative journalist, fouunder 'From the Wilderness', author of Crossing the Rubicon, center of the documentary 'Collapse'
Hank Albarelli: author of A TERRIBLE MISTAKE: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments.
Ralph Schoenman: author of The Hidden History of Zionism; Iraq and Kuwait, and co-host of Taking Aim with Mya Shone on Pacifica Radio and the Progressive Radio Network
Gary Franchi: founder of the Lone Lantern Society of America and current head of RestoreTheRepublic.com
PANEL 7 — 5:30pm -7:30pm: The Science Of 9-11: Myths And Miracles

If 1+1=2, somebody's lying here. Reports have emerged in accredited journals from scientists presenting evidence which contradicts the official version of 9/11. A close and fair look at the government's science and that of independent professionals who disagree.

Moderator: TBA

The Panelists:
Kevin Ryan: former UL labs technician fired for leaking the steel stress tests of the twin towers
Richard Gage: head of Architects & Engineers for 911 truth
Niels Harritt: associate professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and author of a recently published scientific article in The Open Chemical Physics Journal
Crockett Grabbe: Caltech astrophysicist, and University of Iowa research professor who worked on the starwars program.

Check back often for program updates.