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Peter Lemkin
09-24-2010, 11:47 AM
The Machine that Killed Hendrix
16th September 2010

Also see: “The Jimi Hendrix Political Harassment, Kidnap and Murder Experience”

“Hendrix was traumatised by an impoverished upringing and stung by the systemic racism that dogged him as the child of African-American and Cherokee parents.

By David T. Rowlands
GreenLeft | September 12, 2010

September 18 marks the 40th anniversary of the death of US musician Jimi Hendrix, widely regarded as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time.

Hendrix’s identification with progressive politics embodied the ferment of the late 1960s, with songs like “If Six Was Nine” (“I’m gonna wave my freak flag high”), “I Don’t Live Today” (about the plight of Native Americans) and the visceral anti-war tone poem “Machine Gun”.

Hendrix spoke out in favour of the radical anti-racist Black Panthers and criticised the US war on Vietnam. He played free at a benefit concert for the Chicago Seven (activists charged with conspiracy to riot over the protests outside the1968 Democratic National Convention) and famously performed a radical deconstruction of the US national anthem, “Star Spangled Banner” at the 1969 Woodstock festival.

The FBI considered him a dangerous subversive and targeted him for surveillance and harassment.

Forty years on from his death, a web of intrigue continues to surround the legacy of this visionary guitarist and composer. Hendrix may have been a musical genius, but he was a babe in the woods when it came to the hard commercial realities of the music business.

This is often attributed to factors such as Hendrix’s easygoing nature and drug use, but it flows a little deeper than that. Psychologists would call it “learned helplessness”.

Traumatised by an impoverished upbringing in Seattle and stung by the systemic racism that dogged him as a “half-caste” child of African-American and Cherokee parents, Hendrix was exceptionally vulnerable to the rankest forms of exploitation.

In 1965, Ed Chalpin (who specialised in producing cheesy cover versions of Top 40 hits) coaxed the up-and-coming guitarist on the Chitlin’ Circuit (as US venues open the Black performers were known) into signing an exclusive recording contract — for an advance of US$1.

The next year, Hendrix picked up a contract with British management outfit Yameta. Chas Chandler, ex-Animals bassist, knew Hendrix’s transcendental amalgam of blues, rock, jazz, funk and soul had the potential to revolutionise the music scene.

Hendrix re-located to London, where his band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience was formed in late ’66 under Chandler’s direction. Hendrix harnessed the sonic potential of modern amplification to saturate the ears and minds of stunned audiences with head-trips of three-dimensional tone and colour.

There was an element of avant garde exploration in Hendrix’s emerging psychedelic sound — the creative process, not the end product, was what mattered to him.

Following Hendrix’s spectacular rise to international fame after his performance at the Monterey International Pop Festival in June 1967, Chandler’s shady Yameta partner, Mike Jeffery, stepped in as the controlling force.

The Experience was the hottest act around, regularly earning $50,000 per show. But the band members (Hendrix with bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell), received a minimal share.

Most of the takings disappeared into offshore Yameta bank accounts, never to be seen again.

To make matters worse, Chalpin initiated a law suit claiming prior rights to the proceeds from Hendix’s releases. Years of stressful litigation ensued, and Hendrix found it impossible to terminate an increasingly abusive professional relationship with Jeffery.

As an ex-military intelligence agent with reputed links to MI6, the FBI and organised crime, Jeffery was sly and manipulative. Jeffery was widely rumoured to have planted the vial of heroin that appeared in Hendix’s luggage at Canadian customs. The resulting legal hassles made Hendrix even more dependent on his manager.

Desperate for some creative down time, Hendrix was coerced into non-stop touring by Jeffery.

Allegedly, Jeffery was behind a bizarre 1969 kidnapping in which the guitarist was abducted, held for days and threatened with death.

The episode of extraordinary rendition was supposedly a charade designed to intimidate Hendrix, who told friends on many occasions he feared for his life.

Towards the end of his life, Hendrix was making moves toward a new start — but too late. He died in London on September 18, 1970 — a few months after breaking off all contact with his manager. Inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate intoxication was the official cause of death.

The toxic Yameta agreement had almost expired, and Hendrix — eager to step back from power-rock to pursue jazz-inspired fusion projects — was counting the days.

Former Hendrix roadie, James “Tappy” Wright, claimed in his 2009 autobiography Rock Roadie that Jeffery drunkenly confessed in 1971 to murdering Hendrix. Wright said Jeffery told him he stuffed pills into Hendrix’s mouth and poured “a few bottles of red wine deep into his windpipe”.

Jeffery allegedly said: “I had to do it. Jimi was worth much more to me dead than alive. That son of a bitch was going to leave me.

“If I lost him, I’d lose everything.”

Circumstantial evidence adds to the mystery. Hendrix’s clothing was saturated in red wine, but the post mortem examination revealed little alcohol in his bloodstream.

Such evidence is intriguing, but the absence of conclusive proof makes it impossible to verify the murder conspiracy theory. At the very least, however, it is clear the insane pressures inflicted on him by the profit-driven music business machine contributed to Hendrix’s untimely death.

In a sense, Hendrix’s death amounted to a slow execution by the corporate capitalist music machine.

Hendrix died intestate and the question of who owns his work has been in and out of court for decades amid claim and counter-claim by competing factions bidding for exclusive rights.

In the mid-1990s, multi-billionaire Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, underwrote a successful campaign by Hendrix’s father Al (who died in 2002) and stepsister Janie to wrest control from controversial producer Alan Douglas.

Hyped as a progressive development at the time, the Experience Hendrix company (operating in silent partnership with Allen) has since acquired a reputation for aggressively bullying any other potential claimants — including Hendrix’s children and his brother Leon.

What would Hendrix have made of it all? Perhaps he would ruefully conclude that the confining “plastic cage” he sang about in “Stone Free” was not so easy to break, after all.

Mark Stapleton
09-24-2010, 01:44 PM
[B][U]The FBI considered him a dangerous subversive and targeted him for surveillance and harassment.

How did this sick fuck control American minds for so long. I don't mean his crossdressing. The rest of his personality is far more disturbing. America's worst and palpably corrupt public servant for half a century did a lot of damage but the media supported him.

Dealey Plaza would not have been possible without JEH running the FBI.

Magda Hassan
09-24-2010, 10:35 PM
How did this sick fuck control American minds for so long. I don't mean his crossdressing. The rest of his personality is far more disturbing. America's worst and palpably corrupt public servant for half a century did a lot of damage but the media supported him.

Dealey Plaza would not have been possible without JEH running the FBI.
Blackmail. Amongst many tricks. Americans were always told about the dreaded Stasi and such of other countries but had no idea how extensive and pervasive their own FBI (and other agencies) was in their lives.

Mark Stapleton
09-25-2010, 12:07 AM
The media could have destroyed his career at any time, but didn't. They allowed this madman to run amok for decades.

One public figure, whose name I can't remember, vowed to destroy Hoover's career early in the piece--back in the 1930's I think. But he died mysteriously on a train trip.

There was definitely an invisible hand protecting Hoover.

Phil Dragoo
09-25-2010, 02:04 AM
I saw Jimi Hendrix May 11, 1969 at the Indiana State Fair Coliseum. He asked that the crowd not flash their flashcubes, and when they persisted, he dedicated the next number, “some people never learn.”

Satini the little bundle of energy from our crew went down after to experience him, appearing the next day with lovely parting gifts of a bottle, fifty dollars, and a bus ticket.

1969 began with our going to the Nixon Counterinnaugural January 19, at which we filmed the Hogg Farm and Wavy Gravy, and I saw Mark Rudd and his “Maoists” in their red armbands running down the street shouting, “Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh! The NLF is gonna win!” One of them ran up and banged the iron knocker on Justice, and the shirt-sleeved lawyers on the second floor gave everyone the finger.

These were the neverchanging tundra that persisted under Johnson, under Nixon, smug as barnacles.

Rudd showed up at Purdue, within our parameters, we went with cameras and tape recorder; he spent seven hours in recruiting for the Rage. I sat next to him on a living room rug at one of the smaller venues where he amiably explained, “My friends don't like my talking to you; they think you're cops.” We weren't.

Also that season, Abbie Hoffman, live, flanked by two Chicago cops, he swinging a fireplace poker, declaring the stage a liberated zone, showing the Yippie movie wherein Daley declares, “The police are not there to create disorder; the police are there to preserve disorder.”

October 8-11, SDS Days of Rage. We in Roger's Econoline with the hatch sawed in the top, the windows meshed, cut off at every block by speeding convoys of three sedans (black, white, bronze, navy, light blue) punctuated by a black wagon.

Platoons of pigeon-egg blue helmets, knots of Dick Tracy's in trenchcoats clustered around the milk carton walkie talkie. The ragged revolutionaries round their smoldering fire of police barricades exhorted by the bullhorn, racing off pursued by dozens of off-duty cops looking for a little ultraviolence.

The 24-hour Emergency Board-Up Service trucks with generators and plywood sawed to cover the minikristalnacht and in restaurants the angry diner, “Whadda I think! I think they oughta be in jail!”

Bill Ayers would go from mug shot to making a bigger bang. A paranoid force would snuff Jimi—can it have been his role in some “Woodstock Nation” threat to the Gay Goose-Stepper?

Along comes karma, and following the red harvest of 68, the Reaper took Hoover May, 72 (heart attack), Johnson January, 73 (heart attack), Nixon August 8, 1974 (“Effective at noon tomorrow”).

Some people never learn.

Ed Jewett
09-25-2010, 02:20 AM
Reading Dragoo above gave me a rush, a contact high.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Those_Were_the_Days_%28song%29

Magda Hassan
09-25-2010, 02:23 AM
Gay Goose-Stepper... I like that Phil. You have a way with words. :beer:

Albert Doyle
09-25-2010, 04:13 AM
Most of the takings disappeared into offshore Yameta bank accounts, never to be seen again.

What is really bizarre about Hendrix's murder is it is highly possible it was directly related to the same organized crime/CIA underground network that killed Kennedy. Few people realize Jimi Hendrix was in the process of firing his MI-5 manager Michael Jeffery and sending lawyers to the Bahamian banks he kept Hendrix's stolen money in. Those banks were the same offshore dirty money laundry banks CIA was keeping its mob money in from its deal with Lansky and the mob to allow them control of the Caribbean in return for keeping communism from spreading. CIA looked the other way and took millions in mob pay-off money that it kept in those Bahamian offshore banks to keep it from government scrutiny. CIA used those covert funds for its worst anti-communist black ops. By leading his lawyers to those banks Hendrix threatened much more than just his crooked manager. CIA did NOT want its most critical Cold War black ops funding source revealed. Hendrix was waterboarded to death with alcohol in combination with barbiturates - a classic method of intel covert murder, shortly after. In his confession to Wright Jeffery said "I had to do it, I had no choice". You bet your ***. What is very ironic is Hendrix could possibly have funded his own black ops assassination. Even worse MI-5 member Jeffery could have been stealing Hendrix's money as part of that black ops funding program from the start. He could have been CIA's representative in this dirty illegal funding program and Hendrix and his career may have been unknowingly tapped as funding sources for this dirty network from the very beginning.

Interestingly a few months after Jeffery confessed to Tappy Wright he was called to his Majorca nightclub from London to help fix some electrical problems. On the flight back to England his Iberia Airlines DC-9 had a mid-air crash with another commercial flight and all 60 on board were killed. To me the electrical lighting problem in the club seems like a pretext to get him into the air. You see Jeffery was in the middle of an important trial in London at the time that would have made a major ruling on some royalties Jeffery owed to some record companies over Hendrix. If Jeffery lost he would have had to pay substantial amounts of money to those record companies. It is possible that Jeffery would have been unable to come up with the money because it had been spent by the black ops program out of those Bahamian banks. In that case serious legal scrutiny would have come down on both Jeffery, who had murdered Jimi 2 years earlier, and those Bahamian CIA money laundries. It was much better for many people that Jeffery was dead.

Intel are the only people who could operate at the level of causing a French Air Traffic Controllers strike that put the French military in charge of French air traffic that day. They are also capable of arranging a strange electrical problem at Jeffery's nightclub and steering two jet aircraft into each other. Intel had just assassinated Jimi using their special methods. If they did another one of their specialties on Jeffery, like a heart attack etc, it would be too obvious. But no one would question a mid-air collision because we all know that's impossible and intel would never kill 150 other innocent people. Especially if it kept a vital black operations funding program concealed...

Albert Doyle
09-29-2010, 05:43 PM
The British Government had all the proof it needed for murder in its possession back in fall 1970. While Jimi was soaked in wine and had "bottles worth" evacuated from his lungs and stomach in the St Mary Abott's Hospital Resuscitation Room the autopsy recorded only a 5mg per 100ml blood alcohol content which was incommensurate with the wine witnessed in and around Jimi.

The autopsy also recorded a 3.9mg percent of blood barbiturate blood level. This was a knock-out dose frozen in to the blood record at the time of death, as was the blood alcohol level.

Doctor Teare, the forensic pathologist doing the autopsy, also found undigested rice in Hendrix's stomach contents. Since it takes the body 4-5 hours to empty its stomach contents that tells you Hendrix died within 4-5 hours after eating that rice. Jimi was witnessed eating the rice in question at around midnight, which means he died somewhere between 4-5am.

When Hendrix died they took the story of his blond German girlfriend, Monika Dannemann, and used it directly for the record and determination of cause of death. She told a story about bringing Jimi back to the flat she had rented for them at around 3am where she said they talked and she had tried to prevent him from taking any sleeping pills in order to allow him to fall asleep naturally. According to her she drifted off asleep at around 7am and woke-up at 9am. When she woke-up she said she looked at Hendrix and he was fine and sleeping so she decided to go get some cigarettes and when she returned she noticed Jimi had a trickle of vomit running down his chin and didn't respond. From there she says she tried to call Jimi's private doctor (as was done in such cases in Germany) but could not find his phone number and she ended up contacting Animals singer Eric Burdon who then finally agreed they should call an ambulance. Dannemann's time scale for all this finally puts the ambulance call at 11:18am.

It wasn't until 20 years after Hendrix's death that anyone bothered to cross-check the story with the ambulance men who arrived at the scene. According to them the front door of the flat was wide open and no one was there. They immediately called a constable according to law. Meanwhile they found Jimi on his back in the flat's bed covered in a grotesque amount of vomit from his shoulders up. This led to a re-examination of Dannemann's story in the early 1990's. Her story of riding in the ambulance and witnessing the attendants tilting Jimi's head back was also proven to be completely false. The attendants confirmed no one rode with them and there was no blond woman at the scene. As it turns out most of what she told turned out to be false.

In his 1986 biography Eric Burdon admitted Dannemann called him "at around daybreak" - which was somewhere around 5:30am. Dannemann was concerned that the drugs in the flat would cause a legal problem so Burdon went over with some Hendrix road crew members and cleaned the flat out before calling the ambulance. Interestingly, some of the road crew members were mostly interested in finding phone messages and notes and getting rid of them.

Dannemann obviously made up the false story of that morning to cover the fact Jimi had died much earlier than she admitted. Amazingly the British Inquest into Hendrix's death was quick to label it another rock star drug overdose and took Dannemann's account straight and entered it into the record without question. The timing of the death, as established by Dannemann, was then used to calculate the forensic autopsy evidence even though it was completely inaccurate. Finally, this ridiculous inquiry decided Jimi choked on his own vomit while incapacitated on a sleeping pill barbiturate overdose and left an "Open Verdict" as the official cause of death.

After Hendrix's long time English girlfriend Kathy Etchingham got in a legal libel contest with Dannemann in the early 1990's the ball got rolling on the evidence. Etchingham and some Hendrix researchers ended up digging in to the evidence and uncovering testimony to prove Dannemann was lying. Dannemann finally lost a critical libel decision to Etchingham and was being called into court where she finally would have lost her libel protections over speaking about what happened that morning. Shortly before being forced to appear Dannemann was found dead from fumes in her Mercedes at her house in southern England.

In 1990, the attending Resuscitation Room physician, Doctor Bannister, was reading a Hendrix biography questioning Hendrix's death when he suddenly realized he possessed evidence towards Jimi's murder. Bannister wrote the author, Shapiro, telling him that instead of choking on his own vomit Hendrix actually died of drowning in red wine. Bannister said that he had suctioned "several bottles worth" of wine out of Hendrix's lungs and stomach "like he had never seen before or since in his medical career". Bannister had no doubt that Jimi had died from drowning in an unusual amount of red wine and that the vomit that was witnessed was the common bodily reaction to drowning.

Just last year Tappy Wright, a road crew member for Hendrix's manager Michael Jeffery, came forward to say he witnessed Michael Jeffery confess he had murdered Hendrix. He said Hendrix was firing him and he owed so much money that it would ruin him and that Jimi was worth more to him dead than alive. So he took some "old London colleagues" to Dannemann's flat and shoved pills down Hendrix's throat followed by wine down the windpipe. Jeffery allegedly confessed in winter 1973 and was killed in a strange mid-air collision a few months later in March 1973. Wright said he didn't come forward earlier because he didn't want to be killed himself.

Peter Lemkin
09-29-2010, 08:24 PM
Jimi Hendrix is an icon in the hard rock music vein. To this day almost 40 years after his death, he is seen as one of the most influential rock guitarists in rock history. His showmanship as well as his technical prowess remains unmatched, and despite a mere five albums, his music is a staple in the world of rock and roll.

Hendrix died on September 18, 1970 - slightly a year following his legendary performance at the Woodstock music festival, and the circumstances surrounding his death are still speculated upon. After a couple of days missing, Hendrix was found dead at the flat of his girlfriend Monika Dannemann. The autopsy revealed large quantities of red wine in his stomach along with his lungs. The official cause of death was recorded as inhalation of vomit and barbiturate intoxication.

The recorded facts paint a vague portrait of Hendrix's death, and the events surrounding the incident leave a lot of questions unanswered. Did Jimi Hendrix simply fall victim to the excessive lifestyle in which many other musicians have met their doom, or is there more to his death than meets the eye?

On the morning of his death, girlfriend Dannemann claims to have woken up to find Hendrix sleeping normally and proceeded to go out for cigarettes. Upon return her story states that she found that Hendrix had gotten sick and was having trouble breathing. She called Eric Burdon of the Animals who they had partied with the night before; he demanded that she call an ambulance. Dannemann claims that the ambulance arrived at about 11:30 a.m. and that she rode with Hendrix on the way to the hospital where he suffocated en route.

The recollection of the ambulance attendants are a direct contradiction of Dannemann's story and claim that the apartment was empty except for Hendrix lying dead on the bed. After an unsuccessful attempt at revival, they pronounced him dead. The autopsy failed to conclude the time of death, but it was evident that Hendrix had been dead for some time before the paramedics arrived.

Eric Burdon initially claimed that Hendrix's death was a suicide, but the facts also contradict this notion. Despite Hendrix's increasingly erratic behavior and the dark circumstances present in his life, close friends claim that he was relatively happy at the time. Hendrix was found with nine Vesperax sleeping pills in his system which are said to contribute to his death. He was a chronic insomniac who was resistant to the effects of barbiturates and would not have felt such disastrous effects from nine pills. He was also found with a pack of 42 Vesperax in his pocket which would rule out suicide. If Hendrix was intent on self-termination, it is assumed that he would have taken all of the Vesperax.

Granted, mixing alcohol with downers is asking for trouble, but the amount of red wine found in Hendrix's lungs suggests something more gruesome. It's extremely rare that someone who intends on a night of hard drinking binges with such rapidity that the alcohol actually reaches their lungs. The low blood alcohol content in comparison with the amount of wine found in Hendrix's body meant that the ingestion of the wine was so quick that it didn't even have time to enter his blood stream. This inconsistency suggests that excessive drinking was not the cause of death. The physical evidence suggests that the excessive amounts of wine in his stomach as well as lungs are more consistent with being water boarded.

There were many people who were believed to benefit from Hendrix's removal. The COINTELPRO or Counter Intelligence Program designed by the FBI was aimed at eliminating subversive behavior within the country. Hendrix appearance at "subversive" benefits resulted in the FBI opening a dossier on him, and his ability to motivate masses were seen by COINTELPRO as less than innocuous. Hendrix connection to manager Mike Jeffery only furthered his surveillance by the FBI. Jeffery had on numerous occasions alluded to being connected to underground organizations. He was in the process of building a recording studio in a part of New York which was primarily mob controlled. In addition, Cynthia McKinney, US House Representative and Green Party nominee for President of the United States in 2008, has pinned Hendrix's murder on a government plot to eradicate such leaders. Moreover, Hendrix had publically called upon the Black Panther party to go to Washington, DC and shoot the place up.

The web of unsavory individuals and circumstances surrounding Hendrix raises even more questions about his death. It was reported that Mike Jeffery was intent on manipulating Hendrix's life as well as siphoning his money into his own offshore bank accounts. There is also a mention of a million dollar life insurance policy covering Hendrix and listing Jeffery as the beneficiary. Although Jeffery was in Spain during Hendrix's death, conspiracy theorists speculate that he may have had a part in it.

Jimi Hendrix was not a drug addict; he did not die of a heroin overdose as was initially printed in some publications as the cause of death. The fact stands that Hendrix did die of choking on his own vomit, but whom or what induced this? Did COINTELPRO off Hendrix in order to prevent subversion? Did mob connections between Jeffery put Hendrix in the line of mob violence? Did Jeffery orchestrate his death for the purpose of royalties and a hefty insurance policy? These questions will probably never be answered. The deaths of Jeffery in a mysterious mid-air collision over France in 1973 and the suicide of Monika Dannemann in 1996 leave very few people who were present at the time of Hendrix's death able to offer information.

Friends state that in Hendrix's final days, he became increasingly more paranoid. Did Hendrix have a feeling that his end was coming soon? We may never know what actually transpired on September 18, 1970 and the question remains: who killed Jimi Hendrix?

Phil Dragoo
09-29-2010, 10:47 PM
Our friend the colonel related how his “killers” had obtained the name of the Vietnamese who put the colonel's photo on a Wanted poster in the area.

They took their subject “backwards over a log and poured helmetsful of water down his nose.”

And the wind cried, “Mary.”

In 1972, Dorothy Hunt attracted fifty (50) FBI agents to her press conference at Chicago Midway. The following year Jeffrey's red tail lights would go out over Spain.

Paranoids have enemies. Friends related visiting a Washington, DC, church prior to demonstrating at the then-president's attendance Sunday next.

“Would you have the time?” asked the man in the dark suit, as he snapped our friend's photo with his wristwatch camera.

The climate of Easy Rider morphs into Cass Sunstein's cognitive dissonance coneheads.

The blissful counterstroke evokes Blake's Eternity:

He who binds himself a Joy
doth the wing-ed life destroy,
but he who kisseth it as it flies
lives in Eternity's sunrise.


Five-para excerpt follows:

As the music of youth and resistance fell under the cross-hairs of the CIA's CHAOS war, it was probable that Jimi Hendrix—the tripping, peacenik "Black Elvis" of the '60s—should find himself a target.

Agents of the pathologically nationalistic FBI opened a file on Hendrix in 1969 after his appearance at several benefits for "subversive" causes. His most cutting insult to the state was participation in a concert for Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, Bobby Seale and the other defendants of the Chicago Seven conspiracy trial,(2) "Get [the] Black Panthers," he told a reporter for a teen magazine, "not to kill anybody, but to scare [federal officials]....I know it sounds like war, but that's what's gonna have to happen. It has to be a war....You come back to reality and there are some evil folks around and they want you to be passive and weak and peaceful so that they can just overtake you like jelly on bread....You have to fight fire with fire."(3)

On tour in Liesburg, Sweden, Hendrix was interviewed by Tommy Rander, a reporter for the Gotesborgs-Tidningen. " In the USA, you have to decide which side you're on," Hendrix explained. "You are either a rebel or like Frank Sinatra."(4)

In 1979, college students at the campus newspaper of Santa Barbara University (USB) filed for release of FBI files on Hendrix. Six heavily inked-out pages were released to the student reporters. (The deletions nixed information "currently and properly classified pursuant to Executive Order 11652, in the interest of national defense of foreign policy.") On appeal, seven more pages were reluctantly turned over to the UCSB students. The file revealed that Hendrix had been placed on the federal "Security Index," a list of "subversives" to be rounded up and placed in detainment camps in the event of a national emergency.

If the intelligence agencies had their reasons to keep tabs on Hendrix, they couldn't have picked a better man for the job than Hendrix's manager, Mike Jeffrey. Jeffrey, by his own admission an intelligence agent,(5) was born in South London in 1933, the sole child of postal workers. He completed his education in 1949, took a job as a clerk for Mobil Oil, was drafted to the National Service two years later. Jeffrey's scores in science took him to the Educational Corps. He signed on as a professional soldier, joined the Intelligence Corps and at this point his career enters an obscure phase.

Phil's footnote: Jeffrey born in . . .1933? Cue Ira Levin, Gregory Peck, The Boys From Langley, and advise, “Some people never learn.”

Christer Forslund
09-30-2010, 08:01 AM
The file revealed that Hendrix had been placed on the federal "Security Index," a list of "subversives" to be rounded up and placed in detainment camps in the event of a national emergency.

Well, Victor Jara was among the first to be rounded up, wasn't he? Got his fingers broken as well...

Peter Lemkin
09-30-2010, 08:22 AM
Besides eliminating persons and groups 'they' considered dangerous to their plans and vision of society (sic); I believe there was also a concerted and very successful effort to kill all of our heroes and role-models, and to demoralize us through these deaths and disruptions....be they political, alternative political movements, musicians, whatever......they do it still.

Dawn Meredith
09-30-2010, 01:05 PM
Wow. I have heard that Hendrix was murdered for years now but until reading through this thread I had never really looked into it. His music was not music that engaged me and many people were using hard drugs during that era.
But this thread has me now convinced that he was murdered. And that his murderer was then killed along with 59 others.

Not a pleasant way to begin the day. Glad I am off to trial.
What a fucking evil countrty we inhabit. The CIA runs the damn world it would seem. Killed our leaders for peace, our rock stars for peace...(Lennon, Hendrix), one of their kids- John Jr.

When someone refers to the USA as a "great nation" on tv I change the channel. The sad thing is that it had the potential to BE a great nation.

Then came 1963.

Albert Doyle
09-30-2010, 06:01 PM
Those articles Peter references are partly responsible for exposing Jimi's murder, however they are somewhat limited in the information that really exposes the murder. I suspect they are written by people who don't want to be sued.

Michael Jeffery's confession to Tappy Wright says he and some "old London colleagues" went to Monika's flat and shoved pills down Jimi's throat followed by wine. The problem with that is Jimi's barbiturate blood level from the autopsy shows a 3.9mg level. If Jeffery had killed Jimi the way he confessed the pills wouldn't have had time to be ingested to the level they were and they would have been vomited right back up when Jimi vomited. There's something wrong with Jeffery's confession. Also, Jeffery's personal secretary Trixie Sullivan said Jeffery was in Majorca that night. However, in my reading I have yet to see anyone say exactly where Jeffery was or what he was doing in Majorca that proved the alibi. Jeffery was MI-5, he was quite capable of setting-up an alibi. (Since Jeffery was MI-5 in the 1950's were the "old London colleagues" MI-5 buddies who would be willing and adept at waterboarding Hendrix to death - a strictly intel method of covert murder?)

I suspect Jeffery said he shoved pills down Hendrix's throat followed by wine because Hendrix's murder was a very sophisticated intelligence assassination operation that involved other people - possibly including Monika Dannemann. Hendrix died because he took as many as nine German Vesparax sleeping tablets that were 3 times stronger than normal sleeping pills. The company that made them discontinued them 2 years after Jimi's death. I believe these extra-strong sleeping pill barbiturates were subtly placed in Jimi's environment as part of an intel assassination operation. This method of "accidental death" has the subtle fingerprint of intel on it because of this. Jimi was meant to take those pills and pass-out on them. On further research, there is every reason to believe Jimi took those pills himself thinking they were weaker Tuinols. Jimi's New York doctor said Jimi called him from the Samarkand Hotel to consult him on his insomnia. The doctor offered to arrange a London prescription for sleeping pills but Jimi advised "No, I have some 'Tuinols' here". So there's good reason to believe Jimi took the pills on his own that night. So if Jeffery confessed he "shoved pills down Jimi's throat" I believe he did so in order to hide the fact Jimi was set-up as part of a black operation that involved others. As a matter of fact Jeffery might have known serious players were getting cooler towards him and confessed in order to take the heat off them and save himself.

Monika Dannemann was on a Dutch radio show in 1975 where she said the mafia killed Hendrix. 1975 was the same year Crawdaddy Magazine came out with an article claiming Hendrix was targeted by some kind of death squad. Dannemann told Hendrix Fan Club figure Ceasar Glebbeek that "there was evidence that could not be brought to the police but proved the mafia killed Hendrix." Nobody took Dannemann seriously and some thought she was making-up a story to distance her own involvement or negligence, so it was never pursued. From then on Dannemann realized no one was going to act on her lead so she reverted back to the original accidental death story for the rest of her life - even when it was pointless to do so. This conflict led to her years-long libel case with Etchingham where she was eventually forced into court. In truth, Dannemann was a 26 years-delayed victim of her lies from that morning and a direct collateral damage death from Jimi's murder.

Just last night I was reading Dannemann's words from that radio show and it dawned on me she was indirectly confessing in her own way. She said the ambulance man kept tilting Jimi's head back while he sat in a chair. However, since Monika was proven to never have been in the ambulance, and there was no chair in the ambulance either, we have to assume Monika is telling us something she witnessed in her flat. She also made up a bizarre story of doctors telling her Jimi was OK and not to worry. In the 1990's some friends of Hendrix under Hendrix girlfriend Kathy Etchingham finally interviewed the doctors at St Mary Abott's Hospital and they said they never saw or talked to Monika Dannemann as she claimed. So, once again, I believe Monika is speaking of Jimi's murderers who assured her their "talk with Jimi" was all right and not to worry. If you read Dannemann's statements they are rife with these double entendre "parallels" where she speaks of certain things indirectly but with spooky relativeness.

Let's be smart here. Monika Dannemann was found dead from fumes in her Mercedes shortly before being forced into a legal venue where she would be forced to answer to her lies. If she killed herself that is usually taken as a confession in this kind of situation. However, because this is Jimi Hendrix and a COINTELPRO target it is just left out there unquestioned by our Mockingbird media. And if Monika was killed herself by the same players and same methods as those who killed Jimi then that's all you need to know. Either way.

Curious how Jimi Hendrix's assassination is practically a horizon-wide fireworks show of incriminating evidence yet the governments involved, along with the public and media, seem to take no interest. Constantine should be credited as being the breakthrough source on this, but the truth is he barely scratched the surface of the real evidence and players involved along with their evil interests.

Albert Doyle
09-30-2010, 06:17 PM
Not a pleasant way to begin the day. Glad I am off to trial.
What a fucking evil country we inhabit. The CIA runs the damn world it would seem. Killed our leaders for peace, our rock stars for peace...(Lennon, Hendrix), one of their kids- John Jr.

Yeah, I've wanted to say that too. The jingo fodder you see offered as examples on the state media they call our 'cable TV news' have no idea of the evil machiavellian methods our secret agencies employ. And then there is that certain segment that are aware and get a vicarious thrill in seeing people violated in this brute fascist way. CIA really is a Gestapo-like, unaccountable, Constitution-neutralizing institution. They presently have means and methods that, if spoken of by their victims directly, would immediately draw accusations of mental illness on them because they really are that bizarre. That is part of their effectiveness and why these black organizations use them to that intended effect. Most Americans are cowards who would rather not know and exist at a level of approval from government that is no different from any other pathetic authoritarian state. We didn't become a torture nation for no reason and didn't become a torture nation where the public did nothing about it for no reason either. I personally think America is the best scam ever created. America is just another front in CIA's permanent war.

Oh, and I'm glad to see others openly admit Lennon was killed by an MK-ULTRA hypnosis Manchurian Candidate.

Peter Lemkin
09-30-2010, 08:24 PM
Not a pleasant way to begin the day. Glad I am off to trial.
What a fucking evil country we inhabit. The CIA runs the damn world it would seem. Killed our leaders for peace, our rock stars for peace...(Lennon, Hendrix), one of their kids- John Jr.

Yeah, I've wanted to say that too. The jingo fodder you see offered as examples on the state media they call our 'cable TV news' have no idea of the evil machiavellian methods our secret agencies employ. And then there is that certain segment that are aware and get a vicarious thrill in seeing people violated in this brute fascist way. CIA really is a Gestapo-like, unaccountable, Constitution-neutralizing institution. They presently have means and methods that, if spoken of by their victims directly, would immediately draw accusations of mental illness on them because they really are that bizarre. That is part of their effectiveness and why these black organizations use them to that intended effect. Most Americans are cowards who would rather not know and exist at a level of approval from government that is no different from any other pathetic authoritarian state. We didn't become a torture nation for no reason and didn't become a torture nation where the public did nothing about it for no reason either. I personally think America is the best scam ever created. America is just another front in CIA's permanent war.

Oh, and I'm glad to see others openly admit Lennon was killed by an MK-ULTRA hypnosis Manchurian Candidate.

Just to have a musical coda:
Mae: Absolutely! The federal government has maintained active programs to eliminate rock musicians and disrupt rock concerts. Senator Frank Church's Committee hearings in 1975 and the FBI Cointel-Programs clearly document the intent to break up any gatherings of the "new left". Nothing brought anti-war demonstrators together with political messages more effectively than music festivals.
There is hard evidence the CIA assigned agents to "investigate the music industry." After the murders of Tim Buckley, Jim Croce, and Mama Cass Elliot, more information surfaced about earlier mysterious deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin. Listed below, but not updated this past year, are some of the rock musicians who have died since the Huston Plan and the FBI Cointel-Program were activated. If these people had been taking any kinds of drugs, there is the distinct possibility that specific poisons were added to their drugs, enough to be fatal, to make it appear that they had died from a simple "overdose".
John Lennon Paul Kossoff John Bonham
Elvis Presley Jim Reeves Steve Parson
Buddy Holly Berry Oakley Bob Marley
Otis Redding Tim Buckley Sal Mineo
Brian Jones Jim Croce Harry Chapin
Jimi Hendrix Richard Earina Brian Epstein, Beatles manager
Janis Joplin Lenny Bruce
Jim Morrison Larry Williams Michael Jeffery, Jimi Hendrix manager
Duane Allman Bon Scott, AC/DC
Mama Cass Elliot Richie Valens Rod McKernan, "Pig Pen" of the Grateful Dead
Gram Parsons J. P. Richardson
Phil Oakes Ronnie Van Zandt
Marc Bolan Steve Gains Donald Rex Jackson, Grateful Dead mgr.
Keith Moon Sid Viscious

...and many others

The murder of John Lennon is the tragic finale to an entire era, the reminder that once an artist becomes as popular and as political as he was, his enemies will be waiting to make sure his messages never appear again to awaken the slumbering youth. [and yes, by a mind-controlled/programmed assassin - with some help from 'friends'.....]

Phil Dragoo
10-01-2010, 08:26 AM

We saw Tim Buckley at Rafael's Silver Cloud Lounge outside Albuquerque in 1973.

He appeared white as a sheet, thin as his mike stand, sweating and jumpy as a live wire.

Dancing on the floor before him in the crowd was a woman in a black dress, black floppy hat, barefoot and transfixed.

She would deliver a karate blow to a point within an inch of my nose and hiss, “I want to be alone.”

He would die in 1975, reputedly from snorting a Sangre de Cristo of smack, possibly in the tender care of Greta Garbo.

I hadn't been at all surprised at news of his death—he might have dropped between sets from what we could see.

But Lennon—having read his 23,000-word Playboy interview shortly before his murder, and seen the video of Yoko and him doing Imagine, oh, he was much too dangerous.

Yet if one wanted to vacuum up the trail of minstrels leading away from militancy, of course you've got a wide swath, and they're just loki, you send your morlocks.


Peter Lemkin
10-01-2010, 08:35 AM

We saw Tim Buckley at Rafael's Silver Cloud Lounge outside Albuquerque in 1973.

He appeared white as a sheet, thin as his mike stand, sweating and jumpy as a live wire.

Dancing on the floor before him in the crowd was a woman in a black dress, black floppy hat, barefoot and transfixed.

She would deliver a karate blow to a point within an inch of my nose and hiss, “I want to be alone.”

He would die in 1975, reputedly from snorting a Sangre de Cristo of smack, possibly in the tender care of Greta Garbo.

I hadn't been at all surprised at news of his death—he might have dropped between sets from what we could see.

But Lennon—having read his 23,000-word Playboy interview shortly before his murder, and seen the video of Yoko and him doing Imagine, oh, he was much too dangerous.

Yet if one wanted to vacuum up the trail of minstrels leading away from militancy, of course you've got a wide swath, and they're just loki, you send your morlocks.


Perhaps not everyone on that list [or the few others of suspicious deaths of singers/folk musicians and writers/rock stars] were done-in by the 'Borg', but I fear many to most were and Lennon for sure. If there as any one thing he wrote that angered them, it was 'Imagine'!.... He had also just gotten off of drugs [they had worked hard to get him ON!] and had plans for a comeback and political tour [they knew as his flat was bugged] AND he was talking of giving big money again to progressive causes....the fix was in...

If there was any ONE thing that JHx did to put him on the LIST, it was his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock...IMO.:thrasher:

The strange things are always the patterns...the patterns....

Dawn Meredith
10-01-2010, 12:46 PM

We saw Tim Buckley at Rafael's Silver Cloud Lounge outside Albuquerque in 1973.

He appeared white as a sheet, thin as his mike stand, sweating and jumpy as a live wire.

Dancing on the floor before him in the crowd was a woman in a black dress, black floppy hat, barefoot and transfixed.

She would deliver a karate blow to a point within an inch of my nose and hiss, “I want to be alone.”

He would die in 1975, reputedly from snorting a Sangre de Cristo of smack, possibly in the tender care of Greta Garbo.

I hadn't been at all surprised at news of his death—he might have dropped between sets from what we could see.

But Lennon—having read his 23,000-word Playboy interview shortly before his murder, and seen the video of Yoko and him doing Imagine, oh, he was much too dangerous.

Yet if one wanted to vacuum up the trail of minstrels leading away from militancy, of course you've got a wide swath, and they're just loki, you send your morlocks.


Phil: I was reading that interview in bed on 12/8, that day for me was filled with Lennon. Heard Instant Karma as I was parking for law school. Later played and sang some Beatles songs. Listened to Beatles records with my daughter over dinner. Fell asleep reading the interview only to be awakened by an ex boyfirend telling me there had been another political assassination, John Lennon. Devestated was an understatement.

I have always been suspisious about Phil Oachs death too. His alleged suicide by hanging, I don't buy it. Did not then and never have.

Yes MDC was definately a Manchurian candidate. The evidence is overwhelming.


Albert Doyle
10-01-2010, 05:48 PM
The evidence is even more overwhelming for Jimi Hendrix's murder. It was simply never investigated by the British Government.

You have to figure that since Jimi Hendrix was high on the list of the Huston Plan's "Security Index" that he fell squarely in to the crosshairs of COINTELPRO's gunsights. One has to imagine, and figure it safe to assume, that when Jimi Hendrix called his New York doctor to discuss his insomnia that CIA was listening-in on the international phone call. So there would be good reason to assume they knew he intended to take the extra-powerful Vesparax that were subtly placed into Monika's flat.

More curious, if we look into Jimi's German girlfriend Monika Dannemann she has a very suspicious background no one is very sure of. For instance she only dated black musicians in Germany before she met Hendrix. In the 1960's it was still considered a psychological abnormality for a white German girl to only like black men. Was Dannemann being groomed for Hendrix as an intelligence infiltrator?

Hendrix took a lot of LSD. If you know about the bizarre programs CIA was involved with back then they involved some very far-out, cutting-edge fringe psy-ops type operations involving drug-induced mind-control etc. Since they were know to be engaging in these experimental programs it is only fair to check-out if these programs were used against certain people. Jimi Hendrix would be one of the most susceptible types for these programs because he was involved in the drugs being used in them where there would be very little distinguishable line between his own LSD use and that of the program.

If you read Monika Dannemann's book The Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix she says that when Jimi met her in the bar of a German hotel during a tour in January 1969 he went right to her and sat down next to her. Monika said Jimi took notice that they had the same identical large green jade stone in their jewelry. Jimi then proceeded to tell her she was the one he had been looking for and the fair-haired woman predicted to him by the gypsy. Strangely Jimi was photographed wearing Monika's jade pendant the day he died and Monika was photographed wearing it to the Inquest.

Monika's relationship to Hendrix was bizarre. Hendrix's friends said none of them knew anything about her and her claimed close relationship to Jimi was fabricated. Her relationship to Jimi consisted of a few days with him in Germany in January 1969, then a 17 month gap until Jimi returned to London shortly before his death. Monika claims Jimi proposed to her in 1969 and maintained contact through letters and phone calls, but she refused to ever produce any of those letters saying they were too personal. Monika's bizarre tales of this secret relationship are part of what led her to her legal confrontation with Etchingham. Monika had a strange tendency to stick with claims long after they were proven to be lies - as if she seriously believed them. I worry that this is a sign her mind was cracked by MK-ULTRA-type programming and she stuck with these hopeless stories because she genuinely believed they were real. If not she may have been chosen specifically because she was mentally unstable.

This all comes down to the hours between 3am and 5:30am at the Samarkand Hotel in London in the early morning of September 18th 1970. Monika lied and originally told the authorities she woke-up at 11am and found Jimi in trouble and called the ambulance right away. Next she changed it to 10am and went out for cigarettes only to return to find Jimi in trouble, and then finally settled on 9am. None of the authorities ever bothered to question Dannemann's ever-changing story. It wasn't until 1986 that Eric Burdon admitted in his biography that Monika called him "at daybreak" (5:30am) and that they cleaned the flat of drugs before calling the ambulance. No one ever bothered to follow through on this except for the Etchingham researchers under the keen insight of Hendrix guru Michael Fairchild. Fairchild wrote an article sparking the investigation that asked "Why did it take 5 hours to call the ambulance?" Indeed, why would it take 5 hours to clean the flat of drugs?

Monika's stories of riding in the ambulance at 11:30am were pretty much disproven by the time she was being forced into court. Her death occurred a few days before finally being forced to account for these conflicts. Did Dannemann commit suicide or was she 'suicided'? And what would have happened if Dannemann was still alive in 2009 when Hendrix road crew member, and Michael Jeffery office employee, Tappy Wright came public with Jeffery's murder confession?

As you can see this case is shooting volcanic sparks as far as incriminating evidence, yet Scotland Yard looked at it, after being petitioned by the Etchingham group, and finally came back with the 1993 decision that the case was too far in the past and re-opening the investigation would not serve the interests of Britain or its government (???). (wtf???)

We really live in a day of totally corrupted depravity. Right to the bottom bricks of our so-called civilized authorities. It's obvious that the British Government cannot honestly investigate a case that proves its own cooperation in a political assassination murder.

Phil Dragoo
10-01-2010, 09:01 PM
Phil Ochs in print:


Revisiting Rafael's Silver Cloud, it occurs that I've conflated the karate chop in a Santa Fe club (which prompted a short story “The Cat Woman”), with the Garboesque Buckley companion's kick. Making her an even more outre figure, not unlike the woman in the polka dot dress.

I see in the above linked bibliography a eulogy by Abbie Hoffman. I believe his death in 1989 remains controversial.

When we saw him twenty years prior, he bragged he and his friend had put seven Chicago policemen in the hospital with a karate demonstration.

Somewhere the irony-meter is pinging: the running man from Days of Rage launched the career of the current president.

Nothing may be excluded on the flimsy basis of probabilty.

Dawn Meredith
10-02-2010, 01:40 PM
Odd all of the links on the web site Phil posted above are broken.
I wanted to read the twenty year later memorial for Phil Ochs, then tried all the others with same result.

The Mae Brussel article is marred by her adding in Buddy Holly and others whose deaths are not suspicious. I doubt Mama Cass was murdered either.
Mae was normally far more careful than that.

As for Abbie, no way I believe he committed suicide. I did not believe that shit day one.


Albert Doyle
10-02-2010, 02:33 PM
Mae tends to cast a broad net even if her suspicions are based on real instances.

I Wikipedia'ed Tim Buckley and it seems the heroin he snorted was also taken by others who didn't OD. The circumstances he was given the heroin under are explained and understandable so I would need a good argument why he was the victim of a COINTELPRO operation before I suggested foul play in his case.

I have noticed, though, that when you isolate a real case of intrigue and murder the public suddenly becomes uninterested in it. The public is much more interested in cases where various theories can be imagined rather than proven cases where they have to do the boring work of actually doing something about it. A good way to tell a real conspiracy is the public's disinterest in it.

Peter Lemkin
10-02-2010, 03:38 PM
Odd all of the links on the web site Phil posted above are broken.
I wanted to read the twenty year later memorial for Phil Ochs, then tried all the others with same result.

The Mae Brussel article is marred by her adding in Buddy Holly and others whose deaths are not suspicious. I doubt Mama Cass was murdered either.
Mae was normally far more careful than that.

As for Abbie, no way I believe he committed suicide. I did not believe that shit day one.


While a big fan of Mae, I admit, at times, she spoke from the 'gut' and 'instinct'; researching it afterward.....with more successes than failures, I'd add. I too am not suspicious of Mama Cass. Don't know much about, and have no reason to suspect Buddy Holly. Was told by a friend of Abbie Hoffman's that just before his death he had had someone put minute 'leaks' [holes] in his auto brakelines....so my suspicions on Abbie are over 100%. Phil Oachs too I strongly suspect of death by foul play. :damnmate:

Albert Doyle
10-02-2010, 04:14 PM
Having studied the evidence in this case I've found some important clues that lead to the truth about what happened to Jimi Hendrix. After 20 years the Etchingham group finally located the ambulance men who arrived at the scene at 11:30am. Ambulance attendants Reg Jones and John Saua were interviewed independently from each other and hadn't met since that morning. They both said Jimi was covered in 'horrific' vomit from his shoulders up. This is important because Monika Dannemann said Jimi only had a trickle of vomit running down his chin.

Since we know Jimi was in trouble at least as early as 5:30am when Burdon first admitted getting Monika's call that means Jimi was in this grotesque state as early as 5:30am. From my study I've come to realize the state the ambulance men witnessed Jimi in was the same state he died in. Jimi Hendrix died when he vomited the profuse vomit witnessed by the ambulance men. Why this is important is because it was obvious to the ambulance attendants that no one had tried to help Jimi by turning him over, slapping the vomit out of his throat, or basically doing anything to help his situation. This is basic detective work that was simply never done by the British authorities with Jimi Hendrix or the circumstances he died in.

What the ambulance men witnessed is key forensic evidence because it shows those who were in contact with Jimi during the time of his death realized there was no point in helping him so they left him like he was. The state of Jimi's body witnessed by the ambulance attendants is telling you those who first found Jimi knew he was dead. They knew there was no point in trying to help him. And according to the known events the person who first encountered Jimi in this desperate state was Monika Dannemann. Monika knew Jeffery had murdered Hendrix, she just didn't know what to do about it.

If we go back to the medical forensic evidence the forensic graph shows us Jimi died around 4:30am according to the convergence of chart lines between the stomach contents, the blood alcohol level, and the blood barbiturate level. This graph is confined to the time period between 3am when Jimi got back to the Samarkand Hotel and 5:30am when Monika started calling for help on the telephone. This basic forensic formula is something that was never done by the British Government and very definitely constitutes criminal negligence on their behalf. Actually criminal conspiracy and breach of government in the case of concealment of evidence for murder.

From what I've determined from studying all information involved it is most likely Jimi arrived back at the Samarkand with Monika and took the 9 Vesparax tablets on his own trying to counter the amphetamine he took at the party and get some sleep for his legal appointment the next day. Little did he know that intel had set-up some very powerful barbiturates in his cupboard through their unwitting plant Monika Dannemann. When Jimi passed-out Michael Jeffery's crew showed up and proceeded to waterboard Hendrix to death with wine making it look like a fatal overdose and combination of alcohol and barbiturates. Monika was either told to step out for cigarettes while Jeffery's boys "talked" to Jimi or she was there at the time. From reading things Monika said about witnessing Jimi's head held back by the ambulance men while strapped in a chair I'm beginning to believe Monika was there and present at the time of the murder. Typical of a psychopath with a shattered mind who witnessed something traumatic she was then forced to shut-up about, Dannemann proceeded to relieve this stress by leaking out hints of what happened in the form of parallel versions assigned to other people. Hence the murderers strapping Jimi in a chair became the ambulance men doing so etc. It's all eerily right there in Monika's statements if you view them through the correct filter.

Eric Burdon probably knew right away what happened. He had Jeffery as his manager when he was in the Animals and knew what a bastard he was. Jeffery also ripped the Animals off through the same Bahamian bank accounts - which makes me think Jeffery was part of this black ops fund before he ever knew about Hendrix. I have a feeling as soon Burdon saw Jimi he knew right away what happened which is why no one bothered to touch the body or tried to revive Hendrix. It is also why they then took 5 hours to call the ambulance. Burdon called Hendrix crew members Gerry Stickells and Eric Barrett who then came with another Jeffery employee Terry Slater and proceeded to clean the flat. Dannemann was later recorded as saying Stickells and Barrett were mostly interested in collecting phone messages and office notes. (In other words covering-up any connections to Jeffery)

Within days Eric Burdon went on British television and claimed a poem he had found written by Hendrix that night proved he committed suicide. Burdon was very active and outward with this claim. I believe the reason Burdon did this is because he realized he was witness to murder and held knowledge that could convict Michael Jeffery. Burdon had already seen the potential of Jeffery's dangerousness in the form of Hendrix's murdered body, so what he did was visibly, publicly go on television to show Jeffery he would cover for him by boosting this suicide claim. A quick look at Hendrix during the time of his death shows he was right in the middle of a change in his career. He was recorded as visiting several music producer friends in the week before his death trying to arrange a change of management. In fact Dannemann says he purposely had her listen to a phone call to his New York lawyer the day of his death telling him he was firing Michael Jeffery. A few hours later he was dead - waterboarded to death with wine and barbiturates. This is all stuff any basic British detective would have seen right away. Somehow this never happened with Jimi Hendrix because the levels of power and spheres of influence involved simply crushed any attempts to investigate this - which alone tells you who did it. As soon as Hendrix died Mockingbird was in full-powered song drowning out everything with claims of a heroin overdose. Jimi Hendrix was simply crushed like a butterfly in the ugly wheels of a big official machine.

Peter Lemkin
10-05-2010, 05:16 PM
From Monterey Pop to Altamont
The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture

by Mae Brussell, November 1976

V THE FINALE...Helter Skelter, Gimme Shelter


American and British pop/rock music during the 60's created an art form that has been described as one of the most important cultural revolutions in history.
Within a few years, between 1968 and 1976, many of the most famous names associated with this early movement were dead. Mama Cass Elliott (earlier with the Mamas and Papas), Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Brian Jones (helped form the Rolling Stones with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards), Janis Joplin were all at the Monterey Pop celebration, summer 1967.
Duane Allman Berry Oakley (helped form Allman group with Duane and Gregg Allman), Tim Buckley, Jim Croce, Richard Farina, Donald Rex Jackson (road manager for Grateful Dead) Michael Jeffery (Jimi Hendrix' personal manager), Brian Epstein (Beatles manager), Al Jackson (drummer for Wilson Pickett, back-up drummer for Otis Redding), Vinnie Taylor (Sha-Na-Na) Paul T. Williams (choreographer for the Temptations, and one of the original Temptations), Clarence White (Byrds), Robbie McIntosh (drummer Average White Band), Jim Morrison (Doors), Pamela Morrison (Jim's wife), Rod McKernan "Pig Pen" (Grateful Dead), Phil Ochs, Gram Parsons (Byrds, Flying Burritos, International Submarine Band, singing with Emmylou Harris), Sal Mineo, Meredith Hunter (victim of ritual killing at Altamont Festival), Steve Perron (lead singer of Children, wrote hit songs for ZZ TOP), and Jimmy Reed (influenced many groups, combined harmonica with guitar) were a few possible victims.
Family and friends accepted the musicians depressions or accidents as having to do with alcohol, drug usage, or both. Was anything added to their beverages or drugs to cause personality changes and eventual suicides?
Almost every death was shrouded with unanswered questions and mystery.
Persons around the musicians had strange backgrounds and were often suspect.
All of these musicians were at the peak of a creative period and success at the time they were offered LSD. Their personalities altered drastically. Optimism and gratification were replaced with doubt and misery.
Why would young people with so much talent and influence as Phil Ochs, Janis Joplin, Gram Parsons, or Brian Jones wallow in suffering, self doubt, and despondency? They were all loved, doing important contributions to their concerts and compositions, cutting new records, recognized for their talent. It just doesn't make sense.
Jimi Hendrix, Mama Cass Elliott, Steve Perron choking from their vomit? I doubt it!!
Phil Ochs just happened to be touring Africa when a native "robber" jumped after him and cut his throat so that it affected his singing? The most political symbol of protest against the war in Vietnam, songwriter for Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and many others, is selected from millions of U.S. tourists for assault to his vocal chords. Incredible!!
Way back in 1966 the American Broadcasting Co. was planning to merger with International Telephone and Telegraph Co.(ITT). ABC had put aside $100,000 advance for the first television special by writer-poet Bob Dylan. The production was to climax the season.
On Saturday, July 30, 1966, Bob Dylan had a motorcycle accident. Dylan never got on the air, and ABC never merged with ITT. The merger required a lack of protest from the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department. No comment. By now you know what I am thinking!!!
In addition to Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, and the Dave Mason band, many others suffered near fatal accidents.
The nine years in which the musicians allegedly overdosed, drank themselves to death, drove over cliffs, hung themselves, choked, crashed their motorcycles, went insane, or freaked out without any reasonable explanation, were the same years that the FBI and CIA waged a domestic war against any kind of dissent.
Was Lennie Bruce the first victim? How about Jack Kerouac? Did Bruce pay his dues for comparing United States police to Hitler's Gestapo. Was all the fuss about dirty words only a cover story?
An important part of neutralizing any group is to kill or discredit the leaders.
Monterey Pop set the combined Government agencies in motion.

"Never again was there a festival such as the one that took place that weekend of 1967. Never was there another event where over thirty rock groups were inflated by no more that the joy of an enraptured audience and the gorgeous pleasure of performance itself. There were eight, nine, ten times as many people running rock festivals taking place only two years later. There was never another Monterey! The weekend was too intoxicating, too radiant, too pure."

"Janis Joplin, Buried Alive"
Myra Friedman

By 1968, the FBI's Counterintelligence Program, and the CIA's Operation Chaos, had included among their long list of domestic enemies "Advocates of New Lifestyles," "New Left," "Apostles of Non-Violence and Racial Harmony" and "Restless Youth."
Justification for indexing 300,000 law abiding citizens into files, and wiretapping, bugging, or burglarizing offices was rationalized on the basis that violence was prevalent, the cities were burning.
Now we find out that being "non-violent" and wanting "racial harmony," according to recent Congressional investigations, was also a crime.
The meeting place for this social, economic, and soon to become political, revolution was at the folk festival, rock concerts, free park love-ins, at the FM radio stations, or home with favorite records.
In the music there were many messages.
American youth were provided with a wide variety of radio stations to manage, alternative news sources, and new ways to learn what was going on in the world.
For the first time, young Americans found themselves with enough space and time to communicate.
The space was the entire continent, then the globe. They wandered. Many left homes in large numbers, seeking contacts from strangers in distant communities.
The time was often twenty four hours each day. They dropped out from established institutions. Clocks disappeared.
Musicians were bringing these young people together from far away places.

"I see a great deal of danger in the air. Teenagers are not screaming over pop music anymore, they're screaming for much deeper reasons. We're only serving as a means of giving them an outlet. Pop music is just the superficial tissue. When I'm on the stage I sense that the teenagers are trying to communicate to me, like by telepathy, a message of some urgency. Not about me or my music, but about the world and the way they live. I interpret it as their demonstration against society and it's sick attitudes. Teenagers the world over are weary of being pushed around by half-witted politicians who attempt to dominate their way of thinking and set a code for their living. This is a protest against the system. And I see a lot of trouble coming in the dawn."

Mick Jagger

Everything was beautiful until the insanity began.
The CIA got into the business of altering human behavior in 1947.
"Project Paperclip," an arrangement made by CIA Director Allen Dulles and Richard Helms, brought one thousand Nazi specialists and their families to the United States. They were employed for military and civilian institutions.
Some Nazi doctors were brought to our hospitals and colleges to continue further experimentations on the brain.
American and German scientists, working with the CIA, then the military, started developing every possible method of controlling the mind.
Lysergic Acid Diethylmide, LSD, was discovered at the Sandoz Laboratories, Basel, Switzerland, in 1939 by Albert Hoffman. This LSD was pure. No other ingredients were added.
The U.S. Army got interested in LSD for interrogation purposes in 1950. After May, 1956, until 1975, the U.S. Army Intelligence and the U.S. Chemical Corps "experimented with hallucinogenic drugs."
The CIA and Army spent $26,501,446 "testing" LSD, code name EA 1729, and other chemical agents. Contracts went out to forty-eight different institutions for testing. The CIA was part of these projects. They concealed their participation by contracting to various colleges, hospitals, prisons, mental hospitals, and private foundations.
The LSD I will refer to is the same type of LSD that the CIA used because of the similarity of symptoms between their reports and what happened to musicians or hippies after 1967. We shall be speaking of CIA-LSD, not pure LSD.
Government agents and the ability to cause permanent insanity, identical to schizophrenia, without physician or family knowing what happened to the victim.

"No physical examination of the subject is required prior to the administration of LSD. A physician need not be present. Physicians might be called for the hope they would make a diagnosis of mental-breakdown which would be useful in discrediting the individual who was the subject of CIA interest. Richard Helms, CIA Director, argued that administering drugs, including poisonous LSD, might be on individuals who are unwitting as this is the only realistic method of maintaining the capability considering the intended operational use to influence human behavior as the operational targets will certainly be unwitting."

"Senate Report to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities"
Book I, page 401, April 1976.

When the first reports came out that the CIA could administer a tasteless substance into the beverage of one of their most responsible co-workers, and drive that man into a mental institution, or cause him to jump out of a window to his death, all existing CIA records were destroyed.
Hippies and musicians, previously normal and creative, with families and loved ones identical to Dr. Frank Olson, responded in the same manner as Dr. Olson after their introduction to the same drugs.
Valuable documentation of LSD experiments should not have been in the hands of CIA Director Richard Helms. January 31, 1973, one day before he retired from the CIA, he removed some possible answers as to the fate of persons minds the past ten years.
Helms had been behind all the types of experimentations since 1947.
Mind altering projects went under the code names of Operation Chatter, Operation Bluebird/Artichoke, Operation Mknaomi, Mkultra, and Mkdelta.
By 1963, four years before Monterey Pop, the combined efforts of the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology, Department of U.S. Army Intelligence, and U.S. Chemical Corps were ready for any covert operations that seemed necessary.
U.S. agents were able to destroy any persons reputation cause by inducing hysteria or excessive emotional responses, temporary or permanent insanity, suggest or encourage suicide, erase memory, invent double or triple personalities inside one mind, prolong lapses of memory, teach and induce racism and hatred against specific groups, cause subjects to obey instructions on the telephone or in person, hypnotically assure no memory remains of the assignments.
The CIA has poison dart guns to kill from far away, tranquilizers for pets so the household or neighborhood is not alerted by entry or exit.
While pure LSD is usually 160 micrograms, the CIA was issuing 1600 micrograms. Some of their LSD was administered to patients at Tulane University who already had wired electrodes in their brain.
Was being crazy an occupational disease of being a musician? Or does this LSD, tested and described in Army documents, explain how a cultural happening that was taking place in 1967-68 could be halted and altered radically?

Janis used to say that her speed experience was induced by a man. He had been the cause of it. He had brought her lower than she had ever been in her life. Her involvement with the young man started in the spring of '65.
He was a very sharp brain and questionable character, engaged in some rather odd activities. Neither his history or his name was his own. He set up a fraudulent international pharmaceutical company in Canada to obtain drugs. He was also a methadrine addict. Janis was an exceptionally vulnerable girl. It had taken Janis about seven months from the time she returned from New York to degenerate into a vegetable, an eighty pound spastic speed-freak.

"Buried Alive, Janis Joplin"
Myra Friedman

Chrissie Shrimpton described how Mick Jagger's mind was affected after he started taking acid. Jagger had a nervous breakdown in the United States, June 1966, some months after he started taking acid. His collapse came just weeks before the start of a new concert tour.
Several friends from America visited Jagger and Chrissie and surreptitiously slipped acid into her drink. She was literally out of her mind. A short while later, Chrissie attempted to kill herself.

"Henry Schneiderman, a sinister American, or Canadian...he had so many passports no one was certain of his origin, brought to Keith Richards home a suitcase...which contained several pounds of heroin, cannabis, pills acid, DMT, every herb and chemical to stab or stroke the mind...along with choice LSD from San Francisco.
Schneiderman had let believe he was really bending the law all over the world. He was on a James Bond thing, the CIA or something."

"Mick Jagger"
Tony Scaduto

Brian Jones had a complete personality change after taking LSD.
Janis Joplin's first LSD was administered surreptitiously. When she discovered what happened, she ran to spit it out.
Before Watergate, long before our understanding of Government agents interfering with our privacy or right to assemble, many autopsies and descriptions of mental conditions were never challenged. Today there is healthy suspicion.
When Tim Buckley died, following a successful concert in Dallas, Texas, his death was first attributed to a heart attack. Ten days later, Buckley's cause of death was discovered to be brought on by a drug overdose.
UCLA graduate student Richard Keeling was finally charged with murder after it was discovered that Buckley had sniffed heroin-morphine-ethanol. A police eyewitness actually saw Buckley ingest the powder.
Robbie McIntosh sniffed cocaine at a party.
The cocaine was laced with heroine and strychnine. Host Kenneth Moss was charged with murder.
In the cases of rock musicians becoming ill or passing away, there were so many variations of possibilities that could have been narrowed down toe facts if the doctors had been aware of all the circumstances. Jimi Hendrix was given a tab of acid just before his show at Madison Square Garden where he was playing with Buddy Miles and Bill Cox. The audience, as well as Hendrix, were completely freaked out by his irrational behavior. The result was that Hendrix was discredited.
The effect of one LSD dose could cause permanent brain injury. Anything Hendrix did after this experience, up to and including the time of his death, could be attributed to that earlier event.
Government manufactured LSD included countless combinations of chemicals.
New York State Psychiatric Institute was granted the first known contract for research into psychochemical drugs. The purpose was to determine the psychological effect of psychological chemical agents on human subjects. These subjects were given derivatives of LSD and mescaline. Other chemicals that were tested, which could be distributed at a later date included morphine, demerol, seconal, scopolamine, ditan, atrophine, psilocybin, BZ (benzilate), glycolate, atrophine substitutes, dimethyl, tryptamine, chlorpromazine, LSD with Dibenzyline (blocking agents), LSM (Lysergic acid morpholide), LSD like compounds, psilocybin, and various chemical glycolate agents.
It is no easy feat to alter society's consciousness. An arsenal of weapons was available.
Included among the chemicals were also choking agents, nerve agents, blood agents, blister agents, vomiting agents, incapacitating agents and toxins.

"The glycolates cause incapacitation by interfering with muscle, gland functions and the central nervous system, they depress or inhibit nervous activity. In addition to delirium there is physical incoordination, blurred vision inhibition of sweating and salivation, rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, increased body temperature and , at high doses, vomiting, prostration, and stupor or coma. The onset may be minutes, hours, or days."

U.S. Army "Use of Volunteers in Chemical Agent Research"
Released from the Pentagon March 1976


"How does it feel
to be
One of the
Beautiful people?"

The Beatles "Baby, You're Rich Man"
Magical Mystery Tour Album

Robert Hall, a private detective in Hollywood, was killed by a single bullet on July 22, 1976.
So far, there has been a wire service news blackout on the implications of Hall's murder for obvious reasons. The facts in this case should expose more than the tip of Watergate. What was going on is Los Angeles is part and parcel of the Washington, D.C. scandals.
If one Army report alone exposes that millions of dollars were spent using and testing chemical combinations for operational purposes, then somebody has to be around to distribute the poison.
Managers of seven rock groups, seven different groups, had hired private eye Hall to find out how their stars were getting "stoned."
Turning on or feeling "high" doesn't warrant hiring the professional assistance of a detective. That they were obviously complaining about was that the stars were being altered in such a way that it hampered with their public appearances, credibility, personal lives, and recordings.
Hall's inquiry revealed the drugs were coming from two pharmacies with which he had been employed.
Hall used to own a drug store in Hollywood with co-partner Jack Ginsburg, an admitted pornographer, who was charged with Hall's murder.
Gene LeBell, 44, the other man arrested along with Ginsburg, refereed the Muhammed Ali bout with a Japanese wrestler in July, '76. LeBell, a professional wrestler, is the son of Aileen Eaton, a well known boxing promoter who owns and operates the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles.
The reports that Hall concluded for the managers of the rock musicians included the names of two physicians and one dentist as having supplied false prescriptions. The cause of apparent freaking out was centered in a small area of operation.
This information was turned over to the proper authorities for arrests before Hass was murdered. No actions were taken by the police. No arrests have been made.
The same frustrations plagued Robert Hall that bothered Phoenix, Arizona reporter Don Bolles. The higher-ups get police and law protection. The investigators get killed.
Don Bolles and Robert Hall were investigating some of the same people, an actual who's who of the cold war.
Hall's contacts were important because they touched the prime movers of our politics, movies, electoral processes, entertainment, and also our tastes in music and in sounds.
Within moments of Hall's murder, his name was linked with possible murder for hire, kidnapping plans for millionaire financier Robert Vesco's son, gun running to Vesco in Costa Rica, the unsolved stabbing of actor Sal Mineo, blackmail, the lost safe deposit box of Howard Hughes that could contain his original will, Beverly Hills financier Thomas P. Richardson (recently convicted of a $25 million stock fraud), Hollywood's most famous celebrities in drug and sex scandals, exposures of televisions stars and high Washington officials, drug traffic from Los Angeles to the Malibu community, international sports events, the Los Angeles Police Department (one of their former agents is now retired, heads the Police Science Department at L.A. Valley College and supplied the fatal weapon used to kill Hall), Los Angeles Police Department Chief Ed Davis (because of his links to the FBI and CIA) a possible plot to kidnap Bernard Cornfeld (associate of Robert Vesco), past contacts with Mickey Cohen, the long drug addiction of singer Eddie Fisher, contract employment of Hall by Howard Hughes Summa Corp., the two burglaries of Hughes headquarters in Van Nuys and on Romaine Street. The burglary on Romaine Street set off the Glomar Explorer scandal of Hughes fronting the contract for the CIA.
Hall sent his pals to New York. Dr. Max Jacobson, titled Dr. Feelgood, the source of John F. Kennedy's happy time vitamins. Roy B. Loftin, contractor for NASA, Texan, with a long association and friendship for Bobby Baker, Lyndon Johnson's protege, knew Hall.
Investigations into the slain Burbank private detective caused Beverly Hills Police Captain Jack Eggers, on the force seventeen years, to resign.
Hall worked as a double agent for the Beverly Hills Police and the Los Angeles Police.
The relationship between law enforcement, drug traffic, and personalities as varied as politicians and musicians makes it sometimes impossible to get an impartial investigation of certain deaths. What appears as suicide can be murder.
At the time of Hall's murder, his possessions included tranquilizer guns, drug loaded darts that fire gas canisters, electronic bugging equipment of all kinds, and a wide variety of chemical formulas.
The chemicals were possibly a combination from the many tested by the U.S. Government from 1953 to 1963.


Why were Hippies such a threat, from the President on down to local levels, objects for surveillance and disruptions?
Many of the musicians had the potential to become political. There were racial overtones to the black-white sounds, the harmony between people like Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, and Jimi Hendrix. Black music was the impetus that got the Rolling Stones into composing and performing.
The war in Vietnam was escalating. What if they stopped protesting the war in Southeast Asia and turned to expose domestic policies at home with the same energy? One of the Byrds stopped singing at Monterey Pop to question the official Warren Report conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was a "lone assassin."
Bob Dylan's "Bringing it All Back Home" album has a picture of Lyndon Johnson on the cover of Time.
By 1966, LBJ had ordered all writers and critics of his Commission Report on the JFK murder to be under surveillance.
That research was hurting him. Rock concerts and Oswald. What next?

While preacher preach of evil fates
teachers teach that knowledge waits
Can lead to hundred dollar plates
Goodness hides behind its gates
But even the president of the United States
Sometimes must have
to stand naked.

Bob Dylan
"It's Alright Ma"
Bringing it All Back Home album

John and Yoko Lennon were protesting the Vietnam war. The State Department wrote documents describing them as "highly political and unfavorable to the administration." It was recommended their citizenship be denied, and they be put under surveillance.
Mick Jagger, before he was offered Hollywood's choicest women and heavy drugs, was concerned about the youth protests in Paris, 1968, and the anti-war demonstrations at the London Embassy.

"War stems from power-mad politicians and patriots. Some new master plan would end all these mindless men from seats of power and replace them with real people, people of compassion."

Mick Jagger

Woodstock, summer of 1969, was the turning point of rock festivals. Time magazine described this happening as "one of the most significant political and sociological events of the age."
One half million American youth assembled for a three day rock concert. They were non-violent, fun-loving hippies, who resembled the large followings of Mahatma Gandhi in India and Rev. Martin Luther King in the USA, both strong advocates of non-violence. And both assassinated.
It is important to understand the kinds of drugs and agents available to stifle dissent, the mentality of people hell-bent on changing the course of history, in order to comprehend that cultures and tastes can be moved in directions according to game plans in the hands of a few people.
Adolf Hitler's first targets in Nazi Germany were the Gypsies and the students. LSD was a youth oriented drug; that was perfected in the laboratory. When it was combined with other chemicals, and given the wide distribution necessary all that remained were the marching orders to go to war.


July, 1968, the FBI's counterintelligence operations attacked law abiding American individual's and groups.
The stated purpose of these assaults was to disrupt large gatherings, expose and discredit the enemy, and neutralize their selected targets.
Neutralization included killing the leaders,if necessary. Preferably, turn two opposing segments of society against each other to do the dirty work for them.
Remember that among these dangers to the security of the United States were persons with "different lifestyles" and also "apostles of non-violence and racial harmony."
CIA Director Richard Helms warned National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, Feb. 18, 1969, that their study on "Restless youth" was "extremely sensitive" and "would prove most embarrassing for all concerned if word got out the CIA was involved in domestic matters."
The FBI sent out a list of suggestions on how to achieve their goals. They can all be applied to what happened to musicians, youngsters at folk rock festivals, and hippies along the highway.

Gather information on their immorality. Show them as scurrilous and depraved. Call attention to their habits and living conditions. Explore every possible embarrassment. Send in women and sex, break up marriages. Have members arrested on marijuana charges. Investigate personal conflicts or animosities between them. Send articles to the newspapers showing their depravity. Use narcotics and free sex to entrap. Use misinformation to confuse and disrupt. Get records of their bank accounts. Obtain specimens of handwriting. Provoke target groups into rivalries that may result in death.

"Intelligence Activities and Rights of Americans"
Book II, April 26, 1976
Senate Committee Study with Respect to Intelligence

The IRS admitted that "people who attend rock concert festivals" were listed among targets for investigation by its special staff. Agent Leon Levine said that "ideological groups such as rock festival patrons were to be watched."
A San Diego police officer was penalized for throwing rocks at a concert that injured a 17 year-old girl. She was treated for a fractured nose and facial lacerations.
John and Yoko's legal problems began when marijuana was planted in some binoculars while moving. After Mr. Schneiderman showed the British police his full suitcase of drugs during the bust with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Robert Frazier, Schneiderman left town. He was never arrested. The Stones went to jail. Mick Jagger was then put on the International Red List as a possible narcotics smuggler every time he went through customs.
Cable Splicer III, martial law plans, set to control civil disturbances, May 1970, described as dangerous "love-in type gatherings in the parks where in large numbers freak out, peace marches, rock festivals where violence is commonplace and sex is unrestrained."
Chicago Police Chief Rockford, overall commander during the police clashes at 1968 demonstrations, was also in charge of the police who fired a volley of shots, wounding one youth in a riot at the 1970 rock festival in Grant Park.
Louis Tackwood, agent provocateur with the Los Angeles Police Department, exposed CREEP and the Republicans who were going to turn San Diego into a scene of violence during the conventions in 1972. Part of the plans were to seal off and them bomb a hundred thousand demonstrators attending a rock concert on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, San Diego.
Employees at the CIA's Langley, Virginia, headquarters don't have to stand in line to get tickets to these events. They have a top-secret ticketron outlet for rock concert appearances.
A similar top-secret ticketron outlet is administered by the National Security Agency at For George Meade, Md.
Howard Hughes organization ordered "all rock concerts prohibited in Las Vegas."
Fortune, January 1969, described the Movement as encompassing "hippies and doctrinaire Leninists, anarchists and populists, revolutionaries, whose domain is the human mind, rock bands and cultural guerrillas."
During the 1968 riots in Washington, D.C. group singing was outlawed by the police department. They were aware that people "get high" singing together.
Records of Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens, Alice Cooper, Simon and Garfunkel, Jethro Tull and others were burned at the Hollywood Christian Academy in Hollywood, Fla. Rock music was described as being "of the devil, having no place in a Christian life."
The rock group Black Cat won a $570,000 slander suit against a minister in Arkansas. Their concert had been prevented, claiming they were a "mongrel group of Satanic origins."
Following the slaying of two Americans in South Korea in August, the government issued tighter controls on long hair and "decadent music." Korea has a list of 260 decadent rock-folk and protest songs. Among them is "I Shot the Sheriff" and "We Shall Overcome." A survey of Quebec policemen showed that more of them were hostile to hippies or beatniks than they are toward criminals.
Art Linkletter, a television personality, told a Congressional committee investigating drug abuse that the "Beatles were the leading advocates of an acid society." This is an example of turning one hostile group against another. There is every reason to believe that the LSD that caused Dr. Frank Olson and Diane Linkletter to leap from buildings to their death could be manufactured from the same laboratories. With justified anger, Linkletter became a mouthpiece. Meanwhile, the so-called straight society Linkletter was defending, spent sixteen years and millions of dollars perfecting LSD into an operational weapon.
Los Angeles Police arrested 511 persons attending the Pink Floyd concert. There were no mass arrests at Elton John's performance in the same city, around the same time.
Somebody is selecting their targets, because there is plenty of grass at Elton's concert.
"Peace Pills" were distributed at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds for a folk-rock festival. Youngsters were hospitalized. A strange drug was handed out freely and poured into drinks.
All of those who took the drug were treated, but sent home without any knowledge of the psychological damage.
This pill was blamed for the death of Mrs. Loid Dodd de Lattre, wife of a beatnik priest. Mrs. de Lattre's heart burst under the stimulation of the drug. Under its influence, she tore out her hair and threw herself on the floor.
A man had jumped on the musician's platform and announced they had 4,000 pills to hand out. The pills caused "marked disorientation as to time and space, inability to sustain directed thought, presence of a trance-like state."
This kind of scene was so common that large groups were discouraged from performing in the manner they had before these assaults took place.
The irreplaceable loss of lives and talent has been noticed by persons sensitive to the rock-folk music.
We can't bring them back to life. We might take time to examine their deaths, if only to stop the still going attack upon certain artists and musicians.
Some of my information on the details of these deaths is incomplete. The circumstances surrounding them caused me to ask some hard questions.

JOHN CARPENTER, 45 yrs, Sept. 18, 1976, killed by hit and run driver, Ben Lomand, Calif. Part of the earliest rock scene, once managed Grace Slick, wrote for Rolling Stone from issue one through eight, disc jockey at KPFK, music critic for L.A Free Press. Got "totally crazed" and committed himself to a mental institution for a while.

TIM BUCKLEY, 28 yrs, June 29, 1975, Los Angeles. Just returned from a concert in Dallas, Texas, about to make a movie of Woodie Guthrie's "Bound for Glory." Death caused by heroin-morphine-pentathol. Police eyewitness to his taking the drug. Joe Falsia, Buckely's manager "never knew Tim used drugs." Richard Keeling charged with his murder.

THE CHASE, August 11, 1974, Four in rock group killed, airplane crash. Bill Chase, Jazz trumpeter with Woody Herman, Walt Clark, drummer, John Emma, guitarist, and Wallace Wouhne, organist. Three years ago the Chase had a single, "Get It On," that became a hit. Popular with radio stations. Played often in Las Vegas, Japan, Africa, released three albums.

JIM CROCE, 30 yrs. old, Sept. 20, 1973. Airplane crash, Louisiana. Recorded hit albums, including "Bad, Bad LeRoy Brown." Degree in psychology from Villanova U., sang at small colleges. Croce's widow filed a $2.5 million suit against Federal Aviation Administration. Allegations that preparation of maps on the airport runway were faulty, leaving a tree unmarked which the fatal plane struck.

BRIAN JONES, July, 1969, London. One of the original members of the Rolling Stones. Unique musician, helped the group get started, under control of drugs by 1966, took LSD that caused personality changes and depression. Seemed to have brain damage and disintegrated. Compared his arrests and planted grass to the treatment Lennie Bruce had received, forced to drop from the group. Keith Richards, of the Stones, said,

"Some very weird things happened the night Brian died. We had these chauffeurs working for us, and we tried to find out. Some of them had a weird hold over Brian. I got straight into it and wanted to know who was there and couldn't find out. The only cat I could ask was the one I think who got rid of everybody, and did a whole disappearing thing so that when the cops arrived, it was just an accident. Maybe it was. I don't know. I don't even know who was there that night, and finding out is impossible. It's the same feeling with who killed Kennedy. You can't get to the bottom of it."

"Mick Jagger"
Tony Scaduto

MAMA CASS ELLIOT, 33, former member of Mamas and Papas, London. Found dead in her apartment. "Probably choked to death on a ham sandwich," or "possibly of heart attack. The coroner said it "appears the singer had not died of natural causes." She was propped up in bed, and had been dead for a considerable time before her body was found. Had just completed two weeks at the London Palladium, was ready to tour Britain, was in excellent mental spirits. Performed at the Monterey Pop.

JANIS JOPLIN, 27 yrs., Oct. 3, 1970, Los Angeles. Cause of death listed as "drug overdose, accidental." Lawsuit in 1974 claimed "it was possible that something unknown triggered a fatal reaction." Fought alcohol and drug usage most of her adult life. Body at autopsy didn't show large amounts of morphine. The night she died, Janis was with a mysterious character who accompanied her to the Landmark Hotel, L.A. She made three calls to her drug "connection" on the hotel switchboard. No arrests or effort to locate this party. Went to the lobby, bought cigarettes, talked, walked back to her room, and fell on the floor inside the door. Was taking pills to stop drug habit? Engaged to be married, slim, tan, recording what was to be a tremendous success, Pearl, happy with her band, climbing out of darker days when she dropped dead. Sang at Monterey Pop with Big Brother and the Holding Company. One of the top blues-acid rock stars.

DONALD REX JACKSON, 31, Sept. 28, 1976. Automobile accident. Manager for the Grateful Dead, just set group up for a national tour. Car swerved off the road, killed instantly.

AL JACKSON, 39 yrs., October, 1975. Former drummer with Booker T. and the MG's. Back up drummer for Otis Redding. Shot to death five times, Memphis, Tenn. Cause of death "apparent robbery." Produced Stax Records.

JIMI HENDRIX, 27 yrs., Sept. 18, 1970. Cause of death clouded. Suggestions of drug plants, mafia connections, murder. Kidnapped shortly before he died. Surrounded by groupie females, one of whom boasted giving him his first acid trip. Affected by acid, depression, interfered with performances. One of top stars at Monterey Pop. Into rock-blues, jazz. Media assumption of "suicide" or "drug overdose" like Joplin. Earned millions. Freaked out and couldn't do his serious music.

JIM MORRISON, 27 yrs., July 3, 1971. Paris, France. Lead singer for the Doors. Cause of death "heart attack," or "pneumonia" or "died peacefully of natural causes." Best known hit "Light My Fire." Author "The Lords," "The New Creatures." Poet, UCLA graduate, writer, musician, politically controversial. Completed tour of Europe, South Africa, writing a movie script in Paris. Sometime irrational behavior on stage. Harassed by police, some false arrests, some charges later dropped. Described as "appearing to be in a hypnotic trance." Found guilty of using "lewd and lascivious conduct" in Miami, Florida, March, 1969. His arrest the excuse for "rally for decency" by singers, TV personalities. Deeply affected by the death of Brian Jones. (Janis Joplin died a month after Jimi Hendrix. Jim Croce died a day after Gram Parsons.) Group broke up after Morrison's death.

PAMELA MORRISON, April 27, 1974, Hollywood, Calif. Wife of Jim Morrison. Cause "an apparent drug overdose." A hypodermic syringe discovered in the apartment. No mention of drugs in her system or if there were needle marks.

RICHARD FARINA, Carmel Valley, Calif. Motorcycle crash. Author, musician, just completed a book, attended autographing party, drove down the road, met fatal crash. Brother-in-law of Joan Baez, married to Mimi. Recorded a new album "The Falcon." "Celebrations for a Gray Day," as described on the jacket, "Goldwater was about to win the California primary and the skies were somewhat uneasy."

ROBBIE McINTOSH, 28 yrs., Sept. 23, 1974, Los Angeles, died from heroin and strychnine that he believed was cocaine. Host Kenneth Moss, Freelandia Airlines, might have been singled as the target. Moss formed new charter, low cost airline. Cher Bono at the party, saved the life of Alan Gorrie. Gregg Allman working for Jimmy Carter's nomination at the time. Allman's drug arrests just before elections, Cher's attending a party where drugs with poison administered, might have caught McIntosh as innocent victim. Moss was charged with murder. (Janis Joplin's known drug connection was not held for her death.)

SAL MINEO, 1975, Los Angeles. Stabbed in back. One time singer, actor, whose next role was to play Sirhan Sirhan. Controversial movie about the hypnotic state of Sirhan, and LAPD suppression of evidence on the Robert Kennedy assassination. Robert Hall was allegedly following Mineo the night he was killed.

ROD McKERNAN, "PIG PEN" 27 yrs. old, March 1973, Corte Madera, Calif. Member of Grateful Dead, organist, singer. Body found in an apartment by neighbor who hadn't seen him for a few days. Coroner's office reports, first accounts probably natural causes, probably liver disease. Had been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, swelling of blood vessels in his throat. No explanation for his sudden death, or why not at the hospital, or gone for help. Hadn't touched alcohol for two years.

PHIL OAKS, 35 yrs. old, April 1976, New Jersey. "Death by hanging." No suicide notes, nobody sure why Oaks died. Active during Vietnam war, got depressed 1971, using alcohol. Sang at Madison Square Garden, with Bob Dylan, "An evening with Salvadore Allende" in 1974, obsessed with JFK assassination. Developed two personalities, John Train and Phil Oaks. Talked of death, had erratic behavior. "Band of robbers" in Africa one of the reasons for his depression. Oaks was attacked Hendrix was kidnapped just before his death. Known as the troubadour of the "New Left," one of the FBI's target groups.

STEVE PERRON, 28 yrs., Aug. 8, 1973. San Antonio, Texas. Died from inhaling vomit fumes during sleep. Composer, writer, lead singer for Children. Was off drugs, preparing to cut new album for Ode Records. Wrote "Francine" for ZZ TOP, hit records. Composed over 100 songs. Married, child, happy, productive composing when died.

GRAM PARSONS, 26 yrs., Sept. 19, 1974, Calif. Cause of death shrouded in mystery. Autopsy report "inconclusive." Body taken off airplane on way to Louisiana, cremated 200 miles away from L.A. Composer, singer, musician. Former theology student from Harvard who went into country-western music, sang with the Byrds, Flying Burritos, Submarine Blues, and Emmylou Harris. Made some informal recordings with actor Brandon DeWilde, child star of "Shane" and "Member Of The Wedding", who died in July 1972 in a car accident in Denver, Colorado. DeWilde was driving to a stage play performance of "Butterflies Are Free", in which he was starring.

Once happy family life, conventional, turned on to LSD, drugs, alcohol, became depressed, left mysteries about what happened to him. Phil Kaufman, ex-convict charged with drug smuggling, lived with Charles Manson two months, managed Parsons. Kaufman took Gram to Joshua Tree Inn, where he died, and removed the coffin to the desert, where the body was assured of never having another autopsy.

OTIS REDDING, 26 yrs., December 1967. Airplane crash over Wisconsin. First star of Monterey Pop to die. Brought soul to every American city. Best known hit record "By the Dock of the Bay." A poll before his death claimed Redding the most popular musical star in Europe.

JIMMY REED, 50 yrs., Aug. 29, 1976. Natural causes, "died the night before he was set for a California tour." Blues writer, harmonica player, influenced Dylan, Steve Miller, Grateful Dead.

VINNIE TAYLOR (CHRIS DONALD), 25 yrs., April 1974, Virginia. Lead guitarist for Sha-Na-Na. Found by National Guard in motel room following a concert in Va. On way to appear in Pittsburgh, Pa. for a sell-out performance.

CLARENCE WHITE, Car crash. Los Angeles, Calif. One of the Byrds. Close friend of Gram Parsons.

PAUL WILLIAMS, 34 yrs., Aug. 23, 1973, Detroit, Michigan. Found dead in the car, gun on his lap. One of the original Temptations. Did the choreography for Temptations. Had solved drinking problems, emotional crisis. Dead only a few blocks from Motown, where first records made.

Helter Skelter and Gimme Shelter

War, Children
It's just a shot a-way,
It's just a shot a-way
See the fire sweeping our very street today,
Barns like a red coal carpet, ma
Mad bull lost its way
Rape! Murder! It's just a shot away
Gimme Gimme Shelter
or I'm gonna fade away
Love sister,
It's just a kiss away.

Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
"Gimme Shelter"
Let it Bleed Album

By the end of 1969, the folk-music festival was killed in spirit and was over as a cultural happening. It never was the same again. There are musical performances, but it just isn't the same feeling.
The two most popular groups, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, would be identified, through media and factual distortions, with cold blooded murder and violence.
Helter Skelter, the name of a Beatles song, would become the title of Manson Family prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's book.
What a strange twist of fate!!
Gimme Shelter, the name of a movie depicting the ritualistic murder of a black man attending the Rolling Stones concert in Altamont Racetracks, California, is from a song by the Rolling Stones.
How did this all happen?
Coincidence or conspiracy?
There are so many published Government documents today, and Congressional Hearings exposing illegal CIA and FBI domestic activities, that it is almost impossible to ride the coincidence coat tails much longer.
Just as pocket calculators add numbers faster, history's dates also put pieces of the puzzle into better perspective.

FACT 1 Social structures are rearranged by architects. Politica, the game plan for overthrowing Salvador Allende's elected government in Chile was arranged by Abt. Associates, Cambridge, Mass., in 1965.
Abt. was a front for the Pentagon and CIA. They had another plan titled Camelot.
Was Camelot the military answer to future dissent in America that would follow other necessary assassinations? The war in Vietnam escalated Nov. 24, 1963, with no known provocation from North Vietnam. It was only a matter of time before the natives at home would find out what was happening, before Norman Mailer would be writing "Why are We in Vietnam?"

FACT 2 In 1972, at time the Watergate, E. Howard Hunt was employed by the White House to forge secret State Department papers. The sole purposes of this procedure was to distort history and make the late President Kennedy responsible for the assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem, president of South Vietnam. There would be attempts to blame Kennedy for the assassination plot against Fidel Castro, in spite of massive evidence to the contrary.
For all who remembered Kennedy kindly, who complained about his assassination, history was being arranged with a scissors and scotch tape.
Kennedy would come out a scummy killer himself.
This wasn't taking place in some strange office, or dark cellar, but in the same White House offices where Nixon was screaming "Manson did it."
If President Nixon went to so much trouble to identify murder with an innocent man like Kennedy, there is every reason to believe his hatred of anti-war hippies and their folk-rock musicians could also be identified with murder. Make them all look violent. Bring it all down.

FACT 3 In 1969, the combined agencies of the CIA, Army, and FBI, were put into full operational use. The Sharon Tate-La Bianca murders happened August, 1969.
The Altamont violence and filmed movie was Dec. 6, 1969.

CIA The CIA prepared for defense against American youth unrest in 1965, the same year as Camelot and Politica.
With full knowledge of their illegal activities, they joined forces with the CIA and the Army.
By August 1967, Special Operations group went after the youth. By July, 1968, Operation Chaos, identical to Chilean "Chaos," went after the "Restless Youth." This wasn't a study. It was an attack.
Mid-summer of 1969, one month before the Manson Family massacres, Operation Chaos went into the most tight security of any assignment ever accomplished inside the CIA.
From 1956-63, they had perfected enough LSD to cause every violent act or symptom associated with the violence in Los Angeles or at Altamont.
It was identical to giving poison candy at Halloween. LSD was the moving force, the cause for the Sharon Tate-La Bianca slaughters. It was fed at the Spahn ranch for a steady diet.
LSD was the moving force behind Altamont killing and violence Dec. 6, 1969. Thousands of tablets were distributed to the Hell's Angels, who then went totally berserk and started cracking skulls.

FBI May, 1964, after the JFK assassination, the FBI formed their COINTELPRO, counterintelligence program.
July, 1968, explicit orders went out to proceed, accompanied with instructions, to neutralize segments of our society, including those restless youth.
By 1969, the SSS, Special Services Staff of the FBI, combined with the Justice Department, and with CIA's Operation Chaos.
August, 1969, was the Sharon Tate-La Bianca slaughter.
December 6, 1969, was the Altamont concert of the Rolling Stones.

ARMY The Army began their chemical testing of LSD, the youth drug, in 1956, the same year they were planning Politica and Camelot in Cambridge, Mass.
Contracts for testing LSD and chemical agents continued through 1975.
January 21, 1969, the army reported "the LSD tests are rewarding. It is recommended that the actual application of LSD be utilized in real situations on an experimental basis."
Acid was distributed, surreptitiously, to large masses of the population. It was the chemical that was to link Helter Skelter and Gimme Shelter with blood and gore.

FACT 4 There is more to the creation of the Manson Family, and their direction than has yet been exposed.
There is more to the making of the movie Gimme Shelter than has been explained.
This saga has inter-connecting links to all the beautiful people Robert Hall was associated with.
The Manson Family and the Hell's Angels were instruments by which enemy forces could attack and discredit hippies and critical American youth who had dropped out of the establishment.
The violence came down from Neo-Nazi racists, adorned with Swastikas both in L.A. and in the Bay Area at Altamont.
The blame was placed on persons not even associated with the causes of death at all.
When it was all over, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the icing on this cake, this presentation, to rub musicians into a racist, neo-nazi plot.
By rearranging the facts, cutting here and there, distorting evidence, neighbors and family feared their own youth wandering through the communities.
Charles Manson made the cover of Life, with those wide eyes, like Rasputin.
Charles Watson didn't make the cover. Why not? He participated in all the killings. Manson wasn't inside the house. Because Manson played a guitar and made records. Watson didn't.
Charles Watson was too busy taking care of matters, at the lawyer's office prior to the killings, or with officials of the Young Republicans.
What were Watson's protections in Texas, where he remained until his separate trial prevented him from being psychologically linked to all the deaths he actually committed?
"Pigs" was written in Sharon Tate's house in blood. Was this to make blacks become targets and suspects for stalking white territory?
Credit cards of the La Bianca family were purposely deposited in the black ghetto after their massacre. The intention was to stir racial fears and hatred.
Who wrote the first article, "Did Hate Kill Tate?", blaming the Black Panthers for the murders? Army intelligence agent Ed Butler, Lee Harvey Oswald's old pal from New Orleans. They made a record together so that Oswald could pass himself off as a Marxist. Another deception.
Glasses were left on the floor of Sharon Tate's home the day of the murder. They were never identified.
Who moved all the bodies after the killers left and before the police arrived?
The Spahn ranch wasn't a hippie commune. It bordered the Krupp ranch, and has now been combined and incorporated to make a German Bavarian beer garden. Howard Hughes knew George Spahn. He went to this ranch daily while making The Outlaw.
Howard Hughes bought the 516 acres of Krupp property in Nevada after he moved into that territory. What about Altamont? What distortions and untruths forced that movie?
Why did Mick Jagger order "the concert must go on"?
There was a demand the filmmakers be allowed to catch this concert. It couldn't have happened the same in any other state.
The Hell's Angels had a long working relationship with some of the law enforcement, particularly in the Oakland area.
They became heroes of the S. F. Chronicle and other papers when they physically assaulted the dirty anti-war hippies protesting the shipment of arms to Vietnam.
The laboratory for choice LSD, the kind brought to England for the Stones, came from the Bay Area and could be consumed easily by this crowd attending their free love-in.
Persons at the concert said there was "a compulsiveness to the event." It had to take place.
Melvin Belli, Jack Ruby's lawyer, made the legal arrangements. Ruby had complained that Belli had prohibited him from telling the full story on why he killed Lee Harvey Oswald. (another media event) There are so many layers of cover-up, and there are just so many persons whose names reappear, only in different scripts.
Sen. Philip Hart, a member of the Senate Committee investigating illegal intelligence operations inside the USA, claimed that his children were telling him all these things were happening. He had refused to believe them. The Senator felt it was his obligation to defend his country rather than look at the evidence.
November 18, 1975, Sen. Hart realized matters were not only out of hand, but that the past has to be made believable in order to prevent the same things happening over and over again.

The trick now is for this committee to be able to figure out how to persuade the people of this country that indeed it will go on. And how shall we insure that it will never happen again? But it will happen repeatedly, unless we can bring ourselves to understand and accept that it did go on.

Senate Hearings, Vol. 6, p. 41

Meanwhile, it still does go on. Flo and Eddie, the musical group formed after the Turtles, had to cancel their fully booked one year tour of the U.S. and Britain.
Their lead guitarist either fell or was pushed from a ninth-floor hotel room of the Salt Lake City Hilton.
First notice of this murder appeared November 9, 1976, in a small column from the S.F. Chronicle.
John Austin wrote "the accident has not yet been reported, as the gendarmes are trying to keep the lid on it."
A few days before, their manager, Jim Taylor, was threatened.
There were hints the syndicate might be taking over the pop music business.
Was that the next process, once the counter-culture was removed?


I. Department of the Army, Office of the Inspector General, Washington, D.C. Declassified March, 1976.

U.S. "Use of Volunteers in Chemical Agent Research" Chapter IX Intelligence Corps Experimentation with Hallucinogenic Drugs, pages 135-147.

Chapter X, Contracts with Civilian Institutions, pages 152-166. "Use of Volunteers in Chemical Agent Research."

Attachment "C" U.S. Army pages 212-247 Contracts for testing Chemical Agent Research. Section III, Contract Costs 1950-1975.

II. Intelligence Activities. Book I, April 26, 1976 Foreign and Military Intelligence.

III. Senate Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, Book II, April 26, 1976 Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans.

IV. Report to the President by the Commission on CIA Activities Within the
United States. June 1975. Rockefeller Report.

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Friedman, Myra, Janis Joplin, Buried Alive, Bantam, New York, 1973.


Dept. of the Army, Office of the Inspector General and Auditor General, Released March 1976.

Chronology of U.S. Army Intelligence, U.S. Chemical Corps Experiments on LSD, Code name EA 1729.

1950 LSD considered by Army as method for interrogation, and also for defense against enemy interrogation.

May 1956 CHEMICAL WARFARE LABORATORIES, EDGEWOOD ARSENAL, MD. Started tests on human volunteers.
Page 136, Army Report. "All beverages served to volunteers had included sufficient LSD, EA 1729, for effective dosage, or additional dosage administering before volunteering."

1956-1957 ARMY INTELLIGENCE, FT. HOLABIRD, combined with ARMY CHEMICAL CORPS, edgewood Arsenal, FOR LSD TESTS.
Tests included many other chemicals. Also included LSD on electrode implants. Doses as high as 1600 micrograms, normal LSD, street level, 160 micrograms.

Used on memory impairment, motor reactions, affects upon isolation, stress under LSD.




Overseas "testing," LSD. Causing mental diseases, not recognized by physicians, to get diagnosis to discredit.


Hawaii military bases, LSD experiments.

No records of "volunteers"
Existing records "incomplete"
Most records "totally inadequate"



Foreign and Military Intelligence
Book I. April 26, 1976
Senate Committee to Study Governmental Operations With Respect to Intelligence Activities.

1947, same year Nazi doctors brought to USA, continued their tests and experiments.

For the purpose of interrogation.

Sodium Pentathol Injections, hypnosis Purpose; erase memory, create double, triple personalities, resist torture, conduct covert operations without memory later.

1/8/53 Death of Dr. Harold Blauer
Injections of Synthetic Mescaline Derivative. U.S. Chemical Corp. NY State Psychiatric Inst.

To be used by Technical Services Division. Make sure complete predictability of results. Toxins, shellfish, poison darts, pills, Biological weapons. Drugs to silence animals. Worked with the Army from 1952.

Radiation electrode implants
Electroshock LSD + electrodes
"10 years of tests," then operational. Tested all social levels of society. Native Americans, wide variety of persons used. Army Hospitals. Vacaville Prison, Calif. Lexington, Ky. National Institute of Mental Health.

Allen Dulles 100,000,000 LSD
Millions of Dollars
Universities, pharmaceutical houses, hospitals. State, Federal institutions.
Special and unique items for dissemination. Combined MKULTRA with Army, Projects Derby Hat, Project Third Chance.



Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans
Book II, April 26, 1976
Senate Committee to Study Governmental Operations With Respect to Intelligence Activities



July 1968 ORDERS FROM FBI HEADQUARTERS: INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPERATIONS Selected "enemy" were to be 1) exposed 2) disrupted
3) neutralized.


Gather information on their immorality.
Show them as scurrilous and depraved.
Call attention to their habits and living conditions.
Explore every possible embarrassment.
Investigate personal conflicts or animosities between them.
Send articles to newspapers showing their depravity.
Use narcotics and free sex for entrapment.
Have members arrested on marijuana charges.
Exploit the hostilities between various persons.
Use cartoons and photographs to ridicule them.
Use misinformation to confuse and disrupt.
Get records of their bank accounts.
Obtain specimens of handwriting.
Provoke target groups into rivalries that resulted in deaths.

Started targeting groups, individuals
(After Woodstock, just prior to Manson Family and Altamont.)


FBI and Justice Dept. knew CIA operations in USA were illegal.
They agreed to work together, keep it highly secret, not put CIA names on meeting memos, and give concealed names to keep CIA FROM BEING OBSERVED.

Albert Doyle
10-06-2010, 06:00 PM
Who is killing the great chefs of Europe?

My view of Mae's writing is that she probably never took any LSD herself and had a rather naive pedantic understanding of it and how it was used by the culture she studies. Mae writes from the perspective that the counter-culture/music personalities of the 60's she highlights were innocent victims of a CIA plot to flood this movement with LSD. While probably partly true originally, the movement in question was quite capable of doing so on its own and did. A lot more than Mae admits in any case. I think Mae writes from a perspective of trying to indict the government at all turns and omits the rock generation's own involvement and enthusiasms at promoting its own drug use. She does so to her own detriment in my opinion. I have no doubt CIA helped things along in many cases, however the movement she isolates was one where reckless drug consumption was known and such behavior is usually accompanied by car accidents, OD's, and other casualties on its own. What this comes down to is FBI and CIA had admitted programs where they intended to use covert tactics to fight a broadly-defined domestic group. The question then is how much did they carry-out this plan and who did they use it on? So it doesn't help when an over-generalized critic points out what were most probably genuine car crashes and other such deaths as being covert hits. Mae would have done better by studying Timmy Leary and his influence on this movement. After all there was a segment of this group that genuinely enjoyed the effects of LSD and promoted it. Many people took LSD without the permanent psychosis Mae speaks of.

If Mae lived longer she could have included Texas guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, who died in a helicopter crash while being flown from a concert in Wisconsin in 1990. Hendrix bass guitarist Noel Redding was found dead in his bathroom in Ireland at 57 while in the middle of a 5 million dollar lawsuit against the Hendrix estate. Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell died in his sleep in a Portland, Oregon hotel room at age 62 after completing a Hendrix tribute tour. Both deaths were listed as 'natural' and Redding was not given a cause of death. Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead died at 53 in 1995. These could all be equally added to Mae's list but how much COINTELPRO business applied is anyone's guess. I'm sure there's a long list of others since Mae's death and the lack of continuation of her list. But her basic premise is right, and SOMEONE has to look into to this, especially when FBI and CIA had their intentions in writing. Jimi Hendrix's murder, on the other hand, is PROVABLE and that's why people stay away from it.

There's some genuinely creepy aspects to the Hendrix case that don't get covered in public because of their libel potential. If you want to see some of the weirder aspects of the Hendrix case study drummer Mitch Mitchell's wife Dee Mitchell as told by Hendrix girlfriend Kathy Etchingham in her book Through Gypsy Eyes. While Dee Mitchell was instrumental in helping Etchingham expose Monika Dannemann's role in Hendrix's murder, Etchingham later discovered horrible things being said about her that were being used by Dannemann in her defense during Etchingham's libel case against her. Etchingham later discovered that Dee Mitchell was the source of these horrible innuendos, such as Etchingham being found on heroin in an alley by her husband and married only to save her etc.. This shocked Etchingham so she researched Dee's background only to find her claims of British upbringing to be false and that Dee was actually an American named Dolores Cullen who had thrown herself at a British citizen while waitressing in Cambridge, Mass only to divorce the Brit upon being taken back to England. Dee then sought out British rock stars to ingratiate herself with and ended up in the Hendrix clan. Before marrying Mitch Mitchell Dee tried to land Noel Redding only to attack Noel's girlfriend and carry on an equally bizarre defamation campaign against her as well. Was Dolores Cullen a nut or was she a COINTELPRO infiltrator? This stuff is all out there and available, but has been successfully shut-off from investigation by the castle wall set up by Scotland Yard with its denial of any re-opening of the case.

Albert Doyle
10-11-2010, 04:02 PM
Jimi was kidnapped out of the mafia nightclub "The Salvation Club" one night in 1969. As part of the COINTELPRO strategy his MI-5 manager Michael Jeffery embroiled himself in mafia debt over Hendrix. In order to return favors owed to the New Jersey mob he was borrowing tens of thousands of dollars from Jeffery offered Hendrix as an opening act at the newly-opening Salvation. Jimi was in a state of disappointment over his career at the time. He had broken-up Jeffery's money-making arrangement known as the "Jimi Hendrix Experience" by severing bassist Noel Redding and moving to Woodstock to form a more free-style african-american-based group and music. I think Jimi was aware there was something wrong with Jeffery and his management so he wasn't lending himself to Jeffery or his ventures. This created serious financial stress with Jeffery to keep the Hendrix company solvent, so Jeffery turned to the New York mafia to fund the band. He had to because although Hendrix was now a top revenue producer his funds were hung-up in a legal battle over who owned his contract.

In the midst of this fiasco Jimi's friend at Salvation and manager Bobby Woods was murdered gangland style one night after Hendrix had visited him. Scuttlebutt said the mafia murdered Woods because they were worried he had talked too much about his cocaine dealing through the club, but I personally think he was murdered because they were worried he talked about their real intentions with Jimi - and to send a message of intimidation to Hendrix. It worked and Hendrix played the Salvation shortly after. Those present said it was a subdued show that Jimi wasn't into as much as he usually was.

It was during this period that Jimi was kidnapped out of the Salvation one night by some thugs who said Jeffery sent them to pick him up. When Jimi got in the limousine they then but knees into his back and took him to an unknown apartment. Jimi was tied into a chair and made to call his manager to sign over his contract to the kidnappers. This lasted more than a day. Hendrix said that Jeffery's boys showed-up suddenly at the apartment and the kidnappers ran-off. Later, upon recounting the incident, Jimi had always felt that this wasn't genuine and the whole thing was set-up by Jeffery to make Jimi dependent on him and send the message of Jeffery's power over him and what he was willing to do. In fact, Jimi told close friends that when he was still strapped in the chair the rescuers put Jeffery on the phone and he told Jimi that there were some very powerful people dependent on Jeffery being his manager and if he changed management he would be killed.

Well there you go. Most believe Jeffery was doing this just to keep his golden boy in his grasp. Others believe it was Jeffery's way of making sure he was able to pay-off his mafia loans. However, examining Jeffery's MI-5 background, and the money disappearing into some very sensitive CIA Bahamian banks, I believe Jeffery was referring to people much more powerful than some local mafioso. People capable of arranging the mid-air collision of two commercial jet aircraft as well as the lack of any serious investigation into Hendrix's death.

Jimi was waterboarded to death in combination with barbiturates several hours after telling his lawyer he was firing Jeffery. Not only was this uninvestigated by the British Government, but to this day we are told Jimi Hendrix was a casualty of 60's drug abuse and died from a self-induced drug overdose.

Jan Klimkowski
10-11-2010, 06:35 PM
All - for a detailed discussion of the Mae Brussell Operation Chaos piece, see the dedicated thread here:


Albert - thank you for your detailed and fascinating posts on Hendrix.

Albert Doyle
10-14-2010, 07:14 PM
I’d like to add that denial of the screaming evidence for murder in Hendrix’s case is a typical example of people wanting to believe their government doesn’t operate like an evil machiavellian cult and that all the obvious evidence like Monika Dannemann being caught in outrageous lies about that morning, or Michael Jeffery’s visible-in-plain-daylight MI-5/mafia background and motives, or the forensic evidence, all don’t point towards murder. It’s pretty ridiculous to think classic government slandering of people as conspiracy theorists would cover all the normally obvious intrigue involved in Hendrix’s death. That intrigue is easily shown and available in deep detail if one makes even the most simple effort to look into it - which the murder deniers grant themselves the privilege of not doing.

When Jimi died a forensic clock started ticking. That clock froze a 3.9mg blood level of barbiturate in Jimi’s blood. It also froze a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content into place for the autopsy to register. The autopsist, Dr Teare, also found undigested rice remnants in Jimi’s stomach. These three items create a forensic “triangulation” that can’t be fudged or distorted.

We know Jimi got back to the Samarkand Hotel with Monika shortly after 3am. We also know Eric Burdon admitted Monika Dannemann called him at around 5:30am. If we apply the forensic graph containing this triangulation to the time period between 3am and 5:30am we can show conclusive forensic proof of murder. This is something the British Inquest into Hendrix’s death never bothered to do.

Doctor Bannister, the attending St Mary Abott’s Resuscitation Room physician, came forward in 1992 to say he had witnessed lungs and stomach full of wine in Hendrix like he had never seen in his medical career and that instead of choking on vomit Jimi Hendrix had died from being drowned in red wine. He estimated the amount of wine he witnessed in Jimi to be “bottles worth”. This is forensically incompatible with the 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content recorded at the autopsy. So much so as to be proof of murder in and of itself. Murder doubters deal with this by attacking Bannister, however the murder scene had spilled pure wine on the bed and clothes, as well as soaking a scarf around Jimi’s neck, and what Bannister estimated to be “a half bottle of wine saturating his hair alone”. Since you can’t vomit out pure wine this wine is criminal forensic evidence of wine spilled during the act of waterboarding murder .

A 3.9mg percent of blood barbiturate content is a knock-out dose, therefore Jimi was unconscious when he died. A forensic clock starting ticking backwards when Jimi died. This was the maximum time period for him to die with only a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. That time period is very short, especially when a doctor witnessed “bottles worth” of wine inside Jimi and his lungs. In fact, the period needed is so short that it isn’t long enough to allow Jimi to be conscious while the wine was introduced into him. And that is conclusive scientific forensic evidence of murder. It can’t be any other way. You are battling the clock ticking on the barbiturate dose absorption vs the alcohol absorption. It will show that Jimi would have been passed-out at the point of time on the forensic graph that would have allowed a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. And people who are passed-out can’t drink “bottles worth” of wine nor can “bottles worth” of wine only register a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. The forensics clearly lock-in the fingerprint of a fast death after being drowned in wine.

Stomach contents usually pass through the stomach in 4-5 hours. Since Jimi was witnessed eating that rice at a party at around midnight that means he died somewhere around 4-4:30am. The forensic evidence locks-in that time. If you look at the circumstantial evidence, confession, forensic evidence, and lies used by Monika Dannemann to cover the real time of death you can’t escape the fact all evidence points towards Jimi being waterboarded with wine in combination with barbiturates, a classic intel method of covert murder.

In my opinion it is rather preposterous to try to deny this with evasions that don’t even bother to examine the otherwise screamingly-obvious evidence. The British Government is guilty of incompetence and failure to investigate evidence for murder.


Albert Doyle
10-17-2010, 04:54 PM
This is stuff that any first year criminology student or detective would have seen right away. The reason it wasn’t investigated at the time is because Jimi Hendrix’s death was a political assassination. British tabloids did CIA’s COINTELPRO dirty work by announcing Jimi had died from a heroin overdose even though the coroner said there was ZERO trace of heroin in his system or any traces of heroin use on his body. To this day, even with this screaming evidence of Jimi’s murder being so obvious and so brazenly denied by the authorities, Jimi’s death is still announced by those fascist Nazi murderers as being a drug overdose moral lesson.

Some people need this interpreted to them. Jimi’s UPI reporter friend Sharon Lawrence heard about the mess at Jimi’s death scene and spoke to Monika at the hotel Eric Burdon had her hiding out in the day after Jimi’s death. Monika was mainly interested in discussing her new career as a Hendrix painter, an opportunity Jimi’s death now provided. And this was 24 hours after Jimi died in her flat. Sharon Lawrence said this strange detachment was creepy. She then asked Monika about the wine that was spilled around Jimi at the death scene. Monika’s reaction was to moan, whine, and whimper in response to the question. For those who are slow on the uptake the reason Monika reacted to the question that way is because she was aware Jeffery had waterboarded Jimi to death with wine and was cornered by something she hadn’t expected to be asked.

Again, for those who need this explained to them slowly, Monika’s response to Lawrence that she “washed ‘sick’ off Jimi’s face with wine” was the quick off-the-cuff excuse she thought-up at the moment and nothing else. Let me frame what is happening in this discussion between Sharon Lawrence and Monika Dannemann on September 19th 1970 in London. Sharon is curious about how exactly Jimi died? Monika is aware Michael Jeffery murdered Hendrix but is trying to lay low and play it off as an accident. Sharon sees all the clues but she doesn’t come to the correct conclusion and ultimately writes in her book ‘Jimi Hendrix Betrayed’ that Jimi may have committed suicide. Sharon wrote the book prior to all this Tappy Wright confession business. She, or anyone else, could have pursued this by asking: “Why then did you say Jimi only had a trickle of vomit on his chin? And that if he only had a small drool of vomit running down his chin then why would you need to wash 'sick’ off Jimi's face with wine of all things? Especially when the small flat had warm water and a towel nearby and just as close as any wine would have been?” Nobody ever asked these basic questions until now.

Again, for those who need this interpreted slowly Monika either committed suicide or was “suicided” right before being forced into court by Etchingham to answer these questions. It’s very obvious to anyone with any common sense why that happened. No one bothered to point-out to Monika that the ambulance men witnessed a Hendrix with a face full of vomit that hadn’t been “washed off”. Besides what person who isn’t retarded reacts to a choking dying person by washing their face with wine instead of trying to revive them by slapping the vomit out of their throat and getting them to breathe? Face it, everything we know tells us Monika and everyone else knew Jimi was dead and that he had been murdered by Jeffery. Devon knew this which is why she was found under the 8th floor window of the Chelsea Hotel 5 months later.

The so-called “Hendrix Community” has taken a pass on this evidence. They have no credibility. They are basically spineless jellyfish who see it as easier to let Jimi flap in the wind murdered than disrupt their hedonistic sucking-off his music and talent. This is something that hasn’t changed since the day Jimi was murdered. I condemn them.

What needs to be done here is either a mock trial needs to be filmed and presented showing the real evidence and how it was criminally-avoided by the British Government -or- a movie needs to be made showing the real story. As sinful as Jimi personally was himself, his story is very Christ-like. Christ’s story being the “Story of you and me”. Jimi knew he would be murdered by Jeffery for firing him.


Keith Millea
10-27-2010, 08:27 PM
"If you don't see him no more in this world,he'll meet you in the next one.And don't be late............."



Magda Hassan
10-27-2010, 09:11 PM
Hi Keith!

Albert Doyle
11-13-2010, 08:11 PM
Somebody needs to contact the Education Forum and get them to update their Hendrix entry. I was scanning Google for traffic on the murder and found the Education Forum's entry on Hendrix. Although it is from 2005 and well before Tappy Wright came out with his admission that Michael Jeffery confessed murdering Hendrix to him, it is still laughably behind.

I find it amusing that I might not qualify for Education Forum membership while their information on Hendrix is so lacking:


Magda Hassan
11-13-2010, 08:50 PM
They've probably deleted it anyway.

Albert Doyle
11-18-2010, 04:33 AM
They've probably deleted it anyway.

No, it's still there. Somebody should clue them. They promote themselves as an academic forum but their ignorance of what really happened to Hendrix is embarrassing.

Peter Lemkin
11-18-2010, 08:49 AM
They've probably deleted it anyway.

No, it's still there. Somebody should clue them. They promote themselves as an academic forum but their ignorance of what really happened to Hendrix is embarrassing.

You are new here. Many of us here walked out in anger/disgust or were thrown out via dirty tricks from 'that place'......they have approved 'conspiracies' and those that are not 'approved'..... there are also many members and a few staff that are either private or professional 'debunkers' of ALL things 'conspiratorial'. Though I was once a moderator [and thrown out via dirty tricks by the then #2; and those unspeakable acts then backed up by the still #1] I don't know if Jimmy's murder is on the 'approved' list. My guess would be no. JFK and related are the ones mostly given the 'nod'. 9-11 Truth is certainly looked down their long noses at; as are MANY others.

Their ignorance and cupidity on many issues should be embarrassing, but they delete posts that would embarrass them - even threads and in my case every one of the 5350 posts I ever made...and anyone who asks about me or speaks about or for me is threatened with removal, as well. And you want to join? :damnmate: Have fun...and if you do, be sure to point to this url or mention me and you'll be banned as quickly as you were admitted. :pcguru:

Albert Doyle
11-18-2010, 05:34 PM
You are new here. Many of us here walked out in anger/disgust or were thrown out via dirty tricks from 'that place'......they have approved 'conspiracies' and those that are not 'approved'..... there are also many members and a few staff that are either private or professional 'debunkers' of ALL things 'conspiratorial'. Though I was once a moderator [and thrown out via dirty tricks by the then #2; and those unspeakable acts then backed up by the still #1] I don't know if Jimmy's murder is on the 'approved' list. My guess would be no. JFK and related are the ones mostly given the 'nod'. 9-11 Truth is certainly looked down their long noses at; as are MANY others.

Their ignorance and cupidity on many issues should be embarrassing, but they delete posts that would embarrass them - even threads and in my case every one of the 5350 posts I ever made...and anyone who asks about me or speaks about or for me is threatened with removal, as well. And you want to join? :damnmate: Have fun...and if you do, be sure to point to this url or mention me and you'll be banned as quickly as you were admitted. :pcguru:

Not knowing anything about that site I would make a safe guess that anything that has the label "Education" Forum is connected to academics and therefore academic institutions. What the monster has done in America is followed the route of paychecks in order to exert its control. When Clinton made the statement "It's the economy stupid" he probably didn't realize the nefarious declaration he was making philosophically. There are those out there who are all too willing to welcome a sensibility that that which pays is right and anything else is wrong. Truth, especially hard check and balance proof and facts, don't necessarily "pay" in the short term. So what has happened in America is the sensibility of democracy has been successfully displaced and made subject to the expedient interests of those who practice this corrupted sensibility. In short there's academic cowards who migrate to positions of power in moderator or other positions where they can enforce this ignominious rule on others with the sense they are acting rightly. This, unfortunately is the present status-quo in America - and not the claimed democracy it displaces. Those oppressors rise to that level because they are rewarded by powerful people for practicing and enforcing this corrupted ethic. What they are really doing is making sure the easy reward they get from that deal isn't interrupted - as it will surely be - once they admit the truth. The internet has created some of the worst tyrants of the modern day-era in the form of internet moderators and content controllers. And the media has proven that corruption of free press and democracy for your own self-interest is much more lucrative than the straight difficult direct practice of it. After all why have this wonderful thing called free democracy if you can't make it "pay"? After all, "It's the economy stupid".

You don't need to explain this to me, it is something I have personal flogging scars on my back over regarding the Hendrix murder. And you can be sure that the people on that forum are well aware of the visible Hendrix murder claims that have been in the press of late. If their Education Forum entry on Hendrix is woefully lacking it is so because it will be seriously punished for anyone who dare approach it. The reasons for that punishment being obvious.

You can tell a real conspiracy by the way people don't show interest in it when it comes to the difficult part.

America really has reached a modern-day low.


Peter Lemkin
11-18-2010, 05:42 PM
You are new here. Many of us here walked out in anger/disgust or were thrown out via dirty tricks from 'that place'......they have approved 'conspiracies' and those that are not 'approved'..... there are also many members and a few staff that are either private or professional 'debunkers' of ALL things 'conspiratorial'. Though I was once a moderator [and thrown out via dirty tricks by the then #2; and those unspeakable acts then backed up by the still #1] I don't know if Jimmy's murder is on the 'approved' list. My guess would be no. JFK and related are the ones mostly given the 'nod'. 9-11 Truth is certainly looked down their long noses at; as are MANY others.

Their ignorance and cupidity on many issues should be embarrassing, but they delete posts that would embarrass them - even threads and in my case every one of the 5350 posts I ever made...and anyone who asks about me or speaks about or for me is threatened with removal, as well. And you want to join? :damnmate: Have fun...and if you do, be sure to point to this url or mention me and you'll be banned as quickly as you were admitted. :pcguru:

Not knowing anything about that site I would make a safe guess that anything that has the label "Education" Forum is connected to academics and therefore academic institutions. What the monster has done in America is followed the route of paychecks in order to exert its control. When Clinton made the statement "It's the economy stupid" he probably didn't realize the nefarious declaration he was making philosophically. There are those out there who are all too willing to welcome a sensibility that that which pays is right and anything else is wrong. Truth, especially hard check and balance proof and facts, don't necessarily "pay" in the short term. So what has happened in America is the sensibility of democracy has been successfully displaced and made subject to the expedient interests of those who practice this corrupted sensibility. In short there's academic cowards who migrate to positions of power in moderator or other positions where they can enforce this ignominious rule on others with the sense they are acting rightly. This, unfortunately is the present status-quo in America - and not the claimed democracy it displaces. Those oppressors rise to that level because they are rewarded by powerful people for practicing and enforcing this corrupted ethic. What they are really doing is making sure the easy reward they get from that deal isn't interrupted - as it will surely be - once they admit the truth. The internet has created some of the worst tyrants of the modern day-era in the form of internet moderators and content controllers. And the media has proven that corruption of free press and democracy for your own self-interest is much more lucrative than the straight difficult direct practice of it. After all why have this wonderful thing called free democracy if you can't make it "pay"? After all, "It's the economy stupid".

You don't need to explain this to me, it is something I have personal flogging scars on my back over regarding the Hendrix murder. And you can be sure that the people on that forum are well aware of the visible Hendrix murder claims that have been in the press of late. If their Education Forum entry on Hendrix is woefully lacking it is so because it will be seriously punished for anyone who dare approach it. The reasons for that punishment being obvious.

You can tell a real conspiracy by the way people don't show interest in it when it comes to the difficult part.

America really has reached a modern-day low.


#1 on that site, one John Simkin, is British and the website is UK based and hosted. But, yes, America has really reached a modern-day low [in close competition with the last days of Roman Empire!], with the UK Poodle sniffing its butt, just one step behind.....we [the mighty Lords of McDonalds, Walmart, Enron, Exxon, Halliburton, Disney, General Electric, Montsanto, Goldman-Sucks, et al.] having inherited the 'white, rich man's burden'...............

Albert Doyle
11-19-2010, 04:21 PM
, with the UK Poodle sniffing its butt, just one step behind.....we [the mighty Lords of McDonalds, Walmart, Enron, Exxon, Halliburton, Disney, General Electric, Montsanto, Goldman-Sucks, et al.] having inherited the 'white, rich man's burden'...............

In my internet experiences in discussing the Hendrix murder I've found a safe 80% of the most virulent opponents of the murder evidence to be Brits. If the site is UK-hosted forget about it, they have a different approach to free speech over there and practice government censorship. It dates back to the things over which our country separated from England over. However, they aren't totally bad and I have found certain subjects where Britain is much more free-er and open than America. And you can see some of the more conscientious Brits on this site (no offense intended).

The internet age allows you to access that which is free-er in Britain and that which is free-er in America to get the best perspective. So, really, the internet is sort of a new free cyber-nation where truth can get around the gate-keepers. Which is why cases of outright censorship, like that of which you speak, are so outstanding because they violate the normal sense of free speech the internet provides.

But it stands as true that the worst opponents of the Hendrix murder evidence are Brits. I personally think they don't want to admit that a talent as great as Hendrix was murdered in their country by an MI-5 agent. In America our citizens handle it in a different way - they just stay stupidly quiet.

David Guyatt
11-19-2010, 06:58 PM
Albert, except on those occasions when the UK government issue a "D Notice" for state secrets (more usually this is intended to suppress news of Ministerial malfeasance and government corruption/culpability), the censorship operated is elite in nature. This operates on a consensual basis between big business, politicians and other movers and shakers. The governing rule is "don't rock the boat".

I think this is also largely true of the US too, where mainstream media do not touch certain stories with a barge-pole, or else treat them with such appalling prejudice (injecting the damning conspiracy theory label) that the reader/viewer is psychologically "shaped" or "tuned" by these distortions to unconsciously favour the status quo.

And I think we can extend this media model wider still, to many parts of Europe and other parts of the English speaking world.

That this news shaping is internationally coordinated is clear for all to see (if they wish) by the simple virtue of looking more intently at elite groups like the Bilderberg Conferences, the Trilateral Commission etc., who's raison d'ętre is specifically transnational in its reach and consensual in scope.

Albert Doyle
11-20-2010, 07:50 PM
I think this is also largely true of the US too, where mainstream media do not touch certain stories with a barge-pole, or else treat them with such appalling prejudice (injecting the damning conspiracy theory label) that the reader/viewer is psychologically "shaped" or "tuned" by these distortions to unconsciously favour the status quo.

Which is why I have contempt for the American public. Our nation is formed in such a way that the government is an accurate reflection of the people. So in effect you can't have a rotten government without having a rotten people. The people are very much in collusion with the government to avoid difficult matters in order to maintain a "pursuit of happiness" status quo. What this translates to is any person who brings the check and balance evidence is systemically vilified and punished for doing that which the government encourages. The result is a philistine consensus where the false claim of noble democracy very comfortably produces the opposite - while those who benefit most don't hesitate to pour praise over themselves for what they claim they represent. The real message is democracy is best practiced when you don't really have to practice it but can still gain the maximum advantage from the claim. If one is smart, that is the true definition of present day "freedom" which is why a nation that allegedly stands against torture can torture and why a nation that stands against rogue regimes and war crimes can practice same. And is, especially, why a media that claims to be a check and balance free press can actually be a thinly-veiled state propaganda programming and mind conditioning device. Television is the best Orwellian machine anyone could ever imagine.

If you want to see this perfectly shown just input all the evidence for Jimi Hendrix's intelligence agency political assassination into the system and see what happens...


Albert Doyle
11-20-2010, 08:21 PM
After arguing with a murder-denier dimwit on another site I was forced to re-read Tony Brown's 'Hendrix - The Final Days'. Upon second reading I realized that Brown was giving clues he was leaving the reader to figure-out. Brown mentioned that Hendrix stage manager Gerry Stickells lived only a block and a half from the Samarkand Hotel where Jimi died. It didn't dawn on me until my second reading that Brown was giving very subtle indirect clues here.

The Samarkand Hotel has always been portrayed as being the secret safe-house Monika rented so Jimi could hide from the media, office, and mob. It has always been said that only Monika and Jimi knew about it. However it just dawned on me that Stickells' flat being only a block or two away is more than suspicious. It would make sense that Monika didn't find a flat near Stickell's flat by coincidence but was made aware of the flat exactly because Stickells knew about it and referred it. It wasn't a coincidence that Monika ended up renting this allegedly unknown safe-house so close to Stickells' flat. It was deliberate.

If you research Michael Jeffery he was an MI-5 member, as discussed further back. He treated Jimi like a Targeted Individual. Jeffery was known to hire friends of Jimi's to relay information to him in classic espionage style. One time an office worker in Jeffery's New York Hendrix office forgot to knock and walked in to find Jeffery listening to a speaker playing the conversation of a fellow office worker. Jeffery had bugged his own office. MI-5 Jeffery was known to keep an eye on Hendrix in such a way. So once you realize Monika most likely rented the flat at the Samarkand because of its proximity to Stickells' flat you have to assume Jeffery arranged it. Stickells was Jeffery's employee and stage manager for Hendrix under Jeffery. Jimi was led into a trap. One that had been set-up and arranged to entrap him.

As far as I know this is the first time I've ever seen this directly described in public. But, it is so elementary that you have to assume others figured it out too and stayed quiet.

Tony Brown died a few years a go of a heart-attack in London.

(I told you the Hendrix Assassination was hot)


David Guyatt
11-21-2010, 10:24 AM
Which is why I have contempt for the American public. Our nation is formed in such a way that the government is an accurate reflection of the people. So in effect you can't have a rotten government without having a rotten people. The people are very much in collusion with the government to avoid difficult matters in order to maintain a "pursuit of happiness" status quo. What this translates to is any person who brings the check and balance evidence is systemically vilified and punished for doing that which the government encourages. The result is a philistine consensus where the false claim of noble democracy very comfortably produces the opposite - while those who benefit most don't hesitate to pour praise over themselves for what they claim they represent. The real message is democracy is best practiced when you don't really have to practice it but can still gain the maximum advantage from the claim. If one is smart, that is the true definition of present day "freedom" which is why a nation that allegedly stands against torture can torture and why a nation that stands against rogue regimes and war crimes can practice same. And is, especially, why a media that claims to be a check and balance free press can actually be a thinly-veiled state propaganda programming and mind conditioning device. Television is the best Orwellian machine anyone could ever imagine.

If you want to see this perfectly shown just input all the evidence for Jimi Hendrix's intelligence agency political assassination into the system and see what happens...


I concur 100%.

Albert Doyle
12-05-2010, 08:43 PM
On page 280 of 'Electric Gypsy' Shapiro quotes Jeffery's secretary Trixie Sullivan as saying Jeffery plied his musicians with drugs in order to be hip and accepted amongst the rock peer group but also to keep them from asking about the money. She mentions Jeffery gave Abbie Hoffman $10,000 dollars. Jeffery was notorious for ripping his musicians off so why was he giving $10,000 away to Hoffman? Sullivan says it was because he identified with Hoffman's covert activities. I myself think it was because Jeffery was operating as an infiltrator and was trying to gain the trust of Hoffman. Typical intelligence tactics. This is a guy who starved Noel and Mitch down to the last penny but just plain gave away $10,000 to Hoffman. You figure it out. Hoffman was a major radical on COINTELPRO's list.

Next Shapiro describes how Jeffery had a manager friend named Jerry Morrison who happened to manage groups like Louis Armstrong and Harry James. Curiously Morrison also was PR man for Haitian dictator Papa Doc Duvalier. On page 280 Shapiro gives Chas Chandler's description of how Morrison wanted Jeffery and Hendrix to fund the overthrow of Duvalier. He says both Hendrix and Jeffery were in an acid haze at that point and Morrison was hoping to get them to fund his plans.

I hope people are smart enough to see what is being shown here. There's a lot of Hendrix fans that refuse the see the obvious in Jeffery. Anyone who had such an influence on Duvalier with Castro's Cuba right next door was obviously on the radar of CIA, if not directly employed. No person could be talking about overthrowing Duvalier without being someone involved with CIA. The fact you have someone clearly detailing the intention of using both Jeffery and Hendrix for funding what can only be called classic counterintelligence activities is practically screaming evidence of Jeffery's intel subterfuge. Morrison was Jeffery's friend and came into contact with Hendrix through Jeffery. These anecdotes are being described casually, but trust me the describers understand their implications. They just don't want to suffer the consequences of saying it directly.

CIA slipped-up when it allowed Jerry Morrison to approach Hendrix and Jeffery, and in doing so exposed the true face of Jeffery's relationship to Hendrix. Hendrix's proceeds were already being tapped by those mafia-CIA Bahamian banks. Morrison got greedy and decided to try to get a chunk for himself in order to fund his Haitian coup. The Caribbean was a CIA wild west and getting out of hand as the 60's went crazy and the VietNam conflagration was in full flame.

Trixie Sullivan was pretty and had a nice figure back in the 1960's. She tells of stuffing stacks of money into her long-legged boots and bra and transporting it to and from the Bahamas. Michael Jeffery is a man who smuggled millions of dollars of cash in suitcases through US Customs. He was never caught. :ciao:

I think we can say now that the idea of benevolent western democracy is pretty much disproven and that the so-called western free press will never carry such stories as the above. I think we are seeing the true face of western democracy and their claims of rule of law and civilized order. The true rule of law in America is CIA murder and how they can force the public to accept them never being held to account.

Keith Millea
12-05-2010, 09:21 PM
On page 280 Shapiro gives Chas Chandler's description of how Morrison wanted Jeffery and Hendrix to fund the overthrow of Duvalier.

So what you think Albert?Looks to me like this Morrison dude might well be Jefferys' Handler. :dontknow:

Albert Doyle
12-05-2010, 09:35 PM
On page 280 Shapiro gives Chas Chandler's description of how Morrison wanted Jeffery and Hendrix to fund the overthrow of Duvalier.

So what you think Albert?Looks to me like this Morrison dude might well be Jefferys' Handler. :dontknow:

I haven't gotten that deep into it yet.

I doubt he would be any cut-out or handler because the deep people would never make such a blunder. They didn't need to because they already had full infiltration and control of Hendrix and his money.

Ed Chalpin's contract lawsuit was just a perfect COINTELPRO/CHAOS blessing that happened by pure coincidence. It kept Jimi off-balance and in combination with resentment over Jeffery's handling of his assets Jimi backed away from association and effort for Jeffery. This only furthered the CHAOS-like disruption in Jimi's life that I'm sure tickled his persecutors to no end - especially since they were also receiving millions of his dollars while destroying him.

No, more likely Morrison was just an entertainment industry mafia freelancer who understood what was going on too well and tried to get a cut for himself. They were so successful at getting away with it they probably got drunk with their power and got sloppy.

Chalpin was allowed interminable lawsuits against Hendrix and his estate by the judges involved. He made more money than anyone off Hendrix by constantly suing him. Jimi was to have met Chalpin in order to consult him on a lawsuit the day he died.

Albert Doyle
01-07-2011, 09:47 PM
If you want to see a perfect Operation Mockingbird journalistic hit read this allegedly sympathetic article by Sheila Weller in Vanity Fair Magazine. First she opens by pretending she is confused by the lack of any outwardly organized celebration of the 40th anniversary of Hendrix's death. She then explains it by emphasizing at the beginning of the piece that Jimi died from a drug overdose and this is why there's no organized event or celebration in Jimi's hometown of Seattle. (Somehow Elvis didn't suffer any similar occurrence or lack of national coverage of the Memphis-based celebrations of his anniversaries)

So after making sure Jimi's "drug overdose" was conspicuously advertised at the top of the piece Weller now offers some real classic CIA defamation sliming material by suggesting Jimi was revolutionary because he offered a newly-accepted form of "androgyny". Weller lists how Jimi wore flamboyant clothes, made up his stage hairdo with curlers, and had "girlish" feminine handwriting. For those well versed in Hendrix happenings, this latest attack, that could easily be called a classic intel character assassination which exposingly visits all the weak points they would consider to be a target's "vulnerabilities," comes after Charles Cross divulged Hendrix's previously unseen army psychological records claiming Hendrix said he was gay. This revelation occurred right in the middle of the Bush years at a time when the full force of US psy-ops was engaged. Cross forgot to mention that Hendrix was trying to get out of the army at that point, and was using the classic claim that would instantly get you out, and that he had obviously been advised to do so by others. No doubt weakening a well-known anti-war 60's icon's image with the claim of homosexuality at the heart of the WMD era was not something that would be out of line with already known psy-ops practices. In any case, Weller has now continued the campaign by subtly referring to Jimi in the same vein. Something I've never seen before in decades of Hendrix articles. Jimi has now been very subtly and delicately painted as being latent in an article that alleges to sympathize with him for being one of the first brave stars to do so. Classic of intel methods, the poison is subtly delivered in gifts of praise and the trojan horse of Weller claiming Jimi being part of the "cult of liberation". Weller then concludes that the American male's Wayne's World hero Jimi had a vulnerable side not know to them. (Or perhaps a "vulnerable side" available for cheap Mockingbird psy-ops distorted character assassination?)

From here Weller describes how she did a Rolling Stone Magazine article on Hendrix from her 1969 visit to Jimi's house at Woodstock. She then describes how frail and underfed Jimi was. Forget the fact Jimi was quoted in the same books she references as having abnormal strength and stamina. She then calls him insecure and mumbling. Next she calls him a fussbudget granny who tidied-up and emptied ashtrays compulsively (more effeminizing), and finally she shows he had strange tastes in music according to the non-rock-'n-roll albums he kept (Weller mentions Marlene Dietrich). Face it, the image we are being drawn here is of a show tune-loving gay stereotype being very subtly delivered. Forget the fact that Jimi is mostly known through history for his superhuman macho hyper psycho sexuality. British newspapers didn't warn mothers to lock-up their daughters when Hendrix was due to arrive because Jimi was some frail drag queen, yet Weller seems to think we need to be shown some unknown history. I wonder why?

Weller then steps back and summarizes in hindsight that she now realizes Jimi was well on the way to his final demise from drug abuse and looked it. The "drug overdose" death is then re-accented again just to reinforce the premise. It is then followed-through with a subtle and indirect suggestion that Jimi was a revolutionary and misunderstood person because he could not come out with his true self and was denied by the times. What Weller is saying here is that we need to re-examine Jimi and his persona as a person who was denied being what he really was and probably abused drugs because of the frustration. The frustrated latent figure is now being openly painted in full flame by Weller, without saying so directly, while concealing it in phony praise and personal reverence.

It's no surprise to me that Weller worked for Rolling Stone. A magazine that has now gone underwater after succumbing to the creeping tide of Mockingbird infiltration. In March 2010 Rolling Stone did an article about Jimi's last days. It concentrated mostly on the formation of Hendrix's Electric Lady Studio and his final European tour. Magazines with Hendrix on the cover usually experience good sales. This issue of Rolling Stone had such a prize Hendrix stage shot on its cover. Just as I expected when the article got to Jimi's death it covered it in one short paragraph that mentioned Jimi used heroin, but not to the point of addiction, and died of a barbiturate overdose. The ground-shaking claim by Jimi's manager Michael Jeffery's road crew member Tappy Wright, that he heard Jeffery confess to murdering Jimi, wasn't even mentioned. And this was 10 months after the internet and media were buzzing with the claim. Why Rolling Stone of all things didn't feel it necessary to even mention this epic scandal while gratuitously positing that Jimi used heroin, even though most credible Hendrix sources agree Hendrix did not really use heroin, is beyond me. Why they would assume the same posture as those who do defamation psy-ops against Hendrix and his memory is something that boggles me. And this is Rolling Stone Magazine of all things, and now it looks like Vanity Fair as well.

And so the American media now offers us a pink-dipped, latent drag queen Hendrix fully neutered and neutralized without ever mentioning his CIA COINTELPRO political assassination or its cover-up by the same outlets. And they don't shy off making a nice little profit while doing so:


Peter Lemkin
01-07-2011, 10:05 PM
There must be some kinda way outta here (trust me)
Said the joker to the thief
There's too much confusion (don't listen to him)
I can't get no relief

Businessmen they-a drink my wine
Plowman dig my earth
None will level on the line (ain't seen any)
Nobody of it is worth

unk 1 <watch Jimi's guitar it's backwards>

(guitar & intrumental)

<coming in>

No reason to get excited (thief he don't know)
The thief he kindly spoke
There are many here among us (we didn't do anything)
Who feel that life is but a joke <but-a>

But you and I we've been through that
<say you need some proof>
And this is not all fate (turn off)
So let us not talk falsely now <don't turn it off>
The hours getting late

(guitar & instrumental)

Hey! <wah-wah>

All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants, too <m.f'.r bought it>

Outside in the cold distance
A wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching <let em in>
And the wind begin to howl

Albert Doyle
01-08-2011, 04:01 PM
There must be some kinda way outta here (trust me)


Just curious, what do you mean by "trust me"?

In my post above I'm trying to show that the American promise of the magic hand of the free market being trusted to handle all things can lead to outright Gestapo-like CIA smear propaganda being waged against their murder victims even 40 years later. We are forced to buy the Republican mob's model of small government and things being handled by private business interests and the next thing you know the evidence of Hendrix's CIA assassination is made to disappear and outright CIA psy-ops are waged in all public Hendrix interfaces written by private market 'invisible hands'. No such market exists for showing the evidence for Hendrix's covert murder. Is this why they like and boost their private market model so much? Our political mob is just like the Taliban kicking a decapitated head around in some kind of perverse soccer game...

Peter Lemkin
01-08-2011, 04:09 PM
There must be some kinda way outta here (trust me)


Just curious, what do you mean by "trust me"?

I simply took a copy off a website of what they claimed were the words JH used at one live concert. Those in smaller type were said sotto vocci. Whether accurate or not, I don't know.

Albert Doyle
01-12-2011, 05:48 PM
The Vanity Fair piece is part of the coopted corporate government character defamation aimed against Jimi Hendrix. What has happened in America is an "us-against-them" mentality that was started during the Reagan era. All major media outlets are basically coopted and overseen by major corporations that are now basically an arm of the government in a neo-fascist relationship. I don't know much about 'Vanity Fair' but I do know CIA-sponsored defamation ops when I see them. The first round was a new revelatory book that came out right in the middle of the Bush WMD era where an author made sure the public knew Jimi claimed he was gay. That claim shot around the media with fast feet. Jimi was a COINTELPRO target. These people were the first people against whom these dirty tactics were waged. It goes to show just exactly what Jimi was and how powerful a figure he was by the fact they are still operating live defamation ops against him 40 years later! Jimi claimed to be gay because someone told him it would instantly get him out of the army (and they know it).

So after a very damning and explosive revelation comes out about Jimi's murder the reaction by these coopted media outlets is to ignore it and not even mention it. However the defamation ops gay-dipping is now even further enhanced. The authors of this are fully aware Jimi's using woman's curlers was because of the James Brown era of black men straightening out their hair. Jimi took it one step further and conked-out his hair to a wild 60's degree - but it was all part of the act and they know it. As a matter of fact most of the people who witnessed Jimi's curlers were the many woman he was with at night. And Jimi's handwriting wasn't "feminine" it was artistic just like his playing.

There's no excuse for this and the pure sign of this outrage is 'Rolling Stone' magazine doing the same thing. In their article they made lots of money putting Jimi on the cover with a prime stage shot but then proceeded to sell him to the devil like Judases inside the covers. They had the balls to do an article titled "Last Weeks Of Jimi Hendrix" a year after this startling murder claim and then proceeded to deal with his death in one small paragraph that mentioned he did heroin. Now if you know anything about this there's a huge controversy over Jimi being defamation op'ed at the time of his death by people claiming he OD'ed on heroin. Rolling Stone then mentioned that Jimi OD'ed on barbiturates and said nothing about the murder confession. And this is Rolling Stone magazine of all things! Even they have been body-snatched by the corporate monster. This is really evil and needs to be fought back against and exposed.

What's even worse than this is Jimi Hendrix Information Center chief Caesar Glebbeek is about to dedicate an entire issue to re-investigating Jimi's death, only he states he's going to "debunk the murder nonsense". I'm afraid Caesar has some kind of Stockholm Syndrome where he's afraid to admit he got it wrong all these years or that the main witnesses he owes his publication's credibility to were all involved or covering-up.

Unfortunately there's a movement in the so-called "Hendrix Community" to just do airy fairy "celebration of Jimi and his life" and not dwell on negative things. But those people are just cowards and they're same people who stood by and did nothing when Jimi was murdered - only 40 years later. Poor Jimi - murdered and cold in his grave with none of his fans really caring - yet they don't hesitate to gather his treasure or the millions it generates while they "celebrate" him.

If you scan the internet there's about 3 of us interested in this.


Albert Doyle
01-17-2011, 05:31 PM
British filmaker Paul Greengrass is in the midst of making a film on Martin Luther King jr. God knows what angle he'll take on the conspiracy.

However in the article it notes that he planned a Hendrix biopic. It says it "fizzled out". I have a strong feeling the Tappy Wright murder claim is now like an unexploded bomb sitting in the middle of the Hendrix living room no one wants to touch.



Albert Doyle
01-31-2011, 05:42 PM
I couldn't figure out why Jimi was making on the fly marriage proposals during the last weeks of his life. One to Kristen Nefer and the other to Monika. I thought maybe Jimi had become slightly unhinged by the pressures on him and maybe some influence of drugs - and perhaps even a want to get married. However it dawned on me that Jimi might have been trying to use a ploy to escape some of his contracts by getting a spouse and using that as a means to divert money away from where others could get it.

We know Jimi used the claiming he was gay ploy to get out of the army. So in that example we have evidence that Jimi was prone to taking advice on loopholes from others and acting on it. Perhaps the sudden impromptu marriage proposals during his final days were actually Jimi, once again, taking advice on a loophole and acting on it. Anyone who knows Jimi's situation during this time would know he had strong reason to do something like that. This would also explain why friends of his said it wasn't like Jimi to seriously propose marriage.

Jeffery was a shrewd bastard and Jimi was at war with him. Jeffery, being a sharp businessman, would probably have gotten wind of what Jimi was doing and it would have only added to his murderous anger. Jimi didn't propose to Devon because not only could he not trust her, but she was working for Jeffery.


Albert Doyle
03-03-2011, 06:29 PM
I'm re-reading Monika Dannemann's book Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix. After you've studied Jimi's death Monika's book gains a creepy dimension. Like with the Kennedy Assassination we gain the benefit of the perspective of time and progressive understanding of the evidence. People like Monika, involved in cover-ups, don't understand that people in the future will gain information to see what they are writing in a new context unavailable to themselves at the time they wrote it. It is this 'wedge' of evidence that helps crack open the case. A triangulation of facts and outside view of what is written that helps see it in its proper context with time.

In the beginning of Inner World Monika writes that the manuscript for the book had first been written back in 1970 but that certain personal dilemmas and public factors had kept her from finishing it. Monika continued by saying that in 1995, when Inner World finally quickly came together, a sudden and unexpected favorable condition occurred which led to the book finally coming to be.

What is really creepy about this is anyone who knows the real context of Monika and anything she says about Hendrix would realize Monika doesn't tell the direct truth about things and she's doing the same thing here. People with a good understanding of this case would realize what Monika is avoiding saying directly. The "personal dilemmas" and "public factors" that kept Monika from writing the book was the fact Monika was under pressure to not reveal the true story behind Jimi's death. The reason she didn't come out with any book for 25 years after Jimi's death was because she was trying to keep a low profile and not draw any attention to herself. Even worse, what is especially creepy is the fact the "favorable circumstances" she vaguely references as the reason why the book suddenly came together is Scotland Yard's verdict that they were not going to re-open the investigation into Hendrix's death as they were petitioned to do in 1993. What Monika is not telling the reader directly here is that the only reason her book suddenly came into being is because it was now shielded by a formal decision by the British government that no investigation would ever follow. In other words Monika was now protected by double jeopardy and felt safe from being prosecuted. The murder aspect was now gotten over with and she could come out with her book.

From studying Monika Dannemann I'm fairly certain she was a psychopath. She gives signs of this by showing a strange sense that she was getting away with all this transparent stuff when no person of normal sensibility would dare think they were. I'm writing this because I've opened the door on a very scandalous event that keeps producing hotter and hotter evidence as you open the door. If you extrapolate Monika's attempts to openly lie about the events of that morning to everything she writes you begin to understand Inner World is a very important source of indirect clues of the same variety that have only to be interpreted by a good sleuth. Indeed the potential for what Monika actually was and what her real relationship to Jimi really was is enormous here. I'm calling out here because I think I've tipped the lid up on a huge monstrous murder scandal that's been lying right out in the open for all these years just under the surface of Monika's bold lies.

What is really criminal is there is an epic book just waiting to be written from this motherlode deposit of openly available material. It's a shame because this is one of the most important books that needs to be written. We need another Douglass for the Jimi Hendrix murder case. I think the fact this isn't being done is because this is a live vent from the volcano of the Unspeakable that has fresh CIA murder lava flowing in it and is too hot to touch.

I'm getting the creeps because if we do extrapolate Monika's brazen willingness to bend truth in broad daylight we can interpret her description of their first meeting with the assumption of the worst. Monika sold herself in Inner World as meeting Jimi as a lilly white, Teutonic ice skating virgin however we learn from other sources that Monika only dated black musicians in Germany. It is in this bizarre context that we should judge everything written in Inner World.

I'm disturbed by the fact Monika seems to suggest a man named Baron-von-der-Osten-Sacken was very interested in getting Monika to meet Jimi after his show in Germany. This could be innocent, but at this point I'd need it proven. Monika said she avoided Jimi at the bar Baron arranged for them to all meet at after the show. Baron then arranged another meeting the next morning where he insisted Monika get her mother's camera for pictures and come along. It seems to me, according to Monika's description, Baron wanted Monika to meet Jimi.

The next morning Monika went along and sat at the bar at the hotel. Jimi entered the bar, bee-lined right to her, and started talking to her. Monika said the first thing she noticed was that they both had an identical large green jade stone in their jewelry and also shared strangely similar American Indian jewelry. Jimi then started a rap where he eventually asked her to be his girlfriend saying "You are the one who was destined for me and the fair-haired woman the fortune teller woman predicted". Pretty weird. This was all in mid January 1969.

Further on, Monika then tells of driving to London in February 1969 to catch-up with Jimi. Now this is what got her in trouble because it was what set-off the huge libel case between her and Kathy Etchingham. Kathy was living with Jimi in the mid-London Brook Street flat Jimi had bought for them at the time. Kathy came right out and accused Monika of fabricating this trip saying she was living with Jimi this whole time. Etchingham did research on this in her libel case against Dannemann. I would really love to know what she discovered because the truth of this trip says a lot about Monika and her role in Jimi's death.

In any case Monika's book Inner World of Jimi Hendrix is a sleeper of a highly valuable collector's item because it is a very controversial cracked mirror of a possible psychopath who was involved in a very infamous murder trying to sell her deceptions long after it wasn't sound to try to get away with it.

Monika died shortly after Inner World was published. It was right before Etchingham was forcing her into court where she would have lost her libel law protections from answering questions about Jimi's death.

Magda Hassan
03-04-2011, 06:08 AM
I couldn't figure out why Jimi was making on the fly marriage proposals during the last weeks of his life. One to Kristen Nefer and the other to Monika. I thought maybe Jimi had become slightly unhinged by the pressures on him and maybe some influence of drugs - and perhaps even a want to get married. However it dawned on me that Jimi might have been trying to use a ploy to escape some of his contracts by getting a spouse and using that as a means to divert money away from where others could get it.

We know Jimi used the claiming he was gay ploy to get out of the army. So in that example we have evidence that Jimi was prone to taking advice on loopholes from others and acting on it. Perhaps the sudden impromptu marriage proposals during his final days were actually Jimi, once again, taking advice on a loophole and acting on it. Anyone who knows Jimi's situation during this time would know he had strong reason to do something like that. This would also explain why friends of his said it wasn't like Jimi to seriously propose marriage.

Jeffery was a shrewd bastard and Jimi was at war with him. Jeffery, being a sharp businessman, would probably have gotten wind of what Jimi was doing and it would have only added to his murderous anger. Jimi didn't propose to Devon because not only could he not trust her, but she was working for Jeffery.

An interesting observation and something I can relate to in my own experience. There has been more than one proposal coming my way which involved my willingness to sign the marriage certificate asap and the necessity of having good child bearing hips for the establishment of family trusts and such other business manoeuvrings.

Albert Doyle
03-05-2011, 05:43 PM
I'm re-reading Monika Dannemann's book Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix. What is fascinating about this book is it is a cryptic code manual to Hendrix's murder that people don't realize. I'm tickled by the fact that I'm one of the first to stumble into this ornate undiscovered Egyptian tomb and its abundant treasures. I particularly relish the idea that I'm falling into these heaps of ancient treasure, as far as the murder evidence for Jimi Hendrix, and people still don't seem to get it.

I haven't figured Monika out yet. She's a strange bug. She shows profound respect and understanding of Jimi's most sacred mythos, yet she's the person who withheld and denied the evidence for Jimi's murder. As far as I can tell she was a poor soul who ended up in an impossible situation because of her inescapable witnessing of Jimi's murder.

On page 35 of Inner World Monika discusses how the media did not accurately cover the real Jimi, preferring the wild man stage persona promoted by Michael Jeffery over the real gentle and mannered Jimi. While discussing this however, and emphasizing how you couldn't trust what the newspapers said about Jimi, Monika cuts to an almost non-sequitur discussing of Jimi's death and how they claimed he died of an overdose. What the reader is left to, as far as interpreting what Monika is doing here, is assuming she is trying to say the newspapers followed their usual inaccurate coverage with his death as well. Monika is obviously writing with a guilty conscience. This book was written around 1994, nineteen years after Monika admitted on a Dutch radio show that Jimi had "been murdered by the mafia...for sure". There's no doubt that Monika is trying to say Jimi didn't die by the means told of in the newspapers. Typical of Monika, she tries to cover her butt by adding Jimi did not die of an overdose but died of mechanical choking on vomit from a non-fatal dose of sleeping tablets, however those who have researched Hendrix's death see a repeating pattern and what Monika is really trying to say indirectly. And that's why Inner World is such a gold mine for those seeking the evidence behind Jimi's death.

Page 48:

"Unfortunately, before the Inquest on Jimi's death, I was forbidden by the authorities to make a statement in public for ten days, which gave the press the opportunity to publish whatever they wanted. This led to all the wrong or half-correct coverage after his death.
A press conference at which I could explain the true circumstances of Jimi's death was scheduled for the day of the Inquest, but cancelled by Jeffery, again, in retrospect, for obvious reasons. He was simply not interested in clearing up the public misconception that Jimi had died of a drug overdose."

Monika goes on to say that Jeffery had a self interest in keeping Jimi wild and outlaw and dying of a drug overdose to keep up posthumous sales, however, if you research this case you'll understand what Monika is really hinting at. What Monika isn't being honest about here is she took-off out of London in order to escape being questioned. Monika then lied at the Inquest she speaks of, telling a completely false story about the way Jimi died.

Page 57:

..."when I asked Jimi if he had his own bank account he told me that Jeffery was putting all his money into a special account in Jimi's name, for his future use.
A few months later Jimi discovered that the money he had earned had mysteriously disappeared and that in fact there was no "special account" in his name at all. This jolted him into taking an interest in his money, and trying to find out where it had gone and what his manager had done with it."

The context here is Jimi broke-up the "Jimi Hendrix Experience" right at this time. It was the group Michael Jeffery had depended on for keeping Hendrix tied to an exhaustive schedule where he wouldn't have time to think or ask where his money was going. Hendrix then proceeded to back away from performing for Jeffery and stayed at his Woodstock house with his new black band. Jimi was soon after kidnapped by Jeffery in a staged kidnapping where Jeffery put a still-strapped-in-a-chair Jimi on the phone and told him "there are some very powerful people depending on me being your manager and if you fire me you will be killed".

Let's cut to the chase here. Jeffery was part of a rogue intel program to supply mafia money to a secret CIA bank nexus in the Bahamas that was used to fund dirty Cold War black ops. Being MI-5 he was probably drafted into this program involuntarily. The people Jeffery told Jimi were dependent on him were these CIA people. Jimi died by a classic CIA covert murder method of alcoholic waterboarding combined with a barbiturate overdose just hours after he fired Jeffery. Investigators said up to 5 million dollars of Jimi's 1969 money disappeared in to those Bahamian banks.

How much of this Monika knew I don't know. She could be anything from a direct participant hired by CIA as a female infiltrator, to MK-ULTRA victim, to hapless patsy used by Jeffery to get close to Jimi. In any case we know she knew "the mafia killed Hendrix and it was...for sure".

Albert Doyle
03-08-2011, 05:02 PM
Anyone following this, I found out Monika claimed a man named Rolf accompanied her to London on the claimed February-March 1969 trip. She said she spoke to Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding during this trip at the Speakeasy club, and to George and Patti Harrison, and also attended a jam Jimi had with Roland Kirk. Also Monika claims "roadies" ran notes back and forth between her and Jimi. So as far as Kathy Etchingham challenging the veracity of this London trip the facts tend to be leaning in favor of Monika - however she is the source, and I need to look further for corroboration.

Albert Doyle
03-10-2011, 08:37 PM
The ball really gets rolling on page 144 of Inner World. This chapter deals specifically with the death scenario on the last day of Jimi's life, Thursday September 17th and into the early hours of Friday the 18th. Monika claims that Jimi kept in touch with her through phone calls and letters from America during the spring Cry Of Love tour. She claims Jimi excitedly called her to tell her of finally arranging a european tour and that she was to rent a flat in London for the two of them. Monika speaks of renting a flat at the Samarkand Hotel without detailing how she went about it or who paid. She then speaks of Jimi arriving at the Londonderry Hotel where she met him upon his arrival with kisses and hugs. Jimi would then transfer to the Cumberland Hotel as his official address in London.

Monika tells us that Jimi then invited her to the famous gigantic gathering and concert on the Isle Of Wight but she declined because her father was in bad health from a recent heart attack. She then goes on to describe how Jimi swore his love for her and marriage plans but Monika doesn't share the real history that Jimi then proceeded from this moment to go hook-up with sexy Danish model Kirsten Nefer. This is why I think Monika Dannemann was a psychopath. Because by 1994, when she wrote this book, she had full access to the Nefer information. She decided to ignore it and just focus on Jimi's love talk to her swearing his faith, when less than 24 hours later he then hooked-up with a beautiful Danish model to whom he also made suggestions of marriage in a flirtatious manner. Inner World clearly shows us that in no way is Monika Dannemann offering us a complete history of her interactions with Jimi Hendrix. The book is simply an attempt to supply a case for Hendrix's claimed romance with Monika as told from her perspective.

Page 147:

Monika says that while Jimi was on the european tour she went to the cinema with some friends during the evening. She doesn't describe who these people were. I suspect the reason she does this is because they were probably friends of Jeffery and she's trying to conceal the fact she was networked with Jimi's office while in London.

On the same page Monika describes how after bass guitarist Billy Cox was poisoned with bad acid she was asked to look after him by road crew member Eric Barrett. Monika once again shows a distinct psychopathic detachment from reality because her official story claims nobody knew about her secret hideaway with Jimi at the Samarkand, however she is now claiming Jeffery's employee Barrett was asking her to look after Billy. Well the only way she could do that is if Barrett knew she had a place to put him up in. Barrett obviously knew about the Samarkand. Eventually Cox was looked after in co-roadie Gerry Stickells' flat only 2 blocks away. Yet with all these obvious admissions that the Samarkand was well-known amongst Jeffery's people, Monika still sticks with the official version that only she and Jimi knew about it.

By page 150 Monika gets around the fact Jimi had returned to London and shacked-up with American waitress Debbie Toomey for five days by skipping to Tuesday the 15th and saying Jimi finally decided they needed more privacy so he stayed at the Samarkand. She claims Jimi spent the next night, Wednesday the 16th, at the Samarkand, however producer Chas Chandler swears Jimi spent the night with him at his flat after coming over to discuss his returning as manager. The Chandler claim is tricky because we do know Jimi attended a party that evening with Monika and later jammed with Eric Burdon. These claims about Wednesday night are hard to sort out, however it is possible Jimi did spend the night at Chandler's and Monika once again lied - or Jimi did stay at the Samarkand that night and Chandler, for whatever reason, had the date wrong (how Chandler could get the memory of the second to last night of Jimi's life wrong I'm not certain?) Upon commenting about that evening Monika once again contradicts herself by saying only Chas Chandler and Mitch Mitchell knew about the Samarkand and had its phone number.

Monika mentions Jimi's attempt to stand-in with Eric Burdon's band 'War' on Tuesday evening, however she doesn't mention that Eric's manager McVay refused because Jimi was too stoned to play. Some band members commented he was "too smacked-out". It is possible Jimi got a snoot-full from Devon, a known heroin share-er. Another friend, Daniel Secunda, said Jimi went to dinner with him and Devon during this week and both were too smacked-out to eat.

On page 155 Monika tells of both her and Jimi having to go to the bank to get money. What she is saying here is Jimi had to get his money and she had to get hers. This is unusual because Jimi was known to be overgenerous with his money. Monika was from a wealthy banking family and had funds of her own. However this clear distinction of Jimi getting his own funds from his bank and Monika from hers says something about their relationship. And this goes for the payments for the Samarkand which Monika never tells of coming from Jimi. Obviously the Samarkand was paid for by herself. If you follow Jimi's routines he never would have made his "soulmate" and fiancee pay for her own flat. There's something that's not right with this and contrasts with Jimi's known patterns.

Page 164:

Monika tells of driving Jimi to Kensington Market on his last day of life where they spotted Devon Wilson on Kings Road. Monika casually describes how Devon was hired by Jeffery to look out for Jimi in New York. She then mentions that Devon proceeded to invite Jimi to attend the Cameron party later that evening.

On page 165 they return to Jimi's official London address at the Cumberland Hotel. There Jimi sits Monika down and has her deliberately overhear his telephone call to his lawyer Steingarten where he instructs him to fire his manager Michael Jeffery. Less than 12 hours later Jimi would be dead.

From the Cumberland Jimi and Monika would proceed to a very interesting private get together with the son of a British MP Phillip Harvey. To be continued in the next post...

Albert Doyle
03-11-2011, 07:44 PM
After stopping at the Cumberland Hotel Monika and Jimi followed Phillip Harvey and his two teenage girlfriends over to his comfortable townhouse. What ensued was an evening get together where they rolled joints and drank wine with Jimi receiving the pampering attention of the two girls. Jimi finally sequestered off into a room with one of the girls which understandably set Monika off into a screaming tantrum. Harvey said Monika screamed at Jimi outside the townhouse for nearly an hour causing him concern that his high class neighbors might summon the police. Eventually Jimi apologized to Harvey and left with Monika. A better more detailed version of this is offered in Tony Brown's book Hendrix - The Final Days. Harvey only came out with this story after his Member Of Parliament father died in the 1990's.

From here Monika claims she and Jimi proceeded back to the Samarkand, however some people close to Jimi speculate Monika may have dropped Jimi off at the Cameron party on the way. As usual, Monika's account of her and Jimi arriving back at the Samarkand at 8:30 is highly unreliable and contradicted by other accounts. What is most-likely is the Harvey party lasted past 10pm (as Harvey indicated) and Monika then dropped Jimi off at the Cameron party nearer to 11pm. Some witnesses at that party say Jimi arrived around that time.

Monika's account said her and Jimi sat talking at the Samarkand until Jimi couldn't put going to the Cameron party off any longer. She says she then dropped Jimi off at Cameron's at around 2am with the instructions to return in a half-hour to pick him up. She claims Jimi only went to the party to tell Devon Wilson to lay-off Monika.

Jimi's friends at the Cameron party told a different story. They said Jimi arrived before midnight and stayed until 3am. Their version of events is that Jimi's fashion store owner friend Collette ordered Chinese take-out because Jimi was hungry. Researchers say this time frame is backed-up by the fact Chinese take-outs were not open late at night in London in 1970. The rice in this meal is important because it was found in Jimi's stomach during the autopsy and relates directly to the forensically-determined time of death.

Witnesses said Monika showed up sometime around 2am and started buzzing the intercom trying to get Jimi out of the party. They said Jimi declined. This caused Monika to continue buzzing. Soon the guests were out on the balcony telling Monika to "fuck-off, Jimi doesn't want you here". Some participants later expressed guilt over the way Monika was treated. Eventually Monika won out and Jimi left near 3am. What I have found out about recently is David Henderson interviewed guests who said Jimi asked Devon to leave with him at this time. Now this is important because Monika is selling Jimi as going to get rid of Devon in order to protect her. If Jimi had tried to bring Devon along this adds some very peculiar dimensions to this tale. Equally peculiar is the fact Devon declined, allegedly because she was too high. This also conflicts with what we know because the story has it that Devon was trying to break-up Jimi's relationship with Monika, so it doesn't make sense Devon would turn down a golden opportunity like that. Unless of course Jimi was trying to bring her along for one last show-down with Monika present in order to reinforce the point. But we don't know because we can't rely on Monika for the truth. We'll never know why Jimi tried to bring Devon along. Perhaps it was to protect him from Monika?

From here we now go to the infamous Samarkand death scenario story told by Monika. Her official story describes Jimi and her returning to talk in bed with Jimi lecturing her on his personal philosophy and cosmic symbolism. She claims she fell asleep with her head resting on Jimi's chest around 7am. She then tells the infamous story of waking up around 11am and finding Jimi OK and then going for cigarettes. When she came back she said she noticed a small trickle of vomit on Jimi's chin and couldn't wake him. She then goes into her phoning Jimi's friends story telling of how she tried to get Jimi's personal doctor and ended up talking to Eric Burdon. She then says she went in the ambulance with Jimi around 11:30am and he was still alive. Later they pronounced him dead at the Hospital.

Intense research by many people, including Michael Fairchild and Kathy Etchingham, as well as Tony Brown, proved beyond a doubt that Monika's story was false. The real breakthrough came in 1986 when Eric Burdon wrote in his book I Used To Be An Animal But I'm OK Now that Monika called him "just as the first light of dawn was coming through my window". I checked the London almanac and this would be near 5:40am. So if we consider Monika's panic time and efforts to make contact with Jimi's doctor before she finally reached Burdon we can reasonably assume Jimi was murdered somewhere near 4:30am. Burdon later added "that it may have been even earlier than that. In the early hours of the morning".

Those research efforts found that Burdon had called Jeffery's road crew employees and had Terry Slater, Eric Barrett, and Gerry Stickells all show-up at the Samarkand in order to clear it out. Of course Monika witnessed all of this so her story to the official Inquest was obviously a concocted cover-story to prevent the authorities from knowing what really happened. The bizarre thing about Monika's version of events is Burdon's admission came-out in 1986, however Monika still gave the cover-story version in 1995 when Inner World was published. Even when she had no hope of getting away with this story Monika still tried to do so. She tried to indirectly explain away Burdon's admission by saying he was heavily indulging in drugs that night, however by doing so Monika once again confirmed her delusional grasp of reality, for surely there was too much corroborating evidence for any normal person to hope to overcome. Monika tried to stick with the official story even when everything else that was known at the time said otherwise. And even after she herself admitted "there was evidence that could not be brought to the police and that the mafia did it 'for sure' ".

Monika's writing gives hints as to what really happened that will be shown in the next post.

Albert Doyle
03-12-2011, 10:30 PM
If you are interested in seeing a large offering of poisonous deception all contained in one vessel read Dannemann's "Afterword" section in Inner World. This final chapter really stands the truth on its head and contains one of the worst attempts to reverse guilt onto others I have ever witnessed.

Page 176:

Monika glosses-over how some German doctors determined Jimi didn't have enough barbiturate in him to be a fatal dose. She says Jimi didn't die by fatal dose but died instead from an obstruction of the throat for which she blames the doctors for not performing a tracheotomy. I have to explain context here. Monika is well aware Jimi was murdered so she is pretending to be confused over how Jimi died. She then writes:

" Given the way Jimi died, I felt something must have gone terribly wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was.
Soon afterwards I received a phone call. A man told me to keep quiet about everything concerning Jimi's death, or else something nasty could happen to me. I have no idea who it was or why I got this call, but at that time only a few people knew where I was staying. "

Well, why would anyone threaten Monika if Jimi died by accident? What Monika is obviously doing here is a childish attempt to make it look like there was a murder mystery involved that she was unaware of but being affected by. As if she is trying to expose us to clues instead of being the person directly in possession of the real clues herself. It's kind of pathetic. Monika knows exactly why that person called. In order to shut her up about her witnessing of Jeffery's murdering Jimi. Typically, pathetically, she's trying to clue us to Jimi's murder while trying to exonerate herself at the same time.

In the 'Afterword' section Monika keeps emphasizing police and investigators telling her to keep quiet and not speak about the death. I think what Monika is doing here is trying to show us she was told to shut-up, and not necessarily by just the police. Another thing Monika emphasizes many times in this section is how the newspapers mis-reported the facts of Jimi's death saying he was at an orgy and died of a heroin overdose. Monika then insists she tried to correct the record by holding press conferences and going to newspapers to give the 'real' account and that each and every time her efforts were frustrated and stopped. This is at least partially true since intel was using the media to smear Jimi in order to promote a political view of him and his lifestyle. Intel had successfully done a character defamation through the newspapers and media to make sure Jimi was seen as having succumbed to his reckless immoral lifestyle. This is COINTELPRO asserting itself to the letter of its text. However Monika is using this process to conceal and make excuses for her own personal false account. What she's trying to hint at is COINTELPRO kept the real evidence behind Jimi's murder from coming out while trying to absolve herself, however Monika is equally guilty of promoting a false version of Jimi's death.

Eric Burdon took Monika along with him to a concert in the northern town of Newcastle - Jeffery's hometown. In Burdon's private rail carriage Monika asked for an aspirin but later realized she had been given a tablet of LSD. Burdon was known for playing this cruel trick on people - including Jimi, however it is possible Monika was dosed in order to keep her from talking. This was one of Jeffery's tricks already done on Billy Cox, and even Jimi at the War Moratorium Concert.

A tabloid then printed a story told by a Lorraine James who told of Jimi being in a totally drugged-out state at an orgy the night before he died. An insurance investigator then discovered this story was completely fabricated. There was no follow-through, retraction, or accountability for this story. What you are looking at is classic CIA COINTELPRO smearing right to the letter of their definition of the program. I'd also like to know what else that insurance investigator found? "Lorraine"??? Isn't that the motel where CIA assassinated Martin Luther King? Was CIA dropping a sinister "playing card" on Jimi's corpse with "Lorraine"?

On Monday the 21st Eric Burdon goes on British TV and boldly claims Jimi committed suicide. Michael Jeffery managed two major acts in his career. One was the Animals, the other was Hendrix. Jeffery ripped both bands off blind. Burdon knew exactly who and what Jeffery was. He went on British TV to claim Jimi committed suicide because he was covering for Jeffery and trying not to get killed himself. Burdon's public claim was meant to send a message to Jeffery that his secret was safe with him. Burdon later regretted making that claim and said he was stoned (sure). To this day Burdon has never publicly told the truth about what really happened in any interview. (CIA will never allow any interview of Burdon)

Monika claims she gave an interview to the German magazine Stern that was never printed. She uses this to indirectly show the information she was trying to provide was censored by higher powers. However what she doesn't tell the reader is after Eric Burdon hid her in a hotel he refused to pay the bill. Monika had no money and it wasn't until a German reporter for the tabloid Bild came to her rescue that her bill was paid. In the cab she was taken away in with the reporter she then gave an interview where she claimed "I gave Jimi the pills". This article was published and contained a photo of Monika and Jimi that experts say only Monika could have provided. Monika later denied this interview.

On page 178 Monika continues her fakery by discussing the autopsy in a way that draws suspicion on an unidentified compound found in Jimi's body. She blames the British system for allowing a post-mortem several days after the death when traces would be lost. She continues her charade by posing herself as being critical of the lack of any genuine investigation at Jimi's Inquest saying that the British Government didn't seem to be interested in investigating the evidence or interviewing anyone who was involved.

Monika then theorizes that the reason all her press conferences were strangely cancelled, and the Inquest made no effort to find the real cause of Jimi's death, and the papers continued to smear him, was because Jeffery was somehow controlling this and trying to prevent people from asking where Jimi's money went. Monika is really exposing herself here because anyone could figure out that Jeffery wasn't some kind of overlord who could control press conferences, Inquests, and newspapers. What Monika is really saying here is intel was keeping Jimi's image soiled and preventing anyone from finding out why he really died. And in this she gives herself away.

Page 180 -

" While I was in New York I spoke to various people Jimi knew and found out that they believed Jimi had been murdered by Mike Jeffery. In their opinion Jimi was worth more to Jeffery dead than alive. As I said earlier, the day before his death Jimi had instructed his lawyer to terminate his management contract with Jeffery. Jeffery and Warner Brothers, the record company, each held a one million dollar life insurance policy on Jimi. Some of Jimi's friends believed he had come too close to finding out where all his money had disappeared. They said it was in Jeffery's interest to silence Jimi, who had made up his mind to leave him and who would have spoken out against him publicly.
These people, some of whom had been close to Jimi, were genuinely frightened of Jeffery. They told me that he had bought the silence of people with money or threats, while others had gone into hiding. "

As with Oswald's attempted call to ONI these paragraphs most-likely resulted in Monika's death. She could have saved the previous 180 pages of rank deception and simply opened the book with these paragraphs to save us time.

Monika goes on to detail a "visit on impulse" to Jeffery's office at Electric Lady Studios in New York. She claimed Jeffery tried to enlist her by offering to make posters out of her photographs of Jimi and also promote her paintings. Here Monika commits another of her psychopathic conflicts by saying she changed hotels to escape Jeffery but then immediately invited Jeffery to the new hotel the next day without registering the non-sensibility involved. Here she claims she confronted Jeffery on trying to buy-off people to prevent revealing how Jimi really died. She said Jeffery tried to answer this by offering her money and a lucrative contract. Monika then fled New York to go visit Jimi's family in Seattle. This was all in February 1971.

I'd have to assume this version is similar to most of what Monika writes and contains a much-altered account to try to vindicate herself. From what I know I'd feel safe interpolating that Monika somehow directly or indirectly witnessed Jeffery murder Hendrix. Her negotiations or even purpose with Jeffery in this visit can only be guessed, however I feel safe assuming, like everything else, it is nowhere near what she claimed. Most likely Monika and Burdon knew Jeffery murdered Hendrix and her discussions with Jeffery were merely her meeting with him to figure out what to do. After all, are we to believe that Monika discusses Jimi's closest friends spelling-out why Jeffery murdered Jimi in the previous paragraphs and then Monika asks us to believe she then went to Jeffery's to chat right afterwards? Like with most of what Monika says, how believable is that? Was Monika going to feel-out a murderer? Did she then invite this murderer, who she says tried to bribe her the day before, to her private hotel room? Sensing the conflict in all this Monika then proceeds to say Jeffery had a very smooth and cunning manner that led people to not suspect the evil person within. Once again, Monika's obviously trying to get around something. She's trying to hide something again. Her actions don't make sense, nor do her excuses for them.

Page 182 -

" ...a couple of other people who knew Jeffery and had seen what had been going on while Jimi was in New York, told me that they believed Jimi had been murdered. There were a couple of reasons for such a suspicion - one being that he had intended leaving Jeffery, the other that he was on the track of his manager's misappropriation of his money. I myself feel that there is a slight possibility Jimi was murdered, especially when I remember the unidentified compound found in his body, and Jeffery's past and the people he associated with.
At the same time I was told that there were certain groups and organizations like the FBI that must have considered Jimi a threat to society because of his potential for strong influence over the younger generation. "

Once again, it is no surprise Monika Dannemann was found dead a year after writing this. She's clearly getting right to the heart of the matter. However, typical of Monika, she's trying to skirt her own knowledge of Jimi's murder at the Samarkand by pointing in the direction of the mysterious compound. We all know Jimi didn't die by untraceable CIA poison. Jimi was brutally drowned in wine while passed-out on a covert mickey. What is more than obvious here is Monika is relieving her guilt while avoiding admitting her own involvement. What she's doing is coming clean about why Jimi was murdered and by whom, but without disclosing her own knowledge and role.

Page 184 -

March 1971. Monika is back in Germany at her father's:

" One day I received a call from an associate of Jeffery's, who warned me to remain silent, or something might happen to me. "

I guess Monika can't name any of these people because of British libel laws, but also probably because it works in her favor to limit the details.

Monika then returns to Notting Hill, London in July 1971 in order to finish her manuscript:

" In both September and October someone broke into my flat. None of the windows was broken: it was as if someone had used a second key. Although no jewellery or money was stolen, the place had been searched in a really professional way. Nothing was in disarray, but the position of some items had been slightly altered......Obviously Jeffery had been curious about what I had been writing. "

What this statement beggars is whether or not the person who had the key during this break-in also had a key the night Jimi died?

" Soon afterwards I received a call from Jeffery himself. He told me that he had heard I was writing a book and that it would be healthier for me to forget about the idea, or something nasty could happen to me. I told him no one could stop me and hung up. A month later the manager (who does not want to be named) of a famous English rock band warned me that he had heard through the grapevine that my life was in danger.
...A couple of months later Devon Wilson died in New York, allegedly from a drug overdose. Some people said it looked like a violent death and believed she was murdered.
Looking for a way out, I finally had an idea. I rang Jeffery and told him I had deposited my manuscript with a lawyer whom I had instructed to publish it in the event of my death. After that I never heard from him again.
A few months later I had a meeting with an English businessman, who stole my manuscript. Only later did I find out that he had close connections with Jimi's manager. "

Monika is clearly spelling-out motives to cover murder evidence. It becomes somewhat unbelievable to think she is offering this full thrust with the suggestion it was being done in order to cover-up her knowledge of covert untraceable poisons. If you interpret the full form of this offering correctly it conforms to Jeffery not wanting Monika to reveal her knowledge of Jimi's waterboarding death. Something of which they were both obviously aware.

" In March 1973 Jeffery allegedly died in a plane crash on a flight to London, where he was to be questioned about the missing millions. To this day some people wonder whether he really died or used his intelligence expertise to make it look as if he had been on that plane, while disappearing to another country. Others believe it is possible that some of his associates had something to do with the crash in order to silence him. "

Yet once again we read words that probably resulted in Monika's death sentence from those people she was indirectly referring to in this paragraph. If Monika wasn't such a brazen liar I might be tempted to think heroically of her here. For surely she lays-out what those who were making the death threats against her were in fear of. What those who speculate Jeffery might have faked his own death don't realize is whether he did or not it still would have involved forces that could arrange a mid-air plane crash. It seems rather silly for these people not to involve that in their thinking. A body was identified by road crew member Barrett with Jeffery's jewelery on it. What Monika hints at, but doesn't say directly, is the only "associates" that could possibly have killed Jeffery by this means is intel, and, most certainly, from what we know, CIA. Yet even once again, it is no surprise Monika Dannemann was found dead from "suicide" a year after writing this. If Monika was guilty of direct involvement in Jimi Hendrix's death, she must have at least partially expiated herself by writing this, if not then certainly by getting killed for it.

Final post to come...


Albert Doyle
03-16-2011, 06:03 PM
After posing herself as the sole possessor of true Hendrix information, because of her special proximity to Jimi spelled-out in Inner World, Monika then proceeds to say she eventually became quiet because interviews tended to distort what she was saying. She also claims some article and books referenced interviews and statements she never gave. This is probably partly true, but not for the reason Monika suggests. If things were not reported accurately it was most likely because the media was not going to ever expose the real way Jimi died. Monika tries to convince us it was because she was being stopped from speaking of the real Jimi. However I think we now understand why Monika was staying quiet. What is most obvious is Monika had every means by which to overcome this denial of her story, that is, the manuscript and publishing of her book. The fact she chose not to use the one means at her disposal to get the 'truth' out tells you all you need to know about why she didn't. Monika clearly needed to avoid ever accounting for the details of Jimi's death. The only reason she suddenly published Inner World in 1995 is because Scotland Yard ruled the case would never be re-opened.

And here is where Monika gets to her most obscene denials and weak excuse-making. On page 186 Monika says she has to make parting mention of an event in 1991 that embodied the worst of what oppressed her. In 1991 the British tabloid News Of The World published a headline that said "HENDRIX CASE REOPENED". In it it said two "Ms Marple type fans" had evidence Monika delayed calling the ambulance that morning. This, of course, was the Etchingham petition to Scotland Yard giving evidence of Monika's false story. Mitch Mitchell's wife Dee had worked for BBC and used her contacts to investigate those people who attended Jimi that morning. These people had never been interviewed in the 20 years following Jimi's death. Hendrix girlfriend Kathy Etchingham initiated this investigation because she was in a libel battle with Dannemann over her Hendrix claims.

The gist of the matter is Etchingham found out the ambulance attendants never saw Monika at the flat when they arrived. They said the door was wide-open and no one was to be seen except for Jimi's body laying on the bed. Monika deals with this by making-up a blatant lie, saying one of the attendants first recalled seeing a girl there but then changed his story. Further interviews with the ambulance attendants Saua and Jones confirmed they never saw anyone, but this is also proven in the fact that they proceeded to call the police according to standard procedure. If indeed Monika was there as she claimed the police never would have been summoned. The only reason the police were called was because no one was there to identify the victim. So once again Monika childishly attempts to avoid realities she couldn't possibly hope to escape. The extent of her delusional grasp of reality is shown by the fact she locked this in to print without realizing she was condemning herself by it.

Until I re-read Inner World I had not realized the means by which Monika gained this bold confidence for outright prevarication. As it turns out Etchingham filed a petition with Scotland Yard. Scotland Yard, however, were the same people who didn't do any real investigation in 1970. So the incredibly dubious and opportunist device Monika utilizes to justify her lies is Scotland Yard's own investigation of itself. Monika quotes police superintendent Dennis Care as saying Hendrix's death was too long ago for anyone to remember. However she doesn't share with us the fact what was clearly insisted upon by the attendants, and confirmed by the calling of the constable, has already corroborated this evidence beyond a doubt.

What happened here was like asking the Warren Commission itself to investigate questions over its own evidence and then give a ruling on themselves. Never once does Monika ever address the glaring question over fatal conflict of interest here. She simply quotes Scotland Yard's incredible evasions as confirmation of her position, and proof of the lack of credibility of her critics. Scotland Yard got away with the incredible move of saying the new evidence was nothing new and wasn't anything that the original Inquest hadn't covered. But any simple look at the original Inquest would show it was woefully lacking to the point of criminal incompetence and never even bothered to record basic matters of inquiry like time of death, let alone Monika's easily-proven lies. It's clear from the way Scotland Yard handled this that there was a genuine, serious conflict of interest where Scotland Yard had an agenda that necessitated them preventing their own exposing of themselves. Monika tries to seal this off by saying the article contained information that was proven completely false by Scotland Yard's ruling, however reality dictates that this is not true. Any simple analysis will show that Scotland Yard, once again, like at the original Inquest, simply did not seriously process the evidence.

The critics did not stop however. Monika says they kept up their "Miss Marple" efforts by continuing to ask why she took 5 hours to call the ambulance in articles. Monika expresses consternation over why the public seemed to believe these stories based on inaccurate interpretations of what the ambulance men allegedly said. Eventually, in December 1993 Scotland Yard sent the case back to their international organized crime department under Superintendent Campbell. And this is where Scotland Yard then accessed the unspeakable just like the Warren Commission. In its scandalous defense of not only Monika but itself as well, Scotland Yard then went in and flagrantly lied about the evidence. They said the ambulance men denied saying what was attributed to them and that Jimi was alive when they arrived. This is an outright criminal lie similar to those gotten by the FBI in the Kennedy case. If one goes and looks at the original statements of the ambulance attendants one can see there's no possibility of them being interpreted any other way. They are pretty insistent in what they claimed. Of course Scotland Yard could claim their interviewers were lying, however they would have to then explain why all the corroborating cross-evidence like Burdon's admissions and the doctor's claims all confirm Etchingham's evidence? There's no doubt Scotland Yard is accessing Warren Commission protocol and simply flagrantly lying about the evidence. This is something Monika then exploits to its full advantage and leaves to the end of the book for readers to realize that from which she gained such nerve.

The way Monika then gets around Doctor Bannister's statement that Jimi was dead for many hours before he arrived at hospital is to use the strawman that Hendrix had no rigor mortis. This is, actually, a good argument, however science will probably show that the dampness and heat of the flat as well as Jimi being pickled with the alcohol he was drowned in probably delayed the process. Monika never mentions Bannister's citation of black and deadened tissue lining Jimi's cheeks. In the end Monika's strawman won't get her around the multitude of converging evidence to show Jimi died earlier than her claimed time. What Monika's rigor mortis strawman doesn't answer is why she and all the road crew members would clean the flat while Jimi lay choking? Obviously Jimi was dead, but Monika doesn't have to deal with this because she solves it by simply ignoring it.

Page 189:

" According to the woman's report (Kathy Etchingham's), a pathologist hired by her had discovered, after checking the documents concerning the contents of Jimi's stomach, that he might have died five hours earlier than stated on the death certificate. However, when Scotland Yard had completed the reinvestigation, they explained to me that this pathologist's findings were inaccurate, as he had used an antiquated method and didn't have all the details. Scotland Yard's own pathologist also rechecked the findings of the pathologist who had also carried out the original examination in 1970, and came to the conclusion that Jimi died at the same time as was first stated. Another eminent pathologist in England concluded likewise. "

What Monika Dannemann is straight-facedly referencing here is a bald-faced investigation of Scotland Yard by itself. She never once hesitates to offer Scotland Yard's own official examination of its own doings or acknowledge the egregious conflict of interest involved. What we have here is no different than FBI being allowed to conduct an examination of its own investigation in the Kennedy Assassination. I mean what kind of conclusion did she expect them to come to?

But even worse Scotland Yard just outright lies above. They said Etchingham's pathologist used antiquated methods, but that's rubbish. The matter here is the original discovery by autopsist Doctor Teare of undigested rice grains in Jimi Hendrix's stomach. These were discovered and recorded by Dr Teare at the original autopsy September 21 1970. The problem is the stomach eliminates its contents in about 4-5 hours. Jimi was witnessed eating that rice at Cameron's party at midnight. The fact Teare found undigested rice grains in Jimi's stomach tells you he died right on the bullseye of where the other circumstantial evidence puts Jimi's time of death - somewhere around 4-4:30am. Scotland Yard needs to avoid this so they simply claim Etchingham's pathologist used outdated methods, however they never technically describe exactly how those methods were wrong? Scotland Yard then condemns themselves by claiming the original findings were correct. However the original findings said Jimi died somewhere around 11:45am in the ambulance. Not only do the rice grains make this impossible, but all the other circumstantial evidence of Jimi being dead when Burdon and the road crew members cleaned-up the evidence also destroys this. But the final nail in Scotland Yard's evil heart is Michael Jeffery's confession, still 15 years from being admitted by Tappy Wright. Both Monika and Scotland Yard aid each other in their diabolical deception and share an equal interest in covering-up their mutual involvement in Jimi's death. The truth is the British Government used Monika's story straight and unchallenged to determine their official verdict. Both Scotland Yard and Monika had a shared need to avoid admitting their wrongdoing. All you are seeing here is two liars backing each other's stories.

" Only Dr Bannister kept giving confusing and contradictory statements. In his latest declaration he said: 'I am unable to be precise whether he died in the ambulance or at home.' Another strange statement of his was that Jimi 'had literally drowned himself in red wine'. This was hardly possible, as the pathologist in 1970 had stated clearly that only about 100mg of alcohol, which is very little, had been in Jimi's blood at the time he took the sleeping tablets. "

Here Monika gives the dizzy blonde version of forensics. First off, Bannister witnessed lungs and stomach full of wine in Hendrix that he determined had resulted in drowning as the cause of death and not choking on vomit. Monika deliberately fuzzes the details here in order to get around this fact. She's playing dumb and giving inaccurate information. What she is doing is quoting Bannister being forced to estimate a time of death. Bannister simply covered himself by saying he couldn't determine exactly when Jimi died. But this is dishonestly out of context because Bannister made some other very clear statements that Jimi had been dead for hours before arriving at hospital. Monika knows Jimi was dead when she called Burdon. Besides, Bannister says above "Jimi may have died at home," and that is correct.

Her next logical offense is to misconstrue the blood alcohol content. What she doesn't educate the reader to is the fact the original pathologist used her story to determine his blood alcohol estimates. She doesn't tell us that Dr Teare used her 11:45 time of death to estimate the blood alcohol level at the time of ingesting the sleeping pills. The true 4:30am time of death, never considered by Dr Teare, would completely invalidate his estimates. In fact it would completely destroy Scotland Yard's decision. Since the British system allows Scotland Yard to have the only unchallenged claim on this we simply aren't told about the simple evidence that destroys every single thing both Monika and Scotland Yard says. The correct forensic determination is that Jimi took the pills about 30-45 minutes before dying. Therefore the blood alcohol level when he ingested the pills was whatever it would have been 45 minutes before he died and not the 5 hours determined by Teare. Never once has this basic challenge ever been heard by any official British venue. Their case is destroyed but their answer is they simply aren't interested. It seems we have not only a case of physical murder but legal as well.

On page 189 Monika tells how Jimi's father Al Hendrix hired ex Scotland Yard Superintendent Dennis Care to carry-out his own investigation with Al's authorization. She says Al wanted to put all the speculation and rumors about how Jimi died to rest once and for all. After talking to all the key witnesses Care came to the same conclusion as Scotland Yard. Once again, we have the foxes being asked to investigate the murders in the hen house being offered straight-faced. Nowhere, however, does Monika ever mention that the original inspector who interviewed all those involved in 1970 said publicly that he thought they were all lying. Instead of sparking further investigation, as is the norm with police discovery of witnesses lying, this statement led to just the opposite and, even as Monika states, the Inquest then made no attempt to do any real investigation.

" The tune has changed, but the song remains the same. It had already happened twenty-five years earlier, when an inquest vindicated Jimi both of having taken any hard drugs and of having died of a drug overdose. Yet nobody seemed to care. "

Monika jumps beyond the pale here with a final attempt to summarize this whole thing as media persecution of both her and Jimi. What infuriates me about this is she got the help of some very wicked government liars to achieve this. She is only able to wrap this up so easily because she's relying on government crooks who are flagrantly, criminally obstructing evidence and justice. Monika knows as she says this that Jimi did not die the way she is telling of in this book. She tries to save her soul by using indirect wording to show she isn't necessarily saying Jimi wasn't murdered. If you look at what she writes above it doesn't necessarily exclude murder. In fact Monika has already hinted at it several times already in the book. What Monika doesn't account for in this final summation is how she could claim the re-investigation proved the evidence, and therefore its soundness, while at the same time mentioning several times that the original investigation wasn't sound and missed an unexplained compound that she suggests was poison. Once again Monika offers us something with childish indifference to all the visible conflicts surrounding it. She points at contrived accusations of Bannister offering confusing conflicts while ignoring her own book-load of the same. This book is truly epic in its representation of one of the worst public attempts to get away with gross mistruth and deliberate prevarication concerning a serious event in history. For that reason alone Inner World has significant value as an embodiment of eccentric scandal. Monika condemns herself with this book.

Her last words try to align herself with those lamenting the fact the media won't print the real truth about Jimi Hendrix. Only she does it in a way that forgets to mention the fact she didn't tell the truth about the way Jimi died. I'm right with Monika on this and agree with her 100% - there's just the small matter of Jimi being murdered by waterboarding and Monika not mentioning it. Monika knows this which is why she tries to side step it with the greater issue, which, by the way, also includes the media not telling the true story about Monika's involvement either.

Monika really lets loose with the sugar syrup by saying to resolve this horrible situation we should all lift the veil on Jimi and try to understand his real self and life. When Monika gets to the tough stuff she tends to really let the cotton candy fly. She advises the reader to escape into Jimi's music and lyrics to immerse themselves in the real Jimi and his meaning and this will help alleviate the problems she's pointed-out. The sad thing is this is obviously what Monika did for the 25 years following Jimi's murder. And what is even sadder is it is the exact thing some of Jimi's so-called "fans" are doing when confronted by the murder evidence. They literally say to those trying to expose Jimi's murder that they should just listen to Jimi's music and relax. I can't think of anything stupider.

So while all the things Monika says about seeking the real Jimi in his message are actually true, and actually did originate from Hendrix himself as personally told to Monika, for it to then be used as fodder to cover a very wicked and sinister witnessing to Jimi's murder is an insult to normal definitions of moral understanding and grinds against every call Monika makes to respecting Jimi and his life.

In summation, what we have with Monika's book The Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix is an attempt to use access Monika had to Jimi's inner-most self, as directly explained by Jimi, to bridge-over a very damning scandal and murder. The tragedy of Inner World is that it possesses some of the best information on Jimi's inner philosophical self ever published, however it never manages to escape the horrible fact the witness translating this magical knowledge is the same person who withheld the real truth about how Jimi died. In effect Monika becomes a tragic figure herself who ultimately ends-up a 25 year-delayed victim of Jimi's murder.

I could go much further into the circumstantial, criminal, and medical forensic evidence which condemns Monika's statements, however it is best dealt with in a separate effort and away from a criticism of Monika's book. Once you understand the full evidence for Jimi's murder it only serves to make Monika's effort to defend her story even more preposterous. Sad to say, Monika spent the rest of her life trying to live up to the spiritual dedication Jimi had spoken to her of. She manifested this in the form of some highly artistic paintings of Jimi based on the canvas interpretations Jimi had tasked her with. I can't assume to know how much of Monika's drive was based on real dedication and how much was due to her trying to compensate for her role in concealing Jimi's murder. But one thing is for sure, Monika did manage to capture her attempt to avoid the evidence in Inner World and even ended-up dying because of it. It's a shame Jimi's most private personal beliefs had to arrive in such a scandalous form. In the end, it is the "Inner World" of Monika Dannemann that is the book that has yet to be written, and the book that will reveal the most...


Albert Doyle
04-08-2011, 09:00 PM
I think psy-ops is busy again. This time they are trying to say the "27 Club" of famous rock stars who died when they were 27 is a sign they signed a contract with the devil. This smells of psy-ops trying to divert attention from their murder of Hendrix:



Albert Doyle
05-29-2011, 05:58 PM
There's been some serious movement on the Hendrix case. As part of Glebbeek's murder denial efforts he has gotten Jeffery office manager Bob Levine to say all the murder theories are nonsense and Tappy Wright admitted he lied about his witnessing in order to sell his book.

My familiarity with the Kennedy case allowed me to see typical evidence denial dirty tactics in Levine's retraction. This is best seen in the recent article linked below. Pay attention to my responses in the comments section of the article and the lack of any other comments challenging them:



Albert Doyle
08-05-2011, 04:28 PM
I've had about 5 hours of conversation with a deep Hendrix source in the last 2 days. Probably the best source on the subject. I learned more than I probably want to know and felt sick after the revelations. The waters got much muddier on this than I ever expected.

What is strange is I've discovered one of the doctors at the emergency room where Hendrix was received is telling insider sources in interviews that Jimi was alive when they received him and might have been saved. I then watched a BBC documentary on Hendrix from 2000 where that same doctor looks into the camera and says there was no chance to save Jimi and that he was sure when they received him he was dead. This is one of the most bizarre cases I've ever seen. Every single main witness is on record making crazy-diametrically opposite statements about what they witnessed at the death scene. I found that the JFK investigation has helped me sort-out varying categories of potential disinformation and I've come across some new information that is either earth-changing or deliberate disinfo.

European Hendrix guru Caesar Glebbeek is now taking orders for his UniVibes magazine special edition where he is "Going to debunk the murder nonsense once and for all". I've seen previews and he is taking a radical track with alleged new insider information. I personally think he is naive and doesn't realize he is being fed false information - most likely from government intelligence sources or witnesses seeking to avoid incrimination. What he is doing is skimming all the information that favors his spin from those diametrically-opposing statements and omitting all that which conflicts with it. DiEugenio would have a field day with Caesar.

This is really heating up.

I have work to do because I now need to destroy Caesar's efforts - which shouldn't be too difficult from the preview tidbits I've seen. It's almost childish in its investigative techniques and claims. What Caesar is doing is the Hendrix world equivalent of endorsing the Warren Commission.

Albert Doyle
08-08-2011, 04:50 PM
There's some tectonic movement happening in the Hendrix case right now as per my previous post. Mr Glebbeek has gone and gotten statements from some of the main witnesses who are now reversing their previous positions and claiming Hendrix was alive when the ambulance men came and that he arrived at the hospital alive. I can prove that isn't true from both the forensic evidence and previous witness statements - as well as the pattern of lies that is now clear as the attempt to cover-up the truth that they are. These hard reversals are a sure red-flag.

This is really heating up. Thanks to my experience from reading JFK research I'm familiar with lies that appear from government intimidation and damage control. I'm certain that's what we're seeing here, which only indicates, like the Kennedy Assassination, that the authorities are now getting desperate - which means there's something really dangerous they're trying to hide.

I can't share the details right now because we are playing moves where we have to hide our cards, but Mr Glebbeek will force the issue when his material becomes public in September. He's done a bad thing and he's trying to take advantage of these new lies to spin an apology of the official story. We think we've discovered something incredible that cracks the case that, ironically, was used by Mr Glebbeek to try to prove the opposite. He doesn't realize in his effort to disprove the murder he gave us a piece of the puzzle he didn't realize the true interpretation of. We've discovered things that are similar to the (true) witnessings at the Texas theater.

Albert Doyle
08-17-2011, 04:50 PM
I just discovered that Philip Harvey, the son of a British Member of Parliament, committed suicide in 1997. I hadn't known that. He did what Monika Dannemann did and hooked-up a hose to his psychedelic 60's van and gassed himself.

This is very interesting because Harvey was a critical witness to an untold story the night Jimi died. He didn't come out with his tale until his MP father died in order to avoid scandal. Harvey told Hendrix researchers that Jimi and Monika had come for tea to his Notting Hill townhouse where he was living with two young women. Apparently this was scandalous so Harvey kept his account to himself for decades. Harvey described an hysterical outburst by Monika when Jimi paid too much attention to one of the pretty young ladies.

The reason this is interesting is because the Hendrix case had come to a state of contention when authors David Henderson and Tony Brown printed Harvey's story in their books right around 1997. What caused Harvey to take the same route out of life Monika did is something that deserves investigation at the very least. As it turns out Caesar Glebbeek alleges he has found new witnesses who challenge Harvey's story and say they saw Jimi and Monika leave 3 hours earlier than Harvey's sworn affidavit of 10:40pm. If this disagreement in the witnessing had anything to do with Harvey's death it is something we need to find out. At the very least Glebbeek's new claims will spur an intense look into the new evidence and what it tells. The timing of Harvey's death with the revelation of his witnessing in those books is something that needs looking into.

Curious that Monika covered-up the visit to Harvey's in her official accounts to the British Inquest. Was it because of Harvey's noble blood or was it because Monika's hysterical outbursts potentially exposed her involvement in Jimi's death? Curious both Harvey and Monika gassed themselves in their cars when the evidence was finally coming out.

Another curious matter associated with this tea at Harvey's:



Albert Doyle
09-15-2011, 06:19 PM
The second assassination of Jimi Hendrix is currently underway. I suggest those interested in a prime case of dirty deep politics read the link I'll provide to see a very dirty disinformation campaign has commenced in order to muddy the waters and confuse the evidence behind Jimi Hendrix's murder.

Hendrix archivist and magazine publisher Caesar Glebbeek has done a very dastardly thing and released a publication of his UniVibes Magazine with a new 'investigation' designed to "debunk the murder nonsense". The publication is a farce as are Caesar's laughable investigation methods. You'll see the bare face of the Unspeakable standing right out in daylight at this very moment. This is literally a crime (the best stuff is in the last pages). Caesar is now the Vince Bugliosi of the Hendrix world:



Albert Doyle
09-16-2011, 05:44 PM
I'd like show a good example of the current murder that is occurring in this matter. The only Hendrix website on the internet is called "Crosstown Torrents". The moderator is a brit with a clear national bias against murder evidence for Jimi Hendrix. Here is what he wrote in the thread discussing Caesar Glebbeek's bogus attempt to disprove the murder:

Until We Meet Again. Caesar Glebbeek 2011

OK, I have to admit I have yet to read the entire publication and that when I do it’ll take some time to digest and more importantly cross reference some details.
So here are a few thoughts from reading “end results”.
Is it worth the cost? No, well at least not for me ‘cause it simply confirms what I already “know”, reaches the same conclusion(s) I had formed over the intervening years since James Marshal Hendrix died. Died, as in “NOT MURDERED”.
It appears that we could have had more detail in the publication, as in facsimile of certain documents. That is a major downside to this publication.
Some statements would have been better supported. As an example, C.G states that no insurance payment was made to MJ in his life time. This sort of statement requires clear support. When we have unsupported statements we result in the “you can’t believe everything you see and hear, can you” scenario.
Given the EVIDENCE we have / they had at the time, then the coroner could have only have arrived at one of two outcomes, accidental death or open verdict. We are aware of the one attained.
Now, I do feel we will continue to have different OPINIONS here of the publication and of Jimi’s death. But if you have no firm EVIDENCE to offer I see no reason to continue the debate, attempting to force any individual opinion on others is futile, no matter who loud you shout.
Finally, do you need to read this publication, is it essential reading? Well yes on both counts. Even when I’m critical of lack of supported statements, I have to say that at least Caesar has worked hard and in an objective manner, to produce this publication, a lot more than any of the rest of us has done.
Looking forward to hear what the rest of you think of the publication and how you feel of the “end result”, but as a continued debate of if’s, but’s and maybe’s along with blame and who should have done what, when and where I do feel this issue has run its race.

Just a final comment. If anyone here feels the need to question the contents of the publication then please do but not on the basis that you believe other publication you have read. That is both unfair and unsound of reasoning.

My Reply (that will soon be deleted by that same moderator):

I have to say up front that moderation that seeks to preclude discussion as a sort of decreed edict is contrary to all known forms of free speech. The imposition of completely unnecessary subject control stands out and grinds against the obvious. I say that persons who haven't answered any of the criticisms to show there's serious argued reasons to see the murder evidence has not been overturned by Caesar's input, who then admit they haven't read or answered any of the factual arguments, who then turn around and call for a pre-emptive shutdown of the thread, are persons who are not sincerely addressing the real facts of this matter or open discussion of it. I think it is kind of obvious that these people guard their opinions with forced shutdown of the topic and cite site rules violations that don't exist and aren't being violated. It makes no sense to me to have a Conspiracy Theory branch that is so strictly guarded, not for site rules reasons, but political ones being posed as violation. To force a decision that one side has been satisfied before even giving the other side a chance to speak is rogue censorship. The goal here is clearly not being able to address all the facts of this case but to reach the conclusion of some people with the intention of shutting down the topic as soon as possible where no real need to do that actually exists. There's no doubt whatsoever that an opinion is being forced here under the guise of site authority. That goes for the general Hendrix Community as well. This is evidenced by the fact that some very real and genuine counter arguments already presented in this thread could not be answered by those claiming to prove the non-murder position. Discussing the facts of this case and the flaws in people's arguments is not a violation or any wrongdoing that needs to be controlled. That's silly and grinds against the most commonly-accepted forms of free speech and normal internet discussion. Some try to force this into the right of opinion, but all known forms of civilized conduct recognize that facts and reason come before right to opinion. Anyone can see that a certain camp is avoiding facts and provable arguments they don't prefer. To call this 'right to opinion' is not honest in my OPINION. But, more importantly, in reality's opinion. It's all too predictable that those who don't believe in the murder would see right away that Caesar's publication trying to disprove the murder has failed to do so badly. And if you look at the level of scrutiny these people normally impose on the evidence around Jimi's death they hold back and don't apply it to Caesar's mess here. That to me is not honest which means the overall opinion about the subject itself is not based on honest reasoning. It's all too predictable that an early call for shutting down of the topic would come from this camp and citing site rules as a reason is totally dishonest in my opinion. It's all too clear that these people know they've suffered a bad set-back as far as their position and are seeking to avoid that by shutting down the thread before the discussion has even started.

Just a final comment. If anyone here feels the need to question the contents of the publication then please do but not on the basis that you believe other publication you have read. That is both unfair and unsound of reasoning.

Again, this is incredible and most people would see this kind of intrusion into basic free speech to make a rational argument as ridiculous. It is only tolerated because of the overt bias of those who want to hamstring those with good arguments and evidence for the murder. To say it is "unsound reasoning" is preposterous. Actually using all the references you can to prove something is accepted as good and sound research and reasoning out in the normal world. I would think Hendrix fans would want people to find-out exactly what happened to Jimi and fight for justice for him using all possible resources. Again, I think some people are convincing themselves their unfair restriction of normal free speech is somehow justified, or serves a good purpose, when it is really just them making-up excuses to not hear what they don't want to hear. That's ridiculous and it should never happen on a Jimi Hendrix website. If you look at the content of what has been written here no great violations have occurred that merit this kind of invasive overcontrol of normal discussion. It think deletions and punishments have occurred under false pretenses that were not deserved. The continuation of this subject is no offense and doesn't violate any site rules. I don't think the restrictors detect that it's rather preposterous to have a Conspiracy Theory branch where ever time you try to discuss the murder evidence it gets quickly shut down at first excuse. It can honestly be said that this is being used to prevent the murder evidence from being made obvious. I think it is very clear that this is being justified by an ambiguous, arbitrary claim that everyone has a right to their opinion. But that can only be true if those who present the murder evidence are also allowed their opinion. In my mind this right to opinion is being used to shut down better arguments for the murder. It's being used as an excuse. The outcome is that people who can present good arguments for the murder are not being allowed their right and opinion to fully prove the case. In the normal world toleration of difficult discussion in order to establish facts trumps those who dislike it and the decision usually errs in favor of airing facts and arguing truths. It's the whole basis of free speech. To serve exclusion of factual argument in favor of non-specific reasons that can only limit the information needed to understand this matter, before allowing the actual subject matter to be discussed, is really a violation of all accepted forms of civilized conduct and should be what is precluded here. It's clear to me the other side realizes it's done badly by this publication and needs to get-out quickly. That's intellectual and moral cowardice in my opinion, and is just as dishonest as it is unfair. In the end this all comes at the expense of Jimi Hendrix, which is, really, it's worst offense. The moderator is not the site's dictator, and never should be. Especially one with such an obvious bias on the subject, which is, in itself, a violation of most understood moderator neutrality ethics.

Jimi was murdered, I assure you. For some reason most Hendrix fans don't want to hear that - or, more importantly, the evidence that proves it. Shame.

Greg Burnham
09-26-2011, 03:55 PM
Reading Dragoo above gave me a rush, a contact high.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Those_Were_the_Days_(song)

Me too. Anybody else wanna hit?

Albert Doyle
09-26-2011, 07:03 PM
Reading Dragoo above gave me a rush, a contact high.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Those_Were_the_Days_(song)

Me too. Anybody else wanna hit?

I wish people would take this topic seriously. This is a serious, deep murder scandal equal to that of the notorious assassinations this website specializes in. I'm not trying to be humorless, but this is a serious case that hasn't received serious attention from the people it deserves. We've developed a serious body of evidence to prove Jimi Hendrix was murdered, and most likely for political reasons. To make a joke out of it is only to serve those who have managed to prevent its exposure and their agenda.

Greg Burnham
09-26-2011, 08:10 PM
Reading Dragoo above gave me a rush, a contact high.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Those_Were_the_Days_(song)

Me too. Anybody else wanna hit?

I wish people would take this topic seriously. This is a serious, deep murder scandal equal to that of the notorious assassinations this website specializes in. I'm not trying to be humorless, but this is a serious case that hasn't received serious attention from the people it deserves. We've developed a serious body of evidence to prove Jimi Hendrix was murdered, and most likely for political reasons. To make a joke out of it is only to serve those who have managed to prevent its exposure and their agenda.


Although there was intentional humor in my post, it was minimal, and it was not meant to diminish your point. Quite the contrary. I found Phil's post intoxicatingly insightful and I highly recommend it to others.

Peter Lemkin
10-02-2011, 10:13 AM
It is my belief that JH was assassinated for his anti-establishment version of the Star Spangled Banner [ (http://clanfaw.free.fr/04.mp3)coupled with his popularity].......which to the 'mentality' of those who assassinated him, was beyond the pale.....

....it also was to demoralize the growing Movement against the Establishment, at the time, by decimating all of their heroes and icons - one by one. And it was done. Quite effectively, one must hand it to 'them'. :darthvader:

Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:01 PM
For those of you who don't know, Caesar Glebbeek, a major European Hendrix archivist and source, and owner of Hendrix-based UniVibes Magazine, has put out a publication claiming to have "debunked the murder nonsense once and for all". The magazine-like publication entitled 'Until We Meet Again' was released this September and claims to be a thorough inside investigation of the murder claims, with the intention of disproving the claim that Jimi was murdered. Never in my life have I ever seen such a pitiful and wickedly-dishonest attempt at spinning facts and distorting evidence. For this to have come from someone who claims to be a major Hendrix source and relator of accurate Hendrix history to the public is an outrage and qualifies at the Judas level for wicked betrayal. What Caesar has done here is unbelievably indescribable. He's gone and twisted facts and distorted context, as well as deliberately omitting key qualifying information. His overlying premise is trying to justify Monika Dannemann and her original story given to the British Inquest. This story is well-known amongst all credible sources to be a complete fabrication and cover-up of the true facts, yet Caesar Glebbeek has the unbelievable nerve to dare defend this account and promote it as true thus proving the falseness of the murder claims. I can't conceive of a more evil betrayal, short of the biblical level, for someone who pretends to be a Hendrix source. This is notorious and deserves to be exposed. May Caesar Glebbeek be shown as the scoundrel he is and betrayer of the subject of his ambitions.

Caesar has been a valid documentor of Hendrix history throughout his Hendrix career. Because of this he is in possession of diary-like facts and information surrounding Jimi Hendrix. He begins 'Until We Meet Again' with a chronology starting at September 1st 1970. The reason he does that is because he's trying to qualify his murder theory arguments with his knowledge of day to day Hendrix history. By doing this he thinks his murder theory arguments will gain credibility. However there's something much more sinister going on in Caesar's opening pages. What he's really trying to do is document the breakdown of Jimi and his professional performance during those last few weeks. What Caesar is trying to do is paint a picture, like a prosecutor, of Jimi's breakdown and reckless drug use during his final days. And he's doing it in defense of Monika Dannemann and her notorious lies. Caesar accesses his archives of media interviews and personal accounts to fill in this depreciating chronology of sinister intent.

On page 6 Caesar finally gets around to some significant evidence. He tells of Billy Cox, Hendrix's bass player, being unknowingly dosed with LSD after the Gothenburg concert. Now it was known that Jimi was dosed with bad acid at the Madison Square Garden anti-Viet Nam War concert, and that Jimi's notorious manager Michael Jeffery was known to use dirty tactics to break-up Hendrix's attempts to form new bands, however, knowing this, and seeing how it directly relates to what happened to Cox, Caesar ignores all these incriminating factors and simply remarks that this wasn't the first time Cox had experienced hallucinogens as was commonly believed. And this is supposed to be a person having the last word on the murder theories. Knowing what we know about Jeffery, no person suggesting an end-all investigation would ever ignore this circumstance - yet there you have Caesar doing it and pretending he still has one speck's worth of credibility. For all we know that bad acid was intended for Jimi. Or maybe it was just Jeffery doing his usual dirty tactics again to get Noel Redding back in the band where he could return to his money-making arrangement in the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Caesar pretends not to notice that this dirty business of bad acid mickey's perfectly conforms to the pattern of foul play that led directly to Jimi's murder. He pretends it doesn't exist.

On page 7 Caesar offers an interview Jimi gave in Denmark as an example of his increasingly spacey condition that signifies a loss of personal control. Jimi's talking about not living to 28, and not being able to offer anything musically, and therefore not needing to be on the planet, as well as needing a wife, are all posed in a way to make it look like Jimi was losing control and understandably ended-up dead at the Samarkand Hotel weeks later. Nowhere does Caesar bother to give honest context that Jimi was showing extreme stress and talking in ultimate terms because he was worried about his dangerous manager and what he might do to him. Caesar never bothers to even mention it, even though there's serious evidence behind it. And this is from an author who dares pose himself as offering the final comprehensive "investigation". Never does Caesar give any intelligent thought to the possibility that Jimi's blown concert the next night at Arhus may have been due to his also receiving the same bad dose as Billy Cox. Or maybe cracking under the stress of the knowledge of its intention.

On page 13 Caesar has the incredible ignorance to highlight a special comment box quoting Kirsten Nefer as saying Jimi stalled for over a half-hour before coming on stage in Copenhagen because he thought he might be shot. Nefer also quotes Jimi as asking people whether they thought he would live to be 28? Caesar, in his profound arrogance to prove Monika right, takes pure evidence that Jimi had foreknowledge of threats against his life and twists them against Jimi himself as evidence of Jimi's mental instability, and, therefore, proof of the cause of his ultimate demise at the Samarkand. Nowhere does Caesar even briefly stop to consider that these outward signs of Jimi expressing knowledge of a direct threat to his life are pure evidence of the real reason for his death weeks later.


Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:04 PM
On pages 14 and 15 Caesar illustrates how the whole general scene around Jimi was becoming stormy like a maelstrom. Even the weather at the Isle of Fehmarn was acting in accordance. Billy, being in a paranoid state from being dosed, was picking-up this overhanging vibe more than the others and translating it into a direct sense of doom. Never once, however, does Caesar ever bother to consider that this sense of dread and apathy in both Billy and Jimi was at least partly attributable to Jimi's dilemma with Jeffery, if not directly. On page 15 Jimi is quoted as saying it was no fun anymore and he no longer wanted to play. Now those who know Jimi Hendrix would realize it would take a lot for Jimi to say such a thing, since playing guitar was all Jimi lived for. Never once does Caesar ever bother to consider that Jeffery's pressure on Jimi might have been the force behind this extreme comment.

On page 16 Jimi once again repeats to Karen Davis his intention to quit playing guitar. Again, anyone who knows Hendrix knows this wouldn't have lasted too long, so what was driving Jimi towards these radical moves? Could it have been the death of Alan Wilson combined with news of the death of one of Steingarten's clients in Vanilla Fudge, along with Billy's being personally sabotaged? This never seems to dawn on Caesar who doesn't even give it any consideration - even though it perfectly explains Jimi's actions.

On page 17 Caesar quotes Kirsten Nefer as saying Billy flew home on the 9th of September. There's question over the accuracy of this because David Henderson writes that Jimi was falsely telling people he sent Billy home in order to prevent him from being committed. Caesar should know that, but he deliberately doesn't share this detail with his readers because he's trying to cover-up information that works against Monika. Caesar is simply a dishonest person who has such contempt for his readers that he charges US$45 for the privilege of being lied to. What Caesar doesn't share with his readers is the fact Kirsten was given the cover-story about sending Billy home and repeated it without realizing it was a ruse. The reason Caesar does this is because Billy was being tended by Jeffery office members who were in contact with both Jimi and Monika. This destroys Monika's story so Caesar aids and abets her perjury by promoting this false claim.

Also on page 17 is evidence that once Jimi was pulled-out from under the dark cloud of Jeffery's persecution he snapped right back to happy, frolicking and jumping in the street. Kirsten and Karen had taken him to an Italian movie where his attention was diverted from Jeffery's terror. So Caesar's attempt to portray Jimi in the grips of fatal depression is undone right there. Clearly Jimi snapped-back when he was removed from thoughts of Jeffery.

Next, Alan Douglas tells of a meeting with Jimi on the night of Monday the 14th at Danny Secunda's house. This is important because Douglas relates in no uncertain terms that Jimi instructed him to prepare for the firing of Michael Jeffery. There's question over which night this occurred. Tony Brown has it happening on Monday night, but David Henderson has it happening on Wednesday night, with Douglas being taken to Heathrow by Jimi in a cab on Thursday morning. Secunda, the host, was quoted as saying it happened on Wednesday night. This is important because other sources tell me Alan Douglas was at the Kameron party on Thursday night and was using this story as an alibi to remove himself from his being there and what it entailed. The reason this pattern of alibis is important to note is because the timing of Jimi firing Jeffery, and Jeffery reacting by murdering Jimi, is important to get right. The closer Alan Douglas' mission to fire Jeffery occurs to Jimi's death the more likely it was directly related. Again, Caesar acts like a blind man in reaction to this and pretends it doesn't exist. It's in Caesar's interest to push these Monika-defending versions, however they do very little for either Jimi or the truth.

Caesar claims Jimi "moved-in" with Monika at the Samarkand Hotel on the 15th. The degree to which Jimi actually did that is debatable depending on how much you want to honor different people's versions and their agendas. There's no doubt Jimi kept his official address at the Cumberland Hotel along with his belongings. Jimi was known to have shown up at Ronnie Scott's that evening to try to stand-in with Eric Burdon and War, however he was said to have been too incapacitated by some undetermined cause to play and was rejected. Both Monika and Caesar avoid this information in their accounts of that incident.

Page 19: Caesar fails to account how Monika arranged the Samarkand Hotel. Monika was from Germany and unfamiliar with London. Seeing how the Samarkand was only 2 blocks from Jeffery employee and Hendrix stage manager Gerry Stickells' flat, it would make sense that she went to Jeffery's office to arrange some accommodations and that Stickells could have possibly recommended the nearby Samarkand Hotel. Stickells tried to distance himself from knowledge of the Samarkand at the Inquest. However we'll show later why that isn't very believable. Sources say Monika paid for the Samarkand herself. If we look at Jimi's habits he never would have allowed any woman he seriously considered to be his fiancee to pay for her own hotel. Monika wrote in her book The Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix that she found the Samarkand in a newspaper advertisement section. Caesar's oversimplifying of the Samarkand and its history allows him to avoid addressing its real history and who knew what about it. There's so many lies and conflicts in this work that there's almost too many to mention, however Monika's claim that Jimi called Mitch Mitchell from the Cumberland to give him her phone number at the Samarkand is refuted by Mitch himself who commented the only number he had was the one for the Cumberland. Caesar, of course, never mentions this quote.

Caesar commits yet another gross historical inaccuracy by quoting Chas as saying Jimi called him on Wednesday night to discuss Chas' producing Jimi's records again. Caesar should know that Chas' original claim was that Jimi showed-up at his door unannounced and spent the evening at Chas' flat discussing this move. This is more likely to be true because Jimi couldn't get Chas' phone number so he went right to the flat he used to share with Chas because he knew its location. Seeing how desperate Jimi was to make these moves against Jeffery this version makes more sense - not to mention it was Chas' own original account. Not only that but Chas was on record as saying this meeting was something that actually happened back in March. Chas was obviously making an excuse to deny the meeting because he was obviously aware it had something to do with Jimi's death. It's not very believable that someone would confuse such an important meeting only two days before Jimi died. Caesar gets around all this by simply impugning Chandler as a known story teller and "embellisher". Caesar isn't honest.

While Caesar focuses on misleading his readers with trivialities, he misses something very important. He displays a photograph, taken at the Samarkand, of Alvenia Bridges posing in front of Monika's blue Opal sports car. Well this is interesting, because nowhere in the official timeline is there any known place for Alvenia to have associated with Monika that way. Caesar has the absolutely blind credulous stupidity to not realize he has presented seriously incriminating evidence in photographic form that works directly against his case. From Alvenia's expression she appears to be very flustered and happy. Is this an expression caused by her reaction to Jimi Hendrix taking her photo? If so, there's no accounting for this meeting in any of Monika's official claims, and this photograph serves as direct proof of her lies. Yet Caesar has the incredible fatuousness to not even realize it. And this is from a person who has the abject nerve to present himself as having the last word and final investigation on the matter.


Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:09 PM
Page 20:

Caesar starts off with publicist Kenny Schaffer saying Jimi couldn't hold a grudge against Mike Jeffery and couldn't fight back. First, what Schaffer is doing here is accenting the fact Jeffery was violating Jimi. Jimi actually was fighting back and was holding back from performing for Jeffery by breaking-up the Experience against Jeffery's wishes, and by retreating to the Catskills and forming new bands. In the next quote he has Secunda telling the truth that Jimi was very worried about Michael Jeffery, however Caesar uses this opportunity to insert his own context box into Secunda's words indicating Douglas had left London Tuesday. Secunda never said that. Caesar knowingly inserts this context box because he knows Secunda knows the real time Douglas left London. Caesar is a criminal liar deceiving his readers.

Tony Brown interviewed Judy Wong about the birthday party for her at Elvaston Place on Wednesday the 16th. Wong said Jimi and Monika left early in the afternoon. Monika claimed in Inner World that she and Jimi left Judy Wong's and went right to Ronnie Scott's. Why Monika lied about this should be investigated because it probably covers-up some kind of event or knowledge she doesn't want people to know. Did Jimi and Monika go back to the Samarkand after Judy Wong's party and meet people she didn't want to tell about? As usual, Caesar accepts Monika's story unquestioningly and doesn't bother to recognize any other conflicting stories.

As a side note it is claimed Devon showed-up in London because she saw news articles about Jimi's claimed engagement to Kirsten Nefer. However, it should be noted that Devon was an employee of Michael Jeffery paid to keep track of Jimi. Was Devon's trip to London, where Jimi did not want her, sponsored and instigated by Jeffery in response to Jimi's attempts to leave him?

Page 21: September 17th

In his account of Monika and Jimi rushing to the bank before 3 to get cash, Caesar forgets to detail that Monika went to her bank and Jimi went to his. A minor point perhaps, but this sort of displays the relationship Monika had with Jimi. Jimi was foolhardy with money and how he gave it away to friends, so the fact Monika was supplying her own funds sort of bespeaks the nature of their relationship. Important in this account is the confirmation that Monika bought two bottles of wine on this trip.

Next Caesar tells of Kathy Etchingham's detailed account of Jimi meeting her at the Kensington market. Kathy details Jimi's typical behavior of sneaking-up behind her. A description that lends it credibility because this is how Jimi was known to act. However, with all this in mind, Caesar then lists a second account of this incident by quoting a single line from Monika Dannemann, a known pathological liar, denying this meeting ever took place. Caesar then inserts a context remark saying that Monika's version is almost certainly the correct one.

Page 22:

Monika continues her account of Thursday afternoon. Here she tells of a critically important phone call she witnessed Jimi make to his New York lawyer Henry Steingarten where he instructed Steingarten to fire Michael Jeffery once and for all. Jimi then confirmed his intentions by following-up with a call to his New York studio engineer Eddie Kramer asking him to bring all his studio tapes over to England. There's no doubt from the multiple statements from multiple witnesses on page 22 that Jimi was intending to fire Jeffery and was in the process of doing so.

Also on this page is the description of the infamous mysterious party Jimi went to with Monika after accidentally bumping in to its host in another car in a crowded traffic circle. The host was the son of a British member of Parliament Philip Harvey. Mr Harvey and his two teenage girl friends asked Jimi over for tea while stuck next to Monika's car in the traffic circle. Jimi agreed and they all eventually ended-up back at Harvey's townhouse for a small party. This story didn't come out until 1995 when Harvey's MP father died and he thought it was no longer a scandal to him.

Page 23:

Here's where Caesar really goes over the top and beyond the pale. Caesar again bifurcates this event by offering Philip Harvey's version, then Monika's. Harvey's true account tells of Jimi, Monika, Anne Day, Penny Ravenhill, and himself all smoking grass and drinking wine. After a few hours Monika stormed-out of the room because Jimi was paying too much attention to the pretty young ladies. Harvey thought the wine Monika was drinking may have contributed. Harvey's account is important because it tells of Monika having a screaming hysterical fit over this incident outside on the street. It also relates that Jimi and Monika left at 10:40pm after Monika could not be calmed-down. Monika's version is that they left Harvey's about 7:30 and returned to the Samarkand. Of course Caesar calls everyone else a liar and tries to validate Monika's version. Never once does he consider that Monika created this false version in order to cover-up her screaming fit with Jimi or how it conflicted with the fairy tale romance she was trying to depict. Caesar then commits a brutal twist of reality by claiming Monika's claim that Mitch never spoke to Jimi at the Samarkand was 'incorrect'. Forget the fact Caesar forgets to mention Mitch's own admission that he never spoke to Jimi at the Samarkand. The truth stands squarely on its head in Caesar's three ring circus - with Caesar as the ringmaster. Caesar outright lies by suggesting Gerry Stickells spoke to Jimi at the Samarkand after they returned from Harvey's. He a flagrant misquoter and rather sloppy context-distorter. Caesar seems to think he's getting away with not explaining how Mitch could talk to Jimi at 7pm when even his own accounts make that impossible according to his own timeline. As usual Caesar deals with these insurmountable conflicts by ignoring them and hoping he'll get away with it at his own word.

And here's where we get to the ultimate outrage concerning this event. Caesar claims he found a resident of Harvey's lane named 'Eliza'. She claims that Monika blocked her driveway when she parked for Harvey's party. Eliza allegedly claimed that she knocked on Harvey's door to unblock her driveway and that Jimi and Monika came out and drove away at 7:30. Caesar then claims this proves Monika's 8pm return time to the Samarkand and disproves Harvey's account. There's one problem with this, Penny Ravenhill, one of the girls at the party, was quoted as saying she strictly remembers it was dark - and dark for a while - when Jimi and Monika left. At 7:30 on the night of September 17th it is still light in London. Not only that but Ravenhill also remembered the screaming fit which could only have occurred from 10pm to 10:40. Caesar pretends Penny doesn't exist and in doing so destroys his own credibility. What a fool!

Page 24:

Caesar attempts to show that Jimi's dislike of red wine proves the claimed 3 bottles of wine consumed at Harvey's wasn't true. This is silly because 1) Harvey never said Jimi drank that much. He actually said Monika took more interest in the wine than the cannabis, and 2) Caesar, once again, arrogantly fails to realize 3 bottles of wine actually connotes the likelihood of the claimed 5 hour time period for the party rather than refutes it. Once again, Caesar takes evidence showing the opposite and ridiculously tries to interpret it in his favor.

To further this offense Caesar then quotes Monika's infamous lies about that night to reinforce his depiction. Anybody who quotes Monika directly in this event has pretty much destroyed their own credibility by that alone. Most researchers of this event agree Monika lied about the time periods involved with Harvey's party because she didn't want to admit she and Jimi had a row. And there you have Caesar Glebbeek trying to honor Monika's known lies despite all this.

Page 25:

Caesar's mad adventure into prevarication continues by quoting Monika's claimed time of Jimi's arrival at Kameron's party as being about 1:30am. Many dispute this and think Monika dropped Jimi right off at Kameron's after their fight at Harvey's. In order to justify Monika's lies Caesar is forced to split the accounts of that night into many different versions. He quotes Stella Douglas as saying they had ordered Thai take-out just as Monika returned and started buzzing on the intercom. Well, Tony Brown says there were no oriental take-outs open at 1am in London in 1970. Since Monika returned at least a half-hour after dropping Jimi off that means the times involved had to suggest Monika dropped Jimi at Kameron's shortly after leaving Harvey's. Caesar never bothers to inform people of Brown's discovery. Nor does Caesar ever stop to consider that Jimi's putting Monika (his alleged fiancee) off at Kameron's was exactly because of the tantrum she threw at Harvey's. Caesar is in denial of all this so he's forced to ignore it in public. Another possibility is that Jimi did return to the Samarkand for a short period where he encountered Terry Slater. Slater later slipped and admitted to Earth magazine in December 1970 that he had seen Jimi at the flat on the evening of the 17th and that he was in a bad mood (most likely from Monika's fit). Was Slater sent there by Jeffery to check-up on Jimi's attempt to fire him? Slater never talked about this admission from then on. Again, Monika shows a need to cover-up nasty events between her and Jimi so she denies the confrontation at Kameron's where she was attacked by members of the party. Monika displays a psychopathic tendency here because she is trying to deny an event that was witnessed by dozens. Caesar joins her.

In earlier accounts Monika claimed she made a fish sandwich for Jimi once they arrived back at the Samarkand. Her context was clearly that Jimi ate the sandwich. It was only after Kathy Etchingham came forward to say Jimi hated tunafish and never ate it that Monika was quoted as saying she never actually said Jimi ate it. Here Monika shows a pattern of lies designed to get around her indefensible accounts. Terry Slater was quoted as saying there were no food-making facilities at the flat.

Also on this page Monika claims she took 1 Vesparax sleeping tablet and went to bed at 6am. Vesparax were very strong and 1 tablet (twice the recommended dose of a half tablet) would cause serious sleep in the taker. Jimi was found fully-clothed and dead on top of an unslept-in bed. Monika's claim of being in bed with Jimi doesn't jibe with this evidence. Monika gives another example of key evidence here by saying Jimi wore his crucifix to bed like she had never seen him do before. Nowhere does it ever strike Caesar that this was a sign of Jimi's fear of what Jeffery had threatened to do to him if he ever fired him. I think we all know what psychopathic Monika is indirectly hinting at here. Caesar continues by quoting Monika's long-disproven account of that morning. Again, Caesar courts the bizarre by not realizing his own quoting of several conflicting versions of the cigarette trip, as told by Monika, only accents the fact she's lying. Caesar never bothers to figure out why.


Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:10 PM
Page 26:

By now Caesar is in a full-fledged run with the devil. He utilizes a sleazy tactic of confirming that there was a cigarette shop Monika could have gone to on her claimed cigarette trip. Using this he then tries to parlay it into a confirmation of Monika's 10:20am wake-up time story originally told to the Inquest. This takes real nerve because we have numerous conflicting accounts coming from many of the main witnesses, including Eric Burdon, who admitted Monika called him around dawn (5:45am). We also have Gerry Stickells admitting Terry Slater called him between 8 and 9am. Even after Judy Wong was gotten to and changed her story, she still said Monika called her around 9am. (Monika said she called Wong before Burdon, so that call had to be near 5:40am. Wong lied about the time of this call in order to cover what really happened). Caesar ignores all these conflicts and just focuses on Monika's story, hoping his confirmation of the cigarette shop will carry it.

From there Caesar dutifully reports the calculated lies of Alvenia Bridges and any others who were involved in the cover-up. If you watch 'The Man They Made God' you'll see Eric Burdon admit that Monika called at dawn and Alvenia went right over, yet in 'Until We Meet Again' Caesar presents Alvenia telling us Monika cleaned the flat on her own before the ambulance came. Like both Caesar and Monika, Alvenia manages to erase 5 hours of time by doing this.

At this point Caesar commits another gross criminal act. He lies and says the constable arrived before the ambulance because the ambulance service automatically summons the police upon being called. Caesar gives no reference to this because it's an outright lie. The truth is the ambulance attendants summoned the constable because the flat was empty when they arrived and British law requires them to summon the police when there is no one there to identify the victim. Caesar knows this and is deliberately lying to get around it. I think he's damned himself with this. Caesar knows the original account told by the ambulance attendants who gave the description above. He literally has to lie, just like the object of his efforts Monika, to get around the traps. One constable, Ian Smith, confirmed Monika wasn't there. To get around this Caesar quotes Smith disowning this statement after Scotland Yard approached him. However the original statement was clear and identically matched other original statements confirming it.

To further his own damnation Caesar then prints Monika's pure fabrications about meeting the ambulance attendants as they arrived, hearing from them Jimi would be all right, and then riding with them in the ambulance. All of these are confirmed lies proven by statements taken from all those involved, as well as private remarks from others involved at the time, yet there you have Caesar presenting them as verified and true. What is really creepy is the realization Monika may be repeating the words of the murderers when speaking about how the ambulance men told her Jimi would be all right. Or speaking about witnessing them tipping Jimi's head back and keeping him from breathing.

Page 27:

I believe Caesar could be burning his soul here in public when he goes and fetches new quotes from the ambulance attendants claiming there might have been someone there when they arrived. Now all of a sudden Jimi was alive and had not made the evacuation mess in the ambulance. Also, Reginald Jones allegedly throws in the extra bonus of saying he now vaguely recalls seeing a woman at admissions at the hospital. In one fell swoop Jones has now reversed all the incriminating evidence against Monika and reversed everything he was recorded saying in the original interviews. Caesar is running naked and wild here because he gives absolutely no background context or comment as to the source of these statements. For all we know they could be coming from Dee Mitchell and could be completely invented.

In any case the true context of these statements is that Scotland Yard started going out and interviewing all the main witnesses after Kathy Etchingham got their original statements. Scotland Yard, like FBI, can have a curious effect on witnesses once they come into contact with them. In any case we have no idea what those witnesses were shown to make them disown their comments. Anyone who reads the confident wording used in the original statements would see right away that they couldn't possibly be reversed without serious explanation. In Caesar's indefinite smoke and mirrors job he carefully crafts all input around this and never demands any explanation for the alleged changes in stories he produces. He just hears what he wants to hear any way he can get it and goes with it. In no way whatsoever is this any kind of credible 'investigation'. Caesar is an evil surfer who rides the crest of the wave of deception he creates. If these changed accounts are directly from the attendants then they've been gotten to. There's no way they can get away with these radical changes in story without being made to account for it.

A good example of the credulous nature of this work is ambulance attendant Jones who says "if Monika didn't ride with us in the ambulance how could she have known which hospital we went to?" Well, how about Monika rode in her car to the hospital while following the ambulance? This so called investigation is pathetic and doesn't bother to ask all the other witnesses who spoke about watching the ambulance arrive while standing across the street with Monika (quote: Slater).

Caesar says that if Jimi was dead they would have sealed the flat off and declared it a crime scene. However Caesar purposefully ignores the fact that the original accounts from the witnesses admitted Jimi was black and was therefore carted-off to hospital to save the police paper work. Terry Slater admitted to Kathy Etchingham that Jimi was dead while they cleaned the flat.

Caesar once again has to do damage control for Alvenia's lies. He says her statement to author Jerry Hopkins, that she arrived just as the ambulance pulled-up, was false. He also adds her statement that Monika checked Jimi into the hospital under false name was also false. Well, yes, Caesar is correct here, those statements were false, but only because they were being used to protect Monika's lies. Caesar, once again, has the abject nerve to bend statements in his favor because of his need to cover for Monika's lies. Never once does he detect that he has to do so much correction because the stories were all based on lies. What Caesar does is go out and prune everybody else's statements in order to make them fit Monika's. He's crazy because he's doing this in broad daylight and thinking he's getting away with it right in the face of what is already known. He thinks we don't see him doing it.

Caesar now turns to Doctor Seifert to get him to completely change his story. If you read Dr Seifert's original statements in Tony Brown, and also on BBC's 'The Man They Made God', he's pretty unequivocal that Jimi was dead when they received him and that the monitor was flat. Dr Seifert repeated many times that he worked on Jimi for only a few minutes and then quit because Jimi was obviously dead and he had other patients. This would cover the established times of 11:46am to about 11:49. Caesar now has Dr Seifert quoted as saying there "may have been some breathing involved". This statement is so vague and so obviously reluctant to claim Jimi was actually breathing, that it should be obvious for what it is. Furthermore Dr Seifert now claims he worked on Jimi for ten minutes and then declared him dead. If we go to the known timeline this would now entail Dr Seifert working on Jimi from 12:05 to 12:15 when Jimi was declared dead. Not only does this reverse the previous juncture at which Dr Seifert treated Jimi, but it also puts Dr Seifert right next to Doctor Bannister when he was allegedly suctioning bottles of wine from Hendrix's lungs. Dr Seifert never mentions Dr Bannister or what he was doing in this new account. Also Dr Seifert was previously quoted as saying Dr Bannister continued to treat Jimi after he quit (at 11:49) and that's why he didn't witness what Dr Bannister witnessed. Caesar offers no explanation for this bizarre change of accounts, instead he offers a shameless attack on Dr Bannister and his professional reputation (as if that would compensate for his not being able to explain these radical changes). As far as Caesar quoting Dr Seifert as not detecting any alcohol on Jimi, he should reference his own source, Monika, who admitted to Sharon Lawrence that she washed 'sick' off Jimi's face with wine.

Page 28:

Caesar continues to smear Dr Bannister by indirectly suggesting that the doctor who Monika claims treated Jimi lectured her on interracial couples. Caesar then quotes minor errors by Dr Bannister in accounts of that morning to try to paint him as unreliable and calls his input "inconsistent". This takes real nerve considering he is defending one of the most notorious liars and offerers of completely inconsistent information in Monika. Monika is 'consistent' all right, but only in the sense that she stuck to her lies no matter what.

Caesar then relates Dr Bannister's accurate account of receiving Jimi dead and witnessing unusual amounts of red wine exuding from his mouth and nose. He seizes on Dr Bannister's use of the word "unconscious" to prove Jimi wasn't dead, but little does Caesar realize that unconsciousness also overlaps with the description of dead. Meanwhile the rest of Dr Bannister's statement makes it more than clear Jimi was dead with cyanosed cheek tissue when Dr Bannister received him. Important in this quote from Dr Bannister is his description of suctioning wine from Hendrix.

Ultimately Caesar gives very little direct refutation of Dr Bannister's more than clear evidence for both death and drowning in red wine on page 28. I get the sense that he does this because there's very little he can refute. Instead Caesar deals with this by offering a special highlighted box which describes Dr Bannister's being struck-off the medical register for billing fraud. Intel often attacks witnesses to its crimes by such defamation and character destruction means. I would bet if US doctors were held to the same standard as Dr Bannister more than half would be de-licensed. Was Dr Bannister struck-off because he was a bad doctor or was he struck-off because he witnessed something very dangerous?

Page 29:

Caesar quotes Dr Seifert as saying he and Dr Bannister were called to the Department as soon as Jimi arrived. Well, Jimi arrived at 11:46am. However just a few pages back Caesar quotes Dr Seifert as saying he worked on Hendrix until he declared him dead. Jimi was declared dead at 12:15, as the record shows. Dr Seifert is also quoted as saying he only worked on Jimi for ten minutes. 12:15 minus ten minutes only gets Dr Seifert back to 12:05. It doesn't get him anywhere close to the 11:46 he now claims right next to his other statement, and Caesar doesn't ask him to account.

Jimi was witnessed by the ambulance attendants as being fully-dressed. It's part of the evidence that he was murdered. Here on page 29 Dr Seifert is also quoted as saying Jimi was fully-clothed when he received him. This doesn't work well for Caesar so he inserts a [sic] next to this and corrects Dr Seifert on Jimi's clothing status saying he was actually naked. Caesar gives no source for this claim, he simply pronounces it. The reason he does this is because he knows Jimi's being fully-dressed endangers Monika's claim of being in bed with Jimi.

Finally Caesar fails to notice he quotes Dr Seifert once again coming around to his original statement that he worked on Jimi for only a short time and didn't know what Dr Bannister did. Well, if Dr Seifert's new claim is true then how could he -not- know what Dr Bannister did since he would have been standing right next to him? No, Dr Seifert exposes himself here. This story doesn't match the new one Caesar has come up with.

Caesar once again stupidly tries to exploit semantics by saying Dr Bannister claimed Jimi was both unconscious and dead. Well, for the instant that the receiving doctor doesn't have the equipment to determine the life state of the victim they are medically referred to as "unconscious". This can be reversed when the doctor detects medical evidence that the patient was long dead as Bannister did. Caesar's methodology is fatuous. Its dishonest nature of trying to smear Dr Bannister wherever possible, and twist every conceivable fact against him, is kind of obvious. Caesar is desperately reaching and it isn't working in a bad way.

Next Caesar tries to claim that rigor mortis and lividity are inescapable medical factors that preclude Jimi being long dead as Dr Bannister claimed. This is silly, however, because common medical knowledge tells us rigor can be delayed significantly in various cases. Keep in mind that Jimi was pickled in wine and suffused with muscle-relaxing barbiturate. Perhaps the damp basement flat also had some affect. This alleged irrefutable 'proof' Caesar brings is nothing of the sort. Meanwhile he goes on to tell us the nurses are trained to detect such symptoms when the patient arrives and if Jimi was dead they would have known it. However he forgets that Dr Seifert and Dr Bannister were the ones who received Jimi. This is all silly, however, because the ambulance attendants were clear that Jimi was dead when they encountered him, and Terry Slater admitted Jimi was dead when they cleaned the flat. Caesar's weak equivocations and excuse-making won't get around that reality.

And here is where Caesar makes one of his worst bungling mistakes. He thinks he has the final thrust to end the issue when he references the death certificate that shows Dr Seifert filling-in a box that asks if a medical doctor treated the victim either before or after death. Dr Seifert fills it in by indicating he treated Jimi both "before and after" death. Caesar gets boastful in his perceived victory here and imagined final proof, however he's too stupid to realize that until the patient is legally declared dead he is technically still legally 'alive'. When Dr Seifert indicated on the form that he treated Hendrix both before and after death he was referring to legal death not clinical. This is simply a technicality that is more proof of Caesar's desperation and incompetence than anything else. He should never be allowed to present any kind of opinion about Jimi Hendrix's death to the public.

Caesar's worst blunder is his claim that the red wine didn't exist because it wasn't detected at the autopsy. In another example of Caesar's pure stupidity, he failed to realize the wine could not possibly be found at the autopsy because it had been suctioned-out and disposed of down the drain by Dr Bannister at the hospital 3 days earlier. Instead of seeing what this indicates Caesar once again pulls an outrageous reversal and claims that the negligible blood alcohol content proves there was no wine in the lungs. He states that if the wine existed it would have necessitated a high blood alcohol content. Caesar once again wags the dog with its tail by failing to recognize the obvious, that is, that the low blood alcohol level is serious forensic evidence that the wine was not in Jimi for a long period before he died. And that is the exact forensic pattern of being drowned in wine as is being claimed. But seeing how Caesar insists reality bend to his demands he simply operates by the method that everything he thinks is true and everything else is therefore naturally wrong. Caesar is one of the most outrageous egotistical, lying, arrogant jackasses I've ever seen dare go public. Especially on this kind of serious matter.

Caesar once again quotes Stella Douglas as saying Jimi didn't like red wine. Nowhere does Caesar ever allow that the red wine didn't end-up in Jimi voluntarily. Caesar self-excuses himself from admitting this by simply seeing himself as out to disprove it, however disproving something is no way to conduct any kind of valid 'investigation'. True investigations must look at all evidence objectively.

Finally, the reason Dr Bannister was the main witness to the wine was because he uncorked the hard, dry plug of vomit that the ambulance attendants identified in Jimi's windpipe. Since Dr Seifert's true account had him quit before Dr Bannister removed this plug, this explains why Dr Bannister was the only one to witness the wine. By the time Dr Bannister suctioned it out Dr Seifert had already walked away.

Caesar tries to say the red wine was actually Coca Cola that Monika served Jimi, but we know that there was "bottles worth" witnessed in Jimi's lungs and stomach. Therefore if this was Coke Jimi would have had a remarkable level of caffeine discovered in him at the autopsy. There was none detected. It was wine because we know there were unaccounted-for wine bottles at the Samarkand, and we know Dr Bannister witnessed significant amounts of wine saturating Jimi's hair and the scarf wrapped around his neck - not to mention the smell.

Next, Caesar knows Dr Crompton witnessed serious evidence of Jimi dying earlier than Monika claimed. So he opens his section on Dr Crompton by once again defaming him as an opening move. Caesar lets loose with his own specious delivery of pure conjecture and contrived 'facts' in order to discredit Dr Crompton. He heavily criticizes Dr Crompton on the issue of the wine saying Dr Crompton never even saw the patient and was depending on hearsay. He claims Jimi last drank wine at around midnight so how could anyone smell or witness wine on him 11 hours later at the hospital? However, once again, Caesar fails to consider that Monika admitted washing vomit off Jimi with wine (Monika was really making an excuse for her knowledge that Jimi had been drowned in wine).


Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:12 PM
Page 30:

Caesar fishes quotes on Dr Bannister saying he now backed-off to a position of saying it wasn't possible to determine an exact time of death. 1) This doesn't preclude Dr Crompton's previous statement that Jimi died no later than 5:30am. 2) This is typical of all the witnesses who suddenly became less sure after they had been visited by Scotland Yard. 3) Caesar doesn't realize that Dr Crompton doesn't respond to his inquiry exactly because he's been intimidated and doesn't want to risk speaking what he really feels. Dr Crompton correctly determined that the whole grains of rice Dr Teare witnessed in Jimi's stomach showed, forensically, that Jimi could not have died any later than 5:30am. Dr Crompton was attacked after saying this and accused by Scotland Yard of using "antiquated methods", however nowhere did Scotland Yard ever describe why those methods were antiquated or unsound. Observing undigested grains of rice is both a simple and reliable forensic determiner. Dr Crompton was correct and nothing Scotland Yard or Caesar does changes that. That's why Dr Crompton won't speak, and it's also why he backed-off into that vague position.

If you Google Dr Crompton you'll find he developed a reputation as a talented 'cold case' solver in England. He was called to solve difficult cases that were on the books for years that the normal authorities couldn't figure-out. Because of this he was involved in a recent case where a Serbian man named Petar Sutovic was murdered. Dr Crompton came-up with a determination that Sutovic died from morphine poisoning. However family members said Petar's body showed signs of blunt trauma injury and that he was murdered by an eastern european gang for his body parts to be sold on the black market. Caesar uses this to condemn Dr Crompton as a paid political autopsist. But Caesar never stops to consider that Dr Crompton made this decision 1) in the years after Scotland Yard had corrupted him on the Hendrix case. 2) That this is actually evidence that shows Dr Crompton will veer away from a determination on political grounds (just as he is doing in the Hendrix case). Dr Crompton isn't off with his statement that Jimi died at 5:30am, he's off with his retraction that the exact time couldn't be determined. Once again, Caesar interprets things exactly backwards.

Caesar now plays very dumb by questioning how the attendants got into the flat if Monika wasn't there. First Caesar is showing us what he knows he has a problem with by addressing this issue. He knows this is condemning so he has to get around it. The simple answer is Monika left the door wide-open as the ambulance men testified. Caesar knows this but he tries to confuse us by suggesting the police officer who got there first opened the door. This is an outright lie and shows the desperate non-truth Caesar is willing to resort to to deceive us. Caesar is committing a crime here because any simple investigation will show the ambulance men got there first and then called the police exactly because no one was there. Both Monika and Caesar knowingly depend on Scotland Yard's muddying of the evidence to obstruct this issue. Caesar caps this act of pure deception by quoting Dee Mitchell, a woman who was literally chased from England by the police over her unexplainable wickedly false accusations made to the police about Kathy Etchingham and her family members. This is a pure example of intel defamation and character assassination tactics against a target who is exposing them. Caesar uses this source without explaining to the readers Dee Mitchell's true background and practices. Anyone of any intelligence could see Caesar's quotes were either fabricated by Dee or forced by Scotland Yard.

Caesar tries to capitalize on a quote by Dr Bannister saying Jimi was very tall like a basketball player whose feet were hanging 10 inches over the end of the gurney. He uses this to question Dr Bannister's veracity since Jimi was of moderate height. Anyone who has studied this would know that Dr Bannister did not say that until recent years and that his original 1992 statements never mentioned anything like that. Those statements still stand and Caesar's cheap "Tall Man" canard does nothing to overturn them or what they show. Dr Bannister remembers the right man because there was a huge Inquest and controversy shortly after.

Caesar spends the rest of the page giving quotes to show Monika was actually at the hospital even though some people wonder if she was. This is neither here nor there because it doesn't really have anything to do with the main murder evidence. Caesar conflates it deliberately because he specializes in overblowing minor side issues in order to avoid the main issues. The reason Hendrix authors doubted Monika's hospital stories is because she lied about everything else. How much of her hospital stories is true and how much isn't is hard to determine, however it doesn't really matter because it's outside the main murder evidence. Monika didn't ride in the ambulance. She most likely followed in her car, which is what caused the doubt. It's shameful to see Alvenia Bridges backing these lies.

Page 31:

You can tell the dastardly dishonesty of Caesar Glebbeek when he quotes Gerry Stickells as saying Terry Slater called him and told him there was trouble with Jimi. This story is well-known, but what you'll never see from Caesar's version is that Stickells was quoted for years as saying this call happened between 8 and 9am. Caesar deliberately omits this because these true times will destroy his case. What Caesar is doing here is helping Gerry Stickells avoid admitting they cleaned the flat for hours before calling the ambulance. Even Monika admitted this event, but Caesar is helping do damage control by lying around it.

Caesar bends reality again by trying to change this flat-cleaning event to the afternoon. He does this by selecting misquotes and lies. He quotes Terry Slater as saying they found a small cube of hashish on a table and threw it into the bushes, however one has to realize that the police had already been to the flat earlier. It's unlikely they would have missed this object. What Slater is obviously referring to is a cube of hash they removed prior to the ambulance arriving during their 5 hour morning clean-up.

Caesar once again tries to overstress the emphasis on minor details by spending time describing how Monika and Alvenia threw the dirty bed covers into the garden. He then has the nerve to "correct" Eric Burdon's admission that he was at the clean-up by saying he couldn't have been there because he was at a photo-shoot at the Russell Hotel in the afternoon. This is, once again, Caesar attempting to dictate all quotes and accounts according to his version. Caesar simply pronounces that the clean-up happened in the afternoon so therefore Burdon couldn't have been there. The true reality is that Burdon was at the morning clean-up admitted to by witnesses. Caesar can't allow this so he crazily tries to recreate reality using his usual tricks. I'll leave it to those reading this to determine what kind of person Caesar is, or how he relates to Jimi Hendrix.

Caesar knows he has a problem with Terry Slater's admission in Earth magazine, in December 1970, that he was at the Samarkand earlier that evening on the 17th and that Jimi was in a bad mood. The problem with this is it exposes Monika as a liar and shows she didn't give a true account of who was there. Slater too. Caesar is wholly dishonest here because he attributes this to a misquote by the reporter, however anyone who reads the quote sees right away that Slater is, by no doubt, describing his being at the Samarkand in his own words. Caesar needs to lie and dismiss this quickly because it shows Monika lied and needed to cover-up something that showed the Samarkand was known to many more people than she admitted. If you look at Slater's behavior, he never commented about this admission in the 40 years since. Nice try Caesar.

Caesar then quotes Kathy Etchingham saying Terry Slater said Jimi was lying dead on the bed while they cleaned the flat. Caesar knows this is damning so what he does is take control of reality, once again, and dictate that the clean-up happened in the afternoon so therefore this story can't be true. This is a rather childish method and illustrates Caesar's manic denial and loose grasp on reality shown in print. When Caesar has a real problem with evidence he just lies harder to get around it.

Next, Caesar quotes Monika as saying Stickells and Barrett were only interested in office and phone messages Jimi had received. First of all, Monika made efforts to prove the Samarkand was a secret hideaway known only to Jimi and her in order for Jimi to escape the office and media. So if this was an unknown place then why would there be any messages there? Obviously, Barrett and Stickells were looking for phone messages because they were trying to remove evidence of the reason why Jimi was killed. They were protecting Jeffery. From here Caesar once again dwells on minutia in order to divert attention from his deliberate schedule manipulation. If there was a short clean-up in the afternoon it was secondary to the admitted morning clean-up that Caesar is dishonestly trying to conceal.

As for the single Vesparax tablet found under the bed we have to weigh Monika's admission that "I gave Jimi the pills" to German reporter Freiheit. Was this single tablet tossed under the bed by Monika after she told Jimi she would take one too in order to induce him to take some? In any case Monika's admission to the Bild reporter shows there was a vastly different story than she admitted to the Inquest. Caesar feels safe just quoting Monika and taking her at her word without informing the readers of this true background.

Page 32:

When Caesar criticizes Dr Teare for failing to analyze the bed clothing he is simply outlining the fact the Inquest was incompetent and made no serious effort to investigate the evidence. Of course, Caesar speaks in a way that suggests this prevented proof of Monika's innocence, but anyone who has an objective view of the matter would see it prevented the discovery of the proof of Jimi's murder.

From here Caesar continues to emphasize minor misquotes out of context in order to suggest the whole incident was full of false information and errors.

Next, Caesar quotes Jim Marron as saying Jeffery was in Majorca and canceled dinner with him upon hearing of Jimi's death. Caesar leaves this uncommented upon because he hopes it will establish Jeffery's alibi. The reason Caesar doesn't comment is because he knows this doesn't really prove where Jeffery was the night before. Even worse, it evidences that Jeffery knew of Jimi's death on the 18th. Caesar can't comment on this because it's incriminating to Jeffery.

Caesar shows many quotes about Jimi's apartment being looted by Hendrix friends and associates. He indicates this was done because Jeffery owed so many people money that they wanted to get something back before there was nothing left. All Caesar is doing here is establishing Jeffery was a crook. This is important to both Jimi's relationship to him and the cause of his death.

The last section of page 32 discusses the 'Story Of Life Poem'. This is a mystical poem written in haste by Jimi. Monika claims it was written during the evening before Jimi went to Kameron's. This poem is important because the 'until we meet again' message in the lines was taken by Eric Burdon to be a suicide note.

Page 33:

September 19th - Caesar repeats Monika's account that Eric Burdon took her to Newcastle to get her out of London. In my mind this was the witnesses getting out of town. Caesar doesn't tell the reader that Eric dosed Monika with acid on the train ride.

Monika's brother Klaus Peter was quoted as saying Monika told him Jimi wanted to sleep for a day and a half before going back to America. This would suggest Jimi deliberately took a large amount of pills. The veracity of this is anybody's guess. Monika denied it and said at the Inquest that Jimi took the pills unbeknownst to her after she fell asleep. There's question over this because some people say Jimi enthusiastically wanted to meet them the next day, Friday.

Eric Burdon went on BBC on Monday the 21st to claim Jimi committed suicide and that the poem proved it. He later said he was stoned and this was a silly thing to do. Caesar, however, offers no explorative background to this. Burdon was well familiar with his gangster manager Michael Jeffery and his methods. It is possible Burdon knew exactly what happened and went on TV to send a message to Jeffery that his secret was safe with him. Burdon may have felt that Jeffery was so dangerous that he would do the same thing he did to Jimi to himself, so he needed to protect himself. Hence he draws attention away from Jeffery by claiming on BBC that Jimi committed suicide. That takes the heat off not only Jeffery but Burdon as well. Burdon was raged against by company executives who worried their insurance policies on Jimi would be canceled by this claim.

Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:13 PM
Page 34: The Inquest

This page deals mostly with the verbatim transcripts of the Inquest. It consists of the nominal questions asked of the witnesses to determine if there was any outward evidence of strange behavior or drug use in the victim. It is basically the state giving itself legal coverage that it investigated the circumstances of the victim's death to the satisfaction of the law. Amusing is Gerry Stickells minimizing Jimi's somewhat famous recreational drug habits (which had nothing to do with his murder).

Page 35:

On this page Caesar covers Monika's infamous statement to the Inquest. She presents the suggestion to the Inquest that Jimi slept comfortably with her at the Samarkand on each night since Tuesday the 15th. Some doubt this and present stories of Jimi being other places on some of those nights. Monika tries to portray a comfortable and close romantic relationship with Jimi in her stories to try and reinforce the fiancee scenario. She then tells of arriving back at the Samarkand from Harvey's at 8:30. She does this because she's trying to eliminate the screaming fight she had with Jimi during the true times involved. Caesar, of course, presents this straight, uncontested, and without comment, taking Monika at her word.

Monika tells of taking 1 Vesparax herself at 7am and making Jimi two fish sandwiches. She then claims she awoke at 10:20. From there she tells the usual cigarette trip story, finding Jimi sick upon her return, and calling the ambulance. She claims that after she fell asleep Jimi must have snuck to the cupboard and taken the sleeping pills. Again, Caesar gives Monika unchallenged space as if to emphasize the veracity of this information. The reader would never know there is serious information proving that this account is a complete fabrication invented to cover the true story. Pay attention to the fact that Monika admits unnamed "visitors" to the secret flat.

Page 36:

There's serious question whether Monika took 1 of the Vesparax as she claimed. Personal anecdotes of recreational users of Vesparax said it was powerful. If Monika had taken them for her back injury then she would have known their strength. Furthermore Monika said the Vesparax came in plastic bubble packs of ten. If there was one found under the bed then where did Monika's single pill come from? Monika could claim that she took the first one and Jimi took the other nine and dropped one in the process, however she never claimed this. So if Jimi took nine tablets and dropped the tenth under the bed from a ten-pack then which pack did Monika take her tablet from? She never made any attempt to describe this nor did the police ever attempt to figure it out either. It's doubtful that Monika took any Vesparax that night because a full tablet would have induced a heavy sleep that would not allow her to awake refreshed 3 hours later as she claimed. Especially after drinking some wine that evening.

The rest of the page is a repeat of Monika reciting her lies to the Inquest about the 10:20 wake-up time and ensuing false story. Particularly egregious is Monika's assurance Jimi was alive and breathing with a pulse after 11am. Also Monika tells of taking "one or two" Vesparax as her usual dose. It is widely known, and also indicated by the manufacturer, that two Vesparax would be a very powerful dose equal to 4 recommended doses. Caesar, once again, prints this entire text without comment. The suggestion is obviously that it stands alone as the truth. Nowhere will the reader ever be informed that this is an infamous statement based on proven lies and a historical monument to non-truth.

Page 37:

Constable Shaw simply repeats Monika's story of finding Jimi in a pool of vomit at 11am. Caesar, once again, has the unholy nerve to 'correct' Shaw's reference to "pool" with a [sic]. The ambulance attendants also spoke of this large pool of vomit independently. This large pool of vomit is important forensic evidence and something Monika was recorded as having lied about. In his second statement Shaw tells of taking possession of the box of Vesparax and the single tablet.

Caesar now moves to Dr Teare's statements. Dr Teare confirms that 1/2 of a tablet was a normal dose. Dr Teare goes on to say he found 100 ml alcohol in the urine. This is not a correct statement and Caesar doesn't catch it. Dr Teare actually found 46mg of alcohol in the urine and then extrapolated that Jimi must have had a 100mg level upon time of Vesparax ingestion. However Dr Teare was going by Monika's timeline as given to the Inquest and assumed Jimi had died around 11:45am. This caused Dr Teare to assume Jimi was digesting the wine from midnight until 11:45am. Dr Teare was totally unaware the real time of death was closer to Dr Crompton's estimate of 5:30am. This would have completely thrown Dr Teare's calculations off to the degree of disqualifying his determination all together.

Dr Teare was unable to directly confirm Jimi died from his claimed "inhalation of vomit" because he wasn't there and the vomit had been removed. While Caesar is highly critical of people making firm statements about things they did not witness he has no problem with Dr Teare confirming the choking on vomit, even though Dr Teare is just repeating it from the hospital forms and never witnessed it himself. Dr Teare explains how barbiturate would relax the organs that prevent fluids from escaping the stomach, however he has no actual evidence that this is what happened to Jimi. He is just repeating the science of the process with the assumption it did happen to Jimi.

The Coroner then makes a summation to exclude any witnessing to the possibility of suicide. They come to the conclusion that there wasn't enough evidence to conclude suicide. This is basically mundane procedure and page-filler. What it does show is that the Inquest was brief and only sought to exclude suicide under the assumption of accidental death by drug misadventure. Nowhere was there any attempt to process the forensic evidence to investigate the possibility of murder.

Dr Thurston, head London Coroner, then signs-off the Inquest with an "Open Verdict", meaning no determined cause of death was found.

Page 38:

Page 38 contains a highlighted copy of the Post-Mortem report. It's basically a general outline of the autopsy data. It should be noted that Dr Teare found 400ml of "free fluid" in Jimi's left chest. I would assume if Dr Bannister said he removed "bottles worth of wine from Jimi's lungs and stomach" that some of this 'free fluid' was remnant wine. This is, most-likely, some remaining wine that Dr Bannister didn't get in his rush to create an oxygen interface in a race with death. I find this to be evidence of Dr Bannister's wine.

Also important is Dr Teare's identification of a small meal including noticeable grains of rice. This is critically important because Jimi was witnessed eating that rice sometime near 3am. We'll show why further on. Most important are the "whole rice grains" noted by Dr Teare.

More critical evidence is shown in Dr Teare's recording of a 5mg per 100ml blood alcohol content. This is a negligible blood alcohol content beneath the legal driving limit and will serve as a critical forensic element further on.

Barbiturate was recorded as .7mg percent of blood and a 3.9mg level was also recorded in the liver.

Here Dr Teare notes the correct urine alcohol level of 46mg. At the very bottom Dr Teare once again repeats his mistake of assuming the urine alcohol level was 100mg at the time of Vesparax ingestion. This is important because it shows the autopsists were capable of interpolating and calculating absorption rates according to known behavior. It is important because the absorption rates of the barbiturate could have been similarly determined and would have proven murder. This calculation can still be done using the very data collected by Dr Teare once it is correctly oriented with the true timeline. Neither Caesar nor the British authorities have any intention to honestly admit this.


Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:15 PM
Page 39:

Caesar opens by discussing medical irrelevancies from the autopsy description of Jimi's heart. This is just page-filler that makes it seem like Caesar is approaching this from a sophisticated medical investigation perspective when actually he's just filling space to avoid addressing the incriminating medical proof.

Caesar dances around the "free fluid" found at the autopsy with a quick claim it was vomit and then gets out quickly. Not so fast Caesar. If you read what Dr Teare actually said closely he said there was vomited material found in the bronchi. The fact he distinguishes between this material and the 400ml of "free fluid" means the fluid was something other than vomit. Let's get right down to it, if Dr Bannister claims to have suctioned "bottles worth" of wine from Hendrix's lungs and stomach then it stands to reason the 400ml of fluid found in the left lung at the autopsy by Dr Teare was most likely wine. Caesar gets out of this area fast because he knows the deeper he looks in to it the more obvious it becomes. While claiming the autopsy found no evidence of wine, there you have it right there - along with evidence of Caesar trying to avoid it. This was most likely wine that continued to siphon from the stomach into the lung after Jimi was declared dead. Caesar claims this forensic discovery, along with the collapsed lung, was a product of inhalation of vomit. He never honestly admits that this would also perfectly conform to being drowned in wine. It's obvious the "free fluid" was vomit-free wine.

As for the stomach contents, here's where Caesar really gets hustling. The problem Caesar has here is that Dr Teare found undigested whole rice grains in Jimi's stomach. Since, as Caesar points-out in his own words, "it takes the stomach 2-4 hours to clear its contents" this is a strong forensic indicator of when Jimi died. In fact, Dr Crompton used it to determine Jimi died no later than 5:30am (which is correct). Caesar's gross stupidity here is not realizing he has defeated his own argument by its own internal logic. He claims the barbiturates slowed down the digestion process but then proceeds to explain that Jimi didn't ingest the barbiturates for 5 hours after eating the rice, and since he himself writes "it takes 2-4 hours for the stomach to clear its contents" he therefore has defeated his own excuse for the rice being there and established a 5 hour barbiturate-free period of digestion. Caesar is a fool who is obviously over his head in this kind of matter. His arguments are very effective proof of murder in and of themselves. He thinks his forced recital of medical generalities relieves him of credibly answering the operative forensic points.

Whether Jimi Hendrix had a fatal barbiturate blood level is secondary to whether he was deliberately overdosed in an act of murder. The blood level Caesar cites as proof Jimi would have died from an overdose does not preclude evidence of murder. This goes for the 3.9mg found in the liver as well. Jimi may very well have had a 4x lethal dose in his liver, however that in itself doesn't preclude murder. In fact it could be evidence that his murderers needed to assure he was unconscious when they did their deed.

Caesar now commits the ultimate irony by criticizing Dr Teare's errors and omissions in the autopsy report. He complains Dr Teare failed to list the content of the entire intestinal tract. In an epic act of outrageous, backwards hypocrisy Caesar chides Dr Teare for not stating the exact nature of the "free fluid" discovered in the left lung (Caesar gives himself away. Trust me, he is very happy Dr Teare didn't identify it as putrid wine).

Caesar then proceeds to employ dishonest obfuscation tactics by claiming Dr Teare incorrectly cited the normal Vesparax dose as being 1/2 tablet. He says it should have been listed as 1/2 to 1 tablet. This is minor hair-splitting and doesn't answer the fact that Vesparax were know to be double strength. Caesar continues by explaining the best organs in which to detect barbiturate levels. He claims Dr Teare should have taken muscle samples because they are the best indicator. This is informative, but doesn't really answer what we already know as far as forensic evidence for murder.

Page 40:

Here Caesar gets into valid high science analysis of the correct tests Dr Teare should have made. He cites a "thin-layer chromatography" process that should have been done on Jimi's brain that would have narrowed-down a more precise time of barbiturate ingestion. In fact, it is these very high forensic calculations that were never done on Jimi. It is our case that there is enough additional existing forensic data to make those calculations. Caesar does something useful here because he points in the direction of the necessary forensic processes that need to be done (and still can). He fails to realize that since he has failed to defeat Dr Crompton's claim of the whole rice grains indicating a 5:30am time of death that therefore the very forensic science he speaks of proves that Jimi didn't die the way he claims.

Caesar once again brings up the alcohol data found at the autopsy. We've already discussed this, however he once again fails to realize Dr Teare's extrapolated estimate of 100mg blood alcohol upon time of ingestion is based on Monika's false timeline that allows an extra 6 hours that didn't exist. It is our case that once you gauge the real timeline that these estimates are all invalid and should be thrown-out. What Dr Teare's assumed timeline and estimates do is allow an alcohol level that would explain the understandable reaction with the barbiturate and therefore choking on vomit. However, once you input the real times involved, the 5mg/100ml blood alcohol level discovered at the autopsy automatically grossly conflicts with both the assumed pathology and wine flooding the lungs. Caesar addresses none of this because he operates under the assumption that it doesn't exist. What is obvious here is that the lungs and stomach full of wine Dr Bannister witnessed, in comparison to the minimal blood alcohol content, is automatic forensic evidence of murder. Both Caesar and the British authorities get around this by not officially recognizing Dr Bannister's wine in their observations.

Caesar completes his backwards attempt by confirming Jimi drank the white wine spoken of by Monika too long before it could be claimed to have caused a reaction with the barbiturates. He says Jimi drank the wine from between 11pm and 1am and that he took the sleeping pills 6 hours later at around 7:30am. He then goes on to say the only thing Jimi drank after getting back to the Samarkand was Coca Cola. Well, if we look at all the witnesses' claims there was an awful lot of fluid involved here. So whether that witnessed fluid could be claimed to be Coca Cola is highly doubtable. But Dr Bannister was fairly clear that Jimi had been drenched in red wine, including his hair. And don't forget Monika admitted to Sharon Lawrence that she "washed 'sick' off Jimi's face with wine".

Caesar's thorough analysis of Jimi's wine consumption is probably fairly accurate. So what I don't understand is why he refuses to realize he has very capably prepared the ground for us to show that there's no reasonable explanation for the wine Dr Bannister witnessed outside of murder. Caesar deals with this by fastidiously attempting to deny the wine witnessed by Dr Bannister, however the more he does that the more he establishes a donut hole around the wine he can't so easily explain away. In the end, all Caesar has done here is made it more apparent that the masses of wine Dr Bannister witnessed can't be resolved with the correctly-related forensic evidence.

On page 40 Caesar includes a helpful manufacturer's product information box for Vesparax. It lists all the product ingredients and their actions and behaviors. Also included is how the drug acts in situations of overdose and what its affects are. A list of treatments to save an overdose victim is described. Interesting is the indication that peak plasma levels are reached after 1-2 hours. My only comment on this is that the manufacturer claims the lethal dose threshold is reached at "9-10 tablets" - which makes me ask how Dr Teare could claim Jimi had 4 times the lethal dose in his liver when it is generally understood he could have taken no more than 9 pills?

Page 41:

Here Caesar once again dances and equivocates over Dr Teare's estimate that Jimi took what he described as "nearly" a fatal dose. While trying to minimize Vesparax's strength by quibbling over the dose being 1/2 to 1 tablet, Caesar then maximizes its effect by claiming Jimi took well over a fatal dose. But if we go to the manufacturer's product information Caesar just provided we see they themselves list the lethal dose threshold as being "9-10 tablets", confirming Dr Teare's estimate.

From there Caesar discusses a lengthy product history for Vesparax. He describes how its powerful Secobarbital ingredient caused it to be classified as a narcotic in 1993. The next year in 1994 it was withdrawn from the market. The word was it was killing too many people. Caesar concludes it was a "very powerful" drug that constituted a serious public health risk.

Caesar commits yet another one of his Rube Goldberg investigation fumbles when examining the Vesparax. He claims many people were under the effects of drugs when they took them forgetting they took the original dose and then taking a second dose on top of it. He claims this explains many of the overdoses and indirectly suggests Jimi may have done the same. However he stupidly then goes and explains that the Vesparax came in blister packs of ten where you had to take each and every tablet out separately. Well, by Caesar's own description, this makes it very unlikely Jimi would have mistaken the count because he had the empty blisters right there in front of him. Once again, Caesar fatuously disproves his own suggestion without registering it.

Next, Caesar relates the anecdote of a black London ambulance driver who overheard the conversation of a person who worked with the ambulance attendants from that morning. That person said they heard the attendants admit they thought Jimi was just another "black drunk" whom they left laying on his back in the ambulance. The inference of this is that Jimi died from mistreatment and was allowed to choke to death in the ambulance. This is irrelevant, however, because we already know from the attendants' original statement that Jimi was already dead at the Samarkand.

In yet another example of ultimate irony Caesar goes on to describe the efforts of police superintendent Dennis Care to investigate the circumstances around Jimi's death in 1992-93 after Kathy Etchingham had raised her petition. This, of course, is allowing the foxes to investigate what happened in the henhouse, but, hey, why bother to point that out when you have a mutual interest in criminal deception? Unfortunately, Jimi's father, Al Hendrix, was too trusting and naive to see what a mistake it was to hire Scotland Yard to investigate themselves. Caesar has no qualms with this rogue conflict of interest, he simply annotates that Care refused to allow him to publish his findings without compensation. Nowhere will the reader ever know that Care concluded there was nothing wrong with the original investigation (surprise, surprise) and that no new evidence was found. Care, like Caesar, concluded Monika's notorious story to the Inquest was valid.

Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:16 PM
Page 42

In the ultimate insult to Jimi Hendrix Caesar allows Dennis Care to say Jimi was still alive when the ambulance men arrived and that his death was a tragic accident. Nowhere, of course, will either Care or Glebbeek bother to analyze the lies told by all the witnesses at the Samarkand or how they affect the determination. Care, as a police representative, has the outrageous criminal nerve to not explain what Jimi's health status was during the unmentionable 5 hour clean-up. You can see how dirty a case this is from this alone and why authorities like Care would need to lie so badly.

In yet another classic Orwellian presentation of backwards evidence Caesar chides the Inquest for not requesting any statements from the whole list of main witnesses. He sums this up by saying the British Inquest was biased and wanted to wrap-up Hendrix's death as a drug overdose as quickly as possible for political reasons. Caesar is probably at least partly correct here, however he makes his conclusion in the context that an accidental death failed to be proven because of this. Well, there's reason to show that might not be the only motivation. After all, Jimi's problems with Michael Jeffery were not unknown and any basic inquiry into such a death would at least include some investigation of possible foul play. There's a whole list of reasons why the British Government could have laid back on a real investigation. Michael Jeffery's being a member of MI-6 being one of them. Caesar plays the role of innocent lamb when it comes to government intrigue. Certainly there's nothing in there to preclude the cover-up of a murder.

But we can really go much deeper than this if we enlist Alex Constantine's research into the US Government's COINTELPRO program and Jimi Hendrix's membership on their target list as established through the FBI's files. If you involve the true history of what happened to people targeted by that program you'll find both Jimi Hendrix's death and the non-investigation that followed to be very understandable. But since Caesar focuses only on proving an accidental death he relieves himself of all this by simply not mentioning it. Never will we learn that spreading a false reason for death was spelled-out in the FBI's own self-description of that program. Because of Caesar's exclusionary methodology no one will ever know that intel used the media to carry this out and help defame their victims. It's hard to sort-out what was tabloid abuse and what was deliberate disinformation, however it never dawns on Caesar that Jimi was such a powerful target that those programs still continue to defame him even today and suppress the investigations he wonders about. If Caesar was credible he would ask why the real facts behind Jimi's death haven't been re-investigated even now? After all, he himself has provided enough evidence to do so - even if in a backwards way. It's obvious that Caesar fails to realize that once he himself establishes Jimi's Inquest was politically corrupted that it isn't that far from there to political assassination.

Page 43:

On this page Caesar discusses the infamous libel case between Kathy Etchingham and Monika Dannemann that sparked the re-investigation of the circumstances around Jimi's death. Caesar opens with a poisonous round. He quotes Monika speaking of a letter from Dee Mitchell informing her that she had discovered Kathy had fabricated her evidence and Dee had removed herself from participation and was writing Monika in apology. Caesar even provides a link showing these letters from Dee. To understand the serious offense Caesar commits here you have to go to pages 197-204 of Kathy Etchingham's book 'Through Gypsy Eyes'. Once you read those pages you'll understand that no serious or credible source could ever use Dee Mitchell or her words directly. What Kathy describes is so bad that the reader should be seriously offended that Caesar tried to deceive them so badly. Caesar obviously holds his readers in contempt and isn't afraid to withhold true or honest context that seriously affects what he is trying to show. To quote Dee Mitchell directly without sharing the seriously-qualifying context behind her letters is a fatal violation on many levels that automatically places Caesar as the dishonest presenter that he is. The truth is Dee was spreading crazy poison about Kathy at the time and the letter was written in pure revenge, knowingly lying in order to produce the intended affect Caesar then opportunistically seizes upon. No honest person would ever dare present Dee Mitchell's claims directly in any honest investigation and in doing so Caesar permanently destroys both his credibility and case. Go ahead, check it out, you'll find Caesar has a bizarre penchant for defending notoriously-lying women involved in serious scandals. Nowhere will Caesar ever explore that Dee Mitchell is acting exactly like an infiltrator deliberately sabotaging the case.

To further his misleading offenses Caesar then cites internet posts suggesting once Monika published her book pro-Kathy forces made death threats against her. The suggestion here is that Monika's book was so truthful that Kathy needed to make threats to keep it from coming out. This is crazy in its brazen deceit. The truth is Monika was probably being threatened by the people who murdered Jimi because they were afraid she would talk. Once again Caesar looks through the telescope backwards and turns the evidence on its head in order to suggest the opposite of what it really shows.

There's two problems with Caesar's coverage of Tony Brown's taped phone calls with Monika Dannemann. First, Caesar highlights that these were "illegally recorded". Maybe they were, however that isn't what's important. What's important is Brown made a record of Monika telling many different versions of the same story. That's a pure sign that Monika was lying (as she was). Secondly, Caesar attributes these tapes as being to blame for Etchingham's libel suit against Monika. That isn't entirely true because Monika was calling Kathy a liar in writing in many publications. As usual, Caesar accents and overemphasizes the trivial in order to get around the real points. Those points were: why was Monika lying, and what was it being used to cover-up? Tony Brown is owed a huge debt because his book 'The Final Days Of Jimi Hendrix' broke open the evidence that Monika was lying, and that the official explanation for Jimi's death was highly questionable. Caesar commits yet another epitome of travesty by lamenting that Monika's death will now keep the truth from coming out. Orwell in full-bloom.

Caesar quotes Monika as saying Kathy was trying to reinvent Jimi's death and that the process was "bringing out a lot of pain again". I guess I'd agree, but only in the sense that Copernicus was "reinventing" the solar system and that the persecutions over this were causing pain.

Poor Alan Douglas is quoted making an offhand 1993 remark saying these theories have been around for years and that Kathy should let it rest. Douglas then chimes that it doesn't make any difference how many minutes delay there was in calling the ambulance. This statement makes me wonder about Douglas. In any case, it is a prime example of Caesar only skimming quotes that work in his favor. There's many more quotes Caesar could use that he doesn't.

Whether Kathy Etchingham demanded Monika be jailed is neither here nor there. Caesar quotes Kathy as saying she never asked for Monika to be jailed and then displays a court writ showing exactly that. Caesar uses this as a device to show that Kathy was not accurate in her statements and was vindictively persecuting Monika. I don't know if punishment orders were done by the court and not by Kathy. In any case, this example is being used to paint Monika as a persecuted victim. Anyone who has studied her lies, and defiant defense of them, would know that could never be seriously promoted whatever Kathy did to her. Caesar's quoting of Monika's mother in defense of her is just more show tactics. Never does Caesar stop to think that the British Government would profit by piling charges and fines on Monika to create a scapegoat and encumber a dangerous witness.

This build-up then leads to a column labeled 'Monika Dannemann Witchhunt'. Caesar tries to embellish this portrayal by castigating Hendrix figure Michael Fairchild as having gloated over Monika's death. Fairchild had helped Kathy Etchingham investigate the evidence. In this flagrant attempt to portray Monika as an innocent victim of vicious enemies Caesar claims that "self-appointed amateur sleuths" were quibbling over Monika's stories varying by a few minutes between different accounts. This is an outrageous falsifying of fact being committed by Caesar. Anyone with a good handle on Monika and her claims would know the times involved varied significantly in her accounts to several different legal authorities. Monika's wake-up time varied between accounts from 11am to 10am, and, finally, 9am. Caesar knows the serious implications of this so he dares try to get around it by schmoozing the reader that it was only "2 or 3 minutes" between accounts. Caesar is a criminal liar because he should know these changes in story happened, and were recorded, at the time and not 25 years later as he falsely claims. In this publication Caesar has destroyed his credibility in several places and this is one of them.

In a desperate attempt to shift blame from Monika for inexcusably varying accounts Caesar gives the example of Mitch Mitchell claiming he swapped a drum kit for Jimi's famous white stratocaster. Caesar opines that the Hendrix community doesn't demand the same level of accuracy from Mitch that it did Monika, and that Monika was the victim of a double standard. This should be obvious for what it is. The simple answer is it is irrelevant, and not only has Caesar badly failed to account for Monika's lies, but they still need to be answered. Caesar, once again, exposes himself by this.

Page 44:

Caesar makes another transparently patronizing excuse by informing the reader he has inserted well over 200 "[sic]" correction notes when covering the years from 1966 to 1970 in his UniVibes Magazine. Caesar instructs us that time plays tricks with the memory over the years. Of course this has nothing to do with the controversy over Monika Dannemann and what happened at the Samarkand Hotel on the morning of September 18th 1970. Caesar must think his readers are either newcomers or stupid. Anyone who has done even the most basic research on this can see that the main controversy surrounding Monika originated from, and was locked in to, records taken at the time. The passage of years has nothing to do with Monika changing her wake-up times by hours back in September 1970. It has nothing to do with Monika's lies, at the time, about what the ambulance men said and did. It has nothing to do with Terry Slater and others making admissions, at the time, that seriously conflicted with Monika's account, nor with their shutting-up about those conflicts ever since. It has nothing to do with Monika being recorded, at the time, giving 2 different stories about how Jimi got the pills. It has nothing to do Sharon Lawrence remarking that Monika's demeanor was distressingly casual for someone who had Jimi Hendrix die in their flat the day before. It has nothing to do with Monika admitting on Caesar's own Dutch radio show in 1975 that "there was evidence that could not be brought to the police and that the mafia killed Hendrix 'for sure'". Make no mistake, the conflicts exposed by Kathy Etchingham in 1992 were soundly based on recorded evidence from the time. In fact it was comments like Slater's and Stickells', recorded in September 1970, that created the worst conflicts for both Monika and her reality-defying defender Caesar. I think we know who is playing tricks here and it isn't time.

Jimi definitely made some kind of poetic overtures of marriage towards Monika. He definitely did towards Kirsten Nefer and who knows how many other women. Jimi was a pretty spacey guy and had some deep personal inner world beliefs that only he understood. God knows what signs or cosmic dictates Jimi was guided by in his marriage flirtations. Whatever the case it seems fairly real that Jimi had some kind of weird marriage thing going between him and Monika. How real it was only Jimi and Monika knew. Jimi was having real problems with Jeffery. He was also known to depend on women for personal strength. So it could be Jimi was playing games with Jeffery by softening the wild man image Jeffery was trying to sell by getting married. The more subtle moves Jimi made against Jeffery the more Jimi could weaken his hold on him. These are the ways Jimi fought back. Cross says Jimi's army psychiatry records show he claimed he was gay. Obviously this was a ploy someone had told him would work to get him out of the army. So since we know Jimi exploited loopholes to get out of binds maybe he was looking for a wife as a contract shelter to shield money from Jeffery? Maybe someone told him about that loophole as well. Hard to say because Jimi was in equal need of someone to lean on, just as much as he was for a means to weaken Jeffery, not to mention the contract shelter. All said, the poem 'Until We Meet Again' sounds like a veiled break-up letter. Since Jimi was going back to New York this only furthers the complications. There's many interpretations to that poem. Perhaps Jimi was worried he might not make it back from New York after firing Jeffery?

I can't fathom why Caesar would include one of Monika's quotes from her book 'The Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix' telling how a man called her in September 1970 and threatened something nasty would happen to her if she spoke about Jimi's death. Caesar gives no comment on this. Well, isn't it obvious that if Jimi had died by accidental overdose as claimed then there would be no reason for people to threaten her. Monika's a psychologically interesting person. I personally believe this was Monika's way of relieving her guilt by indirectly revealing what happened. And this isn't the only place she did it. Her worst example of these indirect admissions is when she admitted on Caesar's radio show that the mafia killed Hendrix "for sure". I ask the readers to take note that Caesar never mentioned this important admission in his publication. If he was doing any kind of honest "investigation" you would think it would at least deserve mention? Even creepier is Monika's descriptions of men tilting Jimi's head back and not letting him breathe. Or Monika trying to push her way in to the resuscitation room and being pushed back out. If these things did not happen in the ambulance or at the hospital then where did they happen? Was it at the Samarkand? In any case, Caesar has real reason to not comment here.

The rest of page 44 gives sundry descriptions of Monika returning to Germany on the 29th and Jimi's funeral on October 1st. The funeral descriptions are worth reading for the names of those attending and their comments.

Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:17 PM
Page 45:

Finally on page 45 Caesar confronts Tappy Wright's recent admission that he heard Michael Jeffery confess to murdering Jimi. He does this under the column heading "Murdered By Manager BS". Caesar confronts this issue by making one of his classic pre-emptive proclamations that Wright is "incorrect". (Oh, no need to look any further I guess)

I'll start-off by saying the claim that pills were shoved down Jimi's throat followed by wine is provably wrong according to the forensics. Since we know Jimi's barbiturate blood level was .7mg percent of blood that means he probably had about an hour to reach that level before he died. Therefore no pills could have been shoved down Jimi's throat followed by wine because the pills would have come right back up after Jimi was drowned and vomited. But just because this claim doesn't match the forensics doesn't mean it didn't happen. The forensic evidence very much shows Jimi was drowned in wine as Dr Bannister witnessed. Whether Jeffery was covering for an accomplice (Monika?) is unknown. There's too many variables to list here, but the fact Jimi was drowned in wine suggests those who did so were anticipating him being incapacitated. You then have to wonder how the most powerful pills on the market got within Jimi's reach, or how this conforms to a classic black operation made to appear as a drug overdose.

As for Jeffery being in Spain we only have the word of Bob Levine whose participation in Jeffery's money laundering can only be guessed. Mr Levine was one of the loudest critics of Jeffery's behavior for decades and spoke to authors about Jeffery acting suspiciously and pretending he hadn't known about Jimi's death a week later (even though Caesar's own source, Jim Marron, confirmed he heard Jeffery speak of Jimi's death on the 18th). While picking quotes to suit his dishonest spin Caesar thinks we don't see him avoiding all the other qualifying information. Caesar got Levine to retract everything he said before and claim the murder theories are nonsense. A total retraction is very suspicious, and even more so when Caesar asks for no explanation why Levine completely reversed everything he's said for decades and made a blanket denial. What is Bob Levine trying to hide in order not to get dragged in to anything? Bob Levine said he spoke to Jeffery on the 17th in Majorca. Jeffery told Levine he would not be available the next day due to a boating outing. I think both Bob and Caesar missed an important clue here. Mike Jeffery was curiously not available during Jimi's worst crises. When Jimi was busted for heroin at Toronto Airport Customs Mike was nowhere to be found and couldn't be reached. When Jimi was kidnapped Jeffery was also strangely unavailable. In his haste to deny the murder I don't think Levine realizes he witnessed an important clue. Jeffery's telling him he wouldn't be available on the 18th was a typical MI-6 agent's routine of making himself unavailable once again during Jimi's worst crisis, as he had done before. All said, if you look at those who gave alibi's for Jeffery there's not a single one of them who says exactly where he was and what he was doing that established the alibi. However, even if Jeffery was in Majorca when Jimi was murdered that still doesn't mean he wasn't involved. Jeffery was a man quite capable, as the kidnapping showed, of getting other people to do his dirty work. Caesar deals with this business on an overly simple level that automatically disqualifies him from any serious investigation. When Caesar writes "nobody in Jimi's management knew about the Samarkand" he's relying on people's word. Many of those people are provably lying, yet Caesar takes them at their word and doesn't look any further. When Terry Slater slipped and admitted he was at the Samarkand on the evening of the 17th Caesar blames the reporter. When Monika admits unnamed people were at the flat Caesar has no curiosity about who they were or why Monika would not name them. If Caesar seriously wants to find-out how the murderers knew about the Samarkand he should look in to the lies and false stories he's trying to protect.

How did the murderers gain access to the flat? Many ways. If you are sharp you'll see Monika wrote in 'Inner World' that someone broke-in to her flat to steal her manuscript using a key. Well, if these people had a key after the murder then maybe they had one before? Right? This is another example of one of Monika's indirect admissions. There's too many variables to mention here, however the possibility Monika was somehow involved is very real. It would explain a lot of the unexplained conflicts. Once again, Caesar interprets the evidence backwards. Instead of admitting the lack of any signs of a break-in incriminates Monika he uses this to 'dismiss' the whole thing.

Jimi was obviously passed-out when he was drowned in wine. The forensics that the British Inquest never bothered to recognize or process prove this. So if we consider that persons were laying in wait to kill Jimi this way, it is reasonable to suspect they knew he would be incapacitated. Since Monika admitted "I gave Jimi the pills" that forces any objective investigator to wonder what her possible role was? Is this something someone would either be 'suicided' or commit suicide over?

Caesar then proceeds to ask a series of spurious questions that back his spin. They've already been answered in this rebuttal. Quickly: The Vesparax were provided by Monika as told. Next, Dr Teare probably actually did discover some remnant wine in the 400ml of "free fluid" he found in Jimi's left lung. Otherwise Caesar is foolish to expect Dr Teare to find wine Dr Bannister had suctioned-out and disposed of 3 days earlier at the hospital. The evidence that bottles of wine were poured down Jimi's windpipe was discovered by the good Dr Bannister who was later attacked for it (which is another pure sign of intel involvement). Monika's location during the murder is a good question. If we look at some of her indirect statements we might be able to figure that out. When did the cigarette trip actually happen? Who did Monika actually see tipping Jimi's head back, as she told, if it wasn't the ambulance drivers? (Monika: "The mafia killed Hendrix 'for sure'")

Whether Jeffery cashed-in on an insurance policy or not, he was seen with loads of cash after Jimi's death and paid-off substantial debts in the hundreds of thousands. Since Caesar doesn't even mention this or bother to explain its significance towards the subject we can pretty much assume he is attempting nothing close to any credible investigation. And I suppose Caesar isn't going to ask Bob Levine what exactly he witnessed in Jeffery's office about smuggling money to those Bahamian banks or the mafia loans? Bob?

Page 46:

On page 46 Caesar makes his best run at pushing his fractured theory through by claiming Jimi's Vesparax blood level was high enough to kill him on its own. This is a valid way to hide murder behind a drug overdose, which was exactly why the planners did it that way. Caesar achieves this diversion by claiming Jimi took the tablets at 7:30 as Monika claimed. If you simply believe Monika, as Caesar does, you can get away with this version. He then proceeds to chart how Jimi had a serious overdose that needed treating within 2 hours to prevent fatality. Using this ruse Caesar then moves towards his final thrust by saying in bold and underlined lettering that Jimi had no hope for survival after 9:45am, so therefore everything else is "irrelevant". I think smart people could see what Caesar is aware of and deliberately trying to deny in his wording. The simple way to answer this is Eric Burdon's admission that Monika called him at 5:45am, combined with Dr Bannister's witnessing of lungs full of wine, makes this version impossible. It really is as simple as that, and you can see the mendacious length Caesar goes to to get around this. Nice try, again, Caesar.

I have to give Caesar credit because he has done his homework well by finding several examples of Vesparax overdoses where the victims took the same number of tablets as Jimi. It's very clever. The victims die right around the 4 hour mark making Caesar's case look solid for Jimi dying perfectly in synch with these documented cases. There's a problem with this however. The 4 hour mark Caesar isolates as condemning actually works against him if we involve the real times. Since we know Jimi got back to the Samarkand at around 3am we can then look at Burdon's claimed 5:45am phone call from Monika and realize 4 hours had not elapsed. If we look at the death scene, Jimi was found by the ambulance attendants unmoved and untreated. What this tells you is the first people to discover him made no attempt to revive him. If they had you would not have found Jimi on his back and covered in vomit obviously in the same position he died in. This is basic detective work that Scotland Yard is world-famous for, and quite capable of, however they never seemed interested. What this tells you is Jimi was dead when Monika first started reaching-out with phone calls. Any normal person who found Jimi in distress would have wiped the vomit off him and tried to establish some breathing. As the ambulance men made clear, this was never done to Jimi. A smart detective would realize right away that those who first encountered Jimi in this condition knew he was dead, otherwise they would have wiped the vomit off and tried to get him breathing. In respect to this it would make sense that Monika reached-out because Jimi was dead at 5:45am. And once you consider that Jimi was murdered by being drowned in wine this makes perfect sense and fits all the evidence, and, especially, the lies. So what Caesar needs to do is add a little more data to his Vesparax overdose histories. For instance he needs find a case where the victim had been threatened with death by their MI-6/mafia manager if they fired them. He needs to find a directly analogous case where the victim was on COINTELPRO's Security Index. He needs to find a case where the victim was found drowned in wine. And, finally, he needs to find a case where there were curious lies and uninvestigated false stories by all the main witnesses. In effect, what Caesar does the most here is use a plausible excuse to avoid the most outstanding evidence. In the end the main question is how many of those other cases had lungs full of wine with a negligible blood alcohol count? (The answer is none) I hope people will notice the disparity between Caesar's ability to dig-up esoteric information on Vesparax vs his playing dumb on everything else.

Caesar defeats his own point, made a few pages back, by concluding Jimi must have known the number of tablets he took. Caesar obviously realizes he can't get around this. His solution is that Monika's story to her brother Klaus Peter must have been true and that Jimi took 9 tablets in order to sleep for a day and a half. OK, if this is true then why not admit it after all these years? Monika went to lengths to stick to her original story. Caesar emphasizes this solution by including "Until We Meet Again" in decorative script at the bottom of the column, as if this had solved the mystery in a Sherlock Holmes-like denouement. Not so fast Caesar. First of all, Monika was quoted as telling the reporter for Bild "I gave Jimi the pills". Since Monika tried to deny this statement it shows she felt guilt over it. So there's good reason to think Jimi never popped the tablets out of their blister packs as Caesar claims. Another thing is Monika said she had previously taken some for her back injury. If true then she would have known their serious strength and never allowed Jimi to take what she would have well-known to be an overdose. It's very obvious that Monika invented the story of Jimi sneaking the pills after she fell asleep. She was obviously trying to hide something. Even worse, in 'Inner World' Monika says Jimi turned to her and said he thought Devon had OD'ed him. Well, if we look at Monika's official story she says Jimi was awake and talking and in a good mood when she fell asleep at 7am. Jimi last saw Devon at Kameron's party. Devon was nodded-out when Jimi tried to get her to go along to the Samarkand. If Devon had dosed Jimi at Kameron's it had to be at least a while before she nodded-out, therefore any overdose Jimi felt at the Samarkand would have been well-underway by the time he got back there. With this in mind it is therefore impossible for Jimi to have claimed he was overdosed by Devon and still be happily talking to Monika in bed at 7am as she claimed. More likely Jimi had been overdosed by the Vesparax and hadn't realized it. Caesar is aware of all this which is why he steers completely clear of Monika's self-condemning manifest of lies known as 'The Inner World Of Jimi Hendrix'. The book is so full of these easily-seen conflicts that Caesar has to stay clear of it. In a way 'Inner World' a prime example of Monika's unique psychological condition and use of thinly-veiled double entendre to make indirect admissions. What Caesar doesn't account for here are the people who came forward and said Jimi enthusiastically planned to meet them the next day, Friday, so therefore it is unlikely he took a massive dose to sleep all day. And, trust me, Caesar knows of these claims and isn't mentioning them.

In a specially highlighted box at the bottom of the page Caesar gives various quotes from witnesses telling of Jeffery's insurance policies. Trixie Sullivan, Chas Chandler, and even Monika all confirm Jeffery had a 1 million dollar policy on Jimi. So whether Caesar proves Jeffery never collected on it or not he should be studied enough in Hendrix history to know Jeffery had ways around that and people who were willing to make loans on the policy. It should be kept in mind that Caesar never attempted to account for the loads of cash Jeffery was seen with after Jimi's death - and I think we know why. Besides Jeffery had stolen enough money from Jimi to account for that cash. As usual, Caesar never offers a peep over whether that stolen money could have been incentive for Jeffery to murder a man who had just fired him and would have made him legally account for it.


Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:17 PM
Page 47:

If you want to understand what Caesar really thinks read page 47. On page 47 he provides a pretty good array of quotes from various witnesses to Jimi's trying to fire Jeffery. Noel Redding makes it pretty clear they had a meeting in February 1969 between himself, Jimi, Mitch, Jeffery, and Chas agreeing to fire Jeffery. People should read Noel's account closely because it pretty much shows how 1) The band was trying to sever Jeffery ever since winter 1969, and 2) No matter what they did Jeffery would always turn-up in full control. I find it interesting Noel questioned Chas' conspicuous quiet on Jeffery's unaffectable permanency. Noel keenly describes Chas' position as "uninvolved involvement". Whatever the case, Noel is making clear that the band was being dominated and controlled by Jeffery no matter what they did. Keep in mind Jimi realized his wishes were not being respected so he broke-up the band in June that year. Chas remained conspicuously quiet about things he should have spoken about in the years after. Except there was one highly interesting moment where Chas did let out a hint. On a British talk show in 1989 Chas made the comment "If anyone speaks of the real way Jimi died they'll have their head blown-off." I think we know why Chas stayed quiet all those years.

Next Caesar shows the Byzantine conflicts built in to Jimi's management and legal representation. He quotes Steingarten himself as saying he disagreed with many of Jeffery's actions towards Jimi but was legally-bound because he was also Jeffery's lawyer. Jeffery, of course, did not set-up that arrangement accidentally. On December 4th 1970 Steingarten resigned because of this conflict, but bear in mind that this was a good time for Steingarten to abandon ship as well. This page puzzles me because Caesar offers it as a page-filling neutral survey. It's good for understanding what Jimi's managers thought but it doesn't make any effort to apply correct context or any processing of the evidence towards murder. The reason I say this page shows what Caesar really thinks is because the only reason he shows us this stuff is because he knows Jimi's management problems led to his death. It's obvious the reason Caesar lays off any interpretation of what he shows is because he knows it points towards murder. Otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned it. A keener eye would see the pattern in the quotes themselves. There's a clear division between accusatory quotes from the victims like Jimi, Mitch and Noel, and exculpatory excuse-making from all of the offenders. If you look at the quotes Caesar has gathered there's a clear dichotomy between how Jeffery's office members saw Jeffery's relationship with Jimi and how his clients viewed him. I think it's more than obvious that these overly-clean and favorable descriptions coming from office-insiders are trying to hide something. It's fairly obvious that office-insiders like Goldstein, Weiss, and Levine, who all had an interest in Jimi through Jeffery, all came up with overly-sanitized versions of Jeffery. Ultimately, what stands-out the most is that all of these comments fail to reflect the most important thing, that is, that Jeffery was seriously ripping Jimi off and was involved in some very shady business through those Bahamian banks, and also, Jimi was most-likely murdered by Jeffery because of it. Anyone who understands what happened to Jimi would see the incriminating pattern within the statements themselves that gives it away. In light of this, Caesar has good reason to show these quotes without comment. Once again, Caesar shows us pure evidence of murder while having the nerve to suggest the opposite.

I guess what Caesar is doing here is allowing the reader to pick which viewpoint they like just as Caesar has done in 'Until We Meet Again'. By laying out how some people say there were no problems between Jeffery and Jimi he is allowing this to stand and letting people choose which version they prefer. It also has the effect of showing how people had totally opposite opinions about the same event. This works for Caesar because he uses it to show that Jimi was surrounded by accounts of his life that varied just as much as the accounts of his death. But Caesar is just showing the byproduct of Jeffery's relationship with Jimi through quotes, nowhere does he make any honest effort to translate what is being shown here or truthfully show the bias of the people being quoted. Clearly the people on the inside didn't want to admit they were part of an operation that robbed and then murdered Jimi Hendrix. It's not surprising these people ignored the real problems between Jeffery and Jimi and painted a rosy picture. Just like it's not surprising Caesar ignores what it really says as well. If he wanted to, Caesar could provide numerous accounts of people speaking of Jeffery's worst intrigues. Jeffery was stealing from Jimi and under-reporting proceeds by as much as 80%. He also used mafia thugs to intimidate Jimi with gunfire at his home in the Catskills. In fall 1969 Jeffery set-up a fake kidnapping where he told Jimi that certain people were depending on him being his manager and if he ever attempted to fire him he would be killed. There's real question over Jeffery's relationship with those powerful people through those Bahamian banks and how Jimi and his money worked in to that. Nightclub manager and friend of Hendrix Bobby Woods was murdered after spending a day alone with Jimi on his boat. I wonder what they were afraid Woods would tell Jimi? Devon Wilson could have told you about Jeffery, except she died a strange unexplained death 5 months after Hendrix. There's a much more dangerous and dirtier picture Caesar could show you about Jeffery but he chooses harmless quotes to keep you uninformed. To inform you of the truth about Jeffery's murderously dangerous relationship to Jimi would only expose you to the evidence behind the real way Jimi died.

Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:19 PM
Page 48:

You have to understand what Caesar is trying to do here on page 48. Caesar displays a full page record of Sharon Lawrence and lawyer Michael Shapiro's conversation over Jimi trying to fire Jeffery back in June 1969. What Caesar is trying to do here is show how impossible it was for Jimi to fire Jeffery. By doing this he is trying to indirectly suggest that since it was impossible for Jimi to fire Jeffery that any suggestion that Jimi was murdered for it is wrong. But this is just Caesar, once again, condemning himself by means of his own material. Jimi confided in Sharon Lawrence as a stable, reliable ear he could trust with his most personal thoughts. Sharon was a person outside and separate from the 60's rock circus surrounding Jimi and was the first stable female figure he could trust in his life. Because of this he went to her for advice over his troubles with Jeffery.

Jimi knew he had been set-up by Jeffery at the Toronto Customs heroin bust. Jeffery probably knew Jimi was starting to have thoughts of separating from him so suddenly Jimi gets busted for heroin and therefore has to totally depend on Jeffery to keep him from serious jail time. The month following this bust Jimi went to Sharon Lawrence and got her to go to Steingarten with him and voice his intention to sever Jeffery. Page 48 pretty much details that effort and shows how difficult it was for Jimi to remove himself from Jeffery. Again, Jimi wasn't stupid and the June effort to sever Jeffery came 1 month after the heroin bust. Jimi wasn't taken seriously by Steingarten and was patronizingly asked to gather evidence of malfeasance by Jeffery. In the end Steingarten was also Jeffery's lawyer, so, really, nothing could be done because Steingarten had split interests. So what Caesar is dishonestly trying to do here is establish Jimi knew, as far back as June 1969, that it was impossible to fire Jeffery.

Caesar is totally dishonest here because what he is actually registering is the fact Jimi initiated his separation from Jeffery at this time. A true and accurate interpretation of this event would show that from this point on Jimi was working to fire Jeffery and started a campaign of non-cooperation in order to discourage Jeffery and drive him off. After getting no result from his meeting with Steingarten Jimi then proceeded to break-up the Experience that month. He also retreated to the Catskills house and stopped touring. Jimi was most-definitely resisting Jeffery and going on strike. Caesar knows this which is why he limits the information by making absolutely no comment on the contents of this page or what it shows. Caesar is in full possession of the evidence and material to show Jeffery started using intimidation tactics, like mafia thugs shooting guns in Jimi's backyard and fake kidnappings, to overcome this resistance. Jeffery's cash flow started getting tight because of this, forcing him to make loans from the New York mob. By doing this Jeffery put indirect pressure on Jimi and countered Jimi's strike with typical espionage-type tactics. Jimi was having huge dirty pressure applied to him by the 'warm and friendly' Jeffery [as described on page 47 by his colleagues] (and not corrected by last-word-having Caesar).

What is once again outrageous about what Caesar presents here is that it actually shows the initiating event that led to Jimi's death. This is the true and obvious context of what Caesar relates on page 48. Jimi tried to fire Jeffery in June 1969 and then struggled with him for the next 15 months, trying to make his perfidy not pay-off. Jeffery's intractable control of Jimi, illustrated on page 48, only goes to show the malicious grip Jeffery had on Jimi and why Jimi tried to escape it. Jeffery was a man who, because of his wicked intentions for Jimi, would not allow himself to be fired, as page 48 shows. The crime Caesar commits here is that he tries to suggest Jimi had an appreciation from this event that he could never fire Jeffery, so therefore any suggestion he was murdered for firing him is false. But this is just Caesar up to his own wicked deception again. It's just Caesar attempting to put a false spin on the facts to suit his purposes. Caesar once again gives himself away by not being able to give any contextual comment on this. The less he says the better because any attempt to describe what is happening in this event will only lead him to show it was causatory in Jimi's death. Caesar shows that his effort here is one of deception by means of omission. Anyone truly trying to provide all the facts behind this would never leave out as much as Caesar does. What he leaves out is exactly what shows why what he writes isn't a true description of the events. And there you have Caesar Glebbeek and 'Until We Meet Again'.

Page 49:

What Caesar does on this page is truly pathetic and serves as an epic betrayal of the person upon whom Caesar has based his life's efforts for decades. Once again Caesar lays out various comments from different main witnesses in a style that suggests the reader will make his own decision as to what the material says. This is a deplorable strategy being deployed by Caesar in order to deceive the reader. What is shown here is multiple accounts of Jimi's suicide attempts and witnessings of his depressed suicidal nature. It is written in a way that suggests the reader is being exposed to some previously-hidden shocking aspect of Jimi that shines new light on his death. Caesar once again lays out a map of the differing comments on Jimi to show that 1) Jimi was surrounded by completely-opposing descriptions of the same event, and 2) that the reader can pick which one he wants to believe. What Caesar does is muddy the waters to give merit to suicide claims in order push his conclusion, but he does it in a dishonest way that floats quotes as a smokescreen rather than any honest interpretation.

Mixed in to Caesar's smear sheet are quotes from Noel and lawyer Mark Sandground telling how Steingarten lawyer Steve Weiss had made sloppy mistakes that caused Jimi great stress in his lawsuits with Chalpin. Also listed were the paternity suits against Jimi that caused him serious stress. The reason Caesar includes these comments is to indirectly suggest Jimi was at his wit's end because of it and became suicidal as he had been before. Have no doubt Caesar is posing himself as a defense lawyer offering character-assassinating material against Jimi being posed as honest truth. The intended effect of this material is to plant the unconscious assumption in the reader's mind that Jimi had attempted suicide before and had good reason to do it again on the 18th. This is a very devious maneuver on Caesar's behalf equal to a Judas betrayal.

I guess Jimi was a very emotional person who reacted dramatically to life's injustices. This overt expression is part of what made him a great artist. If he did make some dramatic gestures by cutting his wrist during a time of life crisis it was more for acting-out than killing himself as the tiny injuries and ineffective results showed. In all 3 claimed examples of "suicide attempts" by Jimi you can see he wasn't very good at it and when he allegedly did so he never managed to kill himself. A good psychiatrist would probably say Jimi's "suicide attempts" were more reaching-out for help than anything else. So, once again, have no doubt that Caesar is directly inferring that all the ingredients that caused Jimi to attempt to commit suicide before were all there on the 18th. By doing this in a way that lays out all the quotes, without any comment, Caesar is suggesting that he is showing reverence to Jimi by not speaking directly, and that the events of the 18th could very well have been another damage-control action by persons who knew the real cause. But this is just a crime against Jimi and I'll show you why. It's an effort to obstruct the real evidence by clouding it with out-of-context quotes that come from people so close to the event that it lends them credibility.

If you pay close attention, the three people who were closest to the event and it's real cause, Monika, Chas, and Jeffery, all say with confidence that Jimi didn't commit suicide. This isn't surprising because those three persons all knew Jimi was murdered. While trying not to expose themselves in their comments, all three can't help but express what they already know, that is, that Jimi was murdered. Monika shows her typical psychopathic tendency to give conflicting information in the same place by suggesting she couldn't figure-out why Jimi took so many pills but then follows it up by saying she was "absolutely certain Jimi did not commit suicide". Well, it's not hard to figure-out why a person who witnesses a murder would have that certainty.

There's two players here who merit closer scrutiny. First is Steve Weiss, one of Steingarten's hip young lawyers assigned to Hendrix. His legalistic backing of the infamous Inquest and its findings is suspicious. Frankly, the way he speaks sounds defensive as if he knew the real reason. Eric Burdon went out of his way to claim Jimi committed suicide. If we look at Burdon's background and knowledge of Jeffery it is highly suspicious that he went out of his way to claim suicide so strongly. Burdon was complicit in covering-up the true times involved that morning. One has to wonder if Eric would go to such lengths to cover-up what he thought was a suicide by cleaning the flat for 5 hours and then lying about it?

The text and wording of Monika's, Jeffery's, Weiss', and Chas's quotes gives away what they truly knew. If you read what they say it's obvious all four knew Jimi was murdered. Caesar will never point this out because he just takes everybody at their word and never makes any abstract criticism or analysis. Let's read Chas' quote: "I don't believe for one minute he killed himself. That was out of the question. But something had to happen and there was no way of stopping it. You just get a feeling sometimes. It was as if the last couple of years had prepared us for it. It was like the message I had been waiting for." - Now if you compare this statement to the one Chas made on British TV: "Anyone who speaks of the real way Jimi died will have his head blown-off", you can see right away what is really being said and how. Keep in mind this is the same person who said on 'The Wink Of An Eye' that when his father told him Jimi had died the first words out of Lotta's mouth were "Mike Jeffery!"

No, Caesar knows damned-well that Jimi was in the middle of preparing for major life moves and a new musical direction. If Caesar bothered to include the full honest context of the events surrounding Jimi during that last week he would include the fact Jimi was upbeat and positive about breaking-away from Jeffery and taking charge of his new musical future. Jimi was just the opposite of depressed and desperate. He was positive and ambitious and pro-actively taking charge of righting his ship. These are hardly the personal conditions or circumstances that someone would then respond to by committing suicide. You simply don't make those moves and then commit suicide right in the process. That makes no sense and Caesar is fully aware of it and that's why he completely omits these qualifying facts. The sad truth is the true reason the quotes Caesar presents are so speculative is because the people making them are fully aware Jimi was murdered and why. As is typical of his entire presentation Caesar then construes this oppositely from what it really says and exploits the deception rather than exposing its form. And we haven't even touched the forensic evidence that shows Jimi was murdered by being drowned in wine. So, if Caesar wants to highlight text for emphasis and suggest everything prior is irrelevant THIS is the place where he should do it. The evidence and witnessing that Jimi was drowned in wine pre-empts his entire effort of lies and also puts them in proper perspective. Something Caesar conspicuously steers clear of throughout his shameful disinformation campaign otherwise known as 'Until We Meet Again'.

Page 50:

Page 50 offers a list of main Hendrix witnesses who have died since Jimi's death.

Finally, Caesar wraps-up the publication with some parting remarks. He gives the words of Alan Douglas making contemplative, eulogistic summations of Jimi and his life. The effect is a final word closure on Jimi and what happened to him. These people were involved in a scandal that ended-up in Jimi's death. They tend to get highly philosophical as sort of a psychological mechanism by which to escape the awareness of what happened to Jimi and their involvement in it. Monika says "I do believe that...Jimi is very happy where he is. Nobody can hurt him anymore..." Well, Monika, what exactly are you referring to when you speak of Jimi being "hurt"?

Chas Chandler: "It's trite to say there are pressures on musicians, but there were a million on Hendrix." ("Million"? Like in million dollar life insurance policy Chas?)

What is Chas really saying here?

Page 51:

Index of sources and interviews.

Albert Doyle
10-10-2011, 04:20 PM
To sum up, why Caesar decided to insult Jimi Hendrix's memory this way I don't know. Apparently, being the publisher of a major Hendrix fan magazine he decided to access the Hendrix inner circle through Monika Dannemann. He says he met her in the 1980's and conducted several interviews with her. I guess from that point on he became a Monika defender. His use "anti-MD" and "Monika haters" to describe people who defend Jimi is kind of jejune and accents the petty level at which he deals. Surely anyone who has researched the real evidence behind Jimi's death would know that the conflicts exist outside of Monika Dannemann or anything exclusively confined to just herself or any alleged hatred for her personally. The reason people resent Monika is because she lied about what happened that morning, and now Hendrix magazine owner Caesar Glebbeek has joined her in those lies. Monika bore false witness to the way Jimi died. I think that is what people are "anti" about and not some kind of tabloidistic drama Caesar has created in order to draw attention away from the real evidence.

The wicked offense Caesar has committed against Jimi really has to be spelled-out here. You have to understand what an obscene violation Caesar has committed. In the post Tappy Wright era Caesar has campaigned and made an overt effort to lead the public away from the true cause of Jimi's death. Our world has become a creepy place. A few years ago if someone in Caesar's position had dared such an evil betrayal they would have been railed against and exposed. People would not have stood for it. In this new era of dumb-downed selfish stupidity it doesn't even register. It's just another thing for disconnected, hedonistic observers to look at. Bring the evidence to Hendrix internet sites and you get attacked by sick/stupid trolls backed by dim-witted British moderators and fuzzy site-owners. The Hendrix murder issue is a nuisance to those people because it interrupts their sucking off Jimi's treasure. Truth is, while they say they are "celebrating Jimi and his life" they are basically helping his murderers and don't really give a damn as long as they have his treasure. They're just Hendrix punks, really, and don't have the qualification or credibility to judge this matter. I think they know that, which is why they attack and ban anyone who tries to tell the truth. They share in Caesar's betrayal.

The offense both Caesar and these moronic Hendrix "fans" commit is they put Hendrix in the exact same monkey cage Jeffery did at the time. These people are too ignorant/degenerate to realize they are committing the exact offense that pained Jimi at the time and ultimately led to his murder. Jimi is, once again, only a 'sensation' to be sold within the circus cage of an internet site or magazine. Jimi himself doesn't really matter to these people, just the ease of his consumption. Jimi's murder doesn't fit-in to that so they actively work to remove both it and those who fight to prove it. They're cowards and their objective is to make Jimi stay in his cage and be easier to exploit. Caesar is a particularly vicious Judas because he actively fights against the evidence, as shown above, as a direct representative of Jimi and the information surrounding his life. This is an act that usually receives severe moral condemnation, but since Jimi is such a singularly exotic entity it makes him much more easy to see as an exception and force back in to that UniVibes cage. Jimi is merely an object to be used. Having him not murdered is much easier than having him murdered. Since these people are spineless they find it much more comfortable to enjoy Hendrix without the discomfort of admitting he was murdered. Jimi and his murder are merely the possession of a mob now that sees itself as the embodiment of Hendrix reality and will force and dictate how Jimi and the evidence around his death will be seen. Disagree with them and you'll be attacked and ostracized by some very scummy, cowardly methods. These people don't give a damn about Jimi they just care about their taking-over of him and his image. The actual evidence for Jimi's murder has no effect on these scum and they won't hesitate to persecute you for it. This is the constituency Caesar carters to in his betrayal of Jimi Hendrix as a famous Jimi Hendrix source. Unfortunately this is a tradition that goes all the way back to when Jimi was alive, so it explains why Jimi's murder was never solved. The evidence for Jimi's murder was always in the hands of this mob that was either too disinterested or unable to realize it. Their eyes probably won't get this far on the page because their dull/delinquent minds don't possess the character to honestly seek the truth this deep into the rebuttal. It was always easier to marvel at Jimi's phenomenal talent than wreck your high by realizing he was murdered. If you read the responses of these fools they don't really say much in response to Caesar's work. The reason is they know it isn't defensible, but since they've already allowed themselves the privilege of ignoring the issue they don't see any need to care.

So, what Caesar has done here is indefensible. It's obscene. It's basically an Orwellian effort to reverse all the obvious evidence of Jimi's murder in order to reach a false conclusion. Why Caesar does that I'll never know. At the end of 'Until We Meet Again' he pronounces that this will be the last time he speaks on this ugly subject and that he will not respond any further or answer any questions on the matter. Well, I think that's obvious for what it is. Caesar is enough of an egotistical ass, exploiting the cowardly indifference of the Hendrix public, to think he can get away with that. Any person of average intelligence would see that Caesar is incapable of responding to credible critics of his offerings. Caesar has not responded before. He went to the Hollywood Today website and offered a preview by saying if Jeffery had gone to London that night it would have been stamped on his passport. When Tappy Wright appeared and commented that since Jeffery was killed in a plane crash, while carrying his passport, it therefore would not be available to check, Caesar then disappeared and removed the passport claim from the final publication. This is an example of the "last-word" farce "investigation" Caesar offered and once again ran-away from. It's embarrassing for anyone who actually cares about Hendrix, and should spur anger.

The facts about Jimi Hendrix's death are slowly emerging. Because of Tappy Wright's claim there's many people now doing research to explore what really happened to Jimi. If you read the rebuttal above you'll see that Caesar has come nowhere close to offering any "final word". The above rebuttal is merely an offhand page by page index of 'Until We Meet Again" and its flaws. It's really an arcane piece designed for those who have read Caesar's work so they can reference, page by page, what is wrong with his material. If someone wanted to put the effort to it a more researched rebuttal could be done with ten times the amount of credibly-referenced information. Hopefully Caesar and his pathetic betrayal will spur a greater interest in revealing the truth behind this.

May Caesar's name now be known in the Hendrix Community as the cowardly Judas that he is. May he be known as the man who tried to sell Jimi's head on a UniVibes silver platter to his murderers for magazine sales. Once again, Caesar has good reason to not comment, and he won't be able to pronounce his way out of this one.

Albert Doyle
06-19-2012, 04:12 AM
A new Hendrix movie is currently being filmed. It is titled 'All Is By My Side'. The subject will be the period in Jimi's career where he made his first album 'Are You Experienced?' This will be the first major Hendrix movie since 'Jimi Hendrix Soundtrack' (1973).

It just struck me that this period in Hendrix's career was literally politically-devoid and was his most politically neutral period. He was trying to make it and get discovered in England. This was an apolitical period for Jimi before he got on the FBI Security Index and had Black Panther involvement trumped-up in his FBI files, or became a figurehead of the American counter-culture, anti-war movement. I have no doubt intel is using Hollywood to create an apolitical image of Jimi right in the wake of Tappy Wright's book where he admitted hearing Hendrix's manager Michael Jeffery confess to murdering him. This first Hendrix major motion picture in nearly 40 years happened to get funding right after Tappy Wright's book created a suppressed controversy over Jimi's death. Have no doubt its purpose is to exhaust public interest in Hendrix right before presentations on his death emerge post-Tappy Wright, and fill the public's mind with a happier, apolitical Jimi Hendrix prior to the US government's shadow COINTELPRO interest in him.

Magda Hassan
06-24-2012, 03:40 AM
Sorry, don't know where part 2 is...I haven't yet watched this but though Albert might like to comment.

Magda Hassan
06-24-2012, 03:42 AM
Found the rest of the movie here http://www.onlinemoviebuzz.com/2011/11/jimi-hendrix-the-last-24-hours/

Albert Doyle
06-25-2012, 03:18 PM
Alex Constantine was the first to put it all together correctly. His Hendrix murder writing was only one chapter in a multi-chapter book on other covert rock murders though, so he wasn't as in-depth as he could have been. Alex is the thin blonde guy in the full video.

I'm currently involved in research on this. The friends of Hendrix in the first few minutes of the "part 1" video don't realize that Jimi was voicing concern over threats Michael Jeffery had made to him. They don't understand the full background so they say "Jimi had a premonition of his death". Well, if you can call Jeffery kidnapping him and threatening to kill him "premonition," OK.

Jimi was a pure artist with his head in his art all the time. He wasn't the type who would respond with legal defense etc. It wouldn't matter anyway because Michael Jeffery was MI-6 and was immune from any legal action against him - which is why Scotland Yard ignored everything you see shown in these videos. Nobody suspected the Kennedy Assassination-like intrigue behind Jimi's death. These Hendrix rock hippies were like lambs being led to CIA slaughter. Jimi too...

Phil Dragoo
06-26-2012, 03:01 AM
We went to see him at the Indianapolis State Fair Coliseum May 11, 1969.

He was the fastest guitar I would ever see.

Members of the audience kept coming to the foot of the stage to snap their flashcubes.

He asked that they not, and when they continued, dedicated the next song to, "some people who never learn."

Voodoo Child and lights up and Satini the little liquid gypsy from Boulder announced she was headed to that peculiar pilgrimage.

And appeared the next day with an interesting story of some lovely parting gifts.

An event between the Nixon Counterinnaugural in DC January 19, and SDS Days of Rage Chicago October 8-11.

What evil to take a talent like that, who could energize a crowd, or perhaps a generation, then, having extracted the better part of the gate, dispatch him in a cowardly way.

The second half of the movie is a Dangerous Page.


Albert Doyle
06-26-2012, 03:45 AM
You're lucky Phil.

The long and the short of it is Michael Jeffery was MI-6. He found himself in a prime infiltration spot for the 60's as Jimi's manager. I have good reason to believe Jeffery was accessed by intel and couldn't say no. When Jimi fired him his decision was forced. Jeffery reverted back to his intel training and you know the rest from there.

Albert Doyle
07-02-2012, 08:16 PM
Just to prove how under the grip of intel propaganda and evil Wikipedia is they just updated their Monika Dannemann entry to include the pure crap Caesar Glebbeek offered in his publication 'Until We Meet Again'. If you scroll up in this thread you can see I've already torn it apart. I have even more information I can't release just now that even further disproves it. Caesar thinks he scored a coup with his rigor mortis and lividity arguments. I can say I've spoken to several top US forensic experts and they said Caesar's arguments are laughable and don't comprise anything close to the conclusive evidence he claims they are. We've pretty much already shown Jimi was dead for hours simply because the crew members who cleaned the flat would not have let Jimi choke to death next to them if he were still alive. Caesar, being the god-damned ultimate liar he is, simply says the clean-up never happened. That's ridiculous because anyone who has studied this case knows it's confessed fact that the crew members and Eric Burdon cleaned the flat for 5 hours before calling the ambulance. I'll reveal the reason for the lack of rigor mortis in a future work. It's bizarre but credible.

Please note how that evil liar Caesar has now changed the history to Jimi still being alive at the hospital (Monika's self-serving version). I can show you tapes where Dr Seifert says "Jimi was definitely dead when we received him". There are books quoting Dr Seifert as saying the monitor was flat-lining as soon as we put Jimi on it. Dr Bannister is quoted as saying Jimi's cheek linings were cyanosed (blackened), indicating a period of death prior to admission. A new surprise witness, Australian Green party Senator Bob Brown, who was an intern like Bannister back then, said "Jimi was obviously beyond medical remedy when he arrived". Brown also made another comment last month saying "Jimi had obviously been dead for hours when he arrived". Yet, despite all this, Wikipedia chooses to post Caesar's lies, even though they are obviously untrue and easily disproven by the known facts. The way Caesar deals with all these conflicting facts is by ignoring them. He deals with Dr Bannister through sleazy defamation.

Here you have proof of Wikipedia's evil service to intel. Read it and you'll see they present Caesar's bogus arguments as confirmed and credible, even though they say they depend on "reliable sources" (Caesar Glebbeek "reliable"???)



Albert Doyle
07-10-2012, 05:54 PM
Wikipedia Posthumous Assassination of Jimi Hendrix

Early on September 18, 1970, Jimi Hendrix died in London. He had spent the latter part of the previous evening at a party and was picked up at close to 3:00 by girlfriend Monika Dannemann (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/wiki/Monika_Dannemann) and driven to her flat at the Samarkand (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/wiki/Samarkand) Hotel, 22 Lansdowne Crescent (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/wiki/Lansdowne_Crescent,_London), Notting Hill (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/wiki/Notting_Hill). From autopsy data and statements by friends about the evening of September 17, it has been estimated that he died sometime after 3:00, possibly before 4:00, but also possibly later, though no estimate was made at the autopsy, or inquest.[158] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-157)
Dannemann claimed in her original testimony that after they returned to her lodgings the evening before, Hendrix, unknown to her, had taken nine of her prescribed Vesparax (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/wiki/Vesparax) sleeping pills. The normal medical dose was a half to one tablet as stated in the literature, but Hendrix was unfamiliar with this very strong Belgian brand. According to surgeon John Bannister, the doctor who initially attended to him, Hendrix had asphyxiated (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/wiki/Asphyxia) in his own vomit, mainly red wine which had filled his airways.[159] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-158) Bannister's statement was made in January 1992 to Harry Shapiro, co-author of Electric Gypsy, a book which also featured accusations of malpractice by Monika Dannemann in regards to Bannister's not performing a tracheotomy on Hendrix. He appears to have been using the amount of wine in his system as a reason for not performing a tracheotomy. He was reprimanded for two counts of medical malpractice, and struck off the medical register on April 28, 1992 for fraud.[160] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-159) No one else at the time, the other two doctors, the ambulance men, or the police mentioned wine. The only mention of wine was by Monika much earlier, in Electric Gypsy (which Bannister had read), and that Hendrix had drunk some with food earlier that evening and also by Harvey at his, again, much earlier party, which were both several hours prior to death. The autopsy found very little alcohol in his system. The autopsy never mentioned wine, only vomited matter.[161] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-160)
Until her death, Dannemann publicly claimed that she had only discovered that her lover had been sick at 11:00 am, but he was breathing, though unconscious and unresponsive (The ambulance was called at 11:18 and arrived 11:27). She also stated that Hendrix was alive when placed in the back of the ambulance at approximately 11:30, and that she rode with him on the way to the hospital.[162] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-161)
The ambulance crew later denied she was even there; additionally, Dannemann's comments about the timing of some events that morning often differed in places, varying from interview to interview.[163] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-162)
Police and ambulance statements reveal that there was no one but Hendrix in the flat when they arrived at 11:27 am, and not only was he dead when they arrived on the scene, but was fully clothed and had been dead for some time.[164] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-163)
Later, Dannemann claimed that former road managers Gerry Stickels and Eric Barrett had been present before the ambulance was called.[citation needed (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/wiki/Wikipedia:Citation_needed)] and had removed some of Hendrix's possessions, including some of his most recent messages. Lyrics written by Hendrix, which were found in the apartment, led Eric Burdon (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/wiki/Eric_Burdon) to make a premature announcement on the BBC-TV program 24 Hours that he believed Hendrix had committed suicide. Burdon often claimed he had been telephoned by Dannemann after she discovered that Hendrix failed to wake up.[165] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-164)
In 1996, Monika Dannemann committed suicide shortly after being found guilty of contempt of court for repeating a libel against Kathy Etchingham, who had been a girlfriend of Hendrix in the 1960s.[166] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-165)
Allegations of murder

A former Animals (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/wiki/The_Animals) "roadie", James "Tappy" Wright, published a book in May 2009 claiming Hendrix's manager, Mike Jeffery, admitted to him that he had Hendrix killed because the rock star wanted to end his management contract.[167] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-166) John Bannister, one of the doctors who attended to him in 1970 stated in 2009 that it "sounded plausible".[168] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-Hoyle-167) Bannister was struck off the Medical register in 1992 for fraud.[168] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-Hoyle-167) In 2011 Bob Levine, Wright's long term business associate and Mike Jeffery's assistant manager in N.Y., said he knows that Wright made up these stories to sell his book, that Jeffery didn't have insurance on Hendrix, but that he merely countersigned the Warner Bros. policy that Warner's had taken out as standard practice.[169] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-168)
"There was a freak storm across Mallorca and all the phone lines were down. Somebody told Mike that Jimi had been trying to phone him. The first call that got through was to say Jimi was dead. Mike was terribly upset at the thought of Jimi not being able to get through to him." – Trixie Sullivan, secretary/assistant for Mike Jeffery[170] (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/#cite_note-169)

The Wikipedia entry on Hendrix's death is so inaccurate as to constitute legal complicity and accessory after the fact.

All the studied information proves Jimi was murdered close to 5:30am as the circumstantial and forensic evidence shows. After Scotland Yard asked London Coroner's Office Dr Crompton to evaluate the autopsy data he concluded Jimi died no later than 5:30am, according the whole grains of rice the original autopsist Dr Teare witnessed inside Jimi's stomach at autopsy.

This filthy Wikipedia entry ignores the fact a German reporter for the tabloid Bild interviewed Dannemann the next day and she admitted "I gave Jimi the pills". So while Wikipedia enters information to show Jimi did not know the strength of the pills they ignore the fact that they were given to him by a person who did. A person who is on record as lying about it afterwards. Wikipedia chooses to repeat the lies in a way that drastically distorts context.

Dr Bannister was clear in his public statements that Jimi Hendrix did not choke on vomit but instead was drowned in a large volume of red wine. Whoever created this Wikipedia entry was careful to render Dr Bannister's statement in a way that confuses context. If you read this carefully, when the matter comes down to deciding, Wikipedia quickly switches to a crass defamation of Dr Bannister saying he was struck-off the medical register (had his medical license revoked) due to malpractice and fraud. This is patently false. I've investigated this action and it was based only on billing fraud. I've spoken to UK doctors who said Australia, because of its "transportation" exile background, punishes ethics violators more harshly than anywhere and if Dr Bannister committed his billing fraud in Britain he would have had his license back long ago. This is classic of persons who witness intel murders. Dr Bannister's defamation and delicensing is classic of the personal destruction aimed at intel political assassination witnesses, as is the Wikipedia use of this to avoid interpreting the meaning of what Dr Bannister witnessed. The added claim that no one else witnessed this wine but Dr Bannister is false and will be shown as such in a future work. Also Wikipedia ignores the fact Monika Dannemann told author Sharon Lawrence that she poured wine on Jimi's face.

Wikipedia claims that the autopsy found no wine inside Hendrix. In their rush to present crude denial Wikipedia neglects to realize there would be no wine found in Hendrix's lungs at the autopsy since Dr Bannister had suctioned it out in the emergency room. However the autopsist Dr Teare did note 400ml of "Free Fluid" in Hendrix's lung at the autopsy. This was, no doubt, remnant wine. The information Wikipedia offers is criminally misleading and false.

It is long proven that Monika Dannemann was outright lying about what happened. While this entry does point towards that it does so in a way that is way behind where most researchers are on this case. The last part is basically an admission that Monika was lying and Jimi was murdered, but the way it is written you would never know it and all the crap the preceded it in the entire entry deliberately creates the doubt that will used to avoid coming to the correct conclusions. What the last part is really saying is Monika was involved in Jimi's murder and lied about it and then ended up dead when it all came to a head.

In the "Murder Allegations" section they once again present the truth by mentioning Tappy Wright's admission, but, once again, they condition it with Dr Bannister's alleged lack of credibility.

They then quote Michael Jeffery employee Bob Levine as saying Tappy was making it up. First off, they forget the fact that all the forensic evidence backs Tappy Wright. What they don't tell you is in John Mc Dermott's 1992 book Setting The Record Straight that Levine made at least a half dozen comments casting serious suspicion on Michael Jeffery in relation to Hendrix's death. While Wikipedia uses Mr Levine's current statements to discredit Tappy Wright they omit that Levine admitted in Setting The Record Straight that the policy was a separate personal policy bought by Jeffery. Levine forgets that it was he himself who told McDermott he warned Jimi not to sign it because he had a bad feeling about it. It's common sense that the only reason Levine would warn Jimi against signing a policy with the shady, dangerous character Michael Jeffery is because Jeffery would kill Jimi and cash-in on the policy. Ask yourself what other reason would Levine warn Jimi not to sign? Levine goofily forgets that the Warner Brothers artists policy was issued in 1968. Levine himself provides the information that the personal policy in question was shown to him by Jimi in July 1970 in Hawaii. It had to be a second separate policy. Levine is foolish to not realize he wouldn't warn Jimi not to sign a Warner Brothers artists policy which was mandatory. No Levine's sudden amnesia is due to his close proximity and facilitation of Jeffery's mafia loans and money laundering. Wikipedia uses Levine as a credible source in discrediting Tappy Wright. What they fail to inform the reader of is Levine's denial of his own words as recorded in McDermott's Setting The Record Straight is condemning proof of Wright's veracity rather than the opposite. Even worse, I have personally seen a notarized document signed by Bob Levine where he recognizes what Tappy Wright wrote as being true and added "Thank God the truth has finally come out". None of this, of course, being made available to the public in the Wikipedia Jimi Hendrix 'Murder Allegations' section.

Lastly, Trixie Sullivan was a known Jeffery apologist. Her statement that Jeffery was in Majorca when Jimi died is so information-deficient as to be useless in disproving Jeffery's involvement. Jeffery was MI-6 and well-capable of being in London (only 2 hours away by jet) during Jimi's murder.

Once again, Wikipedia proves itself to be the willing assistants of perjurers and intel murderers in their disinformation against the helpless victims. (And don't miss Wikipedia's creating an entire section for Jimi's drug use and arrests right after)


Albert Doyle
08-12-2012, 04:46 PM
From around 46 minutes on Jim DiEugenio paints the picture of a classic COINTELPRO political assassination:


Magda Hassan
09-02-2012, 03:37 AM
A very interesting interview with Dick Cavett.

Lauren Johnson
09-02-2012, 04:53 AM

Albert Doyle
09-26-2014, 01:56 PM
I'm privy to inside information that a revelation will come out in November changing the face of the Hendrix assassination.

A friend of Jimi Hendrix witnessed something that will heavily reinforce the murder evidence we have been gathering. His book will come out in November.

David Andrews
10-01-2014, 07:20 PM
Just to prove how under the grip of intel propaganda and evil Wikipedia is they just updated their Monika Dannemann entry to include the pure crap Caesar Glebbeek offered in his publication 'Until We Meet Again'. If you scroll up in this thread you can see I've already torn it apart. I have even more information I can't release just now that even further disproves it. Caesar thinks he scored a coup with his rigor mortis and lividity arguments. I can say I've spoken to several top US forensic experts and they said Caesar's arguments are laughable and don't comprise anything close to the conclusive evidence he claims they are. We've pretty much already shown Jimi was dead for hours simply because the crew members who cleaned the flat would not have let Jimi choke to death next to them if he were still alive. Caesar, being the god-damned ultimate liar he is, simply says the clean-up never happened. That's ridiculous because anyone who has studied this case knows it's confessed fact that the crew members and Eric Burdon cleaned the flat for 5 hours before calling the ambulance. I'll reveal the reason for the lack of rigor mortis in a future work. It's bizarre but credible.

Please note how that evil liar Caesar has now changed the history to Jimi still being alive at the hospital (Monika's self-serving version). I can show you tapes where Dr Seifert says "Jimi was definitely dead when we received him". There are books quoting Dr Seifert as saying the monitor was flat-lining as soon as we put Jimi on it. Dr Bannister is quoted as saying Jimi's cheek linings were cyanosed (blackened), indicating a period of death prior to admission. A new surprise witness, Australian Green party Senator Bob Brown, who was an intern like Bannister back then, said "Jimi was obviously beyond medical remedy when he arrived". Brown also made another comment last month saying "Jimi had obviously been dead for hours when he arrived". Yet, despite all this, Wikipedia chooses to post Caesar's lies, even though they are obviously untrue and easily disproven by the known facts. The way Caesar deals with all these conflicting facts is by ignoring them. He deals with Dr Bannister through sleazy defamation.

Here you have proof of Wikipedia's evil service to intel. Read it and you'll see they present Caesar's bogus arguments as confirmed and credible, even though they say they depend on "reliable sources" (Caesar Glebbeek "reliable"???)



Did Eric Burdon ever comment on why he and others cleaned up Hendrix's apartment while he lay dead, and why it took so long? I understand the logical reasons: however, a dead man's reputation would not withstand a toxicology report (if drugs were being searched out in the rooms and flushed), plus such an operation should not take five hours in an apartment.

Albert Doyle
10-02-2014, 02:41 AM
No. He realized he said too much in his 1986 autobiography I Used To Be An Animal But I'm All Right Now when he admitted Monika called him at 6am. So in his 2001 book Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood he changed his story to getting to the Samarkand Hotel just in time to see the lights of the ambulance pulling away. If you check the timeline of this event that was 11:30am according to the ambulance records. By doing that Burdon was keeping himself safe from explaining what really happened for the five and a half hours prior.

I've done extensive research on this. The getting rid of the drugs before the police came was a cover story invented for the sole purpose of establishing an alibi to cover up the real reason. The Samarkand efficiency flat was small and Jimi probably had a small stash of hashish and maybe some cocaine. Any stash he had there could be gotten out of the flat in 10 minutes. The 5 hours was obviously a panicked time period where the witnesses cleaned up evidence of what really happened and allowed the perpetrators time to get away. People have observed very little common sense on this. It's fairly simple. If Jimi died from a drug overdose they would have reacted faster and at least tried to save him. Monika had a car so they would have either driven him to a hospital or at least made an effort to save him. It is painfully obvious that the reason this wasn't done is because the participants had knowledge that Jimi was murdered and was murdered by dangerous people that needed to be covered up because they had direct knowledge of who it was and were in a dangerous position themselves.

This is something that I would seriously doubt Scotland Yard would not be able to detect. Scotland Yard knew because Michael Jeffery was MI-6. It explains the whole lack of any serious investigation. Scotland Yard is a criminal accomplice in this matter and should be tried as so. This was a COINTELPRO political assassination carried out by CIA under Nixon. You know, the same old crew that killed Kennedy.

Charles Keeble
10-09-2014, 04:38 PM
I first encountered this thread whenever it was that I briefly encountered DPF and read some stuff here, which must have been early 2011. I read just a few comments and bailed.

When it popped up again, I read the whole thing, and it really put my stomach in turmoil and left me pacing about the house for close to three days (28th-30th). I knew intuitively that there was more going on than just a tragic accident gone awry, but was entirely unaware of the venality and brutality involved.

Albert, I agree with everything you've said here, especially comment #43.

I'm not at all sure why reading this has affected me so intensely, but I'll try to explain.

My first encounter with JH's music would have been hearing stuff like Fire, Foxey Lady, and so forth played on the radio when I was about 4-7.

Next would have been at around age 9, when I snuck into my older sister's room and put her copy of Electric Ladyland on our parents "Horrend-O-Phonic" record player. I got through maybe 15 seconds of "And the Gods Made Love", and took it off thinking "What the hell is this?" (Yes, I distinctly remember this, and the same thing happened with GD's "Live Dead" that day)

The first day of my freshman year in high school, I walked into my "Fantasy and Science Fiction" elective class, and sat down behind a senior, who knowing absolutely nothing about me, turned around, gave me one the most penetrating looks I've ever encountered, and said "You need to listen to 'Axis: Bold As Love'" Huh? Within a few weeks, I bought a copy with money from doing chores (mow the lawn $2), and the whole thing just wiped me out. Went back and listened to Electric Ladyland, and hmmm... something in ME has changed drastically, because now I can't get enough of it. I suppose what had changed is I'd been learning to play two instruments for a few years right then. Clarinet, which I stopped playing by the end of the year, and Bb fife, which I've been playing off and on for nearly 42 years now. A few years later when I was first learning guitar (haven't played in 17 years), I put a pickup on a 1931 National Duolian, put it in open-E tuning, laid a Barcus Berry amp on it's back, put the National on top, and putzed around with the idea of playing a slide + feedback rendition of the Woodstock version of "Star Spangled Banner". It sorta worked.

"Voodoo Chile" (side 1) and side 3 of Electric Ladyland became my favorites and got played endlessly until I got a copy of "The Cry of Love" my senior year, which became and has remained my favorite ever since. _SO_ glad that's recently re-released on CD since I stupidly sold my LP around 93 and discovered I couldn't find it on CD. Second favorite "Rainbow Bridge" also _finally_ on CD. Got both on the 16th. I've been furiously listening to all sorts of JH since early September in anticipation, and listening to a lesser extent since the PBS special last November.

I ended up collecting everything I could find. As far as I can tell, the only two LPs I've never owned are "Crash Landing" and at "At His Best Vol. 4", which I never found. Have loads of bootlegs and so on.

Some of his lyrics really spooked the hell out of some of the spookier spooks out there.

That's enough. I'm pacing again. What a sick stinky world of damn near exclusively deception we have. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Not so much the "Third Stone From The Sun" as it is the fourth dingleberry from Uranus.

Up From The Skies

Albert Doyle
10-09-2014, 06:19 PM
That's what kills me, if the brain power aimed at the Kennedy assassination were focused on the Hendrix assassination it would have been solved decades ago because it is actually a much simpler case with much more pregnant evidence. Jimi suffers from being the victim of his own greatness. He's giant enough that he's dangerous but the tendency to deny black people justice also extends to him so he suffers the worst of both worlds. Because of this the authorities have gotten away with angling the mirrors just right to cover up a political assassination.

Next month this thing is going to have a shocking revelation that will show undoubtable proof that Jimi was killed by covert operation (as if it wasn't obvious enough already).

Albert Doyle
10-19-2014, 07:01 PM
CNN's John Blake has put out an allegedly favorable article on Jimi Hendrix's blackness and how the African American community is finally coming around to recognizing Jimi's status as a black person. On the surface you might think CNN is doing a nice favorable article about Hendrix trying to advance his reputation. However persons with deeper political knowledge will see what CNN is actually doing. Remember, CNN is the organization that put out the pro-Warren Report coverage on the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination.

CNN uses Hendrix author Charles Cross, who wrote the book Room Full Of Mirrors, as a base for the article. What the public is dangerously ignorant of is that Charles Cross went out of his way to make it look like inbred psychological flaws from Jimi's dysfunctional family and childhood led directly to his reckless use of drugs that eventually caused his death. When viewed through a deep political filter it becomes clear that the cursory biography Cross produced in 2005 was a disinformation work whose sole purpose was to counter the emerging controversy over his death. I'm a Hendrix expert, so, trust me, Cross is doing this. The murder controversy had been out for at least 12 years before Cross released his book yet he never mentions a single word about it in Room Full Of Mirrors. Cross wrote the book at the height of Bush's War On Terror campaigns in the Middle East. The anti-war counterculture figure Hendrix was on FBI's Security Index when he was alive. Cross researched obscure Army psychological records saying Jimi claimed he was gay. CNN bannered this claim and Cross' book for the months following. Smart people will ask why Seattle Intelligencer reporter Cross could manage to find private obscure army records but not manage to find the serious controversy over Jimi's death that had been out in public for over a decade?

I'm a Hendrix expert so I can see what Cross is doing. Unfortunately, most of the public can't. If you read Room Full Of Mirrors you'll see Cross went out of his way to interview people who he thought could verify Jimi nearly choking in his sleep while on drugs. Smart people will realize Cross must have gone out and asked Hendrix friends "Did you ever see Jimi choking in his sleep while on drugs?" He finally got some Hendrix friends to admit they had to assist Jimi during a night time case of drug exacerbated apnea. Having gotten what he was looking for Cross then came to the conclusion that the night Jimi died he had a similar case of drug-induced apnea that killed him. Cross failed to mention that on the night he died a doctor witnessed Jimi's lungs and stomach drowned in an usually large amount of wine. Something that didn't occur during those other apnea events.

If you read Room Full Of Mirrors you'll see Cross covered Jimi's death in all of one page, coming to the conclusion that psychological flaws implanted in Jimi from his youth led directly to the drug recklessness that killed him that night. You have be a top Hendrix expert to see the self-revealing move Cross makes next. In his faulty summation Cross adds that he surmises Monika Dannemann took one of the super-powerful pills at 4am and slept through the whole choking on vomit death scene. Cross says that he has sleuthed this conclusion out from the evidence, suggesting that Monika did not want to admit she failed to help Jimi. I've done enough research on this that I can say with authority that not only was this medically impossible but Cross was using it as a disinformation device by which to avoid analyzing what actually did occur during his suggested sleeping period for Dannemann. Yes, that is what I am saying, is that Cross uses this impossible suggestion deliberately in order to get around having to tell the truth he is aware of. He's lying to his readers and his mission is to misinform the public on how Jimi died.

You have to realize Cross is a reporter for a major newspaper. From his professional background there is absolutely no excuse for his not doing the hour's worth of reading it would have taken to discover that Monika not only could not have taken the sleeping pill he suggests but that she could not have been asleep during that critical 2 hour period from 4am to 6am. The recent Hendrix movie All Is By My Side was sued by Hendrix girlfriend Kathy Etchingham becuase it showed scenes of drug abuse and violence that Etchingham said never happened. The film maker admitted the scenes came from Cross' book. When approached Cross apologized saying he had not thoroughly researched enough. Cross was caught trying to accent typical defamation character flaws. Other Hendrix experts have commented that they couldn't figure out the purpose of Cross' book. That it emphasized Jimi's childhood but ignored his fame years. The reason for that is because Cross needed to contrive childhood psychological flaws in his disinformation build-up to Jimi's death. The reason he omitted the fame years is because those years were the years involving Jimi's manager Michael Jeffery and the motives for Jeffery's murder of Jimi. Those other experts sense there's something wrong with Cross. What they don't realize is the diabolical reason behind Cross' effort. When you view Room Full Of Mirrors through the deep politics filter of a Gerald Posner CIA writer trying to do damage control for the emerging evidence for Jimi's murder it all snaps in to place.

It's really crazy because most Hendrix fans come from a background where they aren't familiar with deep politics and covert intrigue. Cross is praised by these people because they like any kind of Hendrix work. Cross is not subjected to any kind of informational peer pressure. No one asks why he omitted the controversy over Jimi's murder? If you look at some of the Facebook pages of Jimi's main friends and even family members Cross is a snug member in their "friends" window. A real Judas having penetrated deep in.

John Blake's CNN article allegedly doing tribute to Hendrix has Cross as a main spokesperson, just like the CNN productions on Kennedy have notorious government apologists as their main spokespeople. Cross is being normalized and subtly legitimatized with the public. Towards the end Blake mentions in two sentences that Jimi took a drug overdose and choked on his own vomit.

The CNN article is just fake chocolate cake designed to throw sweet, covertly-masked poison to the great unwashed of the Hendrix community in order to place layers of inert filler between Jimi and the evidence for his murder.

There is no comments section in the CNN article:


Peter Lemkin
10-20-2014, 04:46 AM
Read Alex Constantine's The Covert War Against Rock......it wasn't just Hendrix.....it was many, many musicians that the 'Borg' felt challenged their control of society - or that their deaths could be used to control it. John Lennon was clearly another...but the list is long...... Mae Brussell was probably the first to note this and speak about it publicly.

Albert Doyle
10-20-2014, 01:53 PM
Constantine was one of the first sources that influenced me when I first found out about this in 2009. However if you read my last post I believe Charles Cross is an un-outed live CIA disinformation op. He's an active Gerald Posner aimed at Hendrix by CIA whom the Hendrix community is not educated enough in deep politics to detect. It was the education I received from this site and others that allowed me to detect the sure signs of an intel writer seeking to divert the public away from evidence of covert murder. DiEugenio's deft detection of intel writers and media spooks helped me detect what Cross is doing. If the evidence for Jimi's murder wasn't enough on its own this evidence of a government disinformation campaign over his death using covert writers most certainly is.

Albert Doyle
10-29-2014, 09:22 PM
While Jimi's brother Leon is touring Australia the Telegraph decided to celebrate his visit by issuing this filthy disinformation piece suggesting Jimi was a depressed member of the 27 Club vulnerable to suicide. It's a real insult being added to injury since the doctor who witnessed Jimi being drowned in wine, and therefore murdered, is a citizen of Sydney, the same home town as the quack Australian psychologist, Dianna Kenny, who authored the work. The article mentions not one word about the murder evidence that contradicts the content matter:


Call me paranoid, but I check for Hendrix articles every day and this Guardian article did not appear in my Google search until after the comments were closed. Guardian reporter Ed Vulliamy lived on the London street Jimi was murdered on at the time. Because of that he is the Guardian reporter who regularly reports on Hendrix. In this fecal splattering of Hendrix, via an article on the new Hendrix film, Vulliamy adds at the end:

Back home, I changed into all white and waited for cover of darkness to go round to 22 Lansdowne Crescent, where Hendrix had died in the basement, swallowing vomit after a night out with wine, amphetamines and a German girl called Monika.

Vulliamy can get away with saying Jimi had "a night out with wine" because Jimi did partake in some wine at Phillip Harvey's townhouse in Marylebone, London, but that was between 7 and 10pm - many hours before. The 5mg blood alcohol content recorded at Jimi's autopsy falls right in line with Jimi digesting the wine he drank at Harvey's down to the 5mg found at autopsy. Famous London Corner's Office pathologist Dr Rufus Crompton examined Jimi's autopsy sheets for Scotland Yard in 1993, coming to the conclusion that Jimi died around 5:30am. The 5mg blood alcohol content found at autopsy is right in line with Jimi digesting the wine he drank 7 hours earlier down to the 5mg found at his autopsy. According to forensic science this proves that the wine Jimi drank that night had nothing to do with his death even though the media insists on suggesting it did.

Vulliamy commits media fraud by not sharing these details with his readers. To this day Scotland Yard has never given credible notice to this condemning evidence.

Here's Vulliamy's false praise article that compliments Jimi for changing the sound of music at a world level but then turns around and sells him to the devil on his murder:



Albert Doyle
02-18-2015, 11:15 PM
Wikipedia banned me because I wrote on the "Talk" page hidden behind the article that there was actually good evidence Michael Jeffery murdered Jimi Hendrix contrary to what the article writers were saying. An uber moderator swooped in and accused me of violating the Wikipedia Defamation Of Living Persons Policy and said I would be banned. I protested in an appeal that I was banned unfairly since Michael Jeffery had been dead since 1973. Also I was the leading Talk Page member who guided the page towards its final present content and helped change the previously inaccurate content. This is the response I got from the Wikipedia moderator:

I am declining your unblock request because it does not address the reason for your block, or because it is inadequate for other reasons. To be unblocked, you must convince the reviewing administrator(s) that either the block is not necessary to prevent damage or disruption to Wikipedia, or that the block is no longer necessary because you understand what you have been blocked for, will not continue to cause damage or disruption, and will make useful contributions instead.

Please read Wikipedia's Guide to appealing blocks (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:GAB) for more information.

King of Hearts
English Wikipedia Administrator

Magda Hassan
02-19-2015, 12:26 AM
Wikipedia banned me because I wrote on the "Talk" page hidden behind the article that there was actually good evidence Michael Jeffery murdered Jimi Hendrix contrary to what the article writers were saying. An uber moderator swooped in and accused me of violating the Wikipedia Defamation Of Living Persons Policy and said I would be banned. I protested in an appeal that I was banned unfairly since Michael Jeffery had been dead since 1973.

::face.palm:: Looks like Wiki just can't admit they are wrong...Or maybe just want to reinvent the Truth.

David Guyatt
02-19-2015, 08:19 AM
More like they appoint moderators who have a suitable agenda and won't permit anything except the official explanation. In other words the usual story these days.

Albert Doyle
02-19-2015, 04:12 PM
I think it is actionable and they should be sued for it. They offer a plea for public input and then practice methods that would be considered violations of public conduct in any other case.

The failed ex-porno film-maker Jimmy Wales then asks for donations on top of it!

Here's an excerpt from the Michael Jeffery "Talk" page:

WP:UNDUE (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:UNDUE)[edit (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Michael_Jeffery_(manager)&action=edit&section=5)]

It'd be a shame if the unproven and unprovable murder allegation overwhelmed this article. I recognise that BLP is not a factor here but WP:NPOV (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:NPOV) definitely is. --John (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:John) (talk (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:John)) 22:51, 20 February 2014 (UTC)
I came across this article yesterday having GA reviewed Canadian drug charges and trial of Jimi Hendrix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_drug_charges_and_trial_of_Jimi_Hendrix) and remarked that while getting articles to GA and FA is great, sometimes it might be preferable to have a better average quality of articles on a topic, and cited this and Chas Chandler (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chas_Chandler) as examples. I'm sure the regular Hendrix editors can whip this into shape - I personally don't have any decent sources to hand. Ritchie333 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Ritchie333) (talk) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Ritchie333) (cont) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Ritchie333) 09:44, 21 February 2014 (UTC)Jeffrey was an elusive figure that the reliable Hendrix sources don't say much about. Its my understanding that there are only a few pictures of him and that most of his life is shrouded in mystery if not myth. Based on the little that I do know about him, I seriously doubt that this article could be expanded to GA level, but the nonsense about his having murdered Hendrix is at best a matter for WP:FRINGE (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:FRINGE). GabeMc (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:GabeMc) (talk (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:GabeMc)|contribs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/GabeMc)) 19:38, 15 March 2014 (UTC)I wasn't thinking of even going that far - just C class would do for now. Ritchie333 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Ritchie333) (talk) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Ritchie333) (cont) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Ritchie333) 07:42, 19 March 2014 (UTC)

The first editor calls the murder claim unprovable. Not true. This kind of one-line doubt is all Wikipedia needs to establish the anti-murder bias and norm.

GabeMc is a regular. He calls the murder evidence "nonsense" and once again establishes the phony rules-skewed censorship of information that supports that oppressive view. I'm sure if you investigated GabeMc he would be of the same type as the Cuban posting in favor of McAdams.

Of course it would be a shame if a man who single-handedly represents a symbol of government murder and cover-up was known for his single-most important act. Gee, the next thing you know is people will be ganging-up on Judas and defaming him.


Albert Doyle
05-14-2015, 01:47 PM
The Hendrix estate, that is run under Janie Hendrix, has finally given the green light to a major Hendrix biopic. The company will allow use of Jimi's music - an essential part of any Hendrix production that was previously denied to other productions up to now.

The movie will be directed by British director Paul Greengrass. Janie Hendrix is notorious for running Jimi Hendrix in a corporate manner. Of course, being the first major company-backed film, how it portrays Jimi's death will be an important influence on how that event is viewed. The choice of Greengrass is, unfortunately, not promising considering how he was the director for 2 pro-US propaganda films already, 'United 93' and 'Captain Phillips'. 'United 93' was a propaganda film designed to show how the passengers became heroes, crashing the plane before it could hit Washington. The real truth is Flight 93 was shot down and covered-up. 'Captain Phillips' is a gung-ho movie designed to condition the public to special ops forces killing enemies. You can almost be certain this new biopic will cover Jimi's death by showing the official lie of overdosing and choking on vomit.

When I posted this on the Rolling Stone website it was deleted. Rolling Stone, owned by Time Warner corporation, did an issue in November 2010 where it put Jimi's face on the cover and wrote about the last months of his life. Even though this was only 18 months after Tappy Wright admitted Jimi's manager Michael Jeffery confessed he had murdered Jimi this issue totally ignored it, mentioning Jimi did heroin and died of a barbiturate overdose. Warner Brothers was the company that Michael Jeffery used to produce Jimi Hendrix.

The screenplay will be written by Scott Silver. His credits include 'Godzilla'. God knows what kind of scrutiny or oversight will be applied to him.

The corporate murderers who killed Jimi and covered it up need to conveniently hide their murder so it doesn't get in the way of more profits from their victim. Jimi has become an obstacle to their interests.

Albert Doyle
07-18-2015, 06:09 PM
The Death Of Jimi Hendrix Wikipedia page "Talk" section drew this response from an obvious political poster trying to discourage coverage of Jimi's murder:

{ There is a long article on Jimi Hendrix, which covers his death. There is really no need for a separate article. No matter how famous or "great" he was, Hendrix was just a musician with a short career, and then died. His death was not historically significant, like that of Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy. The world went on as before. If there are questions about the death itself, okay, put that in a section of the main article. This article is far too long and smacks of fan worship or controversy for its own sake. He took drugs. he died. That's the whole story, isn't it?Chagallophile (https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Chagallophile&action=edit&redlink=1) (talk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Chagallophile)) 22:52, 21 April 2015 (UTC)Yes, there is a reason; the main article already exceeds WP:SIZE (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:SIZE), and uses Summary style (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:SS). SandyGeorgia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:SandyGeorgia) (Talk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:SandyGeorgia)) 21:46, 22 April 2015 (UTC)But is the death of Jimi Hendrix itself so important it is worthy of a separate article? If so, why?Chagallophile (https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Chagallophile&action=edit&redlink=1) (talk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Chagallophile)) 22:56, 22 April 2015 (UTC)
Hopefully you are familiar with WP:N (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:N); if not, then perhaps it is best not to add tags to articles that have been vetted in a review process to define Wikipedia's finest work (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:FA). SandyGeorgia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:SandyGeorgia) (Talk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:SandyGeorgia)) 23:01, 22 April 2015 (UTC)@Chagallophile (https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Chagallophile&action=edit&redlink=1): I was going to say "yes" it's worthy but, I just noticed Joplin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janis_Joplin#Death) has just a section, I think both deaths are equally notable, maybe Hendrix just has more information. Also, we should have this discussion in one place (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Jimi_Hendrix#Death_of_Jimi_Hendrix_article_me rge) Mlpearc (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Mlpearc) (open channel (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Mlpearc)) 23:59, 22 April 2015 (UTC) }

The poster Chagallophile is an obvious neo-con op trying to dismiss the importance of Jimi's death and its true interpretation. He gives no recognition to the controversy and then adds the insultingly stupid comment that Jimi did drugs and died of them and it is really that simple. Never does the rules-strangled Wikipedia ever reflect that part of the reason why contemptuous posters like Chagallophile get away with their stupidly short-sighted opinions is because Wikipedia's deliberate information-denying coverage has created a deficient viewpoint on the matter. The article actually gets way too little attention and is not appreciated for its true significance. By the way, it isn't accurate that Jimi died of drugs. He was murdered. To add insult to injury I think the moderator Sandy refers to this crap article as "one of Wikipedia's finest works".

I remain banned from Wikipedia for daring utter "There's actually good evidence that Michael Jeffery murdered Jimi Hendrix" on the "Talk" page in front of the great Machiavellian rules authoritarians.


Albert Doyle
10-10-2016, 10:05 PM
Further back in this thread I posted a long refutation of European Hendrix archivist Caesar Glebbeek's publication 'Until We Meet Again'. Glebbeek was spurred by Hendrix co-manager Tappy Wright's book and its claim that Tappy overheard Jimi's main manager Michael Jeffery confess to murdering Jimi. Glebbeek tried to use his noted Hendrix expertise to disprove Wright's claim.

My lengthy rebuttal thoroughly refuted Glebbeek and has drawn the attention of many persons who agree with its conclusions. However Glebbeek wrote his work in a way that culminated in another Hendrix co-manager being quoted saying "The murder theories were all bullshit".

I managed to catch up to that co-manager, 88 year old Bob Levine, in his Palm Coast, Florida nursing home this February. Most reading this probably aren't aware that Glebbeek had persuaded a large majority of Hendrix fans that Jimi wasn't murdered and that Bob Levine was on his side that the claim was nonsense. Levine had unfortunately been duped into making that comment by a Daily News reporter and by music journalist Joe Bosso, however it was right after he had been misinformed about the situation by out of context information. After several years of meeting with Bob and having lengthy discussions about the evidence Bob eventually came around and told me "I guess Jimi was murdered. You should bring your evidence to the FBI." If you go to Google you'll see the media has carefully kept the misquotes of Levine at the top and hasn't bothered to post his real feelings. The readers should know that Bob had gone to lengths to discuss Michael Jeffery's suspicious relationship to Jimi's death in the 1992 book 'Setting The Record Straight' by John McDermott. Somehow the Daily News, Joe Bosso, and Glebbeek all managed to overlook that in their attempts to make Levine look like he didn't believe in the murder claim.

Here is what Bob Levine really thinks:


Albert Doyle
03-09-2017, 06:28 AM
Further back in this thread I pointed out how 60's Rolling Stone Magazine rock journalist Sheila Weller wrote an article in CIA and Ben Bradlee-associated Vanity Fair Magazine outlining Jimi Hendrix's alleged homosexual tendencies. That article came shortly after the explosive revelation that Jimi had been murdered by his MI-6 manager Michael Jeffery. Instead of doing an article on Jimi's murder Weller wrote a weird piece listing Jimi's specific feminine qualities. This kind of article is classic CIA psychological warfare against one of their COINTELPRO targets. Intel never forgets.

I confronted Shelia on this on her Facebook page and she ignored it but only after saying she looked in to the murder claim and it was bullshit.

With this in mind I think Deep Politics people might be interested in this posting on Sheila's Facebook page:

" Julian Assange is a traitor, a coward, an opportunist, a paid agent of Russia, and a cynical thug. We are not living in a real -- responsible, sobersided, ethical, risk-weighing,patriotic --- democracy -- and this turn of events is courtesy of ONE of the two parties, shockingly ends-justify-means and corrupt.. We are close to living in Medieval England where kings beheaded people for sport, revenge, and petty disloyalty and in North Korea, where the terrified, uninformed masses support the scary despot because they have been brainwashed.

I am not a purist in that regard. Maybe it is an unpopular opinion for a social liberal, but I want a strong, competent US intelligences agency. I have long kidded but meant it that if it meant preventing another 9.11, the govt could read my completely irrelevant emails. I think -- I iknow from talking to CIA officers, one major one -- that their jobs have been made much harder by all the cyber.

makes Snowden far more heroic than he deserves to be presented) he is spurred to activism by the knowedge that the CIA can monitor citizens through their TVs. I guess I have moral failings for not precisely believing this or not being bothered by it. I worry more that my banjk account, such as it is!, can be hacked. And that when I was identity-thefted 4 years ago for 2 straight years the IRS was completely helpless in doing anythng about it and I was in a state of anxiety with no recourse all that time.

Yes, this honestly all scares me more than the CIA being able to turn on my TV. ** What scared me was -- way back in 1994! -- the National Enquirer had me follwoed when I was reporting my OJ book. And they paid off a telephone opertor in the hotel I was staying at near the Browns; house in Laguna and had her listen in on my conversations with my secret source and later the case's star witness and with my book editor.

Silicon Valley is doing this, not the CIA. Am I right, Susan Hasler (https://www.facebook.com/susan.hasler.1?hc_location=ufi)? Or am I wrong? (And sorry for dragging you in. Bow out if you want. But you are one of my two major CIA FB Friends.) "

Albert Doyle
03-22-2017, 04:57 PM
This "Reelz" cable TV channel program is an obvious CIA hit piece designed to counter the evidence we've been gathering for Jimi's COINTELPRO assassination. They hired a Florida panhandle forensic pathologist to say Jimi died of Pulmonary Edema (pneumonia-like drowning of the lungs with Oedemic fluid). The Florida Panhandle is a CIA/military-infested location. There are literally too many mistruths, deliberate avoidance of evidence, and inaccuracies to list however Dr Hunter's CIA lie that Jimi died of Pulmonary Edema can be quickly shot down by looking at the Vesparax barbiturate's pharmacological description. If you read the literature on Vesparax like I have you'll see the manufacturer included an anti-histamine in the drug exactly to prevent such fluid build up. It's right there in both the autopsy and drug listing for Vesparax and Hunter never mentions it while pretending to do an examination of Jimi's death. Dr Hunter also failed to mention the attending doctor's name. The reason he never mentions Dr Bannister or bothered to call him is because he doesn't want anyone to look in to Dr Bannister's real statement where he more than makes clear that the fluid was definitely wine and not Oedemic fluid. Dr Hunter should have medical ethics violations charged against him because he knows there was way too much fluid to ever be from any Pulmonary Edema case. If you watch the program Hunter ignores the ambulance attendants' deposition where they said there was violent vomiting at the death scene. Such violent vomiting does not occur in Oedema cases. It does however occur as a violent counter-reaction to forced drowning. Hunter also ignored the criminal forensic evidence of Dr Bannister specifying sticky wine in Jimi's hair and on his clothing that definitely was not Oedemic fluid and was indeed criminal, situational forensic evidence of wine that was obviously spilled in the act of drowning Jimi. It is obvious to any intelligent person that the Reelz "Autopsy" program was a deliberately designed diversion into pseudo-professional concentration on just the autopsy in order to avoid how it connected to the rest of the criminal evidence. And they didn't even get the autopsy information right or show its most important facts. No legitimate forensic pathology examination of an autopsy ignores the criminal forensic evidence as Dr Hunter deliberately did. The Hendrix family should sue these people: