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Ed Jewett
10-01-2010, 04:29 AM
KPFA in a Struggle to Retain Right to Discuss 9/11

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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_utQlgltSGsI/TKM9fJp70SI/AAAAAAAABbE/Hg8RlYUC3F8/s400/Berkeley-Daily-Planet-logo.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_utQlgltSGsI/TKM9fJp70SI/AAAAAAAABbE/Hg8RlYUC3F8/s1600/Berkeley-Daily-Planet-logo.jpg)
Journalism, Ethics, and the KPFA Board Election
By Don Goldmacher
Tuesday September 28, 2010

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_utQlgltSGsI/TKNsuW6msKI/AAAAAAAABbI/FFXYLlXFQSA/s1600/KPFA-Logo.png (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_utQlgltSGsI/TKNsuW6msKI/AAAAAAAABbI/FFXYLlXFQSA/s1600/KPFA-Logo.png)
KPFA Radio, America's first listener-sponsored station, has an impressive history of groundbreaking journalism. Throughout its 61 years, the station has been justly famous for hard-nosed reporting, award-winning radio documentaries, cutting edge and wide ranging music, and coverage of some of the key events of our time—whether Iran Contra or the Iraq War.
It has also been no stranger to conflict. The conflict that besets the station today, however, could remake KPFA into something quite different than listeners have come to depend upon for decades. The outcome of the current local station board election will determine what the station will look like a year from now. And it will determine whether the KPFA programs that listeners tune into in the greatest numbers will remain at all—programs like Letters to Washington, Against the Grain, and even the Morning Show.
The slate that I am part of, SaveKPFA, believes that in a moment when professional reporting has become an endangered species in America, KPFA should set the standard for critical, ethical journalism. Consistently high quality programming takes labor and resources, as well as a commitment to fairness, accuracy, and a willingness to ferret out the truth. Radical journalism is ethical journalism.
Our opponents revile professional journalism and openly have stated that they would like to get rid of the unionized staff at KPFA. They have long argued for a mainly volunteer station, where the door is wide open to 9/11 “truthers” of all stripes, Lyndon LaRouchites, and those who argue the government is spraying “chemtrails” on the U.S. population as a form of mind control. (Their allies have called for an investigation of Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman to find out if she is taking CIA money to cover up 9/11 “truth.”) The economic crisis of the past several years, which has hurt KPFA along with media outlets everywhere, has provided an opportunity for these people to bring their own brand of austerity to KPFA. Ethics and high quality journalism be damned.
These two sides’ differing approaches to ethics in journalism can perhaps be best illustrated by a few examples involving the leader of the Independents for Community Radio slate, which is running against my slate. Tracy Rosenberg has used all candidate forums and on air spots to point out that she is executive director of Media Alliance, an organization whose stated mission is to promote “diverse, accountable and ethical media.” She has also been using Media Alliance's e-newsletter and postal permit to promote her own candidacy. Unfortunately for Media Alliance, it is against the law for the director of a non-profit to use its resources for personal gain. That’s a very serious matter for a 501c3 non-profit. The members of Media Alliance, as well as KPFA, deserve better.
Last month in the Huffington Post, Rosenberg published an article in which she attacked the slate that I am running with, SaveKPFA. In a story on the lack of truthfulness in journalism, she inaccurately accused the slate’s members of circulating misleading information about an event they were holding. Bizarrely, what Ms Rosenberg neglected to disclose in her piece on media ethics was that she is, in fact, a candidate running against the folks that she assailed. In other words, she failed to reveal her personal interest in having these candidates lose—an enormous breach of journalistic ethics.
If these breaches were not astounding enough, Rosenberg bought a website with our slate's domain name and deceptively posted an endorsement for her own slate on it. When challenged, she said that we might be able to get the domain name--if we named a price. This unethical practice, of extracting ransom money for a domain name, was the recent subject of a NY Times article and is called “cybersquatting.” Needless to say, we refused to bow to such extortion.
KPFA listeners need to ask themselves whether they would entrust the station’s governance to people with such a flagrant disregard for ethics.
If you support professional journalism, radical and progressive politics, and basic media ethics, I urge to you check out our website, savekpfa.org, and vote for those running with me on the SaveKPFA slate. Our endorsers include Norman Solomon, Raj Patel, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Pratap Chatterjee, Carlos Munoz, Ignacio Chapela, and Jello Biafra.
The SaveKPFA candidates are Matthew Hallinan, Margy Wilkinson, Suzi Goldmacher, Mal Bernstein, Terry Doran, Mark Hernandez, Dave Saldana, Jack Kurzweil, Tanya Russell, and Don Goldmacher.
KPFA: http://www.kpfa.org/home
KPFFA endorsers include Norman Solomon
Check out Norman's role in shutting down any questioning of 9/11 at KPFA early on --
Within a few weeks of 9/11, independent journalists using mainstream news sources had pieced together a mountain of evidence that proved beyond reasonable doubt that Team Bush had full foreknowledge of 9/11 and allowed the "attacks" to happen to create the pretext to seize the Middle East oil fields.
In early 2002, Norman Solomon and David Corn of The Nation waged a smear campaign against these efforts. This gave the Bush regime critical assistance at its most vulnerable point by scaring away much of the peace movement from Bush's Achilles heel. Their attacks ignored the documented, specific warnings from US allies that 9/11 was imminent, the "put option" stock trades on United and American airlines just before 9/11, and the suppression of FBI agents who had figured out what was coming. Solomon campaigned for censorship at Pacifica Radio (KPFA in Berkeley) on these themes, and a few months later got to go on a US government sponsored trip to Iraq. Meanwhile, non-embedded peace activists were threatened with felony prosecutions for visiting Iraq. . . Solomon had a hassle free trip to Iraq a few months after his attacks on Pacifica / KPFA radio for daring to air web journalist Michael Ruppert and his articles attacking Ruppert for daring to document federal foreknowledge of 9/11.
Even worse, Solomon's compatriot in the "Get Ruppert" campaign of the foundation-funded liberal "alternative" media, David Corn, has a long history in trying to scuttle investigations of this nature.
* Corn wrote a biography about CIA dirty trickster Ted Shackley called "Blond Ghost," which sidestepped the allegations about Shackley's involvement in the heroin trade during the Vietnam War. Even the New York Times had to apologize to Allen Ginsberg many years ago for calling him nuts for making the CIA-heroin allegation - and the CIA 1998 inspector general report essentially confirmed that Gary Webb had been correct.
* Corn lept to the defense of the Agency after Gary Webb's 1996 expose in the San Jose Mercury News about the CIA's involvement in cocaine smuggling during the 1980s "Contra" war on Nicaragua.
* After attacking Ruppert, Corn then moved on to attack the large peace rallies last fall as being too leftist www.counterpunch.org/cockburn1114.html (http://www.counterpunch.org/cockburn1114.html) yet didn't do anything constructive to organizing anything less leftist. It fits the tried and true COINTELPRO model.
In David Corn's articles attacking Mike Ruppert, he ignored virtually all of the evidence and then had the nerve to say there wasn't any evidence that supported the conclusion (of US government foreknowledge of 9/11), which is intellectually dishonest.
Neither Corn nor Solomon have written about the independent 9/11 investigations since making their attack on Ruppert in early 2002 (just at the point that Bush was starting to be vulnerable on the issue, thus doing the unelected President a huge favor). If Ruppert's work is so terrible that it needs a liberal group think coordinated campaign to ensure that none of us listen to it, then why wasn't there any follow-up, especially in the wake of the Deception Dollar campaign?


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More info (http://911blogger.com/news/2010-09-30/kpfa-struggle-retain-right-discuss-911#comment-238570)

And it's not just that some of the backers of the SaveKPFA slate, like Norman Solomon, are 911 truth deniers. As far as I know, none of the main news or political programs will touch the issue at all. I've tried over the years as have many other callers to bring it up on programs that allow call-ins, and it always gets put down. And these professional staff from these programs are pretty much all supporters of that slate. It's only a few shows, run by volunteers rather than the paid professional staff, like "Guns and Butter" and "Flashpoints" that are 911 truth friendly.
It's a big problem with me, because I otherwise like and respect most of those people for the other positions they hold and the much good work they do. And I want to have a paid professional group who dedicate themselves to hunting out important stories and bring them to the listeners. It's the typical "left gate-keeper" quandry, I guess. I think if I though they were just blind or uninformed I might feel differently about it, but I feel they are being fundamentally dishonest about it. I mean, if they feel for some reason that 911 truth shouldn't be discussed, then they owe it to the listeners to discuss WHY it shouldn't be discussed, and we could talk about that.
The astute reader will notice that the author of the article is also a board candidate on the SaveKPFA slate, so, as far as I can tell, he is doing the same "unethical" action he accuses Tracy Rosenberg of doing.
So I mailed in my ballot yesterday and voted for the "Indy" slate instead.

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KPFA DEBATE: MUSLIM'S DIDN'T ATTACK US vs MUSLIM'S DID ATTACK US (http://911blogger.com/news/2010-09-30/kpfa-struggle-retain-right-discuss-911#comment-238583)

BetterBadNews attended a KPFA candidates forum to ask the candidates running for open seats on the KPFA Listener Station Board if they believed Muslim's were, or were not, responsible for the attacks on 9/11,
can be viewed at:http://bit.ly/aED4Z3

Submitted by betterbadnews (http://911blogger.com/users/betterbadnews) on Thu, 09/30/2010 - 7:50pm.


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http://www.voicesforjusticera (http://911blogger.com/news/2010-09-30/kpfa-struggle-retain-right-discuss-911#comment-238571)

Check out Voices for Justice Radio. I work with Steve Zeltzer on Palestinian Rights and Labor Issues.
Steve has been a longtime proponent for trying to get more worker news on KPFA. Steve is a decent guy with a heart of gold.
I support Voices for Justice Radio.
Norman Solomon, has been a thorn in the side of 9/11 Truth, sadly, but his progressive voice offers nothing uniquely refreshing but the same old worn out progressivism that other intellectual heavy weights dish out more forcefully. David Corn is a coward for not taking on Kissinger when he had an opportunity in the 90's to do so at a party. He was content to let Henry say that Bill Clinton lacked the stomach to be a war criminal....as though that were a badge of honor or something....weird.
KPFA has done a tremendous amount of good in shedding light on stories that would never see the light of day in the mainstream (de)press, yet continues to be hog-tied by aristocratic programmers and incessant in fighting. Richard Gage, after all, came to 9/11 Truth via KPFA and Bonnie Faulkner's interviews with David Ray Griffin. Facing the station now are a devastating array of staff and programming cut backs...thanks to the great Goldman Sachs-Chase-Larry Summers-Phil Gramm-Greenspan-Bush-Clinton-Wall St. economic depression. I worked my ass off and got shoved around by the Berkeley police in the late 90's trying to save the station from a right wing democratic party take over. I'm sick and tired of the impasse now and have withdrawn from station fighting to focus on other things. If you belong to KPFA please vote for the Voices for Justice Radio slate.

Submitted by John_Parulis (http://911blogger.com/users/johnparulis) on Thu, 09/30/2010 - 4:00pm.

Peter Lemkin
10-01-2010, 05:23 AM
a very similar battle is going on now at WBAI in NY - a sister station and to a lesser degree at KPFK, where the less-progressive forces seem to have taken over for now. As a LONG TIME Pacifica listener....started to listen to WBAI faithfully over 50 years ago and still do via the internet [with my favorite shows on the others], I know there have been several such battles and even coups. [The Houston station has been bombed twice!!] This one seems to be the most protracted and dangerous, given the times we live in and the fact that Pacifica is one of the last voices for progressives left. It always pains me to see these battles. Some of it comes from real differences within the left progressive community; sadly, some of it comes from the enemies of the left fomenting trouble with divide and conquer techniques...... The corporate media have long been trying to take the licenses away from the Pacifica stations. The Pacifica stations are hated by the PTB, as they have long disseminated news that can't be heard elsewhere and did long before of internet based alternatives; partly because they are accredited with having played a seminal role in the end of the Vietnam War....and other such. Take a listen if unfamiliar. Not every show is a 'winner', but there are some gems. Guns and Butter on KPFA (http://www.kpfa.org/archive/show/34) is one of my personal favorites, but I could list many others and may shortly..... On different stations, at different times the 'battle lines' change. One big one right now is 9-11, which has a bit less trouble at the New York Station - but still has its opponents there too. There are many other fault lines. I don't know how interested the crowd is here on the ins and outs of the internecine battles within Pacifica....but all should be interested in the attempts from 'outside' to destroy and destabilize it!!!! For one group at WBAI on the outs trying to get back in see http://www.takebackwbai.org [the issues are complex and hard to fully understand if one has not been a longtime listener and know the history and the personalities - as well as their political and personal viewpoints.] Pacifica Radio Archives is one of the audio and historical treasures on the internet. It can be found here. (http://www.pacificaradioarchives.org/)

WBAI can be found here (http://wbai.org/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1), and the whole of Pacifica here. (http://www.pacifica.org/)

About the Pacifica Network - in brief
The Pacifica Foundation was founded in 1949 as a visionary alternative to commercialy-driven media. We pioneered listener-sponsored, community radio and have been a beacon for noncommercial, free media.

Pacifica's mission is to promote peace and justice through communication between all races, nationalities and cultures. We strive to contribute to the democratic process through public discourse and promotion of culture. Unbeholden to commercial or governmental interests, we recognize that use of the airwaves is a public trust.

Pacifica's tradition of unhampered access to the airwaves has allowed our network to play a uniquely pivotal role in American media. We have broken pivotal news stories and brought issues and artists to the spotlight that may have been overlooked.

The Pacifica Network includes five sister stations in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Berkeley, and Houston along with many affiliated independent radio stations throughout the United States.

We broadcast via satellite and Internet and have one of the most extensive and important sound archives in the world. We are energizing independent community radio through collaboration, interactivity and program exchange throughout the network.