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Ed Jewett
11-01-2010, 10:21 PM
Kadyrov Claims That Western Mind-Control Drugs Are Used to Create “Islamist” Suicide-Bombers (http://therearenosunglasses.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/kadyrov-claims-that-western-mind-control-drugs-are-used-to-create-islamist-suicide-bombers/)

1 11 2010 Kadyrov: attempted Evkurova organized warlords, bandits are preparing Western intelligence services (http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://www.newsru.com/russia/08jul2009/kdr.html)

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The attempt on the president of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Evkurova organized, Doku Umarov, and Magas, Yevloyev, said the president of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. He also noted that in Chechnya, now no more than 50-70 militants, with more than half of them – foreign mercenaries, who are preparing Western intelligence agencies. Kadyrov has offended the people of Russia, which considers Chechen bandits. The special operation in Chechnya and neighboring territories will be brought to the end, assured the president of Chechnya in an interview with Interfax (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://www.interfax.ru/&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&twu=1&usg=ALkJrhi0rzbkWTcIsFUStKWm396sXbtKHA) .
“The organizers of the attempt – it Yevloyev and Umarov. Every day we destroy them” emirs “. The investigation will be completed when there is no Umarov and Yevloev” – “Kadyrov said.
“Umarov said that they have formed the” Riyadh-Salikhin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riyad-us_Saliheen_Brigade_of_Martyrs) conditions. “This is a group of suicide bombers. They have taken responsibility. They must be destroyed, and then he will put an end to the investigation. I think so. I’m like a Chechen Muslim, one is Evkurova I say. We will show how we are able to investigate. The bandits prey on us, we – on them. We have, at least, pure intentions, “- he added.
The president of Chechnya once again criticized statements by the former president of Ingushetia, Ruslan Aushev that he is ready to lead in Ingushetia until you get better Evkurov. ”If he wants something to help, for that he does not necessarily become president. That disgraceful statement. I honestly think it’s meanness on his part, related to personal goals. His little concerned about the fate of the Ingush people,” – “Kadyrov said.
“Banditry has taken root in him. In place of the federal government, I would Aushev and his ilk have long called for could be held accountable for what he did with them. They play up to the West and lead policies against the federal government,” – said Kadyrov.
The head of Chechnya’s believes that the data on the number of militants in Chechnya are overestimated by 10 times, in fact, their 50-70, and more than half – are foreign mercenaries. Asked to assess the potential militants Kadyrov replied: “They generally do not have the capacity.”
According to him, residents of Chechnya among militants dozen other “. “Most of those who were on the border of Chechnya and Ingushetia – a Azeris, Turks, Ukrainians, Georgians, Arabs,” – said the president of the republic.
According to him, 60-70% of Chechen militants – foreign mercenaries. ”We have information from a detained militant that they are given some pills, and after the adoption of a man is like a robot, do not think. They brought the pills from overseas, and give their young people. It’s highly trained staff of Western spetsluzhb that work against Russia. They use us, knowing our mentality, knowing that we are in the majority of Muslims. They have a good supply of specialists, “- said the president of Chechnya.
“All employees of foreign intelligence services are working against Russia. And the people of Russia accuses us. He thinks that we have a war so far, that the Chechens – gangsters and terrorists. And Chechens are killed, protecting the integrity of Russia. We have hundreds of thousands dead, thousands missing missing, thousands of militiamen were killed in battle. And they’re not interested, they are not really bothered about – Islam, the Chechens, Chechnya, “-” Kadyrov said.
The head of Chechnya, said that security forces under its control in joint law enforcement agencies of Ingushetia actions destroyed some 40 militants, and that he intends to finish out a special operation in the country, as well as in Ingushetia and in the adjacent territory.
“Every day we find the base of the militants, destroying them. Here in this place where our guys, there has not visited any soldiers, none of the scouts. We have found dozens of terrorist bases. There was a lot of weapons, medicines and food. It was their den. We dispersed them from there and catch it in Ingushetia, in Chechnya, in Dagestan – Kadyrov said.
According to him, “in recent days in the area of operation destroyed emirs, close to the Arab representatives, Azeri mercenary.” Every day we destroy the bandits. They have already lost all of their ideas. We were told a detainee that they had big plans for seizure of Ingushetia, Chechnya, human settlements. They now have lost everything they had. The rest of us We’ll finish. Every day we come to this opportunity and results “, – said the leader of Chechnya.
According to him, in the coming weeks will complete the “most special operation to destroy a large bandgruppirovki, which includes several emirs.”"We design the event and on the territory of Ingushetia and the Chechen territory, and at the border. Posed by the Supreme Commander of Russian task we perform. I’m sure that we do not fail. This work will have a logical end,” – “Kadyrov said.
He noted that with the president of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov they had jointly agreed to conduct special actions. ”I supervised special operations, because most of them participated in the Chechen police and the guys who served with me. I know them well, know their capabilities. And I keep under control all operations on the adjacent territory. But on the border CR RI, and special operations in charge of my advisor, and State Duma deputy, Adam Delimkhanov “- said the Chechen president.
Kadyrov confirmed that talks with Zakayev
Kadyrov confirmed that his government is negotiating with the internationally wanted Chechen separatist emissary Akhmed Zakayev.
“Today we are in talks with Zakayev. If he now say that I’m waiting for a call, he phoned me. He says he is ready to go. We have him here is such a good relationship. I told him that it at least once was useful for his people. I want it. In all the will of God “- said Kadyrov.
According to the president of Chechnya, Zakayev – the only person on the part of Ichkeria, whom he would like to return to their homeland. In this case, according to Kadyrov, an emissary of the separatists “have not committed serious crimes.”
“We in Europe today are tens of thousands of people, and every year there are born 5-10 thousand of our children. In 10 years they all become Europeans. During these 7-8 years the children were born there, too, were the Europeans. They have lost our values and culture . The West will use it and send against the Chechen people and the Russian Federation. If we do not bring them home, then the problem will always be. But Zakayev could do it, because a certain contingent of people still listening to him. And if they put him or killed on this result will not. The result will be if he would come home and bring with him the people who at all times to do harm to our people. Today they have the opportunity to be useful for their republic. And I’m looking for just such moments that might be useful for our people, “-” Kadyrov said.