View Full Version : Edward R. Murrow's Final Scoop

Charles Drago
01-05-2009, 01:17 PM
Ed Murrow calls to us from the grave.

For surely he must know that the moral outrage he generated within the American people when he exposed, with courage and dignity, the excesses of McCarthyism, has atrophied.

The Bush-Cheney war crimes, among other similar and even greater horrors, have been exposed. Cheney has all but confessed -- fearlessly, and with good reason.

The revulsion has been cancelled.

The real coup has succeeded. It was a coup aimed at what Albert Schweitzer described as the "ethical spirit," and at the height of the Cold War Schweitzer sensed its vulnerability and urged us to renew it.

Too late.

Keith Olbermann, Murrow's putative heir, is shouting in the wilderness. Night has fallen, and we're out of luck.

Have a nice day.