View Full Version : 'Jailed Afghan drug lord CIA informant'

Ed Jewett
12-13-2010, 02:08 AM
'Jailed Afghan drug lord CIA informant' (http://www.presstv.ir/detail/155100.html) --Informed American officials: Khan was paid large amounts of cash by US 12 Dec 2010 A top Afghan drug lord jailed in the United States since 2008 has been a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) informant for years, The New York Times reports (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/12/world/asia/12drugs.html). Juma Khan was paid large sums of money to provide information about the Taliban, Afghan government corruption and other drug traffickers, the report added. In 2008, Khan, described as the most dangerous drug lord and the Taliban supporter, was arrested and transported to New York to face charges under a new American narco-terrorism law. The newspaper quotes unnamed American officials as saying that he was also a longtime American informer, who provided information to CIA officers and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents.

Magda Hassan
12-13-2010, 02:12 AM
It is very dangerous to work for the US. The money maybe good for a while but sooner or later they turn on their minions and this is what happens. If they're unluckier still they end up dead. This is what plausible deniabiltiy is all about.