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Magda Hassan
12-26-2010, 06:38 AM
Brussels Leaks (http://brusselsleaks.com/)
Brussels – the European Capital and the place where decisions are made which impact the globe.
Many of these decisions happen behind closed doors and we have been working to make it more transparent for many years. Journalists, activists and communications professionals have now come together to form Brussels Leaks, a place to centralise intelligence gathered on the inner-workings of the EU.
We are asking for more support: if you work for a corporation, consultancy, institution or NGO and want to release some information in a completely secure – and anonymous, if prefered – way, contact us now. We are trustworthy, reliable professionals with excellent Brussels contacts. We work to make sure the information gathered is 100% reliable and correct, and only then do we act on it.
We have the network and experience to make sure the right thing is done.
Find out more (http://brusselsleaks.com/2010/12/09/why/) or contact us (http://brusselsleaks.wordpress.com/contact/) now if you have information or can help.

Balkan Leaks

Dear friends,
Following the example of the whistleblowers site Wikileaks we opened this site to promote transparency and fight the nexus of organized crime and political corruption in the Balkan states.
We are deeply convinced that we're not alone in this battle. There are plenty of people out there that want to change the Balkans for good and are ready to take on the challenge. We're offering them a hand.
If you have any confidential documents related to political, criminal or financial topics and you want to share them with the press in a secure, anonymous way, you can use our secured and encrypted upload server. We will review the documents and publish them after checking the information.
To submit just follow those simple steps:
1. Download and install the Tor Browser Bundle (http://www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en) for your system.
2. Launch the Tor browser and connect to our tor enabled server: http://4loue2imox5prywc.onion/upload/index.php
3. Wait! Tor is secure, but slow :-( If it really takes too long to join the page reload the tor browser.
4. Upload the files and disconnect.
Tor is working in such a way that nobody, including the administrators of the site can't guess who is the real submitter.
Tor offers a pretty high level of security and anonymity, but if you wish to do even better follow the recommendation:
- do not use your work computer for submitting;
- use a public, password free WiFi point;
- use a VPN connection to a server outside your home country.

Please, respect the following requirements for your uploads:

Upload only documents which are either:

not available in the public space or
are in the public space but reveal data not known from previous journalistic investigations.

Please, join a short description of your uploads;
Name and number the documents in a comprehensive way;
Do not upload opinions and allegations without document proofs.

Please, prefer the PDF format.

Thank you for your contribution.
The Balkan Leaks team

Indo Leaks (http://www.indoleaks.org/)

Hot News!

Hingga saat ini, kami hanya memiliki satu situs di Indoleaks.org. Sedangkan akun Twitter kami hanya @indoleaks. Dokumen-dokumen dalam situs ini, juga bisa diakses di Slideshare.net/indoleaks. Email kami juga hanya satu: indoleaks@gmail.com.
Selain di akun yang disebutkan di atas, kami tidak bertanggungjawab ;)

informasi adalah hak asasi.


Hasil Investigasi Bank Century (03) (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/hasil-investigasi-bank-century-03.html)

Diposkan oleh Indoleaks di 08.00 (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/hasil-investigasi-bank-century-03.html)

Bagian kesembilan bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWN2VjZTlkYjQtYjZkOS00MWMzLTk3Yjc tYjhkZDYwZTNlYmM0&export=download&hl=en) dan di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWYjMxYTk3ZDEtNjMzNi00ZTQxLWE3YzQ tZDk1YzVlOWYzZDgy&export=download&hl=en).
Bagian kesepuluh bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWMWYxZWNhYjAtNDQ4Ni00NGMwLTk1ODE tYTdlMzUxZmJmZDdi&export=download&hl=en).

Bagian kesebelas bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWZmM5OGUzNTAtODU2OC00ZjJmLTkwMGI tOTNhZTJkNzgwMDVi&export=download&hl=en).
Bagian keduabelas bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWYThhZDM0NjAtNWRlNC00Y2ZlLTgzYWU tZmE3Y2E4YjE0ZGU2&export=download&hl=en) dan di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWM2Y4ODA2NjYtOTE2NS00M2ViLWI0YmI tNjk3ODU2ZjAyZGFm&export=download&hl=en).
Bagian ketigabelas bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWNmIzOWQ4OGMtNTM4YS00MmI1LTgwZTQ tNGYzNTRiNTYxMTBj&export=download&hl=en), di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWM2ZmM2I3ZTMtYWVhYy00MWYwLWEzOGE tZDk0MTNlNjU4ZWFi&export=download&hl=en) dan di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWYTNiNWZjYjUtNzllZi00ZGYwLTgxYWM tY2NlNjEwZmE4MDM5&export=download&hl=en).

Seluruh dokumen bisa diunduh juga di sini (htpp://slideshare.net/indoleaks).
(http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=7827504726786461117&postID=4816616483880404231)Label: Bank Century (http://www.indoleaks.org/search/label/Bank%20Century), DPR (http://www.indoleaks.org/search/label/DPR)

Hasil Investigasi Bank Century (02) (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/hasil-investigasi-bank-century-02.html)

Diposkan oleh Indoleaks di 20.28 (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/hasil-investigasi-bank-century-02.html)

Bagian Kelima bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWZjM5ZTlmOTctYTdkNS00ZGMwLTkzOTg tNTZhNjkwNDMyMTBj&export=download&hl=en), di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWZTJlYzM5ZTEtMGQ5OS00NmY1LWI5MGM tMTMzZDdjMTFjOGZm&export=download&hl=en) dan di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWMzQyNmZmYzctMGZkOC00YzliLWIyYzU tOTgxMDMwNjczMGQx&export=download&hl=en).
Bagian Keenam bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWZGI1OGVmZmEtZmVhYS00ZWJlLWEwM2Y tN2UwYTRjODk2ZTY5&export=download&hl=en).
Bagian Ketujuh bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWZDI5MWEzNGMtY2UwYS00NjBjLThlZjY tNzg3NTlkNmY3MWQ0&export=download&hl=en).
Bagian Kedelapan bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWMmYzY2FlMGYtMDIxZC00OGYwLWFkMDg tZmUyMWQ3MmY0N2Ji&export=download&hl=en).

Seluruh dokumen bisa diunduh di sini (http://www.slideshare.net/indoleaks).
(http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=7827504726786461117&postID=415136214648247624)Label: Bank Century (http://www.indoleaks.org/search/label/Bank%20Century), DPR (http://www.indoleaks.org/search/label/DPR)

Hasil Investigasi Bank Century (01) (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/hasil-investigasi-bank-century-01.html)

Diposkan oleh Indoleaks di 14.18 (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/hasil-investigasi-bank-century-01.html)

Bagian Pertama bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWZGRmMGJmZWQtNWY1Yy00YzIwLTkzZjQ tNDY3ZTE1MzMyNzY5&export=download&hl=en).
Bagian Kedua bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWYjE2MjM1NmQtNDBkMi00NjIwLWI0YjM tYTEzNzg5ZjE0YzAx&export=download&hl=en) dan di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWZTJkOGNlZjgtYmU2Ny00YjNiLWFkMmI tMmE2ZDNjMmYzOTc2&export=download&hl=en).
Bab Ketiga diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWODYwZDJiNWYtNzAwMi00Y2FjLTk2OGM tZDVhMjQxMTRlNTQz&export=download&hl=en).
Bab Keempat diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWMGFkMWNmZjMtNDUzNS00NDA3LWI5YjY tMjcyZTJhMTdjMGNi&export=download&hl=en), di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWOTdiOTQwOGUtN2FkZS00MWE0LTk1MjA tYjUwYzk2ODk1ZGQ0&export=download&hl=en) dan di sini (https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BwVqdUkMNopWY2UyODk4YTktZjQyYy00YzgzLTk4YjI tNzJjNzVkOWJhOTQw&export=download&hl=en).

Seluruh dokumen juga bisa diunduh di sini (http://www.slideshare.net/indoleaks).
(http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=7827504726786461117&postID=5394611596865592981)Label: Bank Century (http://www.indoleaks.org/search/label/Bank%20Century), DPR (http://www.indoleaks.org/search/label/DPR)

Laporan Kedubes Amerika Mengenai Konsesi Kayu (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/laporan-kedubes-amerika-mengenai.html)

Diposkan oleh Indoleaks di 14.01 (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/laporan-kedubes-amerika-mengenai.html)

Dokumen bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0BwVqdUkMNopWMDNjN2IzN2QtN2ZmYi00NmJhLWJjMWI tNGY3M2Q2MGE1M2Ex&hl=en)dan di sini (https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0BwVqdUkMNopWMGIzMjUzZDAtMzdmZS00OTQ1LTk4OWU tNDM3YjdhYmI1NmQy&hl=en).
(http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=7827504726786461117&postID=299093044197602402)Label: Orde Baru (http://www.indoleaks.org/search/label/Orde%20Baru)

Hasil Visum Korban G30S (04) (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/hasil-visum-korban-g30s-04.html)

Diposkan oleh Indoleaks di 22.32 (http://www.indoleaks.org/2010/12/hasil-visum-korban-g30s-04.html)

Dokumen hasil visum keempat korban G30S bisa diunduh di sini (https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0BwVqdUkMNopWM2M0NzZkYWUtYjc5NC00MTczLTg4M2I tMTlkMjk0ODE1NDQx&hl=en).
(http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=7827504726786461117&postID=6250056831638814604)Label: G30S (http://www.indoleaks.org/search/label/G30S), Orde Baru (http://www.indoleaks.org/search/label/Orde%20Baru)

Open Leaks (http://openleaks.org/)

Not quite ready yet but keep checking. A breakaway from Wikileaks

Wikispooks (http://wikispooks.com/wiki/Main_Page)

Our co-owner and administrator of this forum has an anonymous document upload facility here. It is a collaborative project - building a comprehensive reference source of deep political structures and events, together with the people and organisations connected to them. Knowledgeable involvement with the site is invited.

The purpose of WikiSpooks is to build a repository of documents about deep political structures and events, together with development of the information they contain through user contributed articles, additions, edits and discussion. Emphasis is on the period from about 150 years ago to the present, although analysis of events in earlier times, by way of illustration and understanding of how deep politics operates, is encouraged - a classic example would be the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 in England.


Cryptome is a website hosted in the United States since 1996 by independent scholars and architects John Young and Deborah Natsios that functions as a repository for information about freedom of speech, cryptography, spying, and surveillance.
Cryptome welcomes documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide, in particular material on freedom of expression, privacy, cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security, intelligence, and secret governance -- open, secret and classified documents -- but not limited to those. Documents are removed from this site only by order served directly by a US court having jurisdiction. No court order has ever been served; any order served will be published here -- or elsewhere if gagged by order. Bluffs will be published if comical but otherwise ignored.

Deep Politics Forum
People are welcome to post documents on this site. There is no anonymous facility to do so though. If anonymity is important to you we suggest using Tor (http://www.torproject.org/) and you can also make use of any of the other anonymous upload facilities available above and then to link it from here. While real names are required for members of the DPF we do have a policy where, with the approval of the administrators, a pseudonym can be used if a member or their family is in danger, physically or from loss of employment, if they were to use their own name. We are synpathetic if the situation is made known to us. On a case by case basis.

Peter Presland
12-26-2010, 09:14 AM
There's also a set of reviews of such sites at The Spy Blog (https://p10.secure.hostingprod.com/@spyblog.org.uk/ssl/spyblog/2010/12/12/alternatives-to-wikileaks-which-no-longer-caters-for-ordinary-whistleblowers---o.html)

Magda Hassan
01-11-2011, 05:55 AM
Set up by Rudolf Emler who blew the whistle on Julius Baer bank via Wikileaks.


To challenge Swiss Bank Secrecy at the European Court of Human Rights and the Swiss Courts
To provide investors setting up an offshore structure or dealing with banking complaints with the opportunity for advice if they want to do so in respect of the ethical and the moral, as well as the risk aspect of the matter
To reverse the reputation of whistleblowers (such as with LGT, in the Liechtenstein case where the whistleblower received excessive funds for providing information to German and British governments).
To show that ethical and moral Private Banking is possible!

Please feel free to send your personal story (only summary and even anonymously) via Contact form (http://www.rudolfelmer.com/contact-kontakt/) in return I will provide you with a confidential Email address. The content should focus on

What sort of problems to you have with your banker?
What drove you to become a whistleblower?
What did you go through?
What forms of intimidation were used to discourage you to blow the whistle or just to file a complaint with authorities in respect of the Banks conduct?

Your contribution will be reviewed and published on this webpage if suitable. Please do not email any matters or misbehaviour from a business, but a personal, point-of-view. This webpage is first and foremost about YOU AS A PERSON, taking the risk to blow the whistle or even to challenge a financial service provider such as a bank.

This is about Offshore Centres and banking services!

Offshore Centres working within the legal, ethical and moral framework of the location and the business world

All the negative statements I have made relate to the conduct of Offshore Business of Julius Baer, their lawyers, Maples & Calder’s, and to the American Polygraph Association. Therefore, I would like to state that I strongly support the offshore business when it abides by ethical rules. Indeed, there are many ethical, moral and responsible people in the business.

During my long professional career in the offshore field (I worked on six Offshore Centres in various parts of the world for over 33 years), I became aware that there are, indeed, Offshore centres where

business is performed within ethical and moral bearings, and where
business is executed by professionals living up to the highest standards possible;

It is also important to me to know that people working in the offshore environment are not primarily facilitators of tax evasion, tax fraud or other criminal conduct. They are on the contrary usually very sensitive and responsible in their business conduct and adopt the best practices within the legal, moral and ethical framework.

Magda Hassan
01-21-2011, 03:28 AM

About portal

Данный ресурс был создан для того, чтобы дать возможность русскоязычным пользователям знакомиться с публикациями WikiLeaks, переведенными на русский язык.
This resource was created in order to allow the Russian-speaking users to familiarize themselves with publications WikiLeaks, translated into Russian.

Данный ресурс не совершенен.
This resource is not perfect.
Если у Вас есть предложения по сотрудничеству с целью улучшения сайта или создания удобной координационной площадки переводчиков – свяжитесь с нами по этому e-mail: ruleaks@gmail.com
If you have any suggestions for cooperation to improve the site or create a suitable coordination site translators - please contact us on this e-mail: ruleaks@gmail.com

Наши партнеры:
Our Partners:
http://ruleaks.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/14-e1292252721495.png (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&langpair=auto%7Cen&u=http://pirate-party.ru/&rurl=translate.google.com&twu=1&usg=ALkJrhiX-8ka56lrppDD0mOkqkmBGIj4ow) http://ruleaks.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/ruleaks.png (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&langpair=auto%7Cen&u=http://rusrep.ru/wikileaks/&rurl=translate.google.com&twu=1&usg=ALkJrhif3nnCa_6GTsmiBLSUDspsJRk5Lg) http://ruleaks.net/wp-content/themes/ruleaks/images/powercrowd.png (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&langpair=auto%7Cen&u=http://powercrowd.ru/&rurl=translate.google.com&twu=1&usg=ALkJrhi73stLviUmh3-M-ykYGW8YJPbclA)

Статьи Wikileaks на русском языке от Бюро Переводов «Норма-ТМ (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&langpair=auto%7Cen&u=http://www.norma-tm.ru/wikileaks_na_russkom.html&rurl=translate.google.com&twu=1&usg=ALkJrhikVGE2pEwtoMcg4T-LPXQxri7sbA)
Wikileaks article in Russian Translation of "Norm-TM (http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&langpair=auto%7Cen&u=http://www.norma-tm.ru/wikileaks_na_russkom.html&rurl=translate.google.com&twu=1&usg=ALkJrhikVGE2pEwtoMcg4T-LPXQxri7sbA)

Обращение к журналистам:
Appeal to journalists:

Уважаемые журналисты!
Dear Journalists!

Если Вы хотите в будущем иметь журналистский доступ до уникальных материалов за некоторое время до официальной публикации, то присылайте свою контактную информацию и название издания на ruleaks@gmail.com
If you want in the future to have a journalistic access to unique materials for some time before official publication, please send your contact details and name of publication on ruleaks@gmail.com


Кто за этим ресурсом стоит?
Who is behind this resource is worth?

Ответ: Активисты Пиратской партии России, русскоязычные активисты других пиратских партий мира.
Answer: The activists of the Pirate Party of Russia, Russian-speaking activists of other parties in the world of piracy.

Кто выполняет работы по сайту?
Who performs work on site?

Ответ: Активисты ППР и других ПП мира + присоединившиеся добровольцы
Answer: Activists CPD and other PP + world joined volunteers

Кто выполняет переводы?
Who performs the translation?

Ответ: Мы специально не узнаем имена людей.
Answer: We have not learned the names of people.
Более того, переводы, которые производятся на переводческой площадке powercrowd для нас вообще являются полностью анонимными.
Moreover, transfers are made on the translation site powercrowd for us all is completely anonymous.

Платятся ли деньги переводчикам?
Do I pay money for translators?

Ответ: Нет, деньги не платятся.
Answer: No, money is not paid.

Кто финансирует этот проект?
Who is funding this project?

Ответ: Проект финансируется из личных средств участников пиратских партий.
Answer: The project is funded from the personal funds of the participants of pirated games.
На данный момент на ресурс потрачено менее 20 евро.
At this time the resource spent less than 20 euros.
Коммерциализация ресурса в ближайшее время не планируется.
Commercialization of the resource in the near future is not planned.

Планируется ли публикация уникальных утечек из России?
Do you plan to publish unique leak out of Russia?

Ответ: Да, планируется.
Answer: Yes, it is planned.
Сейчас изучается вопрос соблюдения анонимности информаторов.
Now we study the problem of anonymity of informants.
Кроме этого, для исключения давления и невозможности сорвать публикации этого ресурса, из итоговой схемы публикации уникальных утечек будут полностью выведены граждане РФ, находящиеся на территории РФ.
In addition, to avoid pressure and the inability to thwart the publication of this resource from the final publication of the scheme unique leak will be fully withdrawn Russian citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Как отбираются материалы для перевода?
How do you select materials to be translated?

Ответ: прямо процитирую из памятки для администраторов сайта:
Answer: The right to quote from the memo for site administrators:

«Зайти на http://wikileaks.ch посмотреть, не появились ли новые документы.
"Go on http://wikileaks.ch see if there were any new documents.
Смотреть по тегу RU: http://wikileaks.ch/tag/RU_0.html , тегу RS: http://wikileaks.ch/tag/RS_0.html и по московскому посольству: http://wikileaks.ch/origin/50_0.html , ну и желательно раз в день просматривать новые сливы целиком, может быть что-то появилось, связанное с Россией и СНГ, а теги не проставлены.»
Watch for the tag RU: http://wikileaks.ch/tag/RU_0.html, tag RS: http://wikileaks.ch/tag/RS_0.html and Moscow Embassy: http://wikileaks.ch/origin/ 50_0.html, well, preferably once a day to view new plums whole, may be something that appeared related to Russia and the CIS, and the tags did not bear. "

Плюс некоторые переводчики сами выбирают, что хотят перевести из того, чего мы не выбрали, и присылают нам перевод.
Plus some of the translators themselves choose what they want to transfer out of what we choose, and send us the translation.

Если есть еще вопросы, пишите на ruleaks@gmail.com
If you have any questions, please write to ruleaks@gmail.com

Peter Lemkin
01-21-2011, 07:22 AM
As an Environmentalist and Environmental Scientist I'm interested in finding out about Green Leaks. I've heard it talked about, but can [as yet] find nothing about it...it seems not to have a website yet. I hope it happens. Could be very valuable. Montsanto, BP and many others will love to crush that one!

Magda Hassan
01-27-2011, 08:08 AM
Email:info@greenleaks.orgWebsite:http://www.greenleaks.org (http://www.greenleaks.org/)

We want to be the voice of the earth.

We want to create a platform where leaks related to nature, climate or the environment can be delivered 100 percent anonymous.

We hope that our presence will increase the companies and governments responsibility to protect our environmental surroundings and force these to respect the rules and laws that have been adopted to preserve our planet.Mission:We want to make sure that the “green leaks” receive the attention and awareness they deserve.

Other than leaks - greenleaks will collect and distribute scientific or journalistic evidence that proves the systematic destruction of nature, climate or environment.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greenleaks/118186788253775?v=wall#!/pages/Greenleaks/118186788253775 (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greenleaks/118186788253775?v=wall#%21/pages/Greenleaks/118186788253775)

Peter Lemkin
01-27-2011, 08:36 AM
Email:info@greenleaks.orgWebsite:http://www.greenleaks.org (http://www.greenleaks.org/)

We want to be the voice of the earth.

We want to create a platform where leaks related to nature, climate or the environment can be delivered 100 percent anonymous.

We hope that our presence will increase the companies and governments responsibility to protect our environmental surroundings and force these to respect the rules and laws that have been adopted to preserve our planet.Mission:We want to make sure that the “green leaks” receive the attention and awareness they deserve.

Other than leaks - greenleaks will collect and distribute scientific or journalistic evidence that proves the systematic destruction of nature, climate or environment.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greenleaks/118186788253775?v=wall#!/pages/Greenleaks/118186788253775 (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greenleaks/118186788253775?v=wall#%21/pages/Greenleaks/118186788253775)

The greenleak page on my browser is a static page with no content, no hyperlinks, only a tree and a few words. Perhaps it is under construction; or perhaps it is just to see who goes there for a list of potential environmental terrorists....suspicious me.:joystick: It only seems to be on Facebook now....which I refuse to use.

David Guyatt
01-27-2011, 09:58 AM
Yes, suspicious old dog, Pete.

But it makes perfect sense to me.

Woof! :smoking:

Magda Hassan
01-27-2011, 10:13 AM
I got the link via Birgitta Peter if it makes you feel any better. Check with her.
It looks like it is another Australian operation but not Assange.
They only have 35 friends on their Facebook page so I say it is early days yet. May be not live. Check in a week or so.

Magda Hassan
02-06-2011, 12:43 PM
Israeli Leaks: Coming Soon To An Occupied Territory Near You.
israeliLeaks is an independent, free community designed to serve as an information clearinghouse and loosely coordinated research project. This is intended to serve journalism, academia, activism, and research.

The criticality of freedom of expression in the effort toward free and open societies is one of the few "positions" israeliLeaks asserts, and we assert the right to free expression for all people in all nations. This site and all associated data constitute a part of the public domain.

@israelileaks (Twitter) (http://twitter.com/#%21/hustlrofcultr)
@hustlrofcultr (Twitter) (http://twitter.com/#%21/hustlrofcultr)
#israelileaks (universal meta-tag)

future wiki site: http://israeliLeaks.info (http://israelileaks.info/)
future wiki site: http://usLeaks.info (http://usleaks.info/)
future wiki site: http://fedLeaks.info (http://fedleaks.info/)
future wiki site: http://nwoLeaks.info (http://nwoleaks.info/)
future wiki site: http://metaLeaks.info (http://metaleaks.info/)

The Topics WikiLeaks Organization, Events, and Content, WikiLeaks/Israel Connection, Palestine/Israel history and current events, Hacktivism. Nothing is off limits. Linkage between otherwise divergent topics / regions / organizations / movements is highly valued. Please send any and all information that would be of interest to the public, including journalism, education, and research.

These topics should be covered here as comprehensibly as possible. Topics and evidence widely published and documented elsewhere may only be represented here by reference, while topics and evidence not widely distributed should be covered in greater depth here. Whistle-blowers are welcome! http://israelileaks.org/arch3.PNG (http://israelileaks.org/arch2.png)

Magda Hassan
02-06-2011, 12:47 PM
http://www.pinoyleaks.org/graphics/monkeyeatingeagle.png http://www.pinoyleaks.org/graphics/spacer.gif
Got a Leak?

Do you know about bribes, bid-fixing, overpricing, or other corrupt activities in your office? Tell the world about it, safely and securely, without anyone finding out who you are. Be an anonymous hero and upload (https://www.pinoyleaks.org/upload) direct or indirect evidence of corruption, such as photocopies, audio recordings, video, or photographs.
PinoyLeaks is a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing corruption in the Philippine national and local governments, by means of channelling evidence to the blogosphere. We have a secure and safe system for whistleblowers to submit information (https://www.pinoyleaks.org/upload) anonymously. PinoyLeaks is similar to Wikileaks (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikileaks), except the mission is specifically focused on exposing corruption only, the scope is limited to the Philippines, and PinoyLeaks works with bloggers instead of traditional media. It is up to the bloggers whether to spread news about a leak.
Please help us fight corruption in the Philippines by spreading the word about PinoyLeaks. We can only start making an impact if we are widely known throughout the country.

How It Works

http://www.pinoyleaks.org/graphics/spacer.gif http://www.pinoyleaks.org/graphics/howitworks.png How To Help

PinoyLeaks is counting on you to help change the country. Apart from uploading a leak (https://www.pinoyleaks.org/upload) or becoming a supporter (https://www.pinoyleaks.org/cdn.vx?a=create), here is what you can do.

Tell a friend (http://www.pinoyleaks.org/cdn.vx?a=tell) about this site
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Post about PinoyLeaks in your favorite forum
Send a news tip to your local newspaper
Hold a fundraiser for PinoyLeaks
Start a PinoyLeaks chapter in your local area. Contact us for details (https://www.pinoyleaks.org/contact).

Magda Hassan
02-06-2011, 12:50 PM
http://pirateleaks.cz/_media/www/pllogo.jpg (http://pirateleaks.cz/www/home.html)
„Otevřenost se stala tématem“ — Český rozhlas

Pirátská strana spustila stránku pro bezpečné a anonymní předání utajovaných a cenzurovaných materiálů, aby pomohla otevřenosti a bojovala proti síti politické korupce a organizovanému zločinu v České republice. Navazujeme na Wikileaks (http://wikileaks.piratskastrana.cz/), ale lišíme se od ní ve dvou věcech:

soustředíme se na Českou republiku,
sami jsme otevřeli naše bankovní účty (http://ucet.piratskastrana.cz/) a účetnictví (http://ucto.piratskastrana.cz/) veřejnosti.

Otevřenost úřadů je naším politickým cílem a PirateLeaks s naší vizí transparentních účtů (http://ucet.piratskastrana.cz/) a účetnictví (http://ucto.piratskastrana.cz/) jsou způsobem, jak tuto vizi sdílet s ostatními. Jsme přesvědčeni, že v této bitvě nejsme sami. Venku je mnoho lidí, kteří chtějí naši zemi zlepšit a jsou připraveni se této výzvě postavit.
Pokud máte utajované materiály týkající se kriminality nebo financí a chcete je zaslat médiím bezpečnou a anonymní cestou, můžete použít (http://pirateleaks.cz/www/predani.html) náš zabezpečený a zašifrovaný server. Materiály prověříme a po ověření jejich věrohodnosti zveřejníme.
Pirátská strana vás nebude ohledně PirateLeaks kontaktovat žádným nevyžádaným e-mailem. Všechny naše e-maily jsou digitálně podepsány klíčem PirateLeaks (http://pirateleaks.cz/_media/www/pirateleaks.pgp). Nepodepsané e-maily prosím ignorujte.

Jak se u nás píšou zákony? Aneb malá domů

Dokumentace přípravy velké novely kopírovacího zákona, která prokazuje mimořádný vliv výběrčích organizací jako je OSA a Dilia na přípravu zákona.

Stáhnout materiály (http://pirateleaks.cz/_media/www/home/blog/sumar.pdf)
Podpis souboru (http://pirateleaks.cz/_media/www/home/blog/sumar.pdf.sig)

Procento úspěšných a neúspěšných návrhů v novele kopírovacího zákona
Porovnání úspěšnosti výběrčích organizací a veřejných kulturních institucí:
http://pirateleaks.cz/_media/www/home/blog/vybc6eb.jpg?w=300 (http://pirateleaks.cz/_detail/www/home/blog/vybf131.html?id=www%3Ahome) http://pirateleaks.cz/_media/www/home/blog/verc6eb.jpg?w=300 (http://pirateleaks.cz/_detail/www/home/blog/verf131.html?id=www%3Ahome)

2010/12/21 13:25 · Assagne The First (http://pirateleaks.cz/user/assagne_the_first.html)

Novela kopírovacího zákona

Pirátská strana získala návrh novely kopírovacího zákona, o který dříve neúspěšně požádala. Ministerstvo kultury žádost odmítlo. Návrh představuje divokou smršť „zlepšovacích nápadů“, kterými výběrčí poplatků jako OSA a Dilia vydělají na veřejném sektoru stovky miliónů. Příprava zákona probíhá zcela mimo veřejnou kontrolu.

Stáhnout materiály (http://pirateleaks.cz/_media/www/home/blog/novela.pdf)
Podpis souboru (http://pirateleaks.cz/_media/www/home/blog/novela.pdf.sig)

2010/12/21 13:05 ·

Magda Hassan
02-06-2011, 01:05 PM

What is this site?

Сайт посвящен борьбе с чиновниками, которые используют систему государственных закупок для личного обогащения. The site is dedicated to the fight with the officials who use public procurement system for personal enrichment.

Это воровство в государственном масштабе необходимо прекратить. This is theft on a national scale must be stopped.

Наша цель - это не просто сбор информации о воровстве и коллективное негодование, а конкретная работа по каждому конкурсу с привлечением экспертов. Our goal - is not just a collection of information about the theft and the collective indignation, and concrete work on each contest with experts.

Мы придерживаемся принципа, что лучше спокойно и последовательно добиться устранения нарушений по одному конкурсу и привлечения к ответственности жуликов, чем сто раз прокричать о том, что все плохо и все своровали. We adhere to the principle that the best quietly and consistently achieve the elimination of violations of one contest and the prosecution of crooks than a hundred times to cry out that all the bad and stole everything.

Очевидно, что "сомнительных" конкурсов очень много. It is obvious that the "questionable" contests very much.
И это еще надо доказать. And it is yet to be proven.
Поэтому, если Вы хотите сообщить об этом, надо выбирать те конкурсы, где установленные сроки выполнения явно не соответствуют объемам работы. Therefore, if you want to report it, we must choose those contests where the established deadlines clearly inconsistent with the workload.

Например, создание интернет-портала федеральной службы за неделю при цене контракта в 5 миллионов рублей. For example, to create an Internet portal of the Federal Service for the week at the contract price of 5 million rubles.

Эксперты изучат конкурсную документацию, в необходимых случаях подготовят заключения, будут отправлены жалобы. Experts will examine the tender documentation, where necessary, to render an opinion, will be sent to the complaint.
На сайте можно будет проследить за дальнейшей судьбой конкурса. The website will follow the subsequent fate of the competition.

Никто не гарантирует, что благодаря нам всем, завтра все изменится, все незаконные конкурсы отменят, жуликов оштрафуют, уволят или посадят. Nobody can guarantee that, thanks to all of us, tomorrow everything will change, abolish all illegal contests, cheats fined, fired or sent to prison.
Будет трудно. It will be difficult.
Но каждый остановленный "распил" - это реальный значимый шаг. But everyone stopped "crucified" - this is a real significant step.
Хотя бы даже для того, чтобы потом не было стыдно. Even if only to then not be ashamed.

Если Вы зашли на этот сайт и читаете этот текст, не надо дополнительно объяснять, что воровство - это плохо, а воровство при госзакупках касается нас всех. If you came to this site and read this, do not need further explanation, that the theft - it's bad, and theft by public procurement affects us all.

Подключайтесь! SIGN UP NOW!

Magda Hassan
02-06-2011, 01:11 PM

I can't see any upload, anonymous or otherwise on this site. I expect you might be able to send an email but it looks like it is mostly about publicizing the Wikileaks cables focusing on Thailand. Never the less, some very interesting subject matter:
Bangkok Post (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/thai-media-articles/bangkok-post/) Bangkok Pundit (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/bangkok-pundit/) Confidential (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/classification-of-cables/confidential/) Corruption (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/corruption/) Coup 2006 (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/coup-2006/) Crown Prince Thailand (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/crown-prince-thailand/) General (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/general/) General Sonthi (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/general-sonthi/) Lesse Majesty (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/lesse-majesty/) PAD (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/pad/) PM Abhsitit (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/thai-prime-minister/pm-abhsitit/) Prem (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/prem/) Privy Council (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/privy-council/) Royal Family (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/royal-family/) Russia (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/russia/) Samak Sundaravej (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/samak-sundaravej/) Secret (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/classification-of-cables/secret/) Secret - Not for Foreign Eyes (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/classification-of-cables/secret-not-for-foreign-eyes/) Somchai Wongsawat (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/thai-prime-minister/somchai-wongsawat/) Thai Media Articles (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/thai-media-articles/) Thai Prime Minister (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/thai-prime-minister/) Thaksin (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/thai-prime-minister/thaksin/) The Nation (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/thai-media-articles/the-nation/) Uncategorized (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/) Victor Bout (http://thaicables.wordpress.com/category/victor-bout/)

Magda Hassan
02-06-2011, 01:13 PM

Resurrecting Wikileaks in Thailand

For unknown reasons the Thai Government has closed access to the Wikileaks website (http://www.bangkokpost.com/breakingnews/191672/thailand-blocks-access-to-wikileaks-website). This means that Thai internauts and webizens are not allowed to take part in the current netbased movement of freedom. This is not acceptable, anywhere in the world. Therefore we make all Thai-related content from the Wikileaks website available for direct download. We will continue doing this for every country that blocks essential internet infrastructure. The internet is an intricate system of tunnels, we will dig a hole in every national firewall.
You may access the entire Wikileaks site by browsing to wiki.thaileaks.info (http://wiki.thaileaks.info/) or use secure connection (you need to accept the certificate) on the https-enabled version (https://wiki.thaileaks.info/).
This is sensitive material, all quoted from Wikileaks. Please note - This is not about disrespecting the Thai State or the Royal family. It is about making a statement for the freedom of information.
No offense, this is about the internets!
If you are a censorship regime, expect us!
Magnet links to Wikileaks material

(Magnet links work with most new bittorrent clients, for example Vuze (http://www.vuze.com/), Transmission (http://www.transmissionbt.com/).). Please help seeding these files with your clients, even if you are outside of Thailand. Save the links on your computer. Even if this page gets blocked, magnet links can be sent in e-mails, Instant messages, even printed on paper, in order to keep information flowing.

NEW ABC Foreign Correspondent video report on Thailand, 13 April 2010 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:QJM6MUOJCYVGBJL24B3UHNFI2P5BE L6B&dn=abc-foreign-correspondent-thailand-2010.flv) (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:QJM6MUOJCYVGBJL24B3UHNFI2P5BE L6B&dn=abc-foreign-correspondent-thailand-2010.flv)
(magnet:?xt=urn:btih:QJM6MUOJCYVGBJL24B3UHNFI2P5BE L6B&dn=abc-foreign-correspondent-thailand-2010.flv)Suppressed video of Thai Crown Prince and Princess at decadent dog party (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:CUAP2BLZYSMAX5OIHX53O77KXUWWO N4P&dn=thailand-crown-prince-dog-birthday.zip)
Thailand judicial order to block 408 new articles and videos including Harry Nicolaides imprisonment reportage, 14 Jan 2009 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:HBZQHUGV6FIHMGOXJZT7OS6TJGWEN KUI&dn=thailand-block-order-2009.pdf)
Thailand blocklist for 408 new articles and videos including Harry Nicolaides imprisonment reportage, 14 Jan 2009 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:LSNC37HWY3GXIN4IXXT7XBMQTG7QQ 7I7&dn=thailand-blocklist-2009.pdf)
Imprisoned Australian author Harry Nicolaides censored novel: Verismilitude, 2005 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:N4FJBAS6NXDET7XVDJ4U7G3HH74ZY AWW&dn=verisimilitude-harry-nicolaides.pdf)
Imprisoned Australian author Harry Nicolaides censored novel: Verismilitude, extract, 2005 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:UJPFYVIHTNGCMVYG5OZ655IGVEAD4 ZK3&dn=verisimilitude-extract.txt)
A Coup for the Rich: Thailand's Political Crisis, 2007 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FMJ6NHC4HKNNUSDKSOSB54T5C3ZAQ X6V&dn=a-coup-for-the-rich.pdf)
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Follow-up on project staff (AR2005-162-01), 6 Jun 2006 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:UAUJZIQO2VYMD3FDIIVM3U3AF36X3 GSO&dn=un-oios/OIOS-20060606-01.pdf)
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: Audit of Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific (AE2005-366-02), 29 Dec 2005 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B55M67L6CTVGFR567TVFIVVZZU6AK 6XG&dn=un-oios/OIOS-20051229-01.pdf)
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Audit of Operations in Myanmar (AR2005-141-01), 26 Aug 2005 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:R7WXJESI6DINJFUSHTLS2O7GY3JAP YH2&dn=un-oios/OIOS-20050826-01.pdf)
European Commission: The Community interest test in anti-dumping and anti-subsidy proceedings, 13 Jan 2006 (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:HMRQCYJJ5TXWQYPRTSAUIDBYR5XUJ 7D7&dn=ec-dumping-community-interest-2006.pdf)
Thailand interim constitution (2006) (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:P5T7VG7F2GFZXCKZMD4IRTGGHY2VJ OQU&dn=thai-interim-constitution.pdf)
Mict-blocklist-13-10-06csv.txt (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:I7L5B764K4VALNK5OQGADGLWDUU2H EA5&dn=mict-blocklist-13-10-06csv.txt)
Mict-blocklist-11-01-07csv.txt (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:OJL4G235VSK5KWRGTNRWHIYTGGFGJ 62T&dn=mict-blocklist-11-01-07csv.txt)
Mict-blocklist-28-05-07csv.txt (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4K6MUUIS3PNUE5IY5MLRNU5X4DJ6A OOI&dn=mict-blocklist-28-05-07csv.txt)

How to bypass the blocking filter of Thailand permanently

In order to avoid the oppressive blocking filter, there are several methods that you may use. Here are a few examples and links:

To use ssh proxies and I2P darknet (http://i2p2.de/) there are video instructions made by Telecomix here (http://instruction.telecomix.org/).
You may use a free VPN service such as AIR VPN (https://airvpn.org/).
Onion routing software such as Tor (https://www.torproject.org/) will allow you to bypass the firewall.

http://thaileaks.info/dod.png (http://telecomix.org/) This is a service provided by the WikiCong. We do not approve of blocking the free flow of information. Join us (http://chat.telecomix.org/)! Join Telecomix (http://telecomix.org/)! And Support Wikileaks (http://www.wikileaks.org/wiki/Special:Support)! Please copy all of this page and set it up on several more servers as we are likely to be blocked very soon! Download this file (http://thaileaks.info/thaileaks.tar) and set it up on your own server.

Magda Hassan
02-06-2011, 01:16 PM

About (https://tunileaks.appspot.com/?p=37001) December 8th, 2010

TuniLeaks, les documents dévoilés par Wikileaks concernant la Tunisie : Quelques réactions à chaud.
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_S0Icx6bysfc/TPZU8MgN7zI/AAAAAAAAAG0/1UJ_IoDEZ7w/s700/illustration-presentation-700.jpg Nawaat relaye (https://tunileaks.appspot.com/), en exclusivité, une partie des documents secrets qui concernent la Tunisie dévoilés par Wikileaks (http://wikileaks.org/). Le site qui a déjà été à l'origine de la fuite de milliers de documents sur l'engagement américain en Irak et en Afghanistan. Les documents sont issus du réseau SIPRNet (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network) de l’administration américaine utilisé pour la transmission de mémos diplomatiques et autres documents secrets. Tous les documents relatifs à la Tunisie sont classés secrets : (Classification SECRET//NOFORN). « Noforn », qui est une restriction supplémentaire, signifie « Not releasable to Foreign Nationals », autrement dit « non diffusable aux étrangers ». Cette première partie, que nous avons nommée TuniLeaks (https://tunileaks.appspot.com/), est composée de 17 documents qui révèlent la teneur des échanges entre l’ambassade US en Tunisie et le département des Affaires étrangères américain. Lesdits rapports sont relativement récents et ont été transmis entre le 28 Mai 2008 et le 9 février 2010. Parmi les 17 rapports, 2 sont rédigés par l'actuel ambassadeur des États-Unis d'Amérique à Tunis Gordon Gray, et 15 par son prédécesseur. Cette première partie de câbles diplomatiques entre l'ambassade US à Tunis et Washington sera suivie par d'autres parties que nous publierons au fur et à mesure. Il est important ici de signaler qu’il s’agit donc des câbles du pouvoir civil par opposition aux instances militaires. Pour le cas des documents auxquels nous avons eu accès, en l’occurrence ceux concernant la Tunisie, il est frappant de relever la place des préoccupations américaines relatives aux droits de l’Homme. Ce qui pour nous a été une surprise, d’autant plus qu’il ne s’agit pas de communiqués publics destinés à calmer des ONG, mais des échanges privés entre des diplomates. Sans aucun doute, l'ensemble des documents mis en ligne par Wikileaks révélera-t-il, s'agissant d'autres pays, des éléments qui heurtent des principes de droit de l'Homme. Mais pour le cas de la Tunisie, cela ne semble pas avoir été le cas au sein des documents dont nous avons disposés. Nos premières appréciations sur le contenu sont des appréciations à chaud. Mais nous aurons l’occasion de revenir dessus après plusieurs lectures approfondies, seules à même de permettre de saisir des détails qui pourraient sembler anodins à première vue. Il serait trop long de revenir sur tous les éléments évoqués par ces documents dans cette présentation. Néanmoins, nous avons retenu quelques aspects qui ont accroché les membres de l’équipe de Nawaat, notamment les préoccupations américaines relatives aux droits de l’Homme (I), la perception des US de la pratique du pouvoir en Tunisie (II), le profil de certaines personnalités (III) et l’aspect troublant de quelques éléments dont on ne trouve quasiment pas de traces dans ces mêmes documents (IV). I. - Les préoccupations américaines des questions relatives aux droits de l’Homme C’est sans doute l’un des aspects les plus surprenants que l’on découvre au sein de ces documents. Tant et si bien, qu’il n’est pas exagéré de dire que le premier bénéficiaire de cette fuite, ce sont les USA. D’où, d’ailleurs, le fait d’envisager toutes les éventualités concernant l’origine de la fuite. Sur Nawaat, nous ne nous sommes jamais privés de dénoncer les connivences de l’administration américaine avec les responsables Tunisiens et (Arabes en général) en matière de violation des droits de l’Homme. Or, ces documents montrent que les choses ne sont pas aussi simples et que leur souci quant au respect des droits de l’Homme en Tunisie est réel, tout comme les pressions diplomatiques en ce sens. Si en de nombreux endroits, il est question de conditionner certaines aides au regard des avancés en terme de libéralisation politique, les choses deviennent surprenantes quand on lit qu’il est même envisagé de reconsidérer les aides militaires par rapport à ce critère. En briefant le secrétaire d'État lors d’une visite en Tunisie, l’ambassade indique:

« Dans nos contacts avec les responsables tunisiens, ils [les Tunisiens] soulignent nos liens solides de plus de 200 ans. Mais ils ne dépassent rarement le cap du général vers le particulier. Votre visite est une occasion d'indiquer clairement qu'il est possible d'aller plus loin. Si la Tunisie est prête à s'ouvrir et à faire davantage sur les questions qui préoccupent les États-Unis, comme par exemple, les défis régionaux et/ou la libéralisation politique, nous sommes prêts à chercher des moyens d'approfondir nos relations. »

« In our contacts with Tunisian officials, they [Tunisians] emphasize our strong ties of over 200 years. But they rarely move from the general to the specific. Your visit is an opportunity to make clear that more is possible. If Tunisia is prepared to open up and do more on issues of concern to the United States, e.g., regional challenges and/or political liberalization, we are prepared to look for ways to deepen our relationship. » (VZCZCXRO1905 sec.18)
Sur un autre document, on découvre qu’il est même question de faire pression au niveau des partenaires européens pour faire avancer les choses sur ce terrain. Dans le document « VZCZCXRO0363, sec.9 » on y apprend :

« Nous recommandons d'être explicite avec les dirigeants du gouvernement tunisien [GT] que nous changeons notre approche, tout en indiquant clairement que nous allons continuer à s'engager en privé avec les partis d'opposition et la société civile. En outre, nous devons accroître nos efforts pour convaincre nos partenaires européens, et d'autres pays aux vues similaires, à intensifier leurs efforts pour persuader le GT d'accélérer la réforme politique. Si certains membres de l'UE (par exemple l’Allemagne, le Royaume-Uni) sont d'accord avec nous, les grands pays comme la France et l'Italie ont hésité à faire pression sur le GT. Nous devons travailler à les amener à le faire, et à faire de ce sujet une condition pour les collaborations futures et pour l’accession au statut-avancées avec l'UE. »

« We recommend being explicit with Government Of Tunisia [GOT] leaders that we are changing our approach, while also making clear that we will continue to engage privately with opposition parties and civil society. In addition, we should increase our efforts to persuade our European partners, and other like-minded countries, to step up their efforts to persuade the GOT to accelerate political reform. While some in the EU (e.g., Germany, the UK) agree with us, key countries such as France and Italy have shied from putting pressure on the GOT. We should work to get them to do so, and to condition further assistance and advanced EU associate status on it. »
II. - L’image de Ben Ali et la perception de la pratique du pouvoir en Tunisie On ne s’étonnera pas d’apprendre que la considération de la personne de Ben Ali est à la hauteur du caractère despotique de son pouvoir. Certains passages, notamment ceux du doc. VZCZCXRO0363 sont sans appel.

« Trop souvent, le gouvernement tunisien préfère l'illusion de l'engagement au travail sérieux pour une réelle coopération. Le changement majeur en Tunisie devra attendre le départ de Ben Ali, [...] La Tunisie a de gros problèmes. Le Président Ben Ali est vieillissant, son régime est sclérosé et il n'y a pas de successeur évident. De nombreux Tunisiens sont frustrés par le manque de libertés politiques et éprouvent de la colère envers la famille présidentielle, la corruption, le chômage élevé et les inégalités régionales. L'extrémisme fait peser une menace permanente. [...] La Tunisie est un État policier, avec peu de liberté d'expression et d'association, et de graves problèmes de droits humains. [...] Pour chaque pas en avant, il y en a un autre en arrière, par exemple le récent rachat d'importants médias privés par des personnes proches du président Ben Ali. [Ben Ali] et son régime ont perdu le contact avec le peuple tunisien. Ils ne tolèrent pas de conseils ou de critiques, nationales fussent-elles ou internationales. Ils s'appuient de plus en plus sur le contrôle par la police et se concentre sur la préservation du pouvoir. La corruption dans les premiers cercles s'accentue. Même les Tunisiens moyens sont à présent très conscients de cela, et les voix de leurs plaintes s’amplifient [...]. Les Tunisiens vraiment n’aiment pas, voire éprouve de la haine envers la première dame Leila Trabelsi et sa famille. En privé, les opposants au régime se moquent d'elle. Même dans les cercles proches du pouvoir on y exprime la consternation face à ses frasques. Entre temps, la colère s'intensifie face au taux de chômage qui grimpe et les inégalités régionales. En conséquence, les risques pour la stabilité à long terme du régime sont en augmentation. »

« Too often, the Government Of Tunisia prefers the illusion of engagement to the hard work of real cooperation. Major change in Tunisia will have to wait for Ben Ali's departure, […] Tunisia has big problems. President Ben Ali is aging, his regime is sclerotic and there is no clear successor. Many Tunisians are frustrated by the lack of political freedom and angered by First Family corruption, high unemployment and regional inequities. Extremism poses a continuing threat. […] Tunisia is a police state, with little freedom of expression or association, and serious human rights problems. [...] for every step forward there has been another back, for example the recent takeover of important private media outlets by individuals close to President Ben Ali. [Ben Ali] and his regime have lost touch with the Tunisian people. They tolerate no advice or criticism, whether domestic or international. Increasingly, they rely on the police for control and focus on preserving power. And, corruption in the inner circle is growing. Even average Tunisians are now keenly aware of it, and the chorus of complaints is rising […]. Tunisians intensely dislike, even hate, First Lady Leila Trabelsi and her family. In private, regime opponents mock her; even those close to the government express dismay at her reported behavior. Meanwhile, anger is growing at Tunisia's high unemployment and regional inequities. As a consequence, the risks to the regime's long-term stability are increasing. » VZCZCXRO0363, sec.1, 6 et 7.
Et ailleurs, on y lit également :

« Il n'y a aucune chance pour que les élections soient libres et régulières. La liberté d'expression et la liberté d'association sont sévèrement limitées. Et on ne permet pas aux partis d'opposition indépendants de fonctionner effectivement. »

« There is no chance the elections will be free or fair; freedom of expression and freedom of association are severely constrained, and independent opposition parties are not allowed to operate effectively. » VZCZCXRO1905, sec.6
Par ailleurs, certains événements semblent avoir eu un impact particulièrement négatif sur l’appréciation du régime tunisien. L’épisode de la nomination d’une « incompétente » à la tête de la Banque de Tunisie (qui est au demeurant l’épouse de Abdelwaheb Abdallah) tout en débarquant le très compétent Faouzi Bel Kahia « un banquier très respecté qui a occupé le poste pendant 16 ans » (« highly respected banker who held the post for 16 years » VZCZCXRO4879) paraît avoir laissé de sérieuses traces. De même, la gestion catastrophique du « problème » fiscal de l’« American Cooperative School of Tunis » fut très préjudiciable aux intérêts nationaux. Les termes que l’on découvre dans le document VZCZCXRO0363 sec. 9, du 17 juillet 2009 sont très significatifs :

« Le plus troublant fut l’effort unilatéral et maladroit du gouvernement tunisien d'imposer de nouvelles taxes rétroactives à l'American cooperative School of Tunis. Il ne fait aucun doute que cette action a été à l'initiative d'amis puissants (y compris sans doute Leila Trabelsi) de l'Ecole Internationale de Carthage. Cela soulève d'importantes questions sur la gouvernance tunisienne et nos amitiés réciproques. Si, en fin de compte, les actions du GT obligent l'école à fermer, nous aurons besoin de réduire les effectifs de la Mission, limiter nos programmes et réduire nos relations. »

« Most troubling has been the [Government of Tunisia’s] unilateral and clumsy effort to impose new and retroactive taxes on the American Cooperative School of Tunis. There is little doubt that this action was at the behest of powerful friends (probably including Leila Trabelsi) of the International School of Carthage. It raises important questions about Tunisian governance and our friendship. If, in the end, the GOT's actions force the school to close we will need to downsize the Mission, limit our programs, and dial down our relations. »
Enfin, la gestion du rapatriement des anciens détenus Tunisiens de Guantanamo semble avoir été désastreuse de la part des Tunisiens. Le manquement à la parole donnée (au niveau des assurances tunisiennes quant au respect des droits fondamentaux des rapatriés) a particulièrement exaspéré les Américains. III. - Abdelwaheb Abdallah, Kamel Morjane et Sakhr el Matri. Au niveau des ministres Tunisiens des affaires étrangères, le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que Abdelwaheb Abdallah n’a pas été en odeur de sainteté auprès des américains.

«[Abdelwaheb Abdallah] est connu pour ouvrir ses rencontres avec des monologues interminables sur des positions politiques, sociales et économiques, les réussites et les positions modérées de la Tunisie sur les questions régionales. C'est le discours qu’Abdallah lui-même a conçu pendant ses années en tant que conseiller du président, chargé du contrôle des médias nationaux et internationaux. Pendant son mandat de trois ans comme ministre des Affaires étrangères, Abdallah a maintenu une influence notable - si ce n'est un contrôle - sur les médias locaux » [...]« Par exemple, Abdallah me convoqua pour exprimer son «dégoût» de la condamnation de la Tunisie pour son traitement des journalistes, par le président Bush lors du 1er mai, journée mondiale pour la Liberté de la Presse. Mais les difficultés sont aussi le résultat des contrôles imposés par le ministère des Affaires étrangères. Ces contrôles limitent la capacité de l'Ambassade de s'engager avec d'autres organismes, et avec les universités, les organisations professionnelles et syndicales du pays » (VZCZCXRO1905, sec.8)

« [Abdelwaheb Abdallah] has been known to open his meetings with lengthy soliloquies about Tunisia's political, social, and economic successes and moderate positions on regional issues. This is the spin that Abdallah himself crafted during his years as Presidential Advisor responsible for domestic media control and international media spin. During his three-year tenure as Foreign Minister, Abdallah has maintained significant influence -- if not control -- over the local media” […] “For example, Abdallah convoked me to express his "disgust" that Tunisia was condemned for its treatment of journalists in President Bush's May 1 statement on World Press Freedom. But the difficulties are also the result of the controls imposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These controls limit the Embassy's ability to engage with other agencies, and with universities, business organizations and even the country's labor union” (VZCZCXRO1905, sec.8).
Ailleurs, on y apprend :

« Nous avons été bloqués, en partie, par le ministère des Affaires étrangères qui vise à contrôler l'ensemble de nos contacts avec le gouvernement et de nombreuses autres organisations. »

«We have been blocked, in part, by a Foreign Ministry that seeks to control all our contacts in the government and many other organizations.”(VZCZCXRO0363, sec.2).»
En revanche, s’agissant de l’actuel ministre des Affaires étrangères Kamel Morjane, celui-ci semble jouir d’une relative estime de la part de la diplomatie américaine. Il est du reste dépeint comme celui qui a cherché à limiter les dégâts de son prédécesseur. On notera également de longs passages concernant Sakhr El Matri, lesquels, entre autres révèlent cette promiscuité si malsaine entre les affaires et la politique. On retiendra cette anecdote, très révélatrice, qui a eu lieu à l’ambassade US où l’en passe du politique aux affaires d’El Matri sans la moindre pudeur. Celui qui aspire à obtenir une franchise McDonald en Tunisie se voit rétorquer par l’ambassadeur US que ceci nécessite des autorisations légales (de la part de l’administration tunisienne). Réponse d’El Matri : « ceci n’est pas un problème ». Et pour cause ! Voici le passage en question :

« El-Matri a aussi exprimé son intérêt pour l'ouverture d'une franchise de restaurant McDonalds. Lorsque l'ambassadeur a déclaré que les entreprises américaines avaient besoin d'une législation sur les franchises avant d'investir, il a répondu: "cela n'est pas un problème", et a suggéré que la première franchise pourrait s’ouvrir dans le port pour bateaux de croisières qu’il développe à La Goulette. »

« El-Matri also expressed interest in opening a McDonalds restaurant franchise. When the Ambassador said US companies needed a franchise law before investing, he responded, "that would not be a problem," and suggested a likely first option would be to open a franchise in the new cruise port he is developing in La Goulette. » (VZCZCXYZ0008, sec.3).
Au demeurant, le contenu de ce document donnera de la matière à gloser à nos deux experts nationaux en « science des agendas » ; en l’occurrence Borhène Bsaïs et Boubaker Sghaïr. Sûrement, ils ne manqueront pas de reprendre les longs passages concernant Sakhr El Matri pour nous parler de son agenda lorsqu’il franchit le pas de l’ambassade US. Nos deux « messieurs agenda », aux compétences reconnues en la matière, nous ont habitués à ne louper aucune occasion pour discourir sur leur thème favori « ambassade et agenda ». IV.- Les Silences troublants Parmi les éléments les plus troublants, du moins concernant les documents que nous avons examinés, c’est cette absence flagrante des forces démocratiques tunisiennes au niveau des échanges entre l’ambassade US et le département d’Etat. L’opposition démocratique est mentionnée à deux ou trois reprises, mais c’est presque d’une manière collatérale, voire accidentelle. Et ce qui est d’autant plus troublant, c’est que malgré le fait que la diplomatie américaine n’attend que le départ de Ben Ali pour observer un réel changement « Tout changement majeur en Tunisie devra attendre le départ de Ben Ali » (« Major change in Tunisia will have to wait for Ben Ali's departure »), l’opposition démocratique dans ce contexte n’incarne ni une alternative sérieuse ni même une force politique avec laquelle il serait utile d’avoir des rapports étroits. Il faut dire que cela confirme ce que nous avons par le passé écrit sur Nawaat, et qui incarne à nos yeux un réel problème tunisien. « Que cette opposition devienne tellement insignifiante, tellement inexistante au regard des gouvernements alliés de la Tunisie [avons-nous eu l’occasion d’écrire] est difficile à avaler. […] On ne devient pas une opposition qui incarne le changement démocratique en le proclamant, mais par la capacité, d’une part, à convaincre et à entraîner l’opinion publique en ce sens et, d’autre part, à gagner par ce biais la crédibilité des partenaires de la Tunisie quant au changement que l’on promet. » Juxtaposer cette non-considération des forces démocratiques tunisiennes avec les considérations réelles au niveau des questions des droits de l’homme en Tunisie par une nation étrangère, laquelle se met en position de protéger les Tunisiens sur leur propre territoire, a de quoi empêcher de dormir beaucoup de Tunisiens. Quand on songe à la défaillance indigne du gouvernement tunisien à s’enquérir du respect des garanties et droits fondamentaux des Tunisiens détenus à Guantanamo, C’est déjà très grave. Mais qu’ensuite les anciens geôliers de ces Tunisiens se retrouvent eux-mêmes dans la peau de ceux qui se démènent pour garantir leurs droits fondamentaux et leur intégrité physique en Tunisie ; cela frôle l’insupportable pour quiconque accorde un minimum d’honneur à la citoyenneté tunisienne et des droits qui s'y rattachent ! Et c’est face à de tels faits que l’on se demande comment des ministres, des parlementaires, des magistrats et des hommes politiques tunisiens peuvent se regarder dans la glace le matin. Que l'on soit très clair, que les Américains se démènent pour garantir la sécurité de ceux qui on subit les affres de Guantanamo, c'est la moindre des choses pour restaurer leur honneur. En revanche, pour nous Tunisiens, faisons-nous assez pour justement réhabiliter cet honneur qui devrait être celui de nos institutions républicaines dont la finalité ULTIME, faut-il le rappeler, est de garantir les droits fondamentaux du citoyen ? Au fond, les magouilles affairistes et politiques d'El Matri, A. Abdallah ou des Trabelsi sont tellement secondaires, sinon une conséquence logique de l'altération de ce qui est autrement plus fondamental : la place et le statut de la citoyenneté tunisienne au sein des institutions de la République. Aurions-nous su les défendre bec et ongle, ces institutions, depuis 1987, l'opposition démocratique en tête et nous n'en serions sûrement pas là aujourd'hui. Enfin à chacun de lire, de se faire une idée et donner du sens aux faits mentionnés. Le débat est ouvert. Ce qui est certain en tout cas, c’est que la transparence aura toujours du bon. Nous reviendrons sur ces documents, y compris sur d'autres dès que nous en disposerons. Nous les mettrons en forme, les classerons en catégorie et les taguerons pour en faciliter la l'accès ... d'ici là, bonne lecture. Pour suivre les nouvelles sur ce sujet, retrouvez-nous sur ce site dédié https://tunileaks.appspot.com (https://tunileaks.appspot.com/) et assurez-vous que vous vous y connectez en HTTPS et non en HTTP. Vous pouvez également le faire en nous suivant sur notre compte twitter @nawaat (http://twitter.com/nawaat/) et facebook (https://facebook.com/nawaat). Nawaat.org (http://www.nawaat.org/portail)

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02-28-2011, 01:09 PM
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################################################## #
Head of R.M.I.T -- I.T security caught posting comments on campaign video.

UniLeaks has a YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/UniversityLeaks) to which three satirical videos have thus far been uploaded. The videos have drawn some interest (approximately 800 views), but one in particular, “RMIT sells out young people in Victoria”, has been subject to sustained criticism from a user known as “chickenliddle1 (http://www.youtube.com/chickenliddle1)″. Among other things, chickenliddle1 has accused (http://www.unileaks.org/gregbristow/Greg%20Bristow%20%20RMIT%20Comments.pdf) one respondent — a former RMIT student who states that they recently left the Youth Work course after its funding was cut, and who questions the University’s commitment to assisting youth in need — of being “drug addled”.
http://www.unileaks.org/images/stories/greg.png (http://www.youtube.com/chickenliddle1)
The video, created by one of the contributors to UniLeaks, draws attention to the fact that on any given night over 30,000 young Australians sleep rough (http://www.fahcsia.gov.au/sa/housing/pubs/homelessyouth/youth_homelessness/Documents/p4.htm). These youth are in dire need of help, assistance which is often provided to them by youth workers. The video highlights the fact that, despite this — and despite the existence of a crisis in child protection in the state of Victoria — the Youth Work course at RMIT has been downgraded, and its funding cut by $300,000. This has been done as a result of the University’s commitment to running the course at a profit. At the same time, the University is able to provide its Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner a chauffeur-driven ride each day to and from her office. The video concludes with an exhortation: “Get your priorities in order RMIT… start taking students seriously… Invest in youth work education! Oh and [Margaret]… get a bike!”

Upon subsequent investigation, we have determined that the source of this criticism is Greg Bristow (http://au.linkedin.com/pub/greg-bristow/8/311/a7b), (second link pdf version (http://www.unileaks.org/gregbristow/Greg%20Bristow%20-%20Australia%20_%20LinkedIn.pdf)) Senior Manager, IT Security at RMIT University (http://www.rmit.edu.au/browse/About%20RMIT%2FContact%20Us%2FStaff%2Fby%20name%2F B%2F;ID=s0i94njxxfsh;STATUS=A?QRY=its&STYPE=LOCATION) (second link pdf version (http://www.unileaks.org/gregbristow/RMIT%20-%20Bristow,%20Mr.%20Greg.pdf)), who claims to have 25 years I.T security experience. Unileaks was able to verify that the comments were made by Mr Bristow within three minutes using basic investigative techniques (and relying on public information to guide us).

Precisely why Greg has decided to intervene in the discussion is unknown: PR is more usually conducted on RMIT’s behalf by its Media Unit (http://rmit.org.au/browse;ID=xjzw78p8ttjdz); Greg’s commentary does not address the cost-cutting, but rather compares, favorably, his boss’s salary and conditions to that of other Australian CEOs. Irrespective of the validity of his arguments, we find it curious that a person in charge of IT Security at RMIT should be so agitated by a video criticising his employer, and can only conclude that we are right to believe that Universities are highly vulnerable to public criticism.

It seems that RMIT in particular is highly sensitive to criticism: last week, a Facebook group created by and for RMIT Youth Work students was closed down after a complaint was filed with the site regarding the fact that the same video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyWR1Nsf_kA) was posted to the group.
UniLeaks wishes to take this opportunity to reiterate the fact that we support attempts by students to organise in order to resist the downgrading of courses, and to voice criticism of those responsible for implementing such measures. Indeed, as our 'Open Letter to Australian VCs (http://www.unileaks.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6:opl&catid=8:oplss&Itemid=38)' states, this is precisely why we have established this site.
Please note we are happy to provide evidence to any media organisation wishing to validate our claims. We have decided to withhold some information in order to protect the identity of person/s not directly related to these matters.

Magda Hassan
07-30-2011, 03:18 AM

What Is WikiClaimLeaks?

WikiClaimLeaksWikiClaimLeaks is a non-profit media entity. The primary ambition of WikiClaimLeaks is to report on the misdeeds of insurance companies and the vendors that support them. We are concerned with all matters of insurance ranging from property insurance to health insurance and all other insurance types in between. The insurance carrier vendors we report on range from engineers, doctors, laboratories, software developers, material testing companies, and the list goes on.
WikiClaimLeaks affords its information sources state of the art, top level security so that no informant will ever lose their anonymity. Confidential informants will be able to make use of our proprietary “E-Drop” system as one way to safely deliver the information they wish to convey to us.

Probably one of the main reasons that WikiClaimLeaks has such credibility with other news organizations is that whenever it is possible we like to provide the original documents that you submit to us right along with our news story as evidence of the atrocities committed by insurers.

As news organizations go, WikiClaimLeaks is very small, although we are growing with every opportunity that we have to help fellow Americans. Many of our workers are volunteers who will not accept payment for their service of the American public.

Magda Hassan
01-04-2013, 02:40 PM

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JANUARY 1, 2011

Police Brutality - Corruption - Government Wrongdoing - Workplace Harassment