View Full Version : MP's asked to give up pay award

David Guyatt
01-20-2011, 03:07 PM
Last time they were asked, they flatly refused and took a hefty bite out of the taxpayers wallet --- that was a great deal more than inflation

I doubt they'll change their mind this time around either.


MPs to be asked to give up pay rise
Thursday, January 20 10:35 am

MPs are to be asked to give up a one per cent pay rise ordered by the Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB). Skip related content

Leader of the House Sir George Young said a resolution would be put before the Commons to block the increase in light of the pay freeze imposed on public sector workers.

The move will frustrate many MPs who argue they are already underpaid on £65,738 a year, and fuel anger at the tight curbs imposed after the scandal over expenses abuses.

MPs gave up control over their pay rises in July 2008, when the SSRB was tasked with calculating how much they should receive based on awards for a range of other public sector workers.

The increase takes effect automatically, but many Government ministers and backbenchers have opted not to accept the money over the past two years as the country suffered through recession.

The one per cent rise set by the SSRB would have taken MPs' pay to £66,395 a year.

But Sir George confirmed in a written statement to the Commons that he would be acting to stop it coming into force.