View Full Version : Hostilities on Georgian and Abkhazian border.

Magda Hassan
01-19-2009, 10:04 AM
Georgia has been militarily building up big on the border recently and they are just waiting for a pretext to let loose. Yet again.


Russian Information Agency Novosti
January 18, 2009

Georgia, Abkhazia trade accusations of fire in border

TBILISI - Georgia on Sunday accused Abkhazia of
shelling a police post in the border area, while the
breakaway republic rejected the accusations.

The Georgian Interior Ministry said in a statement
that automatic and mortar fire was opened early on
Sunday from Abkhazia's adjacent Gali district against
a police post in the village of Koki in the Zugdidi in
western Georgia.
Observers from the European Union monitoring mission
in Georgia who had visited the site declined any

Meanwhile, Abkhazian Defense Minister Merab Kishmariya
said that observer posts of the Abkhazian armed forces
registered fire in the Zugdidi district in Georgia.

Russia recognized the independence of Abkhazia and
South Ossetia, another separatist Georgian republic,
on August 26. Russia and Georgia fought a five day war
on August 8-12 after Georgian forces had attacked
South Ossetia in a bid to bring it back under central