View Full Version : Slipping In To The Real Face

Albert Doyle
03-12-2011, 05:05 PM
I noticed that the recent saber-rattling done by the US military on the US media was done by serious generals making their threats to invade Libya. It suddenly sunk-in that these generals had gone right to the TV without ever bothering to mention or even show the president. Obama was conspicuously missing from this process.

It dawned on me that those generals have dropped the facade of democratic protocol and just went right to the TV. In other words we have a military government that makes the decisions. They've dropped the pretense of going through the president and commander in chief. They now go right to the public through their corporate media partners.

Who is making the decision to invade Libya? The military is. The great "Change" president is AWOL on this process. They slipped-up and went right to their true face. Or did they even slip-up?


Magda Hassan
03-13-2011, 04:12 AM
Agreed Albert. The mask has been falling for while but the face is clearly visible now. I thought I saw a report with Obama saying we (the US) need to think twice about military intervention which indicated a difference of opinion from his generals. There also seems to be a (at least) 2 factions in the State Department. The military do what they want. Plus they want a show down with China in Japan where Chines soldiers are going to help but this is not welcomed by the US forces.

Albert Doyle
05-20-2011, 04:45 PM
I just saw a program on The History Channel about Reagan's creation of the "COG" plan. Reagan drew up a Continuation Of Government plan in case the US was attacked with nuclear weapons. It involves the immediate imposition of a non-democratic, hand-selected group selectively chosen from members of the CIA, State Department, and other agencies (I would assume military).

Funny how this group included Cheney and Rumsfeld. It seems to me we just experienced a taste of that plan during the Bush administration.

The plan is secret and is not shown to the public. I have no warmth for Ronald Reagan, he was basically an actor playing the role of cagey gipper while being a fascist enabler.