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David Guyatt
01-26-2009, 12:38 PM
The future?

0-60 in 2.9 secs! That'll ruffle your hair.



This very pretty JJAD P1-E is set to provide the Tesla Roadster with an all-British electric rival.

The P1-E will accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.9sec, has a range of 230 miles, four-wheel drive and, as all proper sports cars should, gullwing doors.

The P1-E is the work of former McLaren designer, Jim Dowle, whose vision was to create an electric sportscar without the usual downsides we discovered in our Tesla Road Test video:

“All the electric cars produced to date have been compromised in one way or another and most have been of little attraction to the enthusiast driver,” says Dowle. “We decided it was time to create an affordable electric sports car that combined the advantages of conventionally-engined machines with those of electric ones.”

So the P1-E is light (it weighs just 1,055kg compared to the lardy Tesla’s 1,300kg) and because it’s been designed as an electric car from the outset it should be cheaper to produce too, with a projected price of £55,000 which is about £40,000 less than the Lotus Elise-based Tesla.

But where the JJAD really scores over the Tesla, if this rendering is anything to go by, is in the way it looks.

The styling, inspired by various iconic sportscars (we’re getting a hint of Lancia Stratos around the side window graphic) is the work of Royal College of Art graduate Paul Howse. He also happens to be the guy who sniffed out our Concept Car of 2008, the Bertone B.A.T 11 for us at last year’s Geneva Motor Show so there’s no denying his taste.

Let’s hope that P1-E can live up to the promise of being an electric car that enthusiasts will love as much as environmentalists.

Now all it needs is a decent name. Leave your suggestions below, extra points for electric-based puns.