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Ed Jewett
04-14-2011, 07:11 PM
So many books, so little time...

While I await the manifestation of additional manna so I may sample from the Apple store, I continue to read... I am working my way through Anthony Sutton's republished (by Trine-Day) collection on the order of Skull and Bones, as well as Kris Millegan's edited "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones". [I had the benefit of a 20-minute monologue by Kris when I placed the order, a bonus Mastercard might have called priceless.] "Fleshing" is required reading.

Ed Jewett
04-21-2011, 04:04 PM
In the interests of saving time (mine), I will cut-and-paste two recent posts of mine made elsewhere (in this thread: http://www.commongroundcommonsense.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=133832, posts #117 and #129) relative to the Sutton and especially Millegan books on Skull and Bones. (The manna and the iMac arrived, though I am still learning how to set it up and use it effectively.) Here are the posts:

I would recommend reading two books.

The first is Anthony Sutton's "America's Secret Establishment". [ http://www.google.com/#q=america's+secret+establishment+pdf&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=6823caa7f7b5eef4&hl=en ]

It's rich and detailed, notes his other publications and background, and has extensive bibliography and footnote support. (It's available in book format with lots of commentary and opinion too including no doubt some attempts to debunk the work(s).

He treads where few dare to go, except perhaps for Kris Millegan, whose father was a CIA agent who served in Indonesia (lots of questions there), and whose own book "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones" does indeed put skin and hair and some blood and guts on the matter. See http://www.google.com/#q=fleshing+out+skull+and+bones+pdf&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=6823caa7f7b5eef4&hl=en )

[It's especially fun (if difficult because of the style of writing used back when it was first published in 1918 to say nothing of the language used in the many references cited from the very late 1700's), to read Vernon Stauffer's "The Bavarian Illuminati in America: The New England Conspiracy Scare, 1798"), which provides the evidence that Milllegan nails down in depth. Stauffer is an interesting read in the art of propaganda and misinformation in the time of the Federalists and the Democrats of Jefferson.

But Millegan has the goods in depth.... [I had the pleasure of an impromptu monologue for over 20 minutes with the author, editor and publisher of Trine-Day when I called to place my order.)

Names, dates, intent, background, historical sources and references, history from inside Yale, membership rosters, documentary and photographic evidence, treatises from papers in New Haven from olden days, the lkinks to the funding of Hitler and the Holocaust, the funding of the Bolshevik revolution, (and hence, of course, the precipitation of World War Two, the extensive ties to the OSS and the CIA, control of and presidential succession at Yale, parallel and correlative secret societies, great expanses of argument as to why secret societies are anathema to a healthy democracy and a functional Republic, as well as an in-depth explanation and discussion of the Hegelian dialectic, how it got to be part of the Order, or the Russell trust, and how it maintains control by controlling and fueling both sides of the debates, both parties, and the major combatants in many wars.

Of course, Wall Street figures heavily into the shenanigans, plans, and interlocking natures of the Skull and Bones. More than a few major Wall Street banking and investment firms are named and are regularly "fed" willing recruits who have learned to get ahead by going along, and these firms are interwoven as well through revolving doors and allegiances formed in the stages of puerile and sophomoroic hijinks (such as naked mud wrestling, and laying naked in coffins telling tales), continued by the open sharing (well, within the secretive circles) of published membership lists showing which former members, then Knights, now Partriarchs, are employed oin what key locations, agencies and firms, as well as regular summer retreats to a private island in the St. Lawrence. Millegan has the actiual correspondence. You can read the membership lists yourself; they run for 80 pages and more, covering the years since 1833.

There are also explanations about how and why such an organization, not unlike others with which it is allied or to which it is similar, are satanic in nature.

There are extended explanations by several sources on how the Order has succeeded effectively in the "dumbing down of America", how it succeeds in commanding direction of social change by being there at the beginning of organizational development so as to establish its mission and its parameters, and you can also see it in how its members are regularly directed to seats of trusteeship in the major preparatory schools, some colleges, and several religious organizations (the madrassas of today's evilarchy).

The point is also made, and becomes clear when you do the historical research, that the Skulls and Bones (which commanded both Presidential candidates in a recent election, both of whom followed the directives of their oath by refusing to answer any questions about their membership or what the Order entialed) is a chapter of a foreign organization.

So when you consider that the policies that pushed the United States into World War One, and World War Two (quick,someone count up the costs and the casualties), and the purposeful creation of scares which generated massive growth in the military-industrial budget, and the false flag attacks which brought the US into those wars (yes, it even covers 9/11 as well as Dealey Plaza), then you have to see the treasonous villainy with which this nation has been brought to its near ruination.

I defy you all to continue the debate about voting for this one or that one in light of the membership listings of S&B members in high positions in the Department of Defense, in the media organizations, in control of national organizations of history, education, psychology, and more.

And before someone comes butting back into the discussion to scream about the Bushes being heavily involved in The Order (which they were), keep in mind (and do your own perusal of the membership lists) to note that liberals, anti-war progressivists, and key leadership of foundations funding left-leaning organizations, and the Democratic Party, are amply represented, especially in finance, fund-raising, the Rothschild connections, the Rockefeller influences, multiple long-term historical links to the Fed, and more.

There are some interesting surprises among the membership rolls.

Oh, and did I mention eugenics?

Ed Jewett
04-21-2011, 04:15 PM
As a follow-on to the above about the Illuminatist secret society formed at Yale and known as Skull and Bones, a review of the membership rolls will find:

-- in 1845, a fellow who became the Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons;

-- Archibald MacLeish; David McCullough;

-- Lewis Abbott Lapham, in shipping and banking, and general counsel for the CIA;

-- numerous soldiers who served for the North and the South as Army generals, sailors, privates, etc., including the 24th Governor of New Jersey, a fellow named MacClellan;

-- scads of ministers, seminarians, theologians, etc.;

-- numerous food and alcohol distributorships;

-- a member of John Lindsay's cabinet; Potter Stewart;

-- a trustee of the Children's Television Workshop, previously the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, an educator in the national military command system and a member of the Carter/Mondale transition team. (Yes, the same dude...)

-- in the press:

an editorial writer for the Hartford Courant (1871); numerous screenwriters, TV producers, most notably Henry Luce (Time, Life, Fortune and others) (the fellow who created the Fortune 500 listings was in the class of 1923);

in advertising: Donnelly; Burston-Marstellar; the editor of the Gallup Poll; the USIA, Radio Free Europe, USAID;

the President of the Association of American Publishers;

-- in the military and government: Edwin Forrest Sweet (1871) who went on to be a member of the World War One War Industries Board and Asst. Sec'y of the Department of Commerce; there are actually numerous representatives of both national and state war industries boards in both World War One and World War Two; War Board Production and War Food organizations, Lend-Lease, etc.; lots of people involved in military intelligence; John Hersey, the author of A Bell for Adano and Hiroshima (chilling when you've read the earlier sections in Millegan on historical events as blood sacrifices and when you consider the role of Stimson (a member) and the actual bombings; the administrative officer of the Psychological Warfare Division of SHAEF from '44-'46 was in the class of 1936; the Acting Chief Legal Advisor for the US military governor of occupied Germany in 1949 was in the class of 1939; a 1940 member served in the office of the Chief of Staff for the War Department from 1943-1946; William E. Jackson, the assistant to the US Chief Prosecutor at Nuremburg, was in the class of 1941;

-- in business: the comptroller for GE; ATT; Colgate-Palmolive; Pillsbury; Johns-Manville; United Aircraft; Lockheed; Otis; Citibank; General Motors (overseas operations '42-'65); Archer-Daniels-Midland; the VP of Union Carbide (remember Bhopal?); Sinclair Oil (check out the book by Laton McCartney on the Teapot Dome Scandal inside the Harding Administration) (here's the New York Times Review: ; oh, yeak, the Gray Lady is amply represented in the S&B membership too; Phelps Dodge; Mobil Oil; numerous insurance agencies; numerous logging and lumber concerns from Weyerhauser to Boise Cascade; WR Grace (remember the book and movie A Civil Action?); Westinghouse; Lincoln Lab; Wrigley; Abbott Labs; Grumman; Liggett and Myers; Proctor and Gamble; Cessna; Raytheon; McKinsey and Co.; Westinghouse; General Dynamics;

in banking, Wall Street, the stock exchanges, and the Fed:

President of the New York Trust Co.; Guaranty Trust; Morgan Guaranty Trust; Chase Manhattan Bank; Sullivan and Cromwell, of course; Millbank, Tweed, Hadley and McCloy; Brown Brothers, as well as Brown Brothers and Harriman;Pierre Jay, father of credit and the first-ever chairman of the New York Federal Reserve; JP Morgan; the senior investment officer of the World Bank was in the class of '40; Dean Witter (Junior was class of 1944); Smith Barney;Morgan Stanley;

I'll leave the categories of medicine* and education for another time. And the railroad business. And sports (Walter Camp, several members of the NFL Hall of Hame, people in baseball, the executive director of the 1960 Winter Olympics, the NHL Board of Governors, and more). And law.

But it can be noted that numerous well-known prep schools are covered with trustees, faculty, founders and presidents whose college days included membership; these included Phillips Exeter, Choate and Groton (mais oui), Deerfield, Governor Dummer, Taft, Loomis, Hotchkiss, St. Mark's, The Hill School, and repettitively Phillips Andover which gave us Bush 41 and Bush 43, tied to the Mallons and the Walkers and Dresser Industries and a lot more;

*The control of the development of medicine by the Rockefellers is well-documented. Psychiatry is well represented. As is psychology. Anson Phelps Stokes (1896) was a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. The class of 1916 gave us the Sr. V.P. of Merck & Co. The President of Ciba Pharmaceuticals was in the class of 1924. There's a library in the Harvard Medical complex named after the fellow in the class of 1930. The senior financial advisor to the Rockefeller Family and Associates was in the class of 1938.

Note too Henry McIlvaine Parsons, a noted experimental psychologist: http://www.google.com/#q=Henry+McIlvaine+Parsons&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=6823caa7f7b5eef4&hl=en

The founding president of the American Eugenics Society was a member in the class of 1888. Was he tapped by the fellow who eventually went on to be the President of the New England Association of Secondary Schools? A member of the class of 1897 was a member of the NY State Commission on Birth Control (Henry Sloane Coffin).

Do you wear a Brooks Brothers suit? John was a Knight in Period 2, Decade 63.

Do you sleep on a Stearns and Foster mattress? Edwin Stearns, Treasurer, 1870.

The Taft, Rockefeller, Bush, Sage, Pinchot, Harriman, Dodge, Payne, Whitney, Lovett, Bundy, Mellon, Heinz, Forbes, Spaulding, Brown, Davison, Lord and Ellis families are covered in detail in the books. Numerous folks with the last name of Cheney are noted, but it is not clear if they are related to the noted war criminal. William Averell Harriman was class of 1913.

Well, I'll have to end there for the moment, but note that I'm only through the class of 1954. Keep in mind this is simply a sampling.

Oh, but I couldn't leave without recollecting the stuff about satanic blood sacrifices in national events. There were at least two highly-ranked officials with Marsh and McLennan in the S&B membership rolls. If you are not clear on the reference and relevance of that company with regard to 9/11, there is still time for you to do some homework and begin to acknowledge the way the world works.

Magda Hassan
07-29-2012, 07:47 AM