View Full Version : Irish motorist refuses to pay fine, claims exchequer is a slush fund for banksters, and is let off.

Magda Hassan
04-21-2011, 04:07 AM
Motorist refuses to pay fine in gesture of ‘civil disobedience’

By Tom Tuite
Wednesday, April 20, 2011
A MAN who refused to pay a speeding fine in what he called "a gesture of civil disobedience" against a state he believed was acting as "a slush fund to pay gangster bankers" has escaped censure for his act of defiance.

Des Nix, aged 62, of Foxfield, Raheny, Dublin, refused to pay the €80 speeding fine.

He received the fixed penalty fine for allegedly driving at 63km/h in a 50km/h zone at Tonlegee Road in north Dublin on October 28 last.

Mr Nix, who worked as a journalist for 22 years, had been given 28 days to pay up or face a court prosecution with a possible maximum fine of €1,000. However, he wrote to the Garda Fixed Penalty Processing Office to tell them he was returning the speeding ticket unpaid as "a gesture of civil disobedience".

In his letter to gardaí he said that he would continue to refuse to pay on the basis that "the money will go to the exchequer, which is now primarily a slush fund to pay gangster bankers, elitist judges and greedy politicians".

Mr Nix was then summonsed to appear at Dublin District Court for failing to pay the fine.

When his case was called yesterday, he indicated to Judge Victor Blake that he was pleading not guilty.

Later, when the case was reached, a court officer told the judge that there was an application to strike out the summons because the prosecuting garda was not present.

Mr Nix, who had opted to defend himself, asked if his expenses would be paid but the judge refused, telling him the case was struck out and that he was "doing well as it is".

After the case was struck out, Mr Nix explained to reporters that he was not affiliated to any political organisations.

He said: "I refused to pay money to the exchequer which I now regard as a slush fund used by the Government to channel money from the Irish people to give to gangster banks.

"I regard these bankers and their bondholders as gangsters if they take money from people who never had dealings with them. And I regard it as unacceptable that the Government should act as their bagmen."

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