View Full Version : Blog del Narco and WikiNarco.Com Fight Drug Wars

Peter Lemkin
06-02-2011, 07:55 PM
Blog del Narco and WikiNarco.Com to Fight Drug Wars
April 28, 2011

Blog del Narco is the work of a young Mexican computer security student. His identity remains undisclosed to the public for obvious reasons. His blog went live last March and continues to provide updates about the latest underground drug cartel news.

WikiNarco.Com is an online portal that constantly publishes breaking news about drug war-related crimes as they happen. Its geolocation system informs everyone wherever, whenever, about nearby areas with high drug-related crimes. Its interactive map provides a quick and easy way to be informed about drug crimes as they occur near you. WikiNarco.Com even has a feature of sending updates posted on this online portal straight to your mobile phone, so wherever you are, you’ll know where it’s safe to go, and you can even call the authorities to help in arresting these drug offenders and cartel syndicates.

A recent video post on Blog del Narco showed a man being beheaded. The man confessed that he had ties with Edgar “La Barbie” Valdez Villareal, a known drug lord competing against notorious drug cartels, including Sinaloa and Beltran Leyva among others. Another one led to major arrests of syndicate members and certain authorities taking part of an organized system of hiring prison inmates to murder drug cartel enemies.

Thanks to social media and the Internet. Everyone can now participate in online platforms to safeguard the lives of their loved ones. With Blog del Narco and WikiNarco.Com, small victories will definitely lead to the effective regulation of drug related crimes.

Mexico among other areas of the world are infamous for their drug syndicates and crimes related to drug wars between these organized crime groups. These online portals aim to provide people around the world protection against these drug crimes and also as a means to help in the fight against these drug cartels. These websites offer secure privacy features to ensure the anonymity of users who share breaking news and underground covert information. Here are some tips to further enhance your security when using these online portals to help inform and educate others about drug war related crimes:

Tip 1. Use an anonymous Web proxy when posting updates and comments on these sites. These anonymous Web proxies hide identifiable information which your computer, ISP and browser may leave while you’re surfing the Internet and uploading news, photos, comments or videos to these websites.

Tip 2. Verify the validity of news, photos, videos and comments you upload to these websites before posting it live. Remember: Your main objective in sharing these relevant pieces of information and advice is to help safeguard the well being of others who are misinformed, misguided and disadvantaged.

Following the tips above will improve the benefits everyone can gain from the features provided by Blog del Narco and WikiNarco.Com. Learning more about the specific benefits offered by these websites in their fight against narco related crimes will enhance the overall experience of all users who rely on these websites for their protection and security from drug related crimes.