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Darius Alexander
06-27-2011, 12:09 AM


The Sublime Book of Knowledge:
Large sized, illustrated, highly-detailed, 2 volume paperback. 352 pages.

Volume I.

Chapter 1. Introducing the Rabbit Hole
Chapter 2. Ancient Connexions
Chapter 3. Rosicrucian and Masonic Connexions
Chapter 4. Connecting Veiled Facts
Chapter 5. Abovestanding Propaganda and Plato

Volume II.

Chapter 6. The Great Work
Chapter 6a. The Cryptogram
Chapter 6b. Words of a Mason
Chapter 6c. Secrets by Higgins
Chapter 6 cont'd. The Great Work
Chapter 7. Connexions in Esoteric His Story
Chapter 8. Low Science - Science - High Science

Content includes and is not limited to:
• A comprehensive reading list of over 100 books
• A guide for beginners in the awakening process
• Lists of power structures including great detail of 20th century industries
• Illustrations of esoteric power systems
• Details of ancient secret societies (Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Druidism, Hermeticism, Zoroastrianism, et cœtera)
• Decoding of ciphers, allegories, and secret symbols
• Proofs of hidden codes embedded in many languages
• Truthful analysis of history without propaganda
• Many detailed and revealing illustrations
• Analysis of the Zodiac and Precessions
• Direct sources of antiquated works
• Breakdown of propaganda
• Advanced esotericism
• A 12,000 year timeline of Re-Legion

source: Sublime Truth - Arcana of Truth for Scholars. The Greatest Truths Ever Told and The Sublime Book of Knowledge