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Ed Jewett
08-02-2011, 03:28 AM
"Cognitive liberty is a basic, fundamental right to independent thinking. This includes thinking enhanced by new technologies. Some of these enhancements may already exist (certain drugs have served as mental aids for millennia) or may soon be invented as advances in com- puter-related interfaces and interactive brain prostheses/implants and other modifications become more readily available."

What can I do to protect my cognitive liberty in the face of such new technologies?
• Reclaim your fundamental right tocognitive liberty by employing this term when appropriate.
• Watch the press, trade and professional journals, your university, etc. for new technologies that will potentially impact cognitive liberty.
• Sign-up for“Top Cognitive Liberty News” (Sendablanke-mailto: cognitiveliberty-subscribe@igc.topica.com) for relevant announcements.
• Prompt government officials to attend to the constitutional protection of cognitive liberty when considering legislation that involves new technologies.
• Write Letters to the Editor on public debates regarding new technologies with an impact on cognitive liberty.
• Educate others regarding their right to cognitive liberty and itsp rotection.
• Photocopy this information sheet and share it with friends and colleagues.
• Visit the CCLE’S Website to download this and other flyers that promote cognitive liberty.

Blip to: www.cognitiveliberty.org .