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Magda Hassan
02-23-2009, 07:29 AM
Cocaine plane trail is open challenge for Obama administration

Posted by Bill Conroy (http://narcosphere.narconews.com/users/bill-conroy) - January 11, 2009 at 8:05 pm A twin-propeller Cessna 402C aircraft was seized near Carepa (http://www.maplandia.com/colombia/antioquia/carepa/), Colombia, just across the border from Panama in mid-December of last year while it was in the process of attempting to transport about 850 kilos of cocaine to a suspected destination in Central America — and an ultimate arrival point in the United States.
The story was not reported in the United States, but rather appeared as a short item in news publications in Panama and the Dominican Republic. The Cessna, according to those news reports, had flown out of an airport in Panama to pick up the payload of white powder in Colombia.
This incident would likely have gone down as simply one more aborted drug run in the trail of thousands that bring the lucrative product to the U.S. each year if it were not for one small fact: the Cessna sported a U.S. tail number and FAA registration history that connect it to a number of other “cocaine planes” that have apparent links to covert U.S. intelligence operations focused, at least in part, on Venezuela and the government of Hugo Chávez.
To trace the trail of this Cessna, it’s necessary to keep a couple numbers in mind, since they are the keys that open up this Pandora’s box. The first is the tail number, N811PW and the second is the aircraft’s unique serial number, 402C0078 — which is referenced specifically in the story published in the Dominican Republic newspaper Diario Horizonte (http://www.diariohorizonte.com/view/articulo.aspx?articleid=22014&zoneid=3) [Daily Horizon].
With those numbers in hand, Narco News requested from the Federal Aviation Administration the full registration history (http://narcosphere.narconews.com/userfiles/70/N811PW.FAA.Reg.pdf) of the Cessna 402C and discovered that just prior to the date it was seized in Colombia (December 13, according to the report in the Panama news publication La Prensa (http://www.panama-guide.com/article.php/20081215152412874)), the Cessna was owned by a Floridian named Roberto Gomez — who changed addresses in the state three times in the three years he owned the aircraft.
Gomez, for his part, says he can't talk about the Cessna because there are still "questions pending on it." Gomez claims he is a simple airplane broker and added that the "area [Venezuela] is very hot."
He declined to answer whether the feds are investigating or talking to him about the seizure of the drug-laden Cessna in Colombia.
Gomez purchased the Cessna in June 2005 from a Rantoul, Kansas, aircraft salvage company named Dodson International Parts Inc., the FCC records show.
However, in a stroke of good fortune for Gomez, on Dec. 12, the day before the Cessna was seized on its cocaine-running mission, the FAA confirmed its deregistration due to the fact that it had been sold to buyers in Venezuelan. That curious coincidence is compounded by the fact that the same pattern of a U.S. registered aircraft being sold just prior to it getting busted in a drug run plays out in a number of other cases that Narco News has investigated over the past year.
http://narcosphere.narconews.com/userfiles/70/DC-9-skyway.jpgHere’s the list of such adventures (http://www.narconews.com/Issue51/article3031.html):
• In April 2006, a DC-9 jet owned by a Florida company (Royal Sons Inc. of Clearwater) was apprehended in Mexico with 5.5 tons of cocaine onboard only days after it was sold to unknown Venezuelan purchasers. The passenger-class jet with tail number N900SA was acquired by Skyway Communications Holding Corp., the parent company of Skyway Aircraft Inc. in Clearwater, Fla., in November 2004 and later sold to Royal Sons — whose president was a shareholder and major creditor in Skyway Communications. Skyway Communications’ CEO, James Kent, according to U.S. Security and Exchange Commission records (http://www.secinfo.com/d11Q1u.2e8.htm), served previously in a number of government contract positions supporting national communications and intelligence projects for the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency and the Department of the Navy.
http://narcosphere.narconews.com/userfiles/70/gulfstreamW.jpg• A Gulfstream II corporate jet crashed in Mexico’s Yucatan in late September 2007 with some 4 tons of cocaine onboard. The jet’s tail number, N987SA, has been linked by European investigators to past CIA rendition flights and it was owned just prior to its crash landing by a Florida duo named Clyde O’Connor and Greg Smith. O’Connor and Smith purchased the ill-fated Gulfstream II, according to a bill of sale (http://www.narconews.com/docs/donnablue-sale.pdf), about a week before it crashed from a Florida company owned by two Brazilians — one of whom was Joao Malago.
• Another Florida company, also called Skyway Aircraft Inc. but based in St. Petersburg, exported a total of at least nine aircraft to Venezuela buyers between October 2003 and January 2008, two of which were later linked to drug-running operations (and one of which, when apprehended, was sporting a false tail number linked to the CIA). The owner of Skyway Aircraft in St. Petersburg, Larry Peters, is a business partner (http://atlanticalcohol.com/Atlantic_Alcohol_Company_Profile.pdf) with Joao Malago in another Florida company called Atlantic Alcohol. Both companies operate out of the same office in St. Petersburg, according to public records. Another principle of Atlantic Alcohol holds a government security clearance and has worked as a consultant for NASA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
But the intersection of cocaine planes, businesses and government operations does not end with those facts. The recent apprehension of the drug-laden Cessna 402C brings yet another company into the picture.

Harvesting Parts
The Kansas company Dodson International Parts, which sold the Cessna cocaine plane to Gomez, has also done business with one of the owners of another cocaine plane linked to U.S. intelligence agencies.
Clyde O'Connor, who owned the Gulfstream II when it crashed with 4 tons of cocaine on board in Mexico in 2007, previously owned another jet, a Hawker corporate jet that was used by CIA asset Baruch Vega (http://narcosphere.narconews.com/node/1802) in covert missions targeting narco-traffickers in Colombia in the late 1990s.
The co-owner of the Gulfstream II jet, Greg Smith, owned the Florida company (Aero Group Jets) that leased the Hawker to Vega. Smith also served as a pilot for numerous undercover and/or covert U.S. government missions involving the jet, according to Vega.
The Hawker business-class cruiser, with the tail number N230TS, FAA records show, was bought and sold total of five times between Feb. 9, 2001, and June 16, 2005, through a series of three companies in which O’Connor is listed as an officer or “member.” In other words, O’Connor was essentially moving the Hawker jet back and forth between companies he controlled, according to the FAA records.
Information on where the Hawker jet was during the four years that O’Connor’s various companies owned it was not available.
However, in June 2005, one of the those companies, O’Connor’s Core Investments, sold the Hawker to Dodson International Parts, FAA records show. By coincidence, that is the same month and year that Gomez acquired the Cessna from Dodson International.
Dodson International emerged from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in December 2004, court records indicate. It lists as one of its affiliates a company called Dodson Aviation. The president of both companies is Robert Dodson Jr., according to the bankruptcy court records.
Dodson Aviation made headlines back in 2004 in relation to another jet that it sold to some African purchasers.
The Kansas City Star (http://www.globalsecurity.org/org/news/2004/040311-seized-plane.htm) reported at the time:
A Rantoul, Kan., firm says it faxed to the American Embassy in South Africa on Wednesday sale documents for an airliner seized by Zimbabwe authorities claiming it ferried mercenaries.
The nearly 40-year-old plane was seized by President Robert Mugabe's forces on Sunday. The government says that instead of carrying just a crew of seven as claimed, the plane had 64 persons aboard along with supplies that might be construed as military material.
A tail number from the plane suggested that it was registered in the United States to Dodson Aviation in Rantoul. The company, however, said the federal registry is lagging behind its sale of the Boeing 727-100 turbo jet.
ot;>Company director Robert Dodson Sr. [Robert Dodson Jr.’s father] said the sale was completed March 1, after weeks of negotiations with Logo Logistics Co., a firm he believed to be a South African diamond mining company.
Subsequent reports in the f (http://www.mg.co.za/article/2008-03-12-shackled-simon-mann-names)oreign press (http://www.mg.co.za/article/2008-03-12-shackled-simon-mann-names) indicate that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s son, Mark, was implicated in the plot — which was intended to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea. Mark Thatcher pleaded guilty in South Africa in 2005 to charges related to the aborted coup d’état and received a four-year suspended sentence as part of a plea bargain.
Dodson International Parts President Robert Dodson Jr. says his company is a legit airline salvage company. He says it buy planes and parts them out for the most part, about a 100 a year, and maybe sells four or five planes a year — so aircraft sales are a small part of the business.
Dodson also says he doesn't recall the particulars of the sale of the Cessna to Gomez, though he did not dispute the fact that Dodson International did own and eventually sell that aircraft. As far as the Hawker jet Dodson acquired from O'Connor, Dodson says it has since been harvested for parts.
"That Hawker was repossessed by a bank, or at least it was being forced into repossession, and we got it from the bank, and we parted it out," he says.
Finally, Dodson addressed the plane seized in Zimbabwe by saying his company bought the Boeing 727 through a bid process via the U.S. General Services Administration and then resold it to a South African company called Logo Logistics, which said it planned to use the aircraft to transport security personnel for mining operations. After the plane was sold to Logo, but before the FAA had updated the records, Dodson says, it was seized in Zimbabwe “and the next thing we know is it [the aircraft] is involved in some kind of coup attempt.”
However, Vega, who has been involved with covert and undercover missions for not only the CIA, but DEA and the FBI as well, claims Dodson has a history of being "involved in U.S. government operations.”
http://narcosphere.narconews.com/userfiles/70/Mena.Airport.jpgAnother interesting revelation that reverberates with the echoes of covert U.S. intelligence operations is Dodson’s confirmation that he operates a separate company in Arkansas called Mena Aerospace Inc (http://www.sos.arkansas.gov/corps/search_corps.php?DETAIL=196773&corp_type_id=&corp_name=Mena+Aerospace&agent_search=&agent_city=&agent_state=&filing_number=&cmd=). (http://www.sos.arkansas.gov/corps/search_corps.php?DETAIL=196773&corp_type_id=&corp_name=Mena+Aerospace&agent_search=&agent_city=&agent_state=&filing_number=&cmd=), located at the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport. (http://www.menaairport.com/index.html)
In fact, one plane-spotter Web site (http://ghostbase.fotopic.net/p47227031.html) even spied an aircraft owned by Dodson International on the runway of the Mena airport in 2006. That aircraft is currently registered to Dodson International, according to FAA records (http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNumSQL.asp?NNumbertxt=191RD&cmndfind.x=14&cmndfind.y=9), but was owned in the early 1990s by Ariana Afghan Airlines (http://www.airpics.gr/reg/N191RD). (http://www.airpics.gr/reg/N191RD)
The Mena airport has been the subject of much controversy (http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/MENA/walsh_gets_evidence.html) over the years, since it allegedly served as a drugs and arms transshipment point for the covert U.S. intelligence agencies’ effort (popularly known as Iran/Contra) to overthrow the Sandinista government in Nicaragua in the 1980s.
But again, Dodson insists the company he operates in Mena has only one purpose.
“Mena Aerospace is a maintenance company in Arkansas, where we have access to a big runway to park large jets, so we can harvest parts,” Dodson says. “The company is still open, with about four employees. But it’s a separate company [from Dodson International].

Ongoing Operation
Clearly, the cloak-and-dagger/plausible-deniability intrigue that surrounds the question of whether the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies are, in fact, players in the narco-trafficking business leaves most folks feeling like they are trying to find their way through a house of mirrors.
But over the years, more than one employee in this fun house has come forward out of as sense of conscience or self-preservation to sort out the maze. Normally, attempts are made to quickly discredit these individuals, often through character assassination or trumped up charges.
One such individual is Tosh Plumlee (http://toshplumlee.info/), who has been accused of everything from cashing bad checks (a charge he claims is bogus) to being a crackpot or even a CIA disinformation agent — when his information doesn’t jibe with the pundits of the conspiracy-theory media cult.
But the public record shows that some members of the U.S. Congress have taken seriously Plumlee’s allegations concerning CIA and Pentagon drug-running operations.
Plumlee is a former CIA contract pilot who claims to have delivered thousands of kilos of cocaine a month into the United States in the early 1980s while working as part of the covert Iran/Contra operation. After he became troubled by his mission (not out of patriotism, he says, but out of the fear he would be set up by his employers), Plumlee contacted then-U.S. Senator Gary Hart and blew the whistle on the covert operation.
The following is from a letter (http://toshplumlee.info/pdf/sengaryhart.PDF) sent by Hart in 1991 to U.S. Sen. John Kerry:
In March of 1983, Plumlee contacted my Denver Senate Office and met with Mr. Bill Holen of my Senate Staff. During the initial meeting, Mr. Plumlee raised certain allegations concerning U.S. foreign and military policy toward Nicaragua and the use of covert activities by U.S. intelligence agencies. … He stated that he had grave concerns that certain intelligence information about illegal arms and narcotics shipments were not being appropriately acted upon by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Mr. Plumlee’s stated purpose in contacting my office was to attempt to initiate a congressional investigation of these allegations.
…. Mr. Plumlee raised several issues including that covert U.S. intelligence agencies were directly involved in the smuggling and distribution of drugs to raise funds for covert military operations against the government of Nicaragua. He provided my staff with detailed maps and names of alleged covert landing strips in Mexico, Costa Rica, Louisiana, Arizona, Florida and California where he alleged aircraft cargoes of drugs were off-loaded and replaced with Contra military supplies.
Plumlee was eventually called to testify before Congress on a number of occasions, only to find that the Congressional committees hearing his testimony ordered it classified — which meant if Plumlee later spoke about it publicly, he would be violating the law. And as history has shown, Congress failed to do little more than blow smoke over the Iran/Contra scandal and to this day — despite the detailed investigative reporting of journalist Gary Webb (http://www.narconews.com/darkalliance/) in his Dark Alliance series —the dirty little secret of narco-trafficking by U.S. intelligence agencies is considered the stuff of whacky conspiracy theories by the mainstream media.
Despite the risk of crossing the line with respect to violating his now-classified truth telling, Plumlee appeared on former DEA agent Mike Levine’s New York radio show (http://www.expertwitnessradio.org/) in 2003 and offered listeners the following warning concerning what he claims is the continuing covert activity on the part of U.S. intelligence agencies in trafficking drugs:
It’s still going on. The reason I said that is that … I hope your listeners remember that someone who has been very active in the drug war said that this stuff is still going on, very secret, very hush hush, very coded. There’s too much money involved.
U.S. intelligence agencies, the CIA as well as its frequent partner in operations, the Pentagon (the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, etc.), carry out covert operations through an elaborate chain of proprietary companies, legitimate businesses (some of whom might not even realize they are being used at times); front companies and cut-out networks and assets. Its all designed to provide the operations with cover and plausible deniability. The goal is to achieve a desired outcome that is very visible, such as the overthrow of a foreign government deemed unacceptable to hegemonic U.S. interests.
However, the methods and the sponsors of the covert action must remain in the shadows, or its effectiveness as a strategy is undermined, if not neutralized.
In the case of the cocaine planes tracked by Narco News, the fact that so many of them (most owned at one point by U.S. companies or individuals with links to past government operations) wind up in the hands of “Venezuelan purchasers” prior to making their drug runs, might simply be a coincidence. On the other hand, it also could be a bit of light creeping through the shadows of the covert world pointing to one target of the operations.
Vega says countries like Venezuela or Cuba provide the perfect cover for a U.S. government operation if the sponsors are seeking to conceal its U.S. roots from the targets.
“If you go through those countries [not deemed friendly to the U.S.], then the corrupt politicians and traffickers you’re dealing with are less likely to assume it’s a U.S. operation,” Vega explains.
Attorney Mark Conrad, a former high-level supervisory U.S. Customs agent who has an extensive background in the intelligence world, offered the following insight into the cocaine planes saga in a prior interview with Narco News:
Even though it looks as if you are unraveling odd connections you may be only seeing a small part of what is going on — or you may be seeing what you are expected to see, missing something else.
My guess — and that is all that it is — is that this has something to do with operations in Venezuela — either to finance ops, or to divert attention from Agency ops in Venezuela to destabilize Chávez. … It is not in the U.S. interests for Chávez to create another Cuba on some of the largest oil field reserves in the world.
If, in fact, as Plumlee suggests, U.S. intelligence agencies are continuing to employ drug- and arms-smuggling tactics as means of carrying out covert strategy, and in this decade it is Venezuela that is a primary target in Latin America, then there must be a base of operations in or near Venezuela, or at least logic would seem to dictate that conclusion.
That place, ideally, would be a location where the worlds of legitimate business, narco-trafficking and government operations all intersect, to assure cover as well as access to assets and logistical support. This place would be like a modern-day Casablanca, though the character played by Humphrey Bogart in that film would likely still be a fiction — or possibly a composite of an isolated resistance movement.
Narco News queried CIA asset Vega about this premise, and he agreed that the island of Curacao (http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=curacao&um=1&ie=UTF-8&split=0&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&resnum=1&ct=image), located just off the northwestern coast of Venezuela and a protectorate within the “kingdom” of the Netherlands, meets the test of a Casablanca of the drug war in this case. It’s economy is driven by tourism, oil refining, finance, narco-trafficking and money laundering; the island also is home to a Forward Operation Location (http://www.ciponline.org/facts/fol.htm) (FOL), essentially a U.S. military base that also is staffed by personnel from the DEA, the Coast Guard and U.S. Customs. The FOL is charged, in part, with carrying out anti-narcotic surveillance and missions.
Curacao’s role as a major staging area for U.S. intelligence operations targeting Venezuela also seems to be confirmed by a leaked CIA memo that was the subject of a 2007 report in the publication Venezuela analysis.
From the story (http://www.venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/2914):
On a scarier note, an internal CIA memorandum has been obtained by Venezuelan counterintelligence from the US Embassy in Caracas that reveals a very sinister - almost fantastical, were it not true - plan to destabilize Venezuela during the coming days. The plan, titled "OPERATION PLIERS" was authored by CIA Officer Michael Middleton Steered and was addressed to CIA Director General Michael Hayden in Washington.
… Operation Tenaha [Pliers] has the objective of encouraging an armed insurrection in Venezuela against the government of President Chávez that will justify an intervention of US forces, stationed on the military bases nearby in Curacao and Colombia. The Operation mentions two countries in code: as Blue and Green. These refer to Curacao and Colombia, where the US has operative, active and equipped bases that have been reinforced over the past year and a half in anticipation of a conflict with Venezuela.

‘Here’s looking at you kid’
But any theory, especially one that attempts to envelope a covert intelligence operation, has to be assaulted with the facts and stand the test. In the case of the Cessna 402C, it seems that test is met, in part, as there is a Curacao connection as well.
http://narcosphere.narconews.com/userfiles/70/Curacao.shot.1.jpgNarco News discovered a social networking site on the Internet that features photographs of the Cessna and its crew at an airport in Curacao. The photograph was taken on Nov. 22, according to the Web site, about 21 days prior to that same aircraft being picked up in Colombia attempting to transport a payload of 850 kilos of cocaine.
Because it is possible the individuals shown in the photograph were not connected to the plane’s drug run in Colombia on Dec. 13 of last year, Narco News decided to obscure the faces of the plane’s crew in the adjacent photo and to not publish the Web site address.
However, the photo is important because it does place the U.S. registered Cessna (tail No. N811PW) in Curacao prior to its seizure on drug-running charges in Colombia, a fact that, along with all the other facts linking that plane and other aircraft to U.S. intelligence operations, adds weight to Plumlee’s contention that the CIA and Pentagon continue to employ drug-running as one of the “dirty tricks” in their covert operational strategies.http://narcosphere.narconews.com/userfiles/70/Curacao.shot.2.jpg
The mainstream media, and the American public in general, now accept the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies, specifically the CIA, employed rendition [kidnapping] and torture as tactics in the war on terror. So how is it possible, despite the mountain of evidence over the years attesting to it, that the same mainstream media is still in denial over the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies are up to their eyeballs in the narco-trafficking business?
This is a question that the incoming Obama administration, and particularly his nominee to head the CIA, former Clinton insider Leon Panetta, must address honestly with the American people, it seems, if they are to have any credibility on this front moving forward.
And the stakes, at least in the opinion of one former CIA case officer, are significant for the American people. Leutrell Osborne (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU0WVcbOTp4), who oversaw spies and assets for the CIA in more than 30 countries on three continents during his 27 years with the agency, says if he if he could tell President-elect Barack Obama anything, it would be to focus the Agency on counterintelligence and do away completely with covert action, which is defined as anything involving dirty tricks -- assassinations, state-sponsored terrorism, drug running, coups, psy-ops propaganda, etc.
“I’d like to get to Obama and help him, to let him know what he needs to cut out,” Osborne says.
The reason covert operational tactics need to be eliminated, Osborne explains, is because they are not effective and have been the source of most of the CIA’s problems over the years. He says the blowback against the United States from those covert operations is always more damaging than any benefit attained — with 9/11 being the extreme example of such blowback.
In the case of U.S. intelligence agencies playing in the narco-trafficking world, we only need to look to our streets and prisons, the increased flow of heroin from Afghanistan, and south of our border to Mexico and its escalating murder rate, to understand the impact of the blowback.
But absent real change on this front spurred on by a united citizens effort, we’ll have to be content individually with the wisdom that Humphrey Bogart’s character, Rick, offers in Casablanca (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casablanca_%28film%29):
… It doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. Now, now... Here's looking at you kid.

Stay tuned….

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David Guyatt
02-23-2009, 01:46 PM
Tosh hasn’t been around for awhile now. I wonder if he will care to visit us and comment on the story?

The underlying rationale hypothesized in the article, namely that a covert operation is in progress - funded by narco-dollars - to off Chavez and take over Venezuela’s vast oil fields seems to me to be more than likely. “Operation Pliers” is right up America’s secret street. In the pst they haven’t hesitated invading sovereign state’s to achieve their goals.

Keep a watchful eye on Venezuela in the weeks and months to come, I think.

Tosh Plumlee
03-03-2009, 02:11 PM
Hey friend. Tosh is still around and working hard to get the truth out there. I just completed the read and I give the story about 80% correct.
I could add a few matters to that story, but will hold for now.

For a number of years now, US military hardware has been funneled to the various Cartels in Central and South America, and now Mexico (1981-??) I gave the Senate Foriegn Relations Committee the MO and the details of how this was done (and documented 1983-91; 2002) You can calll it 'Secret Armies", "Shadow Goverment", "Elements from within" "Rouges"or whatever.... none the less, the United States Government knows about this and has known for years the complicated details of these secret operations. Elements within the CIA has and are still are blocking this information from public view as well as Congressional hearings. The established record speaks for itself.

In spite of threats and chacacter assassination, launched by various agencies of the government, I have continued my work to expose these illegal operations. Its hard work, but needed in a democracy.

(more to follow soon)

Tosh Plumlee
03-03-2009, 04:16 PM
Narco News

"... DEA's Operation Xcellerator is Another Justice Department Dog and Pony Show (http://narcosphere.narconews.com/notebook/kristin-bricker/2009/02/deas-operation-xcellerator-another-justice-department-dog-and-pony-)

February 28, 2009 at 12:11 pm Despite the "Largest and Hardest Hitting Operation to Ever Target" the Sinaloa Cartel, the DEA is Merely Treading Water in the War on Drugs

On February 25, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) held a press conference celebrating the culmination of Operation Xcellerator (http://www.usdoj.gov/opa/pr/2009/February/09-ag-162.html), which it says resulted in the arrests of 755 Sinaloa cartel members in the United States and Mexico. Law enforcement agencies arrested the last 52 suspects the day of the press conference, which the DoJ held on the same day the House of Representatives voted on 2009 funding for Plan Mexico. Plan Mexico, also known as the Merida Initiative, is the US government's estimated $1.6 billion military and law enforcement aid package to support the Mexican government's increasingly violent war on drugs...".

on another note:

"... Iran/Contra whistleblower Celerino “Cele” Castillo III was scheduled to report to prison on March 5, but the power of justice has intervened on his behalf.
A federal judge in San Antonio, at a hearing held late last week, ruled that Castillo's report date to prison should be extended until July 20. The judge, W. Royal Furgeson Jr. (http://www.txwd.uscourts.gov/general/judges/biographyview.asp?bID=6), issued his ruling over the objections of a federal prosecutor, who argued that Castillo should be sent to prison because he was a “danger to the community.”

The hearing was called by the judge to consider a motion to allow Castillo to remain free on bail through his appeal. The motion was filed by Castillo's current attorney, public defender Judy Fulmer Madewell. ...".

They are coming after us one by one... The sins of past addministrations have to be covered at all cost. The American people are not allowed to know "the rest of the story"....

Tosh Plumlee
03-03-2009, 08:16 PM
AMSOG America, Mexican Special Operation Group aka The Drug War
An interesting quote from six years ago. I feel it is appro today, in view of the Mexican drug wars across from our border towns:

"..... Despite the risk of crossing the line with respect to violating his now-classified truth telling, Plumlee appeared on former DEA agent Mike Levine’s New York radio show (http://www.expertwitnessradio.org/) in 2003 and offered listeners the following warning concerning what he claims is the continuing covert activity on the part of U.S. intelligence agencies in trafficking drugs:


"... It’s still going on. The reason I said that is that … I hope your listeners remember that someone who has been very active in the drug war said that this stuff is still going on, very secret, very hush hush, very coded. There’s too much money involved.
U.S. intelligence agencies, the CIA as well as its frequent partner in operations, the Pentagon (the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, etc.), carry out covert operations through an elaborate chain of proprietary companies, legitimate businesses (some of whom might not even realize they are being used at times); front companies and cut-out networks and assets. Its all designed to provide the operations with cover and plausible deniability. The goal is to achieve a desired outcome that is very visible, such as the overthrow of a foreign government deemed unacceptable to hegemonic U.S. interests...".

Time has proven the above statements. The drug war has now crossed our borders and infested our border towns and our major cities.
Our elected officials today, like days of old, sit on their hands and still wonder.... WHY? And "How did this happen?" Well we as Americans have not seen anything as yet.... like the economy, its going to get worse...., another prediction and billions of more U.S. dollars are going to be just thrown away.
Last edited by Tosh Plumlee (http://www.deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/posthistory.php?p=4403); Today at 03:09 PM.


Tosh Plumlee
03-03-2009, 09:14 PM
Something of interest in reference to the 'Drug War" from an old friend:

".... Terry Nelson's law-enforcement career spanned three decades. It included service in the US Border Patrol, the US Customs Service, and the Department of Homeland Security, taking him beyond US borders into Mexico, Central America, and South America. In various capacities he acquired first-hand knowledge of the "War on Drugs," being directly involved in counter-narcotics missions. He labored with distinction, even receiving special Congressional recognition for his work. "But," he says, "as the 'War on Drugs' went on and on I never saw any visible progress - and only limited discussion about the lack of progress. Something was wrong with this picture."
Terry came to understand drug prohibition was doing more harm than good and that the United States needed a major policy change." For many years he had thought a lot about decriminalizing drugs but had not wanted to go so far as to legalize them. But the obvious lack of progress toward winning the war and the continued congratulatory backslapping unrelated to even incremental successes have made him conclude that enough is enough. Perpetuating the "War on Drugs" myth is dangerous to the well-being of the planet and lethal to future generations. Terry has decided the only solution is a policy of legalized regulation of all drugs. That decision led to his joining LEAP - the first group he has ever joined! "We must remove the criminal element from the drug trade, because it is destroying our society and crippling governments to the south of us. We must change the rules to win the real war."
Terry retired in 2005 as a GS-14 Air/Marine Group Supervisor. He is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, having served as a communications specialist in Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. He served 9 years in the U.S. Border Patrol including a stint as Instructor and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, 3 years in marine operations in the Florida Keys, 1 year a Customs Inspector at DFW Airport, 7 years as an Air Interdiction Officer/Criminal Investigator, 2 years as Staff Officer to Director of Foreign Operations and 5 years on the staff of Field Director (SSB East) Surveillance Support Branch East. During this period SSBE team participated in the seizure of over 230,000 pounds of Cocaine and received the United States Interdiction Committee award for interdictions. "But to what avail - today drugs are cheaper, more potent, and far easier for our children to get than at the beginning of the war." ...".

Appeared on Mike Levine's radio program, previous DEA; a close friend.


Another friend who has paid the price will be on mike's show this week. Seems the previous addministration wants to put him away. I wonder why?

This week, Mike and Mark are joined by Celerino Castillo (http://www.powderburns.org/) - Vietnam Vet and Ex-DEA agent - to talk about torture, the sorry state of the justice system and the "war on drugs". Listeners will want to check out the article (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/11/02/AR2007110201170_pf.html) on waterboarding referenced in the show, by Federal Judge Evan Wallach.
About the Guest:
http://www.expertwitnessradio.org/images/celememorial.gifCELERINO "CELE" CASTILLO III, is a 20-year veteran of both state and federal law enforcement with 12-year service in the U. S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration. Mr. Castillo is a highly decorated DEA agent for his undercover operations in Central and South America. For several years, he was also placed in major cities like San Francisco and New York City for deep cover operations. He is an author of "Powderburns" Cocaine, Contras And The Drug War (http://www.powderburns.org/store.html), and is an acclaimed public speaker and educator.
COURT QUALIFIED EXPERT WITNESS: For 20 years Mr. Castillo has qualified as an "expert witness" in criminal and civil trials, both for and against various state and federal law enforcement agencies, in the following subjects: Undercover tactics, entrapment, informant handling practices and procedures, all subjects related to drugs trafficking, money laundering, and international narcotics investigations, police profiling, research on federal documentation for the defense. (Bates)
http://www.expertwitnessradio.org/images/powderburns2.gif (http://www.powderburns.org/store.html)MR. CASTILLO has written several internationally known articles against federal law enforcement corruption: "Written Statement of Celerino Castillo III, for The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence" 1998. He was mentioned in several articles on Informant Handling for The National Law Journal. ABC's Primetime Live, Dateline NBC, Discovery Channel and other numerous news magazines have done exclusive interviews on Mr. Castillo pertaining to "Outrageous Conduct" by the U.S. Government.
Cele Castillo's Website - powderburns.org (http://www.powderburns.org/)
Judge Evan Wallach article (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/11/02/AR2007110201170_pf.html) - "Waterboarding Used to Be a Crime"
NPR Nance interview on Waterboarding (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=15844677&sc=emaf)
Mike's essay - "I volunteer to kidnap Ollie North" (http://www.expertwitnessradio.org/essays/e1.htm)

Peter Lemkin
03-04-2009, 08:29 AM
Thanks for all that info Tosh! Tosh mentioned and I alluded to it in another thread the radio program of Mike Levine, former DEA agent (http://www.expertwitnessradio.org/) It can be had live or as an archived show from WBAI New York. It is 'right on the money' when it comes to the phony and misdirected 'War on Drugs'. Tosh and Mike are two who really know what they are talking about, in a "....been there...done that" kind of way...... Mike has others visit his show who also know. It is all about:
1] Big Money (and Black $$$$)
2] Control (not just of the drug trade, but the whole society!)
And it is all covered-up, denied, hidden, et al. Those that try to tell often don't live long or have strange things happen to their lives, money, etc.
Keep on keepin' on T!

The rest of you, may I highly suggest Levine's books and show, if you want to know how phoney and screwy the War on Drugs is and who's running the drugs; who's being arrested for them (ppsssstt...its not the same people - how strange!):y:

David Guyatt
03-04-2009, 11:04 AM
Yes, thanks Tosh. It is a public disgrace that Celerino Castillo has been sentenced to prison.

For many years I have argued that making drugs legal would limit if not the relentless growth of organized crime and would lead to a substantial evaporation of criminal money. But I'm no longer of this view.

I now consider the state to be so far in bed with organized crime and moreover, it engages in its own criminal activity as and when required that decriminalizing narcotics wouldn't change a thing.

Magda Hassan
05-23-2009, 03:30 AM
This is old news but I noticed the similarity with the first post narco new bulletin article and thought it interesting.

Awash in Sea of Sans-a-belts, the American Drug Lords

Dec 14, 2007
by Daniel Hopsicker
http://www.madcowprod.com/email2.gif (%3Cmadcownews@gmail.com%3E?subject=Good%20article %20at%20Madcowprod.com&Body=Read%20the%20latest%20article%20at%20http//www.madcowprod.com)

Its been six hundred and twenty-two days since an American-registered DC9 airliner, "tricked out (http://www.madcowprod.com/07052006.html)" to look like an airplane from the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, took off from the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Int'l Airport (left) and was busted in Mexico carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine.
It reads like a Hollywood pitch that gets rejected for not being believable enough.
But it all really happened.
http://www.madcowprod.com/stpete_airport.jpgTwo American-registered airplanes associated with the CIA— a DC9 airliner (N900SA) (http://www.madcowprod.com/05022006.html) and a Gulfstream business jet (N987SA (http://www.madcowprod.com/10092007.html))—each underwent a rapid-fire series of ownership changes before taking off a final time from St-Petersburg-Clearwater Int’l Airport(left).
The planes were on their way to being busted in Mexico eighteen months apart. Between them, they were carrying more than ten tons of cocaine.
People do hard time for a little coke dust on their lapel. Somebody here owned 10 tons of cocaine. Yet they’ve been able—so far—to walk away from it.
The reason? Ask the DEA: “America doesn't have any Drug Lords.”
No American as yet been charged with any crime.

The $400 million dollar man

http://www.madcowprod.com/i-275_nb_exit_030_02.jpgThe person with the most to lose in the revivified CIA drug plane scandal may have nothing at all to do with the CIA and DEA-connected Gulfstream II business jet whose crash-landing in the Yucatan two months ago re-opened the case.
Frederic Geffon (http://www.madcowprod.com/05022006.html) of Skyway Aircraft and Royal Sons Inc., was the last registered owner of the DC9.
Yet just when Geffon had probably begun to breathe a little easier, with everything seemingly well-in-hand vis-a-vis the little “incident” with his plane 18 months ago...
This other plane, this second plane, a Gulfstream, goes and gets itself busted.
And now even the Tampa Tribune is looking for him. And do they find him? No sir... "Making themselves unavailable" is one of the things these guys do best.

Spokesman Fork-in-Tongue Explains it all

TheTampa Tribunetook a polite stab at identifying the problem...
"Cartels are searching for aircraft because Caribbean trade routes from South America, via Mexico, to Florida are gaining in popularity among drug traffickers, according to one expert in Latin American drug trafficking."
'Traffickers are increasingly looking for airplanes such as the ones sold at St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport, where both planes were sold. "These aircraft seem to be linked to a growing trend," a source said."
'The cocaine found on the two jets represents "a huge seizure," DEA spokesman Steve Robertson said. The connection between the Sinaloa cartel and the sales of the planes is being scrutinized, he said.'
'“We are working closely with our Mexican counterparts. These are significant seizures of cocaine. I do know that there are leads that lead to Florida and your specific area, but I am not at liberty to discuss what those are. There are many aspects to this case, and it is still active."
Translation: Don't hold your breath.

Taking off on bingo night

Not since the 1986 downing over in Nicaragua of a C-123 military cargo plane with CIA asset Eugene Hasenfus aboard to kick off the Iran Contra Scandal has there been aviation news potentially this disasterous to the party in the White House.
The story is huge... How many bank robberies ever get away with loot worth $400 million?
And they cover bank robberies with choppers, right?
There's Live CNN team coverage...
"That's right, Bob. Looks like that's one bank robber who's finished his last package of Ho-Ho's as a free man.”
But the only major American newspaper covering the busted CIA drug planes—other than the McClatchy newspapers, which admirably broke the story but then quickly tip-toed away from it—is the Tampa Tribune, which has done several stories.
Maybe they're just rubbing a little sand in the eye of their local rival across Tampa Bay.
The St. Petersburg Times, hometown paper in the scandal’s hometown, has remained almost completely silent, except for a story defending the honor (http://www.sptimes.com/2007/07/01/Northpinellas/Plane_with_a_past_dis.shtml)of two companies in Chicago which both appear to have played a witting and significant role in the operation.
Maybe the flights all take off on Bingo Night in St Petersburg. That could certainly present a conflict.

Cartel-to-cartel shopping

There are “wonderful similarities,” Mexican newspaper Por Esto reported drolly, “between the Gulfstream which crash-landed in the tiny hamlet of Tixkokob and the DC9 busted in Ciudad del Carmen which help explain why, despite the fact that almost 18 months has passed, the American owner of the DC9 has not been charged with any crime.”
Surprisingly, two weeks ago the Mexican Attorney General agreed, announcing that the planes had both purchased by the same people, Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, with money laundered through a series of Cambio de Change stores in Mexican airports owned by the cartel’s just-arrested chief money man.
But what the Mexican Attorney General tactfully neglected to mention, was that the big bad Sinaloa Cartel hadn’t been buying American planes off of EBAY... Or from dentists piloting their way through a mid-life crisis on a private plane to Vegas every weekend.
The Sinaloa Cartel bought planes from the people they did business with in the U.S.: Their client, partner, and employer.
The American Drug Lords.

Fun Things to do in Aviation

The two CIA drug planes caught in Mexico recently both exhibit the classic hallmark of a CIA job. The plane's ownership, as shown in FAA reg docs, leads the unwary directly into a dizzying hall of mirrors, designed to disorient the observer, and effectively mask the number of missions CIA aircraft are flying everyday.
The FAA’s records of CIA planes are usually filled with regular ownership changes, or a series of rapid-fire lease-backs to charter and air leasing companies. One thing about CIA planes. None of them seem to ever form comfortable relationships with their owners.
The same plane gets flipped back and forth endlessly between brass plate firms and dummy front companies, from Pacific Rim International to Rim Pacific, Rim-Pac, Pac-Rim, and Rim-Yo-Mama LLC.
And all this subterfuge is just for one plane. One of what may bethousands. That's a huge number of dummy front companies to keep track of...
No wonder planes get lost.

"When first we practice to deceive"

Occasionally the anonymous paper shuffler behind the curtain seems to get tired of it all. Then the plane gets exported, and no more is heard from it for at least several years, when it can safely be brought back to the U.S. and issued another “N” number.
And no one is the wiser.
But the system isn’t perfect. They don’t walk on water. And in cases like this one sometimes we get lucky and can clearly see the plane’s interlocking ownership... without even having to squint.
Before being flipped around, the Gulfstream was “parked” in the name of a New York real estate developer who has close ties to top Russian Mobsters and makes frequent flights to the Ukraine in his brand spanking new G-5 ultra-sweet corporate jet.
Before that, it was owned by a major Republican fund-raiser, a secretive Midwestern media baron who personally paid for over $1 million of billboard ads for George W. Bush during the 2000 Presidential election.
Probably just a coincidence.

Bush Rangers, Russian Mobsters, Adnan Khashoggi

But what proves that its no coincidence, and reveals the unified command structure of the operation, is the fact that Stephan Adams was partners in a business with the guy who owned the other plane.
Then there's Bush Ranger extraordinaire Stephen Adams, who owned the Gulfstream (N987SA) in 1999 and 2000, while at the same time personally paying for over $1 million of billboards for George W. Bush during his 2000 Presidential election bid.
Adams was in business in another company with Miami attorney Michael Farkas, who doubles as the American representative of an ultra-nationalist settler party in Israel. And now we've come full circle...
Because Farkas founded the company that owned the DC9.
In an elaborate stock fraud scheme that came to called Stockwalkhttp://www.madcowprod.com/adnan22o4.jpg, Stephan Smith and Michael Farkas owned two of three companies which was so hugely successful that it was used to suck out over $300 million from unwary stockholders before getting caught.
They had a third partner masterminding the scam. He controlled the third corporation being used in the scheme.
This third guy? You may have heard of him.
His name is Adnan Khashoggi.

Top fundraisers know where to go to get cash

Getting busted in Mexico carrying a multi-ton load of cocaine may be an occupational hazard to pilots, but not—as we’ve seen demonstrated over and over—to the well-connected owners of the planes, and their nearest and dearest.
Richard Rainwater, the No.1 lifetime Texas Republican Bush-backer, owns the hangar at DFW Internationalwhere the DC9 from SkyWay Communications of St Petersburg, FL. came for "repairs."
Or repainting.
News accounts during Bush’s first Presidential campaign called Rainwater “George W. Bush’s biggest supporter” as well as “the power behind the throne.”
For more than $20,000 a month, SkyWay Aircraft "leased" this “repair” facility from Richard Rainwater at DFW Airport in Dallas... even though the company had nothing to repair.
And let’s not forget U.S. Senator Mel Martinez, who visited SkyWayhttp://www.madcowprod.com/mel.jpg just before it went bankrupt, and pronounced the firm’s non-existent technology to be "awesome."
For that bit of deliberate disinformation, Mel should have gone to jail.
The 'boys' returned the favor: Martinez was running for the Senate, and Martinez flew a SkyWay drug smuggling plane--presumably vacuumed out first--in his barnstorming finish in his successful 2004 campaign… for free.

"Martinez traversed the state, including a trip to a nighttime rally with several hundred people in downtown Delray Beach in luxury, on a DC-9 owned by Skyway Global, a Clearwater security company whose owners are Martinez supporters,” reported the Nov 2 2004 St. Petersburg Times.
A story in the Miami Herald labeled Martinez "the national Republican Party's new top fundraiser."
Well, no wonder.

More of the usual suspects

http://www.madcowprod.com/ramybaby.jpgProminent Texas Republicans are by no means the only group of people implicated in the scandal... just the most fun to kick.
There’s also Ramy El-Batrawi, the former President of a CIA proprietary airline, crooked San Diego Defense contractor Titan Corp, and, oh, yeah…
The lads from the CIA were having a ‘go’ as well.
Deserving special mention is an investment bank located in tiny Boerne, Texas, and La Jolla, Ca. Argyll Equities LLC has the distinction of having participated in this operation in at least two separate ways.
Argyll was the second-largest shareholder in SkyWay, according to bankruptcy filings, owning nearly 21 million shares of totally worthless stock, which might be considered something of an investment black eye, unless other undisclosed considerations were involved.
And Argyll also raised funds for a Mexican industrialist who’s in business with the very people whose dope keeps getting busted in the Yucatan.
http://www.madcowprod.com/TMM%20Yucatan.jpgAccording to documents filed with the SEC in 2005, Argyll Equities LLC was paid to raise a $17.0 million loan for Mexican industrialist Jose Serrano Segovia’s shipping line, GRUPO TMM.
Segovia turned around and, according to an English language newspaper in Chile, The Santiago Times, on May 5, 1998, “provided significant capital” to a “Chilean narcotics trafficker" named Manuel Vicente Losada, arrested in the Chilean capital of Santiago after being “linked to a shipment of five tons of cocaine which U.S. drug enforcement officials in Miami intercepted over six years ago on the vessel Harbour, as it headed toward Guantanamo Bay.”
Hey, wait a minute... Guantanamo Bay?
The Gulfstream used to fly to Guantanamo, didn't it?
Probably just a coincidence.

Tosh Plumlee
05-24-2009, 09:03 PM
I would be very careful with what this reporter puts out as facts. To some degree some of the background is of a factual nature inter-mixed with wild speculations and wishful thinking. Check his references and the sources thereof close... OH! I see; they are none.

Magda Hassan
05-25-2009, 02:40 AM
Yes, Tosh, you are correct about needing to be careful about sources and DH can be unreliable in some instances. I was mostly trying to make the point that there is ongoing, organised government (US and others) involvement in all this that seems to be borne out in both DH's article and the Narco News item. More than a pattern more like a system.