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Dawn Meredith
02-24-2009, 01:24 PM
What are the odds of this passing? And other states enacting similar legislation? About damn time. Put the murderous MS 13 gang out of business.

California Assemblyman Ammiano introduces bill to legalize pot

Bay City News Service

Posted: 02/23/2009 11:36:10 AM PST

State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, announced today he has introduced legislation to legalize and tax marijuana in the state of California.

AB 390 would require that all sales of marijuana be made by licensed sellers and that sales be taxed $50 per ounce. It would also forbid sales to anyone under 21.

"With the state in the midst of an historic economic crisis, the move towards regulating and taxing marijuana is simply common sense," Ammiano said at a morning news conference at the state building on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco.

Ammiano said the law, if passed, could generate more than $1.3 billion in much-needed revenue for the state.

"California has the opportunity to be the first state in the nation to enact a smart, responsible public policy for the control and regulation of marijuana," he said.

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Jan Klimkowski
02-24-2009, 09:08 PM
That's just rilly rilly fab.

"With the state in the midst of an historic economic crisis, the move towards regulating and taxing marijuana is simply common sense," Ammiano said at a morning news conference at the state building on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco.

California is bust. Broken. A failed state.

Rome is burning. And the response of the politicians is let's all light up a joint, chill out and get high.


At least during the Vietnam War, Their boy Tim Leary and mates, had to flood the streets with acid.

Do They really think letting the people eat cake - sorry, smoke dope - will stop Khaos and Revolution?

Mark Stapleton
02-24-2009, 09:56 PM
Do They really think letting the people eat cake - sorry, smoke dope - will stop Khaos and Revolution?

Millions of Americans already do smoke dope. Changing the law will simply mean they won't be thrown in jail.

It makes sense for a bankrupt state to reverse a law which has no grounding in moral or fiscal logic.


This article claims the state would save 1.7 billion in enforcement costs and generate 1 billion in revenue but I think they underestimate the potential benefits. Millions of dollars spent to purchase the drug at inflated black market prices would be freed up to be spent elsewhere in the economy. The drug barons would see a major revenue stream evaporate. Crime would fall sharply.

Nothing makes people, even politicians, see more clearly than a healthy dose of financial impoverishment.

Jan Klimkowski
02-24-2009, 10:04 PM
Do They really think letting the people eat cake - sorry, smoke dope - will stop Khaos and Revolution?

Millions of Americans already do smoke dope. Changing the law will simply mean they won't be thrown in jail.


But They need all those three-strikes-and-you're-out "drug criminals" in prisons so the fat cats can stay fat. They need that modern day Slave Labour that prisons provide.

Imo this proposal has nothing to do with politicians seeing the logical truth of the argument in favour of cannabis legalization. And everything to do with far more sinister agendas.

But then I'm an old cynic who never takes politicians at face value. It's why I was always allergic to Tony "I'm a pretty straight sort of guy" Blair....

Jan Klimkowski
02-26-2009, 08:57 PM
Hmmmmm.... :stoned:

Holder Vows To End Raids On Medical Marijuana Clubs

Attorney General Eric Holder said at a press conference Wednesday that the Justice Department will no longer raid medical marijuana clubs that are established legally under state law. His declaration is a fulfillment of a campaign promise by President Barack Obama, and marks a major shift from the previous administration.

After the inauguration, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) continued to carry out such raids, despite Obama's promise. Holder was asked if those raids represented American policy going forward.

"No," he said. "What the president said during the campaign, you'll be surprised to know, will be consistent with what we'll be doing in law enforcement. He was my boss during the campaign. He is formally and technically and by law my boss now. What he said during the campaign is now American policy."

The exchange takes place at about the 25:00 mark here.

Holder's declaration is a high point for the movement to legalize medical marijuana, which has been growing for decades despite federal hostility.

In 2007, for a book on drug culture and drug trends, This Is Your Country On Drugs, that will be released in June, I toured a number of the medical marijuana dispensaries in question and interviewed their owners and customers. This is what I found, excerpted from the book:
* * * * *

A first-time visitor to Harborside Health Center might have a hard time believing he's about to enter "an extraordinary environment of medical care, honesty, and friendliness," as the place describes itself online. Situated in a nondescript warehouse just off the freeway in Oakland, California, it's labeled only with the giant digits of its street number, 1840. Two security guards in blue are posted outside, and the facility is also equipped with motion detectors, video and audio surveillance, and laser alarms. The guards are, in fact, extraordinarily friendly, offering professional smiles to those who approach. But they're not exactly welcoming, and for good reason: at Harborside, no one gets in without a medical-cannabis card or a recommendation from a doctor.

I had come with a federal medical researcher who'd recently finished a long study of medical-cannabis clubs in the Bay Area and was able to vouch for me. But it's not exactly impossible to get a card or a recommendation. Ads in alt-weeklies throughout the state advertise doctors willing to give a consultation to anyone who has one of a seemingly endless list of symptoms and illnesses that might be treatable with medical marijuana. Take the ad for Aldridge Medical Care that runs in the LA Weekly and features a guy wearing a white coat with a stethoscope hanging around his neck. Walk-ins are accepted, the text states, as long as the patient suffers from "pain, migraines, cramps, anxiety, depression, ADHD, nausea, IBS, insomnia, etc."

Once you get the card, it's not much harder to find a shop. On the very same page of the Weekly, the Green Earth Pharmacy offers "Free Samples" to "first time patients with this ad." And for the consumer looking for choices, there's WeedTRACKER.com, which, yes, tracks the varieties of weed available at Harborside and similar centers, allowing patients to rate the quality of each establishment - a Better Business Bureau of sorts. ("[W]e carry over 50 different types of buds, plus all our edibles and concentrates. If we don't have what you are looking for, we probably have something you will like," Harborside promises.) If you're not an official medical-cannabis patient, WeedTRACKER suggests that you "click here"--which sends you directly to Google, a site almost as good at finding pot dispensaries.

We walked through Harborside's metal detector and waited for the two owners, a guy named David Wedding Dress and his partner, Steve DeAngelo. They opened the center in October 2006, on a day that three other clubs in the Bay Area were raided. "We had to decide in that moment whether or not we were really serious about this and whether we were willing to risk arrest for it," said DeAngelo. "And we decided we were gonna open our doors. And we did, and we haven't looked back since. The only way I'll stop doing what I'm doing is if they drag me away in chains. And as soon as they let me out, I'll be back doing it again." After less than a year, the shop was doing $1 million a month in revenue.

In the next room were a half-dozen glassed-over counters where Harborside personnel were describing the various strains of marijuana available to customers. Marijuana's major ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, combines with more than thirty other active agents called cannabinoids. It's not clear how the interaction of THC and cannabinoids affects the user's experience, but THC taken by itself has an effect different from that of marijuana. Different varieties of the plant also have different effects. Cannabis sativa provides a speedy, uplifting high. ("Good for when you want to clean out your garage," said one sales rep.)

Cannabis indica, often recommended for pain relief, knocks you out stone-cold. Most of the pot on sale is a mix of the two, and a young woman behind one counter elaborately explained the benefits of each and whether it had been grown indoors, outdoors, in the shade, or in the open and when in its life cycle it was harvested. "Green Erkle is Purple Erkle picked before it turns purple," she offered. "It's a sativa-indica blend heavier on the sativa, with a nice fruity flavor to it."

For those without a green thumb, the shop offers classes on pot-growing, both indoor and outdoor. Would-be farmers who want a more professional-sounding degree can also enroll at nearby Oaksterdam University.

The article is long and continues at the url below.


Tosh Plumlee
03-01-2009, 09:30 PM
deleted for space and duplication.

Tosh Plumlee
03-01-2009, 09:59 PM
CBS 60min. has a special tonight, I think, on the Mexican Drug war raging in Mexico and many border towns..... I think those who are interested in this litttle know war across our borders should watch it.

Drug War my AXX
Sunday, March 1, 2009 5:58 PM
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wplumlee2006@yahoo.com, "xxxxxxx

Plumlee to CBS in reference to CBS 60 Min Special:

"...Bring It Own!

I have fought the so call 'Drug War" for over thirty-five years and I have watched it--time after time--fail. I have been on 60Min and Eye to Eye with Connie Jung back in the early 90's I have had far too many friends murdered-- more times than I care to remember. I have watched some of them crash their aircraft into mountains in Central America and Mexico. I have watched and been there when their families morn and their children grow into adulthood without their fathers. All in the name of a DRUG WAR. which on the America side of the border goes nowhere and cost the tax payer billions of dollars.

We are deep in a secret War now... and it is not in the middle east... it is forty miles south from where I am now in New Mexico. 1600 people were killed in the last year across from El Paso, Texas. The media does not want to see this..., so they just go away, because its not fashionable and "...not good press...". Now this war has spilled over into the United States and American citizens are being kidnapped held for ransom and murdered while our elected officials sit on their hands.

I testified three times to the Senate of the United States and I and others warned that this day would soon come. That was in 1986, 1990, and again in 1991. The information was classified top Secret and remains so today. However, nothing was done with any of the testimony then and nothing has changed now, except the matter got worse.

We could have stoped this drug influx years ago... but drugs buy guns and ammo and most all of the weapons comes from the USA and special political interest and in the name of profit which go into the hands of American sponsors....this is a cash cow for those and from their view this "War" must continue.

Most of the profits and funding goes into American and Mexico election; of course after its "cleaned" and hid from view.

I am for legalizing Pot... our prisons are too full and to many good people are being killed, because of our outdated laws. We allow the Cartels to ******* because we demand their product. There is no shortage of suppliers. Change the laws and the Cartels will dry-up.... and then we as a Nation can help those who need help because of their addictions. Tosh plumlee Posted XXXX at 2:43 PM : Mar 1, 2009
Home (http://www.cbsnews.com/) » 60 Minutes (http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/60minutes/main3415.shtml)

Napolitano On The War In Mexico

60 Minutes: Homeland Security Secretary Says Every American Has A Stake In Mexico's War Against Murderous Gangs

Students Warned About Mexican Violence (http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/02/26/travel/main4831344.shtml?source=related_story)
Mexico Drug Violence May Be Reaching Peak (http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/02/26/world/main4830559.shtml?source=related_story)

(CBS) Acknowledging that the violent drug cartels of Mexico are now operating in many U.S. cities, America's Homeland Security secretary says every American has a stake in Mexico's war against the murderous gangs.

Janet Napolitano appears in Anderson Cooper's report on the violence that last year claimed over 6,000 lives to be broadcast on 60 Minutes this Sunday, March 1, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Mexican drug gangs have been killing each other and fighting back against the government with unprecedented force. They've also increasingly turned to new sources of income like kidnapping.

Elements of those gangs have been found in many American cities large and small, from Anchorage to Atlanta to New York. "Right," says Napolitano. "This issue in Mexico, this very brave battle the president of Mexico is fighting, is something every American has a stake in," she tells Cooper. "The stakes are very high for the safety of many, many citizens of Mexico and the stakes are high for the United States no doubt."

The Mexican government's crackdown on the cartels has resulted in a quasi war in which the rich drug gangs are fighting back with increasingly more sophisticated and powerful weapons. "Half of what we seize, 55 percent, are assault rifles…over 17,000 assault rifles, throughout the last two years," says Mexico's Attorney General Eduardo Medina-Mora. "Two thousand and 200 grenades, missile and rocket launchers, .50-cal sniper rifles," says Medina Mora.

The vast majority of these guns - 90 percent - are being purchased just over the border in the U.S. Medina-Mora wants this stopped. "The Second Amendment was never designed to arm criminal groups, especially not foreign criminal groups," says Medina-Mora. "We believe that much more needs to be done. We need a much more committed effort from the U.S.," he says.

When asked by Cooper whether she will ask Congress to reinstate the ban on assault rifles, Napolitano responds, "I haven't thought that far. What I have…worked on is…with Customs, ATF. What do we need to do by way of identifying who is putting these unlawful guns into the hands of the traffickers who are using them to murder people and what do we need to do to stop them?"

Efforts against the gangs on both sides are compromised by allegations of corruption among Mexican authorities. 60 Minutes was able to visit and interview a jailed accused drug trafficker, Sandra Avila Beltran, who was born into a cartel family. "In Mexico, there is a lot of corruption….I don't think [Mexico can win the war]. You would have to wipe out the government to wipe out drug trafficking," she tells Cooper. She denies the charges against her.

Medina Mora does not deny that the gangs have been successful at corrupting police and politicians. "[Cartels] have a tremendous economic power and a tremendous intimidation power that comes from cash and weapons," he says. ...". (end)

In view of tonights 60Min program I think some should re read the following Senator Gary Hart letter of 1991 and ask themselves why was this not investigated and stoped years ago? (...before we spent billions of tax payers dollars or a so called drug war)


Mexican Drug Gang Goes On Killing Spree (http://api.aggregateknowledge.com/cp?t=www.cbsnews.com%2Fstories%2F2009%2F02%2F10%2F world%2Fmain4791474.shtml&f=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbsnews.com%2Fstories%2F2009%2F 02%2F26%2F60minutes%2Fmain4831806.shtml&rg=1612&sid=0&rid=0&a=10301&p=0&s=DE&rt=RECOMMENDATION&i=623) | February 10, 2009
Indiana Man Renovating Old House Finds Hidden Room (http://api.aggregateknowledge.com/cp?t=www.cbsnews.com%2Fstories%2F2009%2F02%2F17%2F ap%2Fstrange%2Fmain4807984.shtml&f=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbsnews.com%2Fstories%2F2009%2F 02%2F26%2F60minutes%2Fmain4831806.shtml&rg=1612&sid=0&rid=0&a=10301&p=1&s=DE&rt=RECOMMENDATION&i=623) | February 17, 2009
Mexico Drug Cartel Violence Soaring (http://api.aggregateknowledge.com/cp?t=www.cbsnews.com%2Fstories%2F2009%2F02%2F11%2F eveningnews%2Fmain4794054.shtml&f=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbsnews.com%2Fstories%2F2009%2F 02%2F26%2F60minutes%2Fmain4831806.shtml&rg=1612&sid=0&rid=0&a=10301&p=2&s=DE&rt=RECOMMENDATION&i=623) | February 11, 2009