View Full Version : Hudson Orwells Some Economic Terms: None Too Soon!

Nathaniel Heidenheimer
02-24-2009, 05:56 PM
We dont need an economist to tell us that the basic language of economics is being salted daily to make thirty different meanings of the same word. This makes communication impossible, which would help what particular people....?

Yes, but the orwellion word filers are sanding so qickly that this article by Michael Hudson helps keep track of it all. Perhaps we should form a Society for the Preservation of The meaning of political and economic terms.


Please democratize this via the only bicameral legislature that works; copy and paste. :pepsi: otherwise it will be refreshed Jonestown flavoraid for the American Mind.

David Guyatt
02-24-2009, 07:07 PM
My definition of "free markets": free to steal and plunder and do as you damn well please and remain free from arrest no matter what.

Jan Klimkowski
02-24-2009, 09:35 PM
The neoliberal ideal of free markets is thus basically that of a bank robber or embezzler, wishing for a world without police so as to be sufficiently free to siphon off other peoples’ money without constraint.


However, for Them to pull off this trick in Europe and North America will require some sort of "unifying cause" that ordinary people can be persuaded to believe in.

The "War on Terror" just doesn't cut it.

So, They will need another, far more fundamental psyop.

It may be frightening: eg a Tesla weapon style vaporization of something symbolic.

Or transcendent: eg a new Messiah for the Twenty-First Century.

The Chicago Boys in Chile realized that markets free for predatory finance and insider privatization could only be imposed at gunpoint. These free-marketers closed down every economics department in Chile, every social science department outside of the Catholic University where the Chicago Boys held sway. Operation Condor arrested, exiled or murdered tens of thousands of academics, intellectuals, labor leaders and artists. Only by totalitarian control over the academic curriculum and public media backed by an active secret police and army could “free markets” neoliberal style be imposed. The resulting privatization at gunpoint became an exercise in what Marx called “primitive accumulation” – seizure of the public domain by political elites backed by force. It is a free market William-the-Conqueror or Yeltsin-kleptocrat style, with property parceled out to the companions of the political or military leader.


Yes - there's always the fascist option....

David Guyatt
02-25-2009, 11:22 AM
Enter DARPA's battlefield exoskeleton cunningly disguised as an alien Predator. Maybe.

But I don't think the power supply will be a 2 or 4 stroke engine as suggested. For Predator it would be a mini nuke power-pack. And the technology is already developed to replicate the nifty shoulder laser gun of Arnie's chum that can track back the arc of a round fired at him and retaliate almost instantly. In fact nothing Pred had was a far reach, including his invisibility.