View Full Version : 200 tons of silver found on ww 11 wreck..

Bernice Moore
09-28-2011, 10:29 PM
200 Tons of Silver Found on WWII Wreck (http://discoverymail.com/a/hBOgz16B74O0gB8dse8NsfYnGkm/dyn411#mkcpgn=emnws1)


Ed Jewett
09-29-2011, 12:51 AM
And silver is down to about 29.50 per ounce... hmm, let's see... 200x2,000x16x$25=a hell of a lot of money minus expenses...

Peter Lemkin
09-29-2011, 06:41 AM
Silver, unlike gold is fairly reactive chemically. It all depends on how it was stored originally and how it sunk, but I'd suspect that some 10% may have been chemically altered. It can be refined back into silver, unless it was changed into soluble salts - many silver salts are. Anyway, there is at least 150 -180 million dollars worth of silver after costs. Now, if it were gold, they really have struck it big!