View Full Version : Is David Cameron the walking dead?

David Guyatt
02-27-2009, 12:40 AM
I keep seeing Ken Clarke on the telly. I had thought until the financial crisis that old Toryboy Ken was dead and buried. But perhaps no.

Could it be that Cameron is spent and a "new old" guy is being prepped to take over from the dead, but still walking, Gordo Brown?

But there is a sense that Cameron doesn't work and if so who will? Would Clarke represent a "safe" pair of hands in the initial - post Brown - phase of the forthcoming catastrophe that is 50-100 years of repaying the international banking plunder.

All leaders have to be baptized by Bilderberg, it seems.

www.bilderberg.org/2005.htm+ken+clarke,+bilderberg&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=uk (www.bilderberg.org/2005.htm+ken+clarke,+bilderberg&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=uk)

16May05 - Impatient with democracy, UK Bilderberg ambassador changes the rules for Tory leadership bid


Tony Gosling 22May05

MP Kenneth Clarke, UK ambassador on the Bilderberg Steering Committee and deputy Chairman of British American Tobacco is closing in on the top Tory job - and changing the party rules so he can win - Bilderberg's magic wand of patronage is waving again

Choosing the next leader of the UK Tory party was not on the official list of agenda items for this year's Bilderberg meeting in Munich. But the day the meeting closed the leadership of the Tory party was announced to be up for grabs. After several disastrous leaders, Kenneth Clarke, like a Knight of the Brazen Serpent in shining armour, has announced he is running for the Tory party leadership again.

It doesn't seem to matter that the Tory party is anti-Europe, Clarke is determined to become leader and go against their wishes. This time Ken stands a better chance than his last two failures of taking the plumb job precisely because of the hopelessness of predecessors William Hague, Ian Duncan-Smith and Michael Howard. After this mediocre shower Ken will be seen by many as a safer pair of hands. There's also the presence now of the UK Independence party which has conveniently drawn off, into harmless never-never land, many of the Tory party's anti-European activists, social manipulation on a grand scale. Hungry for the top job 64 year old Ken has been plotting behind the scenes and biding his time, maybe it's all about to pay off.

'Sensible changes' are being mooted to the process by which the Tory leader is chosen, sidelining the grass-roots membership and allowing MP's greater influence to decide who the leader should be. This seems also designed perfectly to favour Clarke since the MP's are much more Euro-friendly than the members. These changes have all the hallmarks of Clarke, they amount toa dismissal of ordinary people in favour of powerful corporate interests. Rather than lose again in a democratic contest Clarke seems determined to rig the ballot to ensure he gets in.

Kenneth Clarke is certainly a formidable player. In his first day as Secretary of State for Health under Margaret Thatcher he inaugurated his cabinet responsibility for the health of the nation with a visit to one of Britain's top motor racing circuits and posed for the cameras in a John Player Special sponsored Formula One car. No press appeared to notice that British American Tobacco director Ken was endorsing, in one 'photo-opportunity', the two biggest preventable causes of death in the UK, car accidents and lung cancer.

Many across the political spectrum are aware of the totalitarian nature of the E.U. which is run by discredited and rejected polititians. Many see it as a fulfilling Adolf Hitler's dream, a United States of Europe with even less democracy that the USA. A victory for this unelected U.K. ambassador to Bilderberg's 'Invisible Government Club' will be seen as a P.R. success by the E.U., but Ken Clarke may draw the British nation into a corporate controlled plutocracy which would be an unmitigated disaster for democracy in the continent and for the people of Britain.

Tony Gosling