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6 Dec, 2011 05:18 CET

Last Word, written by the leading JFK assassination historian and the author of the number one New York Times bestselling book, Rush to Judgment, that refuted the Warren Commission Report and changed the way Americans understood the assassination, has been unanimously lauded by independent reviewers and by legal experts in the field.
The Hartford Book Examiner wrote:
Last Word was released earlier this month, and has since created quite a bit of buzz among readers…. Lane’s “first book, Rush to Judgment, has been credited with changing America’s perception of the Warren Report and resulting in skepticism of unproven governmental assertions.” In a recent interview with examiner.com (http://examiner.com/), Lane states, “it is in its analysis of all of the relevant factors, from former President Truman's warning and fears about the growing power of the CIA published in The New York Times one month to the day after the assassination of President Kennedy, to the facts establishing that a then secret group within the CIA engaged in planning assassinations of heads of state was also responsible for creating and distributing Secret Service credentials used by that organization for President Kennedy's visit to Dallas, that the book (Last Word) makes its contribution to the record.
Read the interview in its entirety:
The review published by the Library Journal Xpress follows:
Attorney Lane (Rush to Judgment) has since 1966 relentlessly challenged the Warren Commission Report's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald solely murdered President Kennedy. Here, Lane sums up his lifetime investigations that conclude that the CIA, not Oswald, killed Kennedy because of JFK's peace overtures to Vietnam and Cuba and for his plan to replace the CIA with an organization that would not operate like a separate government. The author, who is no crackpot conspiracy honcho and presents his case in a disturbingly convincing manner, also deems that special agents framed and killed Oswald. Lane's … spirited defense of Abraham Bolden's The Echo from Dealey Plaza, with its claims that a racist and lax security detail led to Kennedy's death, is gripping.
Verdict: Both readers who have followed the JFK assassination for years and those new to one of the great debates of the 20th century will find much to contemplate here; but despite Lane's title, this will not be the "last word" on the assassination. — Karl Helicher, Upper Merion Twp. Lib., King of Prussia, PA
The foremost authority in the United States on the question of the Secret Service and the assassination of President Kennedy, Vince Palamara, wrote:
Attorney Mark Lane thoroughly destroys Gerald Blaine & Lisa McCubbin's book "The Kennedy Detail": on the merit of this alone, every person who purchased and/or read that book needs to read this as the antidote. Lane saves his best JFK work for last with his appropriately titled tome "The Last Word", a book that joins Jim Douglass "JFK & The Unspeakable" and Douglas Horne's 5-volume series "Inside The Assassination Records Review Board" in the "holy troika" of essential, must-read (and own) Kennedy assassination books. Lane skillfully takes apart Vincent Bugliosi's magnum opus on the Oswald-did-it side entitled "Reclaiming History" and, most of all, Gerald Blaine's fraudulent "JFK-told-us-not-to" book "The Kennedy Detail"---for the latter, Lane used my research materials, for which I am most grateful. In addition, Lane adds further credibility to the tale of former Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden and his book "The Echo From Dealey Plaza." It never ceases to amaze me how much great literature and research has come forth in the last 5-10 years. Mark Lane's book "The Last Word" adds to his legacy greatly. Get this one asap---Bugliosi, Blaine, and the CIA have a lot to answer for! Highly recommended; fantastic!­— Vince Palamara, Secret Service Expert
The most prominent former prosecutor, Robert K. Tanenbaum, who ran the Homicide Bureau for the District Attorney’s Office in New York, reviewed Last Word. Tanenbaum was also chosen to investigate the Kennedy assassination by the United States Congressional Committee, the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Tanenbaum concluded:
Lane’s Last Word reveals his courageous challenge to the Warren Commission report and his scathing critique of unconscionable CIA outrages. The penetrating accuracy of his reportage may be measured by the personal attacks he endured that were orchestrated by upper-echelon rogue CIA operatives…. Whether one agrees with Mark Lane’s conclusions or not, everyone should read Last Word. His courageous efforts, his scholarly research and remarkable advocacy are a tribute to his enormous capacity to seek the truth. We are all better people because of that he has done.
Last Word is the most important book ever written about the assassination of JFK. More than that, it is one of the most important books written about where we are as a nation and what we are required to do to save our democracy.
Yet, apparently because Last Word demonstrated the role of the CIA in the murder of President Kennedy, the establishment television programs and establishment book reviewers have neither commented about the book nor permitted Lane to be heard. A possible explanationappears in Last Word in a CIA dispatch to book reviewers and the media stating that Lane’s work in this area should be censored. That document, no longer Top Secret, is published in Last Word.
For more information or to schedule a speaking engagement with Mr. Lane, contact Sue Herndon (sue@marklane.com).
Skyhorse Publishing, November, 2011. Available on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Last-Word-Indictment-CIA-Murder/dp/1616084286), BarnesandNoble.com (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Last-Word--My-Indictment-of-the-CIA-in-the-Murder-of-JFK?keyword=Last+Word%3A+My+Indictment+of+the+CIA+ in+the+Murder+of+JFK&store=allproducts), and wherever fine books are sold.

Contact Sue Herndon (sue@marklane.com) for more information or to schedule a speaking engagement with Mr. Lane.

Albert Doyle
12-29-2011, 04:26 PM
Currently reading Last Word.

Why bother continuing to tolerate a CIA-controlled media if it censors books like this? At that point it's either them or us, and I ain't gonna let it be us. Time to shut them and their sponsors down.

On page 61 Sturgis tells Marita Lorenz that she was to be used as a decoy. Is it possible Lorenz was drafted-in at the last minute by Sturgis because the intended decoy, Rose Cheramie, had backed-out?

Knowing now that an elaborate decoy plan was set-up, how does that reflect on Umbrella and Dark Complexion Man?

Albert Doyle
01-02-2012, 04:25 PM
My book report written over the weekend and posted in the Amazon reviews section:

Following suit from James Douglass' book 'JFK And The Unspeakable' JFK Assassination doyen Mark Lane gives an appropriately-titled 'last word' on the subject. Being a lawyer Lane focuses on the strict legal aspects of the case as garnered from his multi-decades of collecting it as an attorney, author, citizen agitator, and eponymous JFK investigator. The book is served well and capitalizes on the nascent crumbling of the rotten US Government, Warren Commission edifice the US public was forced to accept. Just as Robert E Lee was forced to recognize the dead created by the war he fought with the placing of Arlington Cemetery on Virginia soil across the Potomac from the capital, so is CIA forced to view its treasonous doings in Lane's laying of this sound work on their Langley doorstep. While modern times may be marked by dumbing-down and apathetic decline I think some don't realize we are now experiencing tectonic possibilities to overthrow entrenched democracy-stifling powers. This book does exactly that.

As the title indicates, 'Last Word' is a book-form indictment of the CIA in the murder of president Kennedy. Like Douglass, Lane plays a smooth tactic by reducing the material to the convincing facts, limiting the amount of conspiracy evidence in favor of exposing a clear pattern of CIA involvement by means of the legal record. The fact Lane manages to undress Bugliosi's obese manifesto of lies known as 'Reclaiming History' in less than 300 pages is moral artwork done with efficient intent. The beauty of 'Last Word' is that it pulls away from the debatable forensic information that is typical of conspiracy books and focuses on the legal 'forensics,' showing beyond a doubt that there's clear proof for CIA guilt in the Assassination. In the end 'Last Word' is an embodiment of the purpose and intent of the legal profession Lane practiced. Something that was never credibly applied in the case of the Kennedy Assassination.

If you read Douglass' 'JFK And The Unspeakable' and this book you'll put all doubts about the Assassination to rest. And if you want to see Bugliosi and 'The Kennedy Detail' get what they have coming read this book. Lane gets the last word on many key Assassination events like Oswald's alleged trip to Mexico City and proof of CIA involvement through his trial of E Howard Hunt. What's wonderful about this book is Lane not only destroys most of the CIA propaganda that is commonly seen in defense of the Warren Commission but uses documentation to accurately trace its origin back to CIA.

I accuse! Bravo Mark Lane!