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James H. Fetzer
12-12-2011, 07:45 PM
From America to Amerika: The End Game (http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/2011/12/from-america-to-amerika-end-game.html)

Jim Fetzer (with Dennis Cimino)

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-3MmHudO8GAo/TuZDsttgwHI/AAAAAAAAAZc/i47gfV9ICUY/s400/FEMAcamps.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-3MmHudO8GAo/TuZDsttgwHI/AAAAAAAAAZc/i47gfV9ICUY/s1600/FEMAcamps.jpg)

FEMA Camps across the USA

The brutal suppression of the exercise of freedom of speech and of the right to petition our government for redress of grievances by local and campus police departments, who are clad in riot gear and helmets with masks appears to be a manifestation of the increasing militarization of police departments at the local, state, and federal level through the creation of “fusion centers” supervised by the Department of Homeland Security. These events, in turn, reflect the increasingly fascistic character of the national police state into which the US has evolved, not least of all as a consequence of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, which was justified by the fabricated events of 9/11. Those who have any concerns about the ramifications of the PATRIOT Act in subverting the U.S. Constitution, at this point in time, should have no lingering doubts.

The most striking indication that all is not well turns out to be the activation of FEMA detention facilities across the county upon 72 hours notice, which has been taking place over the past few years, with bids now being taken for vendors to supply these centers. Staffing those facilities represents the final step preparing for their opening along with arranging for vendors contracted to start service with that same 72 hours notice. This has now been confirmed by published Army advertisements for “Internment Specialists”, which, it now appears, is being given legal cover by Senate Bill 1867, better known as the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, (http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d112:h.r.1540:) which authorizes holding American citizens in indefinite detention with no legal rights of representation or due process provisions. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), has now explained on the floor of the Senate that language which would have precluded those conditions from applying to American citizens (in its Section 1031) was removed at the request of the administration, which thus reflects President Obama’s position.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-rSSjP0nv6ig/TuZLJ5BoQfI/AAAAAAAAAbU/6kqpnBzNT3E/s400/Snapshot%2B2011-12-12%2B12-42-15.tiff (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-rSSjP0nv6ig/TuZLJ5BoQfI/AAAAAAAAAbU/6kqpnBzNT3E/s1600/Snapshot%2B2011-12-12%2B12-42-15.tiff)


Empowering the military to implement these policies represents the death throes of The Posse Comitatus Act, which was meant to to delimit and constrain the powers of local and state governments and law enforcement agencies from the use of federal military personnel to enforce federal laws, which, as brasschecktv has reported (http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/defending-civil-liberties/pentagon-provides-military-grade-weapons-to-local-police-.html), is being done by transforming local and state police agencies into an ersatz “standing army”. Much of this represents the culmination of corrupt practices since World War II, including especial “Operation Paperclip”, by which high-level Nazi intelligence operatives along with research scientists were brought to America and integrated into our intelligence agencies and research operations. While some of us expected Barack Obama to repeal the PATRIOT Act, rescind The Military Commissions Act and close Guantanamo, none of that has come to pass and the situation has only grown more grave. I therefore invited Denis Cimino to join me in addressing these issues from an historical point of view and reflecting on what, if anything, U.S. citizens can do about it.

America: The End Game

Dennis Cimino and Jim Fetzer

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-bvPV8pQQinQ/TuZD-F2LxZI/AAAAAAAAAZo/YKkj-qA9QdY/s400/CampLocations.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-bvPV8pQQinQ/TuZD-F2LxZI/AAAAAAAAAZo/YKkj-qA9QdY/s1600/CampLocations.jpg)

NDAA, The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, if you haven’t heard, gives the U.S. military the authority to indefinitely detain without charge and incarcerate any American citizen on U.S. soil, for reasons and on grounds that the military does not have to disclose. It is stunning that this act subverts habeas corpus, originally formalized by an Act of Parliament in England (1679), but which recognized the long standing practice that a citizen cannot be detained for prosecution by a court of law without due process, including the right to know the charges being brought against him and the right to legal representation. If you ask perhaps how this Senate bill and the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor are related, the answer is not difficult to discern for multiple reasons, including the treatment of Japanese-Americans in the wake of Pearl Harbor, but especially because of the early warnings involved.

The truth is, imagine yourself being the Japanese emperor, and you send FDR an advisory message warning him of your intention to attack Pearl Harbor. By breaking the code the Japanese high command was using to communicate was, militarily comparable, assuming the Japanese knew we had broken their code. Look at the McCain and Levin amendments to this appropriations bill, and how this is more or less the same thing as the Emperor Hirohito getting on the phone and telling an Adversary who has embargoed his country’s access to oil that he planned to retaliate. In real life, you would expect the duly informed party to take countermeasures to prevent taking it on the chin, would you not? It is a highly probable response when a viable and verified threat is issued from one party to another to take some form of rather extreme action.

In the case of the McCain/Levin amendment, this is a warning to every American citizen who takes issue with this corrupt, murderous, even illegitimate government in Washington, D.C., no matter where they are here in the United States, that the military now has a hunting license to come get you and ferret you off to a secret gulag for torture and indefinite incarceration. As any reasonable person would do when so threatened, you might well begin to prepare for that contingency. You might buy ammunition and make sure your firearms are well serviced and ready. You might create hard-to-penetrate-by-small-arms-fire zones in your basement if you have one, or home. You go somewhere and get re-familiar with how to safely defend your home from such an incredible, unConstitutional and even treasonous intrusion by the armed forces of our own country.

Internment Camp Services Bid Arrives After NDAA

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ChgcqhPEmgo/TuZFpDbiDKI/AAAAAAAAAZ0/WQAitMC_xaA/s400/NDAA.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ChgcqhPEmgo/TuZFpDbiDKI/AAAAAAAAAZ0/WQAitMC_xaA/s1600/NDAA.jpg)

On 6 December 2011, Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones reported that infowars.com has received a document originating from KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, that offers details of plans to activate FEMA and U.S. Army camps around the United States. Entitled "Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements," the document describes services that KBR is looking to farm out to subcontractors. As they explain, “Services up for bid include catering, temporary fencing and barricades, laundry and medical services, power generation, refuse collection, and other services required for temporary ‘emergency environment’ camps located in five regions of the United States.” This means that the activation of those camps is not a distant event but has become imminent. As they report,

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-k9KeJMjfoIA/TuZJ92mSykI/AAAAAAAAAbI/RpF6UfV3Y5w/s400/AlexJones.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-k9KeJMjfoIA/TuZJ92mSykI/AAAAAAAAAbI/RpF6UfV3Y5w/s1600/AlexJones.jpg)


KBR's call for FEMA camp service bids [has arrived] soon after the Senate overwhelmingly passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which permits the military to detain and interrogate supposed domestic terror suspects [including OWS protesters] in violation of the Fourth Amendment and Posse Comitatus. Section 1031 of the NDAA bill declares the whole of the United States as a "battlefield" and allows American citizens to be arrested on U.S. soil and incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ujubM1UxRQQ/TuZGUMlUhYI/AAAAAAAAAaA/u1c9YV-IA8k/s400/Section%252B1031.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ujubM1UxRQQ/TuZGUMlUhYI/AAAAAAAAAaA/u1c9YV-IA8k/s1600/Section%252B1031.jpg)

On Section 1031 of the Non-Detention Act of 1971

The Japanese American Citizens League (JACL), the nation's oldest and largest Asian American civil and human rights organization, which is not surprising given the treatment Japanese-Americans received in the wake of Pearl Harbor. Thus, “In a letter addressed to Congress, S. Floyd Mori, the national director of JACL, said the NDAA is the first time that Congress has scaled back on the protections provided by the Non-Detention Act of 1971, including Section 1031. Mori said the legislation, if enacted and put into use, would be reminiscent of the unconstitutional indefinite detention of Japanese Americans during World War II.”

KBR Instrumental in Establishing Camps in 2006

As they also explain, “In 2006, KBR was awarded a contingency contract from the Department of Homeland Security, allegedly to support its Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities in the event of an emergency, Market Watch reported. The contract was effective immediately and provided for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to expand existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs, KBR said. The contract may also provide migrant detention support to other government organizations in the event of an immigration emergency, as well as the development of a plan to react to a national emergency, such as a natural disaster, the company explained.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BNtZcN_iozY/TuZGhkctUgI/AAAAAAAAAaM/95m6ewxjzkY/s400/resettlement%252Bspecialist.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BNtZcN_iozY/TuZGhkctUgI/AAAAAAAAAaM/95m6ewxjzkY/s1600/resettlement%252Bspecialist.jpg)

Internment / Resettlement Specialist (31E)

The sentence alluding to “the rapid development of new programs”, of course, offers no indication of what those “new programs” might be. But, at this point in time, given the inclusion of language in NDAA 2012 authorizing the apprehension and indefinite detention of American citizens in violation of habeas corpus at the request of the Obama administration, there can be scant reason to doubt that these “new programs” are intended to suppress dissent by the most powerful possible means, no matter how much the Constitution and Bill of Rights are thereby obviated. There are precursors for these events in European history, of course, including the “Enabling Act” passed by the German Parliament at the insistence of then-Chancellor Adolph Hitler. Most U.S. citizens are ignorant of those developments, even though they paved the way for The Third Reich. And others remain infatuated with the notion of “American exceptionalism”, which is a form of mass delusion that “it can’t happen here”. Unfortunately, it not only can but actually is “happening here”!

Army Civilian Inmate Labor Program

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YM7ADv99uY8/TuZIy4D3FvI/AAAAAAAAAa8/SQbRuk5KV1Y/s400/advanced%252Bresponsibilities.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YM7ADv99uY8/TuZIy4D3FvI/AAAAAAAAAa8/SQbRuk5KV1Y/s1600/advanced%252Bresponsibilities.jpg)

Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee (EPW/CI) Camp

As Nimmo and Jones also report, “Soon after KBR's announcement, a little-known Army document surfaced. Entitled the ‘Civilian Inmate Labor Program’, the unclassified document describes in detail Army Regulation 210-35. The regulation, first drafted in 1997, underwent a "rapid act revision" in January 2005 and now provides a policy for the creation of labor programs and prison camps on Army installations.” Moreover, “In 2009, the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645 was introduced in Congress. It mandates the establishment of ‘national emergency centers’ to be located on military installations for the purpose of providing ‘temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster’, according to the bill. In addition to emergencies, the legislation is designed to ‘meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security’, an open ended mandate which many fear could mean the forced detention of American citizens in the event of widespread rioting after a national emergency or total economic collapse, as Paul Joseph Watson noted in January of 2009.” Those fears, alas, are not coming to fruition.

Pearl Harbor and “the New Pearl Harbor”

As history records, the U.S. Navy took one massive pasting in Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. B-17 bombers were arrayed in neat rows at the Naval Air Station, Ford Island, in the middle of the harbor, while battleships—which were no longer the core of the fleet and thus were moderately expendable, while the carriers, which would be necessary to a war in the Pacific, had been put to sea—were left at pier side. The military was not on any alert status of any kind, in spite of the fact that the intelligence community in the United States had plenty of reason to do so. The old “Pearl Harbor” has now been succeeded by “the new ‘Pearl Harbor’” as a fabricated attack intended to instill fear into the American people in order to manipulate us to promote a political agenda.

The first event was allowed to happen to induce the citizens of this nation to abandon isolationism and engage with our allies in World War II. The second event was made to happen to induce us to support wars of aggression against nations that had never attacked us, with regard to our foreign policy, and to surrender civil rights guaranteed under the Constitution, as a matter of domestic politics, both of which were strikingly contrary to our values and traditions. The consequences of the “new” Pearl Harbor are now coming to their culmination in the complete abdication of our Constitution and the emplacement of a national security/police state. The question thus becomes what we should do about it.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-44JVGpPPWVU/TuZH1pSiShI/AAAAAAAAAaw/iHAwmaIspM0/s400/pearlharborwarning.jpg (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-44JVGpPPWVU/TuZH1pSiShI/AAAAAAAAAaw/iHAwmaIspM0/s1600/pearlharborwarning.jpg)

Telegraphing the actions that the government is about to take may have been an unavoidable consequence of securing Congressional approval by the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011. It was something that those who are about to enslave us simply could not avoid. But we have to ask ourselves:

If you were issued advance warning that your government was about to “go rogue” and abandon the last vestiges of the rule of law by shredding the Constitution in front of you, would you not be disposed to take certain actions to make it , if not “very difficult”, at least “very stupid” for them to send soldiers to seize you for exercising your right of dissent? Is our own government counting on our naivete to take for granted that our Senators and Representatives are looking out for our best interests, just as Bush and Cheney were looking our for us on 9/11? And when Sen. Carl Levin has explained Obama himself wanted these provisions, how dumb are we?

We would guess that the number of citizens who have valid and quite genuine disagreement with the outrageous and criminal policies of the government in Washington, D.C., might represent as much as 20-30% of the adult population and possibly more. Applied to 300,000,000 citizens, that might equal roughly 60,000,000. If it’s half that, around 30,000,000; and half that, only 15,000,000. Calculations done on the basis of the number of railroad cars that Halliburton has been commissioned to construct times the number of those they can carry using the shackles with which they are equipped approximates 15,000,000 detainees. So maybe that number is the closer approximation.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dUkqGw__7Y0/TuZHfk11uII/AAAAAAAAAak/I2pMwnnOxeA/s400/A%252BFEMA%252Bcamp.jpg (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dUkqGw__7Y0/TuZHfk11uII/AAAAAAAAAak/I2pMwnnOxeA/s1600/A%252BFEMA%252Bcamp.jpg)

A FEMA Camp awaiting occupation by American civilians

Estimates have it that some 80,000,000 American citizens are armed, where the certainty is that more than a hundred and fifty million households in the U.S. have some form of firearm beyond a .22 caliber “Saturday night special”, and at least two or three members of that household may well be able to aim and fire it at an intruder, be they a thief or a person in a police or a military uniform. In any case, since 9/11, we have had the government put every one of us on the highest paranoia alert status in American history with a series of fear mongering, wholly unjustified reasons for us to either look for Muslims coming from every nook and cranny, as well as the recent advice by Janet Napolitano, who would have each of us conduct surveillance on our friends and neighbors

Where do we go from here?

We have experienced the FBI having set up dozens of fake terror suspects, and have had to endure insane scenarios such as “underpants” and “shoe” bombers who either can’t get the loads in their pants to go off or effectively light a cigarette with repeated attempts. We are told that a guy with no passport was waltzed past security to board an international flight without any problems, apparently because he was escorted by some official no one has been able to identify. We were conned about 19 Arab hijackers magically overcoming the totality of the entire North American Defense Command on 9/11 using box cutters as their weapons. But it turns out that the government has never been able to prove that they were actually aboard any of those planes. And the alleged phone calls from all four planes turn out to have been faked. How dumb are we supposed to be?

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-82WJa2xlg-I/TuZHOcrIEpI/AAAAAAAAAaY/v6N9OxCaKRM/s400/REX84.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-82WJa2xlg-I/TuZHOcrIEpI/AAAAAAAAAaY/v6N9OxCaKRM/s1600/REX84.jpg)

These plans date at least from REX 84

The government, it now appears, has given us a two year head start on arming and loading to protect ourselves, even if it would have preferred not to have done so. By putting an advertisement for INTERNMENT SPECIALISTS with an MOS of 31 ECHO in the advertising section of The Wall Street Journal and in other printed media, when, since the Patriot Act was morphed three times, they didn’t have to say a public word and could have hired these specialists in secret with a far more covert approach than by announcements in these publications. But the point may be to make it appear as though these moves were undertaken in the public interest. After all, if something terrifying and subversive were going on, it could be argued, why would it be done in such a public fashion? But to ask the question is to answer it. As Hitler observed, BIG LIES are simply beyond the comprehension of most citizens—of Germany or of any other country.

Tactically, it doesn’t make any sense. Militarily the U.S. does not have the troop strength to quell massive civil unrest without the use of non-conventional force application. Which is it? Is it another Pearl Harbor “let it happen on purpose” like 7 December 1941 and, for that matter, also similar to the 9/11 “made it happen on purpose” gambit used to psychologically traumatize and induce fear into the the American public by fabricating a non-existent enemy striking from the caves of Tora Bora? The threat of NDAA appears to be ‘real’ but, to those of us who understand what it represents, as ludicrous as Emperor Hirohito calling FDR on the phone and telling him that on Sunday, 7 December 1941, he was going to attack the U.S. fleet. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Perhaps they want to provoke a civil war that would justify to complete deconstruction of America. Perhaps they are simply playing us for saps. It has worked before. It can work again.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s.

Albert Doyle
12-13-2011, 02:37 AM
The trouble with the minute man image of Americans arming themselves like Ruby Ridge is that government doesn't come in small groups. Firing back would be suicide.

I'm thinking a lot of the members are agreeing with this Fetzer thread.

Ed Jewett
12-13-2011, 03:51 AM
It is a serious and major subject, and I for one welcome all insight and comments. I have my own opinions, which I will not be shy in expressing, but I'll allow others to speak first. [In order not to appear to be a dumb-ox playing games, I will give you the jist of my thinking in a short sentence and leave it for later: We have to out-think them like Boyd, out-maneuver the oppositions and setbacks, transcend what is going on by inventing something knew, always acting sentiently, in the manner of Morihei Ueshiba, and with a copy of James Douglass' "Resistance and Contemplation" close at hand.]

Reference is made to the minute-man and his musket, but has the commenter read Ray Raphael's "The First American Revolution"?

Peter Lemkin
12-13-2011, 07:48 AM
I have been saying for weeks that I thought Obama would NOT veto NDAA - but he hasn't signed it yet either. Our first job it to mobilize immediately to put pressure on him to Veto it! That will buy a little time, as they will try again in a slightly different form and I think secretly they already have the powers under the unPatriot Act and COG. I got worried about the camps back when they were exposed during Iran-Contra and then called Rex-84. Since, they have grown in size and number and since 9-11 have been made ready on 24 hours notice. I understand the current capacity will hold about 7% of the US population, about the number of those who are very progressive and/or willing to put up some resistance beyond cursing at the TV. This is a dire emergency that has to be dealt with BEFORE, as after, we will all be chatting with each other in the camps. The great unknown is if a scenario can be invented that the troops won't refuse to follow - but let's not pin our hopes on that. That it has come so far and most sheeple still just bleat and don't act in alarm is frightening. I do not think one can fight one's way out of this. Oh, one might choose not to be taken alive or without a fight, especially if one lives in a remote location...but city and suburb dwellers...forget it. There is only one massive and growing movement now, and that is OWS. This issue is not on their agenda and needs to be added - and fast. If the troops or police who'd be used to take people 'away' knew the details and knew that most American simply saw this as a repeat of the Third Reich, they might just think twice or thrice. They will come and take small groups, IMHO, but if people react nationwide should it happen, it can be stopped. If not stopped.....well.....don't know who the 'white shirts' could be to come and save things.....it is up to us and making more aware. It is a very hard pill for most Americans to swallow - as it flies in the face of the American exceptionalism [in which America is different and basically can do no wrong]. We have a long history to prove that wrong - though it is not taught - the propaganda that covers it over is - so lots of work to do and VERY LITTLE TIME, IMHO.

Look, OWS, is the tip of an iceberg the secret ruling elites feel they can't let survive - it threatens them by exposing their hidden hands and deeds in ways that can't again be covered over. They are, IMO, more afraid of that naicent movement than of an foreign enemies - real, imagined or self-created prior and now in blowback mode. OWS is open to all ideas, as it is leaderless, we who know the details of the deep political shit need to lend our voices and knowledge to those already in and about to join what is loosely known as the Occupy Movement. I see it as a last chance. The learning curve of those in this movement has been amazing. If they can connect the last few dots, we might just save America [with a C] and the World. This is the beginning of the 'end game'.....which side are you on? I'm sure all on this Forum are on the correct side...but now is the time to put our shoulders to the wheel! There won't be much more time after...I don't know....months - maybe; years - no more than one or two, maximim...I think if the real evolution is not underway before this next election in a year, things could be lost forever. Whatever the calculus, time is damn short what is ups for 'grabs' is the ENTIRE 'ball of wax'. To many this sounds alarmist and absurd. I wish they were right. I know they are not. May we prevail and SOON!

Charles Drago
12-13-2011, 02:48 PM
Veto the bill. Re-establish uber-liberal credentials with the base.

A pre-election year set-up?

Peter Lemkin
12-13-2011, 02:54 PM
Veto the bill. Re-establish uber-liberal credentials with the base.

A pre-election year set-up?

I could easily be persuaded in your cynicism if he did veto the bill....but I'm not so sure he will!!!! We must, no matter what his thinking/pressures/motives are now/afterwards, work to make sure it IS vetoed!!! We can deal with exposing the political set-up after. Once signed into law, this will be a nightmare to undo....more so if many of us are in detention or threat thereof.