View Full Version : Russian roulette

Magda Hassan
03-06-2009, 07:42 AM
Obama is 'offering' Russia to not proceed with their threatening but useless missile 'defense' shield in return for Russian helping Iran not proceed with their nuclear missile which Iran isn't proceeding with anyway. Presumably the Obama is wanting Russia on side to work against Iran.

What to make of this? Is this a genuine change of military thinking of the US or is it a trojan horse. Are they going to let the Ruskies in on the spoils of empire to keep the party going for a bit longer? Gates has just admited that Iran is no where close to having nulear weapons, so what gives? I just can't imagine Russophobe Brzezhinsky giving Russia a free pass.

Mark Stapleton
03-06-2009, 08:25 AM
The missile shield program was merely gratuitous provocation, the last vestige of the psychotic PNAC-Bush era agenda. Even the military thought it was nuts. I think Obama hinted during the campaign that he wouldn't proceed with it.

The US administration, replete with Zionist attack dogs, is now using the old carrot and stick approach in trying to co-opt Russia into exerting pressure on Iran, painting them as a threat to regional peace. Such is the control Israel has on the US, the US must be seen to be actively supporting the Zionist agenda.

Underneath the facade, I think Obama might be looking for a little help (or even advice) from Russia on the issue of Afghanistan, which is shaping up as his very own Vietnam.