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Danny Jarman
01-12-2012, 03:24 AM

Docudrama revealing one of the biggest secrets of space race during cold war - Yugoslavian space programme.

"Yugoslavs made rapid development based on unknown diaries of Yugoslav space pioneer Herman Potočnik - Noordung after 2nd world war. Technical solutions described in Potocnik's unpublished papers were the basis for establishing secret Yugoslav space
programme in 1948, after Josip Broz Tito's conflict with Stalin.
In late 1960, CIA discovered that Yugoslavia already had an operational space-flight technology.
In March 1961 Yugoslavia secretly sold complete space programme to USA.
In May 1961, Kennedy announced USA choose to go to the Moon.
In this documentary we will reveal how Tito built the biggest secret underground space centre in Europe in army base Željava with code name "Object 505".

Researched and written by Boštjan Virc

Directed and co-written by Žiga Virc

Production Studio Virc

Object 505 footage:
http://www.zeljava-lybi.com (http://www.zeljava-lybi.com/)
http://www.mycity-military.com (http://www.mycity-military.com/)

A growing power that was obviously getting too powerful - a threat to Volksland Security as Jan would say. We know what has become of that part of the world today. Divide, conquer, etc. Some comments from the video link...

One of the strongest countries they didnt care about race,religion or nationality but than the war changed everything I still belive that if they unite again it would be like it one was!

One more example of why the outside world wanted Yugoslavia in small pieces and got what it wanted- easier to control and take what is necessary. When under someone like Tito or together- it posed too much of a threat. There is going to be few more things popping up as "news"... as the generation of Tito and a bit younger (some of his closest allies/cooperators die out).

TITO To remember good times, It is worth remembering the names of Tito, and who gave us a new heart, Again the name of Tito. Factories and jobs are created, Stalin's regime have broken down, And if somebody ever asked, nobody except the great Tito managed Remember the mood of the time, happy people and a field of carnations, All were attracted to our Balkans. BIG THANK We had MARSAL TITO!