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Magda Hassan
01-14-2012, 12:46 PM
Why on earth wouldn't they disclose the cause if they know it?

Mystery illness gives 12 girls at same school Tourette's-like symptoms of tics and verbal outbursts

Doctors and school administrators will not disclose cause of illness
Parents worried and not satisfied with how issue is being handled
Two students at another school in Missouri faint after mystery smell reported

By Daily Mail Reporter (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/search.html?s=&authornamef=Daily+Mail+Reporter)

Last updated at 8:48 PM on 12th January 2012

A mysterious disorder which exhibits symptoms similar to Tourette's syndrome has affected twelve female students at the same high school.
Administrators said on Wednesday night that all of the students affected at LeRoy High School, in New York, have been diagnosed and are being treated but they would not disclose exactly what they think the cause is.
The students are said to all be suffering from verbal outbursts and involuntary twitches.
Tourette's syndrome affects the body's brain and nervous system by causing tics - repeated, uncontrollable movements or involuntary vocal sounds.
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http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/01/12/article-2085825-0F6F867900000578-290_468x286.jpg Mystery: 12 students at LeRoy High School have been exhibiting Tourette-like symptoms over the last few months

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/01/12/article-2085825-0F6F867D00000578-37_468x286.jpg Concerned parent: Jim duPont said his daughter was fine one minute and then within a few weeks was jerking uncontrollablyss hysteria claims it School administrators have assured that they have made sure

School administrators have insisted it is not a case of mass hysteria and that none of the girls are making the illness or symptoms up.

On Wednesday night the school held a forum for concerned parents. About 150 people attended, demanding to know what was wrong with the students.

Dr Greg Young, with the NYS Department of Health, said: 'I can assure you these children have all been seen by professionals that have come up with answers and they are all being treated and they're actually doing pretty well.'

He revealed that tics like this can be caused by a number of factors such as genetics, head trauma, drugs for ADHD and OCD and antihistamines.

Through tests over the last few months, they have been able to rule out a number of environmental factors, infections, illegal drugs and carbon monoxide poisoning.
According to WGRZ.com, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta has been consulted, along with Columbia University, as well as the Genesee County Health Department and the New York State Health Department.

Dr Young assured parents that these cases have been seen nationwide and they come and go in individuals.

He said that stress and anxiety can make them worse.
But most parents were left frustrated due to HIPAA (federal health privacy laws) which meant the doctors were limited in telling them what was causing the symptoms.

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/01/12/article-2085825-0F6F867500000578-952_468x286.jpg Expert: Dr Young, with the NYS Department of Health, said he is unable to disclose what the cause of the symptoms are due to privacy laws

Because of this and the limited number of cases in the small community, Dr Young said their hands were tied as they cannot comment on children's diagnosis.

He said some of the students were already showing signs of improvement.

'I'm talking about something that comes on in just a couple of weeks. These kids are totally normal, and the next thing you know their arms are swinging and they can't control themselves'
Father of one of the students Jim DuPont said he is not satisfied with what the doctors or school administrators have told him.
He said his 17-year-old daughter has missed almost every day of school in the last month.
'Now she has to be tutored,' he told WGRZ.com 'And I worry about her future. She's only 17. She can't even drive now.
'It's heartbreaking because you know her normal mannerisms.'
He said his daughter is being treated by a neurologist, but still hasn't received a diagnosis.

'I'm talking about something that comes on in just a couple of weeks. These kids are totally normal, and the next thing you know their arms are swinging and they can't control themselves.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2085825/Mystery-illness-affects-12-girls-school-exhibiting-Tourette-like-symptoms-tics-verbal-outbursts.html#ixzz1jR5DSU72

And then there is this:

TWO STUDENTS FAINT AT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AFTER MYSTERY SMELLTwo students fainted at Espy Elementary School in Nixa, Missouri, on Tuesday morning.

Investigators could not find any environmental danger in the classroom but a mystery smell was detected in the classroom.

As a precaution, the Nixa Fire Department directed the district to keep the south wing of the building in their rooms until the source of the smell could be determined.

They later found there to be no danger to any students in the school.
It is still unclear what caused the students to pass out.

Ed Jewett
01-14-2012, 07:05 PM
Children in New York Contract Mysterious Illness, Federal Government Preventing Disclosure of Disease (http://cryptogon.com/?p=26972)January 14th, 2012They’re saying that the cause isn’t Gardasil:

NYS Health Department spokesman Jeff Hammond also says vaccines such as Gardasil were investigated as a cause and ruled out. (WGRZ (http://www.wgrz.com/news/article/150087/1/Update-on-Tourette-Like-Illness-in-Leroy))
Did these girls receive Gardasil vaccinations?
The diagnosis, which is apparently known by the government, is being kept from the girls and their families.
Here’s a question for any of the several medical doctors who regularly read Cryptogon:
Have you ever heard of doctors treating patients without telling them (or their families) what they’re being treated for?
Here’s a response from Dr. H in the U.S. I have edited this slightly to maintain Dr. H’s privacy:
Kevin, I’m an MD in [a state in the U.S.]. I’ve been in private practice since completing my residency in 2002.
The idea that the govt would not permit a doctor to tell a patient (or a peds patient’s parents/guardians) a diagnosis is insane. No physician I know would agree to that.
The sacred doctor-patient bond is more important than any edicts out of Washington. They might be able to issue gag orders to the courts, but they can’t gag me or my colleagues.
The one circumstance where it might make sense not to tell a patient a diagnosis would be if there were more harm from revealing the diagnosis–maybe Munchausen’s by proxy if the child were not physically there, abuse by the parent was suspected, and telling the parent that “we know you’ve been hurting your child for attention” might result in more harm to the kid before the child could be taken away from an abusive situation. What you wrote about doesn’t fit with that scenario, of course.
Saying “I know but won’t tell you what I know” is malpractice. Any atty will have tons of cash rolling in through torts if a doctor really said that.
You can use this email, but please don’t disclose my name.
Via: Liberty Confidential (http://www.libertyconfidential.com/2012/01/13/children-in-new-york-contract-mysterious-illness-fed-govt-preventing-disclosure-of-disease/):
Late last year, 12 girls in New York were hit with strange symptoms that included spasms, and tics. Some children were so bad, and for so long, that they had to be pulled out of school and tutored at home. One who couldn’t return to school had seizures.
Parents have been demanding answers since late 2011.
An investigation was launched into why these children — all girls who attend the same school, Le Roy, in New York — have come down with this mysterious illness.
Visits to psychologists, medical doctors, MRIs, and more, have been conducted over the past months. Nothing has been revealed.
The story took an unsettling turn this week when a government health official told parents not to worry, that they know what’s been making the children suffer these symptoms; but that the government will not permit the disclosure of details, not even to the parents.
The official, from the state health department, called it a “federal issue.”
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