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MILLBROOK: (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/) A Narrative of the Early Years of American Psychedelianism, by Art Kleps
A Narrative of the Early Years of American Psychedelianism by Art Kleps © 2005 (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/copyright)
TABLE OF CONTENTS FRONT MATTER (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/front)

PREFACE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/preface)
1990: The author’s well-deserved reputation among persons of good will and sound mind is briefly described by the Archon of Alaska.
IMPORTANT NOTICE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/notice)

A WORD OF EXPLANATION (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/word)
1968: Timothy Leary threatens to “go over to Tommy’s side” if he doesn’t get Maynard Ferguson’s furniture back from the Buddha of the Future.
Chapter 1
CAMELOT (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch1)
1963: JFK is assassinated. William and Thomas Mellon Hitchcock finance and promote Psychedelianism on their 2,500-acre estate at Millbrook, New York. Teenage queens fail to behave in a manner to which the author has become accustomed.
Chapter 2
KING ARTHUR’S COURT (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch2)
1960: Patchogue, Long Island. The author, in his fifth year as a school and clinical psychologist, takes half a gram of mescaline sulfate, with the usual consequences.
Chapter 3
KNIGHTS OF THE TABLE ROUND (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch3)
1963: First visit to the Mellon Hitchcock estate. IFIF. The Castalia Foundation. The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Drs. Leary, Metzner and Alpert, and the supporting cast of the early days. A professor of art from Cornell loses track of which side is which.
Chapter 4
SIR DINADAN THE HUMORIST (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch4)
1964: Cambridge. IFIF. Lisa Bieberman. The Psychedelic Review. A eulogy for Aldous Huxley. The author gets stoned and loaded with Alan Watts.
Chapter 5
AN INSPIRATION (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch5)
Easter vacation at Millbrook. Lost in a meditation closet.
Chapter 6
THE ECLIPSE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch6)
Solipsism and synchronicity. Enlightenment is a gas. Ideas of reference are where it’s at.
Chapter 7
MERLIN’S TOWER (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch7)
Dick Alpert’s photos of co-educational shit-ins. A trip with Tim aborted by Susans who think I’m bananas. Did Herman Hesse smoke edelweiss or what?
Chapter 8
THE BOSS (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch8)
A candle explodes, threatening universal urination. The Zmms; Snazzm, Fazzm and McPozzm are introduced and defined. William Mellon Hitchcock hopes to use LSD to make more money on the stock market. Tim says the author is having a bad trip.
Chapter 9
THE TOURNAMENT (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch9)
Fired by a Person person. The hidden hand at work. A visit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A refusal to love shit, despite Tim’s glowing recommendation.
Chapter 10
(http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch10) Morning Glory Lodge on Cranberry Lake. The Neo-American Church, foundation and former and present doctrines and practices of. Peyote to the people.
Chapter 11
(http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch11) Millbrook. Tim’s in Nepal with a Swedish model of aristocratic lineage. The author finds it hard to believe that “Poughkeepsie” means “Place of Overflowing Shitholes” in the language of the Iroquois. Hollingshead twirls. Ralph pulls out joints. The author reads a sermon on digestion to paying visitors in bed sheets. A Psychedelian PTA meeting.
Chapter 12
SLOW TORTURE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch12)
Millbrook. Bombed with 1,000 mics. The Kundalini experience.
Chapter 13
FREEMEN! (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch13)
1965-66: Summer at Cranberry Lake. Winter in Miami. Back to the lake. Visitors, including Jack Kerouac, appear for sugar cubes and conversation. In Texas, a Sado-Judeo-Paulinian (these people are not “Christians”) punishment freak sentences Tim to thirty years in prison because hemp was discovered in his daughter’s pants.
Chapter 14
“DEFEND THEE, LORD!” (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch14)
Fun and games in the palaces of the ruling Sado-Judeo-Paulinian serial killers and mass murderers of Washington, D.C. A territorial dispute with a hireling of the American Medical Association, who has a point, sort of.
Chapter 15
SANDY’S TALE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch15)
Meat Hook Baird, M.D., tells the Senate of the United States that acid heads are skinny, bespectacled, hedonistic runts with covert and overt homosexual conflicts, pugnacious noses, receding chins and marked “gratification complexes.” The author, front page news, causes Bobby Kennedy to foam at the mouth.
Chapter 16
MORGAN LE FAY (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch16)
Stabbed in the back on the home front.
Chapter 17
A ROYAL BANQUET (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch17)
Marijuana goddesses galore. Bill Haines and the Sri Ram Ashrama are introduced to Timothy Leary and the League for Spiritual Discovery. Hired by a funny farm in New Jersey, but there are blackbirds on the left.
Chapter 18
IN THE QUEEN’S DUNGEONS (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch18)
Really stabbed in the back on the home front. Billy Hitchcock tries to help, but Tim thinks I should go to Alabama.
Chapter 19
KNIGHT-ERRANTRY AS A TRADE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch19)
The author, a cockeyed optimist, finds something good to say about delirium tremens.
Chapter 20
THE OGRE’S CASTLE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch20)
How not to live over a white-lightning run. Jailed in Florida. Back to Millbrook. You’re as good a man as I am, Bali Ram.
Chapter 21
THE PILGRIMS (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch21)
January, 1967: Tim’s in California. Haines is in charge of the Big House. All present are accounted for. The author recovers.
Chapter 22
THE HOLY FOUNTAIN (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch22)
Under the benign tyranny of William Haines, a.k.a. “Sri Sankara,” a fun time is had in the Big House by Leaguers and Ashramites alike.
Chapter 23
RESTORATION OF THE FOUNTAIN (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch23)
Bob Ross, goat lover vs. the author and Otto H. Baron von Albenesius, sheep herders.
Chapter 24
A RIVAL MAGICIAN (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch24)
A crazed dentist disgraces the Neo-American Church on the West Coast, but the author excommunicates the rotten bastard. A sociable trip in the Meditation House.
Chapter 25
A COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch25)
Tim decides to return, despite a deal he made with the despots of the Place of Overflowing Shitholes to never do so. He demands that we evict Rudy and Jackie first.
Chapter 26
THE FIRST NEWSPAPER (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch26)
They are driven forth and the author gets their room. The Bombardment and Annihilation of the Planet Saturn and Divine Toad Sweat: Bloated House Organ of the Church. The Mysterium Tremendum on $5 a day.
Chapter 27
THE YANKEE AND THE KING TRAVEL INCOGNITO (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch27)
The view from that room was lovely when snow was falling, a hushed surround both brilliant and subdued, which, for all its detail, gave little hint of what century or country we were in.
Chapter 28
DRILLING THE KING (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch28)
Barefoot Michael Green, Bill Haines and the author are invited to the Bungalow for drinks. Then Bali Ram (shod in gold slippers), Bill Haines and the author are invited to the Bungalow for a trip.
Chapter 29
THE SMALLPOX HUT (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch29)
Suzanne and Aurora are fixing the drinks?
Chapter 30
THE TRAGEDY OF THE MANOR HOUSE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch30)
“The needle leaked. Tee hee.” Oh well, in for a dime, in for a dollar.
Chapter 31
MARCO (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch31)
Holy shit!
Chapter 32
DOWLEY’S HUMILIATION (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch32)
“What do you think this is, Sham? The Calcutta bazaar?” Wendy’s offer to strip is accepted, on a trial basis.
Chapter 33
SIXTH-CENTURY POLITICAL ECONOMY (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch33)
Tim returns, but too late. Things have changed. Is “Victory Over Horseshit!” a “gentle love message”? Does Tim have enough clout with the Hitchcocks to evict the Ashram? No, to both questions.
Chapter 34
THE YANKEE AND THE KING SOLD AS SLAVES (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch34)
Peggy Hitchcock throws a “psychedelic seder” at her town house in New York. Bill Haines and author prepare the punch for this celebration of mass racist infanticide. An Episcopal priest sees the light. The Neo-American Church gets the Gatehouse.
Chapter 35
A PITIFUL INCIDENT (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch35)
The Kriya Press of the Sri Ram Ashrama prints 2,000 copies of the Neo-American Church Catechism and Handbook. Tim’s “review” thereof. Moonlight madness and the Mellon millions.
Chapter 36
AN ENCOUNTER IN THE DARK (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch36)
Billy Hitchcock and the author, now boon companions, do not entirely succeed in resisting the artful wiles of ruthless adventuresses who seek to enmesh our souls in the toils of carnality.
Chapter 37
AN AWFUL PREDICAMENT (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch37)
Egalitarian primitivists are all over the place. Tord moves in. The author appears on the Alan Burke Show. It becomes clear Tim would rather rule in Hell than share Heaven with the likes of us.
Chapter 38
SIR LAUNCELOT AND KNIGHTS TO THE RESCUE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch38)
The great Fourth of July party of 1967. Champagne Charlie Rumsey, Joe Gross, M.D., Huntington Hartford and daughter, Cathy, dedicated missionary bee hee. A fast forward to a contrasting, occultist kind of party in California in ’68. Tim evicts an East Village, freeloading, female freak from the Bungalow.
Chapter 39
THE YANKEE’S FIGHT WITH THE KNIGHTS (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch39)
The author is the sanest person on the property? According to Tim and a public poll, yes. Tim pronounces himself a charlatan. Susan is upset, but a Virginian Mellon of Pennsylvania, or vice versa, is delighted to hear it. Capitalism in action.
Chapter 40
THREE YEARS LATER (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch40)
An editor pockets an editorial without reading it. Back to 1967. Wendy and author tie the knot. So do Howie and Betsy, with Pat O’Neill dancing naked on the Big House roof at the reception. The repetition compulsion is bad news.
Chapter 41
THE INTERDICT (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch41)
The Sado-Judeo-Paulinian Voodoo-Papist gang lords of the Place of Overflowing Shitholes order their minions to assault us, women and children first.
Chapter 42
WAR! (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch42)
Tommy deeds territory to all three persecuted sects. Tim invites the author to take over the Big House.
Chapter 43
THE BATTLE OF THE SAND BELT (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch43)
Little Billy takes Orange Sunshine. Suzanne is accused of indecent exposure. The author barfs on a limo, and other mopping-up operations.
Chapter 44
A POSTSCRIPT BY CLARENCE (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/ch44)
The author claims to have loved every minute of it, even when he was barfing on the limo.
FINAL P.S. BY M.T. (http://www.okneoac.org/millbrook/finalps)
Have some solipsistic nihilism with a little Snazzm, Fazzm and McPozzm on the side.

The Boo Hoo Bible: (http://www.okneoac.org/bhb/) The Neo-American Church Catechism and Handbook, by Art Kleps
The Neo-American Church Catechism and Handbook by Art Kleps © 1971 (http://www.okneoac.org/bhb/copyright)

SHIT (http://www.okneoac.org/bhb/shit)
HOW TO GUIDE A SESSION (http://www.okneoac.org/bhb/how-to-guide-a-session)
SYNCHRONICITY AND THE PLOT/PLOT (http://www.okneoac.org/bhb/synchronicity-and-the-plot-plot)

Divine Toad Sweat: (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/) The Dilated House Organ of the OKNeoAC Dilated House Organ of the OKNeoAC

1970s The Neo-American Ten Commandments (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/neo-american-ten-commandments)

1973 The Excommunication of Timothy Leary (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/excommunication-of-timothy-leary)

Snazzm, Fazzm and McPozzm (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/snazzm-fazzm-and-mcpozzm)

1974 Rhetorical Strategy in Confrontations with Occultists, Cosmicminders, and Supernaturalists (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/rhetorical-strategy)

On Archetypes as Solipsistical Dream Figures (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/archetypes)

1975 Principles of Interior Decoration for Neo-Americans (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/interior-decoration)

1977 Chief’s View (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/chiefs-view)

1989 The Ten Commandments of the OKNeoAC Sportsman (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/sportsman)

Color photographs and clippings (http://www.okneoac.org/more/)
Membership application (http://www.okneoac.org/membership/)

Generally speaking, anyone who speaks of control or discipline of the mind, is utterly without Snazzm wisdom. (http://www.okneoac.org/dts/snazzm-fazzm-and-mcpozzm/#Snazzm_wisdom)

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Keith Millea
02-16-2012, 03:03 PM
Oh Boy!

Great find..........Says the Chief Boo Hoo Master-Mind......

Peter Lemkin
02-16-2012, 08:35 PM
Wow!....a 'flashback'. I met Leary [and Halpert / Ram Das] and one of the Merry Pranksters and Magic Bus crowd later, not at Millbrook...but was aware of it at the time and not too far away. Many interesting things went on there that were legit and that were spooky . Interesting site, indeed! Bartender, pass me one of them purple paisley Oswley windowpanes please....no, wait, make that a double!

One can question a lot about what people at that time thought about, but people thought a lot, thought creatively, and with panache - something that seems to have been lost today in the terror of the World situation we find ourselves in - plus the total lack of a sense of space-time and hope. :mexican: Ah, Hope....I know it was around here somewhere...just can't remember when nor where I left it...!

How to Guide a Session :gossip:

There are a variety of requirements to assure the success of a guided session, but chief among them is the conspicuous presence in the session room of a copy of Popular Mechanics (in the case of women, a magazine such as Cosmopolitan should be substituted). All statues of people with three or more arms should be removed, as well as all dogs, goats, blackbirds, insects, people who are too bad, people who are too good, anyone in bizarre dress who isn’t smiling, anyone wearing a beard* (http://www.okneoac.org/bhb/how-to-guide-a-session#barratry) who isn’t smiling, and all other trash of similar character. The selection of paintings, photographs, and decorative objects in general is to be left to the victim, but we might encourage representations of Buddah, Ramakrishna in Samadhi, Tim Leary with a flower behind his ear, and so on, while gently discouraging pictures of Jesus Christ on the cross, mob scenes from the Second Bardo, Hell Worlds of Hieronymous Bosch, and so forth.
A safe rule is to make the initial session as pleasant as possible, even at the risk of being insipid. Daytime instead of night if possible: outdoors rather than indoors, if possible. Nothing is gained by trying to blow the victim’s brains out with weird music, weird pictures, and weird talk—his own imagination will supply all that is necessary in that department. To force it, or attempt to force it, will merely create resistance, and encourage the victim to believe he is being manipulated—a not at all unreasonable assumption. On later excursions, particularly those intended to accomplish a specific purpose, when the victim has some glimmering of what is at stake, one may take the risk of provoking unpleasant experiences in the interest of economy, but I really think very few such occasions arise. Most of the weird stuff can be best understood as bravado or sado-masochism [I]on the part of the guide.
For convenience, we may divide the psychedelic experience into two basic categories: the Ivory Experience (“spiritual”), and the Horny Experience (“psychological”).
People setting out to guide other people through the labyrinthine ways of the personal unconscious really ought to have some kind of experience with non-psychedelic methods, or at least be reasonably well read in the field, for Christ’s sake, before taking on this kind of work. There are too many nitwits floating around, copies of Kahlil Gibran and Meyer Baba in hand, who, when confronted by a gaunt moose eating a teddy bear sandwich, or something of the sort in the imagery of the victim, conclude at once they are dealing with a hopeless psychotic, or the lone survivor of the Whiskey Age, and call Bellevue. Professional training is not essential, anyone can read Freud and Norman O. Brown; anyone can keep a dream book; anyone can administer and interpret H-T-P, Rorschach and T.A.T. tests to family and friends (an excellent adjunct to seduction, anyway).
I also strongly recommend the early L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics. In fact, Hubbard’s techniques are so good, so mechanical in fact, that I will go so far as to approve their use by even a downright ignoramus if he is clever and business-like about what he is doing.
If mechanical techniques are not used, however, it is essential that the guide be of very superior intelligence, very well read and experienced in the ways of the world. The gods themselves are helpless before stupidity. I would personally draw the line between the sheep and the goats somewhere in the vicinity of the 95th percentile in verbal intelligence as measured by a reliable individual test or the Miller Analogies, so far as the selection of guides for Horny Sessions is concerned. Thirty is a good age to start on a full-time career with organizational sanction and whatnot, with exceptional exceptions, of course, and really, we ought to develop some sort of book list as well.
I am not in favor of hypnotism under any circumstances. The hypnotic state is the psychotic state. This condition often involves expanded consciousness, but it is half-assed and the ego is shot. The ego has been stolen. We must not be a party to such rapes. The ego does not exist in order to be destroyed, as some fools imagine, but to be properly used.
So my advice to anyone setting out to guide Horny Sessions is very simple: become a psychologist first.
This is not to deny that some people “handle” a victim who is flying very high and blind better than others. What do you do in regard to bad behavior? How do you respond to odd talk, and particularly, how do you answer odd questions? The best rule is to do and say as little as possible, but most importantly, one should at all times put the best construction on everything. If the victim asks you a question, for God’s sake, try to The problem of suffering is a respectable philosophic problem (in the classic meaning of the term) if, and only if, the externality of relations is denied. answer the question instead of “treating” the questioner. Here are some do’s and don’ts:
Question: “Who am I?”
Good Answer: “You are my next door neighbor, Mrs. Klotch. But I guess you are going through a period where you won’t pay much attention to that and will see things from a more universal point of view, so to speak. It happens all the time. Nothing to worry about.” (This is a good answer only if the victim actually is Mrs. Klotch. If Vice-President Humphrey was the victim, it would not be a good answer.)
Bad Answer: “Ah, that is the question. What meaneth these cards of identity? We are all One, are we not?”
Bad Answer: “You are not your body.”
Bad Answer: “There is a Self beyond the self.”
Bad Answer: “Be still, and know that I am God.”
Bad Answer: “The whole Universe trembles as you ask that question.”
Bad Answer: “Try not to think about it.”
Bad Answer: “Hey! Look at that beautiful drop of snot on baby’s nose!”
The last two undesirable answers may require some explanation. The intentions, conscious and unconscious, of the guide are good, but his assumptions are wrong. As long as there are complaints about or fears of loss of ego the ego is not lost, nor is it diminished in any simple way. You are not, in this situation, dealing with a six year old child, who can easily be put off or led down the garden path. The ego at bay is a mobilized ego, alert to all danger, suspicious of your every move and word. Always assume that the victim can “see right through you,” no matter how bizarre his behavior. Be honest. If you honestly think distraction is called for, then say so. For example, “Well, if questions like that are bothering you, why not look at some of these pictures instead?” Don’t pretend a sudden interest in something you are not really interested in at all. As for saying, “Try not to think about it” or something of the sort, well, try not to think of a purple cow yourself and see how much luck you have. Also, by not explaining why you feel the victim shouldn’t think about it, you will probably encourage the victim to believe all of his fears are justified: if he does think about it he is a goner for sure.
Question: “Are you my father?”
Good Answer: “No, actually. I’m Mr. Klotch from next door, but I guess you must be seeing things from the point of view of a little kid or something. If you want to go through some childhood scenes, I’ll try to play along as best I can. Do I actually look like your father? (wait for answer) This LSD stuff is pretty fantastic, isn’t it?”
Bad Answer: “Yes.” (Unless you are, of course)
Bad Answer: “No.” (There is such a thing as being too Hal about all this. It is unnatural and therefore frightening, to answer a fantastic question as if it were commonplace. This is where the Rogerian method of ordinary psychotherapy falls down. Do not manipulate!)
Bad Answer: “Why do you ask that question?” (This sort of answer is evasive and suggestive of the sinister.)
Bad Answer: “How do you feel about your father?” (O.K. if the contract is for psychotherapy.)
Bad Answer: “How old are you?” (O.K. if the contract is for psychotherapy.)
Bad Answer: “Behold. I am thy father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, son, indeed, I am all things and all things are ME!!!!!” (This may be true, but there is no reason to get swellheaded about it.)
Question: “Am I really dying?”
Good Answer: “I really don’t think you’re physically dying. Good grief, you’re healthier than I am. Now you might stop being conscious of your body, but that doesn’t mean your body is gone. Your body will take care of itself. After all, every night when we lie down to sleep we do the same thing—we just relax and let the body take care of itself. There is nothing to be afraid of.” There are many variants of this response. Adjust your language to the intellectuality of the victim, as you would in any ordinary conversation, but not more so. In the interest of avoiding panic reactions, your response to this question (or statement calling for a response: “I’m dying!”) is most crucial. You must be prepared to answer in a reasonable, relaxed, and confident manner.
Bad Answer: “Yes.”
Bad Answer: “No.”
Bad Answer: “I don’t think so.” (Why don’t you know? Is there some doubt about it?)
Bad Answer: “Life and death are mere illusions of the mind! Let the rotten apple fall to earth and bring forth a new and better tree! Oh, grave, where is thy victory? Oh death, where is thy sting? etc., etc., etc., etc., etc….”
Again, this sort of thing may all be “true,” but that is no excuse. If you have any sensitivity whatever, you will know when the victim is ready for talk of this sort and when he isn’t. But even when the victim initiates this sort of thing himself, even during the coming-down period, try to merely give your opinion instead of pronouncing dicta.
There are, of course, an almost endless number of questions and answers we could consider here but the above examples give the general idea.
(1) Don’t initiate anything. This is true even of the “tuned in” guide who appears, or might appear to a third party, to be initiating things. Natural and normal comments about this and that are perfectly O.K. (if the relationship is clearly teacher-student, the teacher can, in fact, must do and say any damn thing that comes into his head; but no genuine teacher needs me to tell him that.)
(2) Abortion agents. I am in favor of having them on hand, but I am sensible to the arguments on the other side. Again, all bets are off if the guide is an enlightened teacher. On the other hand, the technical preferences of your teacher are no more than his technical preferences, his style of operation.
If you do have thorazine or niacinamide or whatever on hand, don’t rush to use them, a panic reaction immediately preceding ego-loss lasting a minute or two is nothing to worry about, but if it becomes obvious that the victim can’t let go, won’t let go, and has no intentions of ever letting go. and is frozen in a state of sheer terror, well, why not? But don’t fake it! The body knows very well what it is getting: it always knows.† (http://www.okneoac.org/bhb/how-to-guide-a-session#thorazine)
(3) Guiding people who are experienced “users.” On the face of it, this seems an unlikely situation, but it is not at all uncommon to find people who have had hundreds of LSD experiences still seeking enlightenment. People in this situation should find a guru. If they are having bad trips, they should stop taking LSD.
Regarding Ivory Sessions in general, I must make it clear that I do not think any training is possible, nor are any objective standards possible, nor can I offer any advice which will be comprehensible to anyone who really needs it.
To begin with, it is impossible to “guide” anyone “towards” enlightenment, the presumable objective of an Ivory trip. If the victim regards the guide as his guru, if the relationship is magical, and is magical outside the context of psychedelic experience, then something may happen. If not, not.
We must consider here the possibility of some kind of intermediate experience—to put the best construction on it, “the exploration of the Self,” or, to put the worst construction on it, “an occult experience.”
I am not impressed. An enlightened person knows that there is nothing to explore. Everything is created, and since anything may be created, to check out the possibilities is nothing more than an insult to the Self, which has already made Its choice. The only exception is the (conscious) use by a Master of this kind of bullshit, or any other kind of bullshit for that matter, to suck people into a position such that the avoidance of certain questions becomes virtually impossible. All others should stick to working on the vehicle or seeking enlightenment. I am also opposed to occultism, even frank, flat-out, self-aggrandizing occultism, although someone who is trying to raise the dead in order to beat the stock market is certainly a more agreeable and entertaining fellow than some moron who thinks he can meditate Vietnam out of existence instead of doing the dishes. To each his own.
Let’s come right out with it: unless you are enlightened, don’t bother trying to guide Ivory Sessions—sit by if requested to do so, but make no pretense of being anything more than a servant, “ground control” or whatever the hell you want to call it. The fact of the matter is that fakery is impossible in this situation anyway; there are no standards; there is no third party, no precedents, no law. It all depends, and it depends on nothing constructible. Circumstances, and circumstances only. “The motions of Grace, the hardness of the heart, the external circumstance.” To understand what is necessary makes what is necessary unnecessary.
The development of guides, therefore, is on the one hand no more than the rational selection and education of psychologists, and, on the other hand, out of our hands.
It is better to concentrate on externals than to mull over these intricate problems which we have manufactured in order to avoid the answers which we have possessed since the beginning. Get appropriate real estate and the appropriate people appear automatically. Set up a press staffed by the right people and the right papers will be published automatically.
If, as it appears, our task is to produce a cadre of competent psychedelic guides, then let us proceed to do so with a minimum of horseshit. What we need is always directly at hand. Novice psychologists are a dime a dozen. Good teachers of psychology, driven from their soft berths by the current persecution, are a dime a dozen also.
As for the other relationship, it will, as it always has, take care of itself.
If you are bent on murder, you will find yourself surrounded by co-operative victims.
If you want to save the world, your army is at hand.
If you desire enlightenment, your guru is just around the corner.
* This was written back in ’36, when beards were a sure sign of impending barratry.
† I now believe that thorazine should never be used. A couple shots of booze can help. Grass on the up and the down will often make for a smoother ride. But for flat-out screaming flight, I’m afraid there is nothing like a rope.