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  1. ABC Trial soliloquy

    Interesting article: the ABC Trial was in the i-paper the other day (obituaries?..) so I thought I'd check it out. The boldis mine - refs I've had and things I know have & are happening. - ('Certificate Error' again). Very brief extracts below.
    GCHQ and MeMy Life Unmasking British Eavesdroppers
    In my 40 years of reporting on mass surveillance, I have been raided three times; jailed once; had television ...
  2. Call the cops..-(lyric) date corrected

    I get all the refs in the world that you can think of to paint me - to myself - as a very bad person because that's what the program requires and because I've done all those bad things that I've done (err, thinks a mo', "Nope. Nowt").

    As I go to sleep and as I wake, I get the mic auditory effects, the long steady tone in one ear is a relatively new one, like an old tv, quite resonatingly ear-piercing.

    I got-up to a possible ref which reminded me of a call I made ...

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  3. "many dark actors playing games" Pt1x2

    THE INDEPENDENT Tuesday 25 August 2015
    Labour accuses Jack Straw of conniving with Tories to dismantle Freedom of Information Act (extract)

    "At the time it was launched, the Cabinet Office minister Matthew Hancock insisted the review had cross-party support with Labour being represented by Mr Straw and Lord Carlile representing
  4. "many dark actors playing games." Pt2x2

    Jack Straw Confirms Existence of the UK "Secret State in League with Dark Forces in the United States" October 22, 2012 · by The Antagonist · in Conspiracy, The State · 1 Comment
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  5. Tail Wags Dog

    Old ep. of RT's Going Underground on tv today; 3:55pm, "traitor" at the end, slightly loud and distinct as tho' it'd been dropped-in, an Irish fella, a siren goes-off immediately. Could be nothing, could be 'massageful' schiz training apophenics (-it probably was the latter, at least I'm 'lazily' assuming it was, tho' it might not've been...>nods to the shrink<), not that I give a flying shit either way. I've had loads of this stuff, it's [oh, neuralgic there..] designed to 'drive' ...
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