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  1. Jezza does an Ermintrude

    On tv yesterday, Jezza was interviewed on Sky news with a yellow chrysanthemum on his right cheek. It wasn't a pic, as I'd said, it was vid - . I'd just watched 'Escape from Alcatraz' a couple of days earlier where the yellow chrys. is featured in relation to a character called 'Doc'. Unlike my dramatic reconstruction below, it was quite well done colour & tone-wise.
    That ol' "Escape to Victory" lark. ...
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  2. Falsifying Precrime

    (Two layers of 'Certificate Error', as of yesterday, one from Google, one from 'Enter'). Almost inexplicably >burps< woke up this morning 3x, once each hour after going to sleep, tired. Each time another series of apophenics, sirens, street noises. Dream choreography-lite (they're getting the hang of it) gave me 2 separate greetings with a lass I've loved; she asking how the headaches were going, and each time a siren immediately went-off in the real world. The headaches, of course, are the ...

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  3. Ravenous & Intoxicated / fat, drunken ****'s

    After 'Guano Happens 2' I got a flurry of msgs/notions/intimations that nothing is changed and it/they will continue as before. I didn't expect otherwise, with all that's happened, and it surprises me that they felt the need to reiterate it, that they should respond at all, for what must be the 10,000th time of a record stuck in a groove. What they've done has been so orchestrated and eagerly embraced and with so many maniacal grins, and has been so frequently and wholistically injurious to me, ...

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  4. NATO's Got Talent

    There's simply not enough vomit in the world, but I'm working on it.... (see IMG below)

    According to the neuralgic pain pulses last night/this a.m., 'they're' threatening me/my cats with antifreeze, or cod forbid, the stray I'm feeding (from a Scotland report on BBC txt, and 5mins later from Johnny Depps doggies maybe being put-down). That'll be the "great minds" at work & play - and I have a book on camouflage & maskirovka by a man called Seymour. Last night too, ...
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  5. Guano Happens (missed a bit) & etc.

    I've been considering the coincidental siren (precisely & synchronous, as ever) reference on Tuesday following the dream choreography, to the bit-thought that entered my mind, of the isolated words "yid (&) kyke"; in the dream feed, it was a 'given' that the changing-room was full of Jews, no symbols or emblems or anything, just an 'accepted' fact, somehow (sometimes I get a distinct vocalisation to establish some setting or labelling, like to one dream, I got "Mordor", ...
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