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  1. How I Woke-up This Morning

    I've had less than 2hrs sleep 'cos I was woken with a stream of imagery/clip-vert gif-type 'scenes' with auditories, recognised street noises & sirens gallore, all in 5-10mins tops, except for Obamas speech, which got many more sirens - I don't believe 10-12 sirens in 1hr50m in Darlo on a Saturday fucking morning:
    1) Dim awareness of more of the usual dream choreography new-style mushy, jerky, oh-so msg'ful & perhaps a tad too much radio-frequency e-caffiene which took me thru' that ...
  2. Last few days apophenics (0.01% of-)

    Friday8Ap; "When she's found dead in a hotel room", HIGNFY, tv pic/sound break, 915pm;
    Change; tired; relax(ed); scared - fairly new & frequent refs there;
    Saturday9Ap; Distributed a doc or 2 yesterday, so for the next few days I get the dc's (dream choreographies) & massive 'EM hiss'ing/RF reception from waking, thru' all day.
    Sunday, All sirens, in a 'busy' day:
    431pm, Sunday Times, "the wealth of Cam fam"; 458pm, ST's, "Their only thinking
  3. What I'd suggest is a reliable doc list regards 'Monarch'ing & EM effects/SynTel/etc.

    There'a alot of dodgy & untrustworthy stuff on the 'net about the kind of attack I'm under, but these docs below are very relevant, having very much material on them that I'm extremely familiar with. The three Rifat docs at the end were my first lifeline, putting a real scientific substance to the effects I'd been subjected to for years, since <Aug2011, but his docs are all 1998-2001 - most of these are a good few years old, few of them (if any) mention the dream choreographies which are ...
  4. gone fishin'

    Gone fishing around for any explanation which includes no one else.
  5. The Measure of a Man

    Hi there! How are you today?

    The BrainyQuotes website is a fun and interesting place to visit on the world wide web. A normal visit there for me is usually motivated by a desire to learn something more about historical figures: Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Shakespeare, Churchill , etc. Today’s visit was prompted by reading some quotes about the measure of a man. My two favorite quotes rendered were by Plato and Samuel Johnson ---à ...
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