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  1. OLD NEWS: Thrashing Sharks References Nothing

    'The Edge' by Mark Urban, Ch.3 Kneel or Starve, p52-3.
    'I'm sceptical of the war-weariness theory because
    the British people have not been at war' says General Sir
    Richard Shirreff, Nato's second most senior officer until
    2014. 'Yes, the impact of pictures of flag-covered coffins
    being driven through Wootton Bassett
    has been powerful,
    but in all other respects there has been no impact
    on most people's lives at all'. The political realities of the
  2. Personal Hygene

    They're overwhelming [changed from 'destroying' and sych to a siren..5:45pm] your mind & body in an wholistic attack, so you have to look the part. The eye-tracking is used with subliminals to-, and msg's about, mirrors. You notice the eye-tracking of course, 'cos when you're reading they ref to anything useful to the programme, and to the tv too - to what you're seeing; a few direct feeds to your tv and synch'ed into the mind gets the ball rolling; "the mirror has two faces", and ...
  3. Wall-standing and self inflicted pain bollocks 2x2

    A pal of mine 'phoned-up yesterday, the one with mental issues, to tell me that his favourite SS division is Totenkopf, "because they were made-up of ex-policemen turned soldiers". Now I'm not sure about that per se, but the TotenkopfVerbände were the scum who ran the camps; when I made the note of that extraordinary, irrational and out-of-character claim by him, precisely at 9:10pm last night, a siren went off... entirely coincidentally of course. 'They' use mental patients as practice ...
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  4. Wall-standing and self inflicted pain bollocks 1x2

    On 'wallstanding'/stress positions: The excruciating & crippling pain of the synthetic migrainous/trigeminal neuralgia began slowly, easing me into it. That's a standard pattern; it was the same with the mind influencing and the schiz 'training'; it can be likened to frog boiling. Pain began as I was at rest, relaxed, such as reading; over 5-19minutes it would become intense, usually to areas of the lower jaw; it started with pain to the point of the chin, then would move to the teeth &/or ...
  5. incomprehensible

    Why any group of people who went out of their way to facilitate an attempt to murder me last Feb. 12, thinks I'm ever going to forgive or even just forget it, and 9 months later still think it's all just a just a funny as he'll game, is completely beyond my comprehension.
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