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  1. Puffs

    16Aug’17: Dream choreographies last night, 2x I think. They’re experimenting (still) with the nu-lite ‘dc’s, far more ‘organic’ & au naturelle than the earlier ones. I knew I’d had ‘em but a combo of largely being bored with the repetition of noting them, & the ‘lite-touch’ vagaries of them, including the subtleties of message as well as the delivery doesn’t really register on a head & psyche of concrete determination. It was only when a lad walked past my window ...
  2. Oh please yourself!

    15Aug’17: Gay night in Skinnergate-Grange Rd last night, all the rainbow bunting ‘n’ balloons were out. Couldn’t help but notice the 2 little run-arounds an’ a tranny from the local constabulary putting-in an appearance, or maybe it was an whole bunch o’ self-radicalised kiss ‘n’ strip-o-grams hamming-it-up for the LGBTQZOMGWTF community with bright lights & a >whooOOooOOoo< or two.

    Hard to tell these days.

    Proclaimer: This is not a work of fiction.
  3. Wounds my heart with a monotonous langeur

    14Aug’17: There’s been something of a change hereabouts. As is not unexpected from schitehoundery, this was accompanied by a pause. This pause is surely for observation – to see how much of their shite has gone in & is emotionally-cognitively-mentally-wholistically innate [oooh, top attack neuralgic there – these ‘top attacks’ I coined from one specific night, where I had 3x increasing incidents of really awfully intense pain – full-on synthetic trigeminal/migrainous neuralgia, ...
  4. The Hero-idiot ululating Ayatollahs of the local Gestapoolitzei & their Lyckspittle acolytes

    11Aug’17: since I posted on the biofeedback ‘training’ of ‘training-in’ to the visceral system, responses to stimuli that accord with the shitehounds agenda (of squeezing me into their painted box), those long- & short-track heart shots & long arrhythmias & palpitations & the rest of it, I don’t get them anymore: I’d say ‘suddenly’, but it always takes me a while to catch-up to the latest gig, which includes the absence of the latest gig. What I AM getting now, ...
  5. reminder for Thanksgiving Day break

    self-reminder to revisit this blog entry at a later date, in order to further develop this figure Mr. Weigman (Dave) filmed atop the front entrance landing ----->

    Weigman's figure

    and compare with same photo image below ...

    Updated 08-14-2017 at 11:22 PM by Alan Ford

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