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  1. Repetition

    Woke-up this morning and "..and we never saw him again" popped into my head, and a siren went-off; same shit, different day. This stuff started in Aug 2011 with a hundred sirens at precisely wake-up time. Last week it was a 1second vid shot of water lapping against the hull of a ship; same shit...
  2. IMPORTANT: how they skew propagandist refbollocks: pulling a fart from a tophat

    An old memory: When I met 'Ben' for the first time, in a game of HL2DM, and we started chatting, he was playing with a friend of his, fella from St. Louis, who I became very pally with. A message I've had from the shitehounds, is that I "Bet against the home team". I'm pretty sure what this is in reference to (unusually), & it's the usual appropriated, juxtaposed, skewed & honed for purpose b/s - a part of their narrative of lies.

    Chatting one day with 'Ben' about ...
  3. "Se7en's a magic number" I'm told

    For a long time, I've had '7' as a reference, or to put it another way, an extraordinary number of times, when there's a '7' somewhere or other, I get a sudden pain in my head, or the tv pic/sound breaks-up/drops-off, or any other of the variety of what I assume to be the artifice of contrived apophenia occurs. Stumbled upon this a few days ago in Cruel Britannia, under 'licence to kill':

    "British intelligence officers involved in torture operations enjoy
    not only political ...

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  4. More reference diahrrea - knock me down with a feather maan

    'Didn't much like the title of yesterdays bloguff, tho' it is accurate; I get very many threats (everything u can think of - and more) and very many times I've said "say where & when", y'know, to make it eeaassyy, not that radio-frek hypnosis and a heart stop is exactly hard (just a few days ago, as I settled to sleep, I got 5seconds of very 'heavy' heart treatment; couple of months ago, I was swinging 50-50 as to whether I was going to wake-up). Thing about the "say where.." ...

    Updated 07-29-2015 at 01:26 PM by Michael Barwell

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  5. Say where, say when, like I've said a thousand times before

    Thurs23July'15; Standard ref's between 6pm & 6:30pm;
    Neuralgic pain pulses 21
    Neuralgic headaches 5
    Maser(?) 1
    MAE clicks 4
    MAE tones 0
    Sirens (precise & synch.) 2
    Stamping walk-by 1
    Total 34

    As soon as I start to note them, they start getting silly, hence just 30minutes, but this is life as I know it [very hi-pitch MAE tone in right ear, and standard follow-up right temple neuralgic]. A very new one that's being used frequently,
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