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  1. Dream Choreography response to yesterdays post & etc. - Under starters orders.

    3x dream choreography last night: 1st was clear, 2nd not so, 3rd more-or-less: 1) a home by the sea, it floods and recedes. washed-up/revealed are many coins scattered around, most of which very old, I gather them, quite chuffed of course with the bounty; 2) a European city, shades of both north and south, I'm wandering at first, narrow streets and lanes, then with direction, a kind of task & barter for travel reward, ppl milling, bustling; 3) walking a country path with some gear, meet a bunch ...
  2. Secret ISIL Recruitment Service - SIRS Guffry Un-clement & Boris's Johnson-Wibble

    Robust language alert.

    I'm getting quite cross on occaision with what's happening to me - an entirely unprovoked attack to destroy me and my life. These news reports about 'MI5 created jihadi John' are quite interesting in their way. There are similarities with what's happening to me, but there are glareing inconsistencies too. From nowhere came a series of attacks on me designed with one purpose, total destruction. Now, I'm just this guy, and I have to wonder, what the fuck? Why?
  3. They make 'em bad 'uns - armies need enemies to grow fat and drunk on

    Interesting hullabaloo in the news atm about this ISIL posterboy Jihadi John, to characterize - how he was turned/coaxed into being a nutter by MI5/spooky goons. There's some horrible similarities with what's happening to me. I've not read much at all about it, but it seems to me that very many - the 'core', of the refs I get, as often as not thru' neuralgic pains or tv pic breakups or sirens or apophenics & mic auditory (very frequent these days), is very much along the lines of having been ...
  4. Godbluffs

    Enforced artificial aversions to the things that get ref'ed by mic auditory clicking, neuralgic pain pulses, wallknockings, tv pic breakups etc etc, such as the Brit army/air force/navy, Britain itself, democracy, fair treatments under law, ppl I like (such as Paxo, Jon Snow, Jonathon Meades, David Davis, Jon Richardson & Sean Lock, & etc etc), and notions of North Korea/Ukraine/ISIL & etc - interesting how it works. 'They' appropriate 'their' friends and my 'enemies' - I'm to be thinking. ...
  5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest wibble - Halfwits & imbeciles. Wanted for:
    Torture; attempted murder; poisoning; breaking & entering; theft; vandalism; interfering with electronic communications; interference with HM Postal deliveries; stalking & organised gang-stalking; threats & menaces of violence; voyeurism; human rights violations; illegal surgical proceedures; chronic electromagnetic irradiations/dosimetry of the person; wholistic human rights abuses.

    The effort ...
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