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  1. "We're worse than ISIL"

    "That firing squad, murdering that man in cold blood - why didn't they just arrest him?" - 'The Avengers' S6E22. Couple of minutes later, "Boy Scout" gets a siren at 8:51pm on the 5thNov.; I've had a few of these refs, and 'reccy/reconnaisance' too. I remember that 'Ben Everhärt' (FB page spelling) had asked how 'reccy' was pronounced, which may or may not tie-in with the 'wrecking crew/ball' I've also had. When I read a book/the 'paper, the shitehounds seem to be able to precisely ...
  2. Historians, communists, Guardians of Peace an' that.

    The bit about 'historians' being 'communists' and therefore 'bad'; seems to me as likely as not that this runs - 'historians dish-up the skeletons in our closets and are therefore bad', and there be skeletons indeed, whole mass graves of 'em, not to mention the little people - disposable, tortured & murdered on the sly, like me. Couple of things catching my attention from a flick thru' Owen Jones 'The Establishment'; "Guardians of Order", said by Lloyd George of a police strike in ...
  3. Poppy Fascism - slightly updated

    31Oct'15: Sky Press Preview, "Corbyn says WW1 commemoration is pointless", MAE clicks. Couple of days before, I'd been looking at the British Legion bumpf that had come thru' the door, on 'celebrating' WW1, and 'bah-humbugged' a bit. The MAE I take it, implies I'm with Corbyn; not so. I don't know what Corbyn's point was, but I'm 'big' on the poppy appeal, always have been. Regards the bumpf, the 'bah-humbug'/frown was due to these things: 1) 'Every man remembered' - Really? Truely? I ...

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  4. "Hoarder - bad" indoctrination

    They're working on my mother with "hoarder", largely directed at me. "You hoarder bad - I keep nothing of no value or use" battleline. She's been repeating this term fairly often, surely ELF mic 'whispers', but it's over the last 3months or so, so I guess it's a long-tern 'indoctrination'; that seems to be how alot of their cess flows. The end result/aim of it is fairly obvious - to chuck stuff out [siren there, which reminds me, since I mentioned the lack of siren apophenics ...

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  5. For The Winnets (as in, gerbil poos).

    "judgement", "shot by a white policeman", "spent 13yrs in Guantanamo", "This will last forever", "for ever & everr", "Seriously - for everrrr (duuude)", "direct action", "beaten", "gaol", "arrested", "Do you really think you can win?" (-that's the wrong question/statement), "Number of deaths due to paramilitary activety per year", "They threw my husband & son to the ...
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