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  1. CruelBritannia, Ch7., 'Standing Shoulder to Shoulder on the Dark Side', p229- Neuberger-UPPED

    The following month, the CIA granted the British permission
    to question Mohamed. Prior to the first session the British were
    given a candid account of the way Mohamed was being treated.
    Eventually, the MI5 officer who conducted the interrogation
    would be required to appear in court, where, named only as
    'Witness B, he would say that he believed his actions were in
    accordance with steps agreed by MI5's lawyers and the government.
    He did not, however, mention

    Updated 07-10-2015 at 03:49 PM by Michael Barwell

  2. bogus update

    1/3/2013 galaxy tab 2 7.0 system update over wifi:

    Settings -> Security -> Credential Storage -> Trusted Credentials -> Show trusted battery percentage

    Show trusted "battery percentage" Really?

    Noticed by 1/11/2013, and shown to one person, probably that evening around 10:45p-11:15p where I typically was on a Friday night at the time. Left unupdated since.

    Picture attached taken with my phone.

    Not totally sure ...
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  3. Misunderstanding of the Available Evidence Supporting Nagell's Claims.
    John Mooney posted 02-26-2013


    I just read the part about Richard Case Nagell being found and arrested with an "Aleksei Hidell" tourist card on him.

    How solid is that?

    And if it's solid then isn't that case closed against LN?
    Larry Hancock - Posted 10 May 2004 - 10:10 PM
    Hi John,
  4. cars and stuff

    7/10/14: Westbound CDTA bus on Central Ave between N. Allen and Colonie Center about 2:45p-3:05p going to pick up my car.
    Sure looked like "Jesse Palmer" pretending to be something else. By some mysterious coincidence, dressed almost
    identically to someone I saw 5/26/2014 after the parade. Trying to manufacture something? "Jesse," hope you explode
    in a gigantic mess of cognitive dissonance when you realize what your job really was that day. A guy with full arm ...
  5. 'Caveat Emptor' - they don't play fair.

    Ch6 'Caveat Emptor', from 'The New Spymasters', p.136-7.
    'They tried too hard. They wanted to make a difference, to change policy, change the world. That is always a mistake'. - retired senior officer, SIS
    It has long been a widely held view that the Iraq intelligence failure was the result of a plot in Washington and London to embellish the case for a war that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair were determined to fight regardless. In this view, the overall case that Saddam Hussein
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