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  1. malice aforethought

    What is going on now is the State of New York is attempting to cover up what it has already done to me with extreme malice aforethought by destroying the evidence that I am, through psychological warfare, and the common factor in all of it currently, is Steve P.
  2. The Man

    Often in slang term usage when we hear the phrase "The Man" the connotation is made in reference to the government, not always--if ever-- in the best light either. Just the other day, following a relaxing Sunday brunch, Em and I settled on watching a movie telecast entitled "The Man", rather than give in to one another's first choice (NASCAR or something along the lines of Home & Garden ideas w/green thumb Susie...I think that was her name, anyhoo, we compromised, sparing ...
  3. Wi-Fi Psyche effects doc 2x2

    There are many people, all psychopaths, linked to the cortical modem, linked to your mind and a/v senses, & what they do is barrage 'you' with accusations of anything & everything, for months and yrs, then they 'whisper' these things into your mind and synchronously reference them with apophenics, these can be floor stamps, wall knocks, car horns, door slams, the tv pic/sound suddenly 'breaks' or 'sqwarks', sudden pains to anywhere on the body - the head or eyes is usual (I suspect 'masers', ...

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  4. Wi-Fi Psyche effects doc 1x2

    Wi-fi psyche effects - cortical modem - This doc is a very brief account of how psychological techniques & technologies are used by the blackstate to torture-murder Bristish citizens in Britain - in their own home
    Since 2011 I've had a variety of effects that from very early-on I knew were electromagnetic origin (in mid2012 I'd texted the i-paper saying exactly that) - this is despite the origin self-decribing themselves as the 'gods'; the purpose was to drive/'train' me into a state
  5. Man of Steel

    LOOK! Up there--in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane...actually, no worries, it's the Man of Steel. What an ideal time for a super-hero to emerge on the scene that Friday afternoon on November 22, 1963. I wish.

    If anyone could have saved an unarmed elected representative of the people from a sinister plot afoot, surely Superman could have. The hail of bullets raining down upon the presidential limousine from different directions would have simply bounced off of the Man of Steel as ...

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