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  1. it's toast

    I want out of this stupid irreparably corrupt country (US). Kinda sucks saying that, given that I'm a descendant of Joseph Warren, and there's nowhere to go anyway. They're all hijacked.
  2. Gary Mack Dead

    Quote Originally Posted by Albert Doyle View Post
    Gary stopped sending me private e-mails trying to steer me towards Lone Nut references about 2 years ago. I think he finally realized playing the pretend objective assassination researcher role wasn't going to work with me.

    Just think about that.
  3. incomprehensible

    Why any group of people who went out of their way to facilitate an attempt to murder me last Feb. 12, thinks I'm ever going to forgive or even just forget it, and 9 months later still think it's all just a just a funny as he'll game, is completely beyond my comprehension.
  4. Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11

    The trailer doesn't ring any bells for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by R.K. Locke View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Johnson View Post
    It's also odd to me that Kubrick cribs a line of dialogue directly from the movie True Lies. 'True Lies'... 'Eyes Wide Shut'. Hmmm.
    I missed that. (I was coming and going throughout the video.) What's the line?

    Sorry, I should have clarified; that was my observation, it wasn't in the video. The line is "Do you like the period? I adore it", which is spoken by Sandor Szavost in EWS. I have just
  5. flying fish

    During the week of 1/26/2015, I showed a short video to about 6 people, all after 3pm, where I typically am after 3pm on weekdays. I had it on my phone at the time. 1/28/2015 3:30pm watched on a pc straight from youtube. It's probably still in that pc's browser history. Deleted from youtube within seconds. I've attached 3 small screenshots from this video.

    Shortly before that, after 3pm on weekdays, showed two people a satellite image of the hurricane that existed SE of NYC the morning ...
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