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  1. Nazi ReSSurection

    untojoconfused About23 hours ago
    24July’17: Saw a film the other day, bit shit, padded with shite, but the crux of the film is, from the point of view of back-working/reverse deducting all that I’ve been banging-on about for years, it has all the appearance of a degree of accuracy – the ‘I feel hungry’ thing, ‘Look left’, ‘do this/that’, the ‘cognitive whispers’ I’ve been mentioning for ages now – the same thing that I used to call ‘notions’, fits neatly. The ...
  2. breeders

    Schenectady and Albany County investigation into "breeders" last December never migrated to Rensselaer County? Do I personally know anyone who has relatives and in-laws perhaps "breeding" away there at some point? It would explain a helluva lot, wouldn't it?

    Is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho? Hmmm... no foolin'...
  3. “a premeditated conspiracy to murder”

    21July’17: current frequent reference terms/words/’ideas of reference’ & stuff ref’ed from tv by all the usual vectors:
    “battle, move, train, facial recognition, surveillance, police, trench, forever, no sympathy/mercy, happy/pleased/proud/skills, try again, restart, community, integrate, not one of us, fast, time running-out, angry/rage, gaol/cell/small dark room, forgotten, knock on the door/door broken down, arrested, trial, space, sea, abandoned, shot, dead, (pretenses towards ...
  4. Thirty Pieces of Silver?

    Was Gerald Ford rewarded for his part in covering up the truth about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

    Or, Did his ascension to the highest office in the land come via his own merits?
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  5. Ahhh, that "criminal mindset" again..... "Public enemy No.1" >yawns<

    20July’17: Very hi-incidence of referencing by all the usual means as of the last week – at times virtually every sentence spoken on tv gets a muscle twitch to (90% of the time-) left calf muscles or an auditory >click/s< or sudden hi-pitch tones to either ear, or a neuralgic pain pulse or longer pain. Quite a lot of sirens again too – pretty much-, if not every single morning when I’m waking. Following the standard “sea”-related referencing, a siren coincidental yesterday @ 1:25pm ...
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