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  1. Add-on to last post, about how the cognitive 'whispers' are used

    16Oct’17: Notes from my log on 13Oct, the day after the preceding post:

    “c.3pm – pretty much a busy (click – inside (ie., inside my head)) day already – 3x long neuralgics – forget what to; 1x siren – coincidentally exactly as I stepped outside into the yard; many twitches (ie., to left calf), & 4x bursts of concentrated staccato clicks to BBC txt:

    1) F/b ‘committed’ to sharing advert data;
    2) Weinsteins accusers Twitter account limited (-is ...
  2. "Green Lighted"; Klepto-reference-whores, counter-factuals & Bell-ends.

    12Oct'17: Whispers: Shitehoundery plays games like stopping you in the street asking for money or fags. Hasn’t happened for a while & there’s no way to tell (or at least, I’m not going to play that game); fella stopped me a few nights ago & for the first time in donkeys I mused it. Yesterday, a fella I know [sudden shrill v.hi-pitch tone there to R.ear] stopped & we chatted. That I was fine with the chat & held him there a while doesn’t figure, when after he’d asked for ...
  3. SOMEbodies got referencing variant-Standard Operating Procedure (v.SOP)

    10Oct’17: Oohh, where to start.

    Mon9Oct, 3:02am, following the possible ref from my neighbour I mentioned yesterday; forgot/didn’t have time to mention another soon after [distant siren starts]; “I think he’s acknowledged that there was misconduct”, coincides with immediate 2x distinct but dull thumps from exactly the same direction; ‘ref’ origin was a body-language vid on Harvey Weinstein.

    That day (talking about YT), there was a vid suggested, on a “motorbike” ...
  4. Hermetica search

  5. Talkin' to Me, or Chewing a Brick, hen?

    9Oct’17: Some days are busier than others. This is a busy day.

    Last night, I happened upon a vid which tickled me; “Batman & Jesus (2016 trailer)”, (see below). Shitehoundery’s extremely concerned about propagating the idea of a “church” & religiosity behind them & their motivation & justification – aalllways on about ref’ing to anything & everything along this theme. They also like the “superdooperhero” theme & ...

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