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    *Follow up on both Pierce Allman and Terrance Ford substantiation of Oswald’s account of directing them to a phone in the lobby on the first floor (this action is not consistent w/an assassin making a quick exit out of Dodge). But certainly consistent with someone who was taking in the scene around him without a care in the world.

    *Then rework/review the wrongly accused in NO ----->

    Some government entity is financing his activities (so much for all the horse manure about a loner ---->

    *Continue to work the bright and contrast buttons on Warren De Brueys, especially in clip w/staged fight scene in NO. These guys lead an innocent lamb to slaughter.

    while reviewing above film later this week...
    fetch some Eagles and use this classic for now ---->

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    insert Eagles songs for listening purposes while composing... Here

    In spite of Warren Claude De Brueys (RIP) denial that he ever knew the wrongly accused, between the revealing revelation of New Orleans FBI Informant Orest Pena and the emergence of a figure in both the Mentesana Film in Dallas, and film capture in New Orleans during the staged scuffle between the wrongly accused and Carlos Bringuier, it's evident De Brueys--like many others in this case--is lying. Will continue to review both films before sharing more here (want to be 100% correct that the figure in both those films are in fact Mr. De Brueys).

    Rather than reach out to Denise on a false pretext to confirm something a family member of his would know beyond a shadow of doubt, I'll play this clean and ethically; and, will double-back here with confirmation after Labour Day.

    Speaking of lying, here's De Brueys in less than 3-5 seconds trying to get his story straight in an exchange with congressional counsel in the mid-70's ---->

    1:12PM Venture back in a few...

    continuation resumes ----->

    Mr. Wallach: Did you know Red Smith on the border patrol?
    Mr. DeBrueys: I think I do if he was an elderly gentleman, a big guy.
    Mr. Wallach: No, he wouldn’t have been that old.
    Mr. Debrueys: The name rings a bell. I can’t associate it with a face at the moment. Red Smith, it seems to me he might have been a person I’ve seen him maybe a half dozen times. A short individual, youngish at that time in his 30s.
    Mr. Wallach: That sounds about right.

    So, Which is it, Mr. DeBrueys, an elderly gentleman?, a big guy?, Or, now a young? dwarf sir?!
    Are you sure, Mr. DeBrueys, your FBI Informant Orest Pena is mistaken when he puts you and your other FBI Informant Oswald in close proximity in New Orleans on a daily basis....

    For remainder of Summer, will construct the timeline of the wrongly accused from James "Junior" Jarman's sighting downstairs on the first floor, out into the crisp Autumn air; a brief return inside to the downstairs storage room; his sighting by Mr. Campbell & his party returning inside; then add both Pierce Allman and Terrance Ford substantiation of Oswald’s account of directing them to a phone in the lobby on the first floor; and, from here develop his movement to the corner of upper Elm and Houston as captured in Mentasena film, and, confirmed of this position via Mr. Frazier's recent admissions/reveals about the wrongly accused on Houston.

    From here, Martin & Hughes captures him and his familiar clothing colours (brown shirt & grey pants) venturing back inside the TSBD just before 1PM. From here, given the testimony of New Orleans FBI agent Quigley, determine if the gentleman in the hat on the upper landing may have ties to ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence), Quigley mentions NO was aware of the wrongly accused and his ONI file as early as April, 1961.

    Review the black gentleman's testimony again about just who he seen w/Truly at the elevator (his testimony makes it crystal clear it's not a white helmeted motorcycle officer). Then return to Pierce Allman's recollection of the three men in suits (DeBrueys, an ONI representative and potentially the handler of the real culprit Baker encountered walking away from him on an upper floor instead of the horse manure masquerading as evidence we've been forced fed now for decades.

    Wouldn't hurt to touch base with someone in the Negro, Black community in Dallas and determine IF the lay of the land in the early 60's would make them lie if coerced by Jim Crow society figures in authority. *Try a church-congregation to ask someone in their mid to late seventies rather than just asking someone at random on the street (also say Black instead of Negro, someone may take offense, no sense in getting my northern Yankee arse kicked).

    The key here is we know from FBI Informant Orest Pena's congressional testimony that DeBrueys left NO when the wrongly accused did. What did DeBrueys know before following the wrongly accused from New Orleans to Dallas? I am 99.9% certain that DeBrueys is captured in close proximity with the wrongly accused in New Orleans and Dallas. The research community deserves 100% confirmation, so that said, Best Wishes to all for a safe & wonderful Memorial Day celebration, and a memorable Summer ahead amid an abundance of good health & happiness.

    PS: may not mean anything, but if time permits research the significance--if there is any--of Pena & the wrongly accused getting their passports on the same day, June 24, 1963.

    Wind of Change

    Pink Floyd

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