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  1. Trump Accessory to Ax Murder

    How can this be true? Yet it is.

    James Lateer
  2. JFK Time Line

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Lemkin View Post
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    Aha. Found this thread. Bookmarking.

    (my first post, just joined)

    I have some interest in timelines. What's the holy grail here? What do people really need?

    How about a searchable database where you can ask questions like, "show me everything Jack Ruby did between 11am on 11/22 and 11am on 11/24", and then you get a printable web page with results containing references (links, whenever available)?

    Would that be helpful, or does that already
  3. Pack The Court

    This simple concept could provide a miracle cure for the problems that beset our democracy.

    Like England, we have an unelected group which has the power to overrule all decisions by elected officials. ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Pretty dumb, huh?

    I think this concept could blossom. It would divide the sheep from the goats in terms of Democratic leadership. I'm already going online and looking for a bumper-sticker with the message "Pack the Court". ...
  4. Hitler, Franco, McCarthy, The Kennedys

    The more I learn about the history of Europe and the U.S. from 1917 to 1963, the more it looks like it is mostly about the interests and battles of particular religions, both against Communisim and to a lesser degree, against each other.

    JFK was caught between two jaws of a vice. The first jaw was the emotion still lingering about the McCarthy Committee crusade and RFK's role. The opposing jaw was the Vietnam War, about which we are learning was (in many respects) a religious crusade. ...
  5. Update

    A couple things/points to ponder before I take leave for the rest of the Summer (back after Labor Day, G-d willing).

    *Running Woman:Please be mindful that some will have you believe that “running woman” is Gloria Calvery. The chief proponent of this claim even place Mrs. Calvery in a black blouse on the afternoon of Friday, November 22, 1963.

    However, given the following account, I believe the genuine “running woman” on that afternoon is not Mrs. Calvery, but

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