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    The ISGP web site is the creation of Joël van der Reijden.

    He began it as a project in early 2004. It's initial articles were ready for publication a year or so later and the web site went live in July 2005.

    The site contains only a dozen or so articles but some are near book-length. They are in-depth studies of the organisations and issues identified in their titles and all are scrupulously researched, referenced and footnoted. Much of the information they contain is very difficult - if not impossible - to find elsewhere. The articles about the Belgian Dutroux affair are beyond shocking; not only for the almost unbelievable depravities they describe, but for their extensive evidence of the systematic, calculated involvement in those depravities by groups enjoying the protection of the highest levels of European, UK, Israeli and US societies. It is NOT a subject for the faint-hearted.

    In early 2010 Joël began to hint that the site was at risk and advised supporters to make backups of it with a view to being able to mirror it if, for whatever reason, it was take it down.

    In Late September 2010 the site WAS taken down, leaving just a single splash page with brief information and contact details.

    In keeping with Joël's earlier public suggestions, The Deep Politics Forum - in association with the Whistle-blower site 'WikiSpooks' - is now making the entire site available as an archive.

    • Access the archived site here