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    In 1998 Richard DellaRosa decided to create a venue in which JFK researchers would be afforded the opportunity to disseminate their work without the common drawbacks associated with the so-called “newsgroups” of the time. He fashioned this new venue in a manner allowing both the general public and other researchers easy access to it.

    However, there were two very important distinctions that would set this endeavor apart from everything that had preceded it:

    The first involved providing the technology (including bandwidth) required for researchers to upload images and/or their graphic work to the server. In 1998, this was still a big challenge. Rich, true to form, recognized the importance of this functionality and took measures to insure the forum was state-of-the-art for this purpose. A few years later, this ability was expanded to include audio and video streaming.

    The second involved providing an environment in which research could be conducted, shared, critiqued, and subjected to peer review—without the contributing researcher ever being subjected to ad hominem, ridicule, or other subtly veiled personal attacks. You are free to attack ideas, theories, conclusions, etc., but NOT the person.” This was a precedent setter for Internet discussion groups and forums. It was the first JFK forum that was a “no- flame” zone.

    Today, many researchers take much of the above rather for granted. But, in 1998, it was a first. For those of us who were around back then, the alternatives were not very inviting. Rich and I used to refer to the main newsgroup of the time as “the nut house” because the lack of decorum was so reprehensible as to prevent research from being conducted due to the high occurrence of personal attacks. Additionally, none of them had an adequate image uploading facility or archive.

    So, for nearly 13 years we thrived under the leadership of Rich DellaRosa and the “beyond- the-call-of-duty” sacrifices of his wonderful wife, Shelby. They refused to sell advertising, charge for membership, and even refused donations for the longest time. It was only in the last few years that they accepted donations to help defray costs. For Rich, it was more than a passion; it was an obligation to the memory of JFK. For Shelby, it was a labor of love.

    For those of us who knew and loved Rich, his memory will live forever in the annals of JFK research and his impact on the research community will surely outlive us all.

    Greg Burnham
    Founding Member - JFKresearch

    The archive is no longer hosted on the DPF site
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    1. Peter Lemkin's Avatar
      Peter Lemkin -
      Good News....can't wait!
    1. Bernice Moore's Avatar
      Bernice Moore -
      Thankyou so very much, i believe on behalf of many others also, kudos..big time..:girlboydance::bee:b
    1. David Healy's Avatar
      David Healy -
      Thanks Monk.... Glad it found a "home"...

    1. Dawn Meredith's Avatar
      Dawn Meredith -
      Many thanks to "Monk" (Greg) and Shelby. Looking most forward to it.

    1. Greg Burnham's Avatar
      Greg Burnham -
      I miss Rich each and every day. His wisdom was exceptional, his patience unmatched, and his tolerance for diversity was nothing less than a "work of art"... That we are now being afforded the opportunity to continue our search for the truth--in an environment that he originally envisioned--is truly a blessing. Thanks to all who were involved in making this happen.


    1. Magda Hassan's Avatar
      Magda Hassan -
      And many thanks to Shelby and yourself Greg. We are only too pleased to be able to provide a home for his work here and we share his search for truth in an atmosphere of diversity and respect. We will all continue to use his research to lead us onwards to understanding and hopefully one day to justice.
    1. Dixie Dea's Avatar
      Dixie Dea -
      For all of us that were members of Rich's forum for so many years, this is great news. The work continues!

      Best to all

    1. Bernice Moore's Avatar
      Bernice Moore -
      Rich enjoyed photos of MM very much, he would have enjoyed these.......b..:curtain:


      Photographer of 'Garage Sale' Monroe Photos Still Unknown :