• Site and forum styles

    For registered users:

    If you scroll your display right to the bottom of any page you should find a drop-down box at the left hand side of the bottom horizontal bar just before the site footer information. There are currently 2 user-selectable styles showing in the box and I hope to do more as and when.

    I don't intend to make a meal of this. There will be nothing too garish or too much of a departure from the original. They will all need to fit in with the existing banner livery too.

    The intention is to have several available for user selection but guests are stuck with the default so, the question really is limited to 'which should be the default?'.

    I personally like a slightly darker than white reading background to avoid screen dazzle - I even have a special pair of specs - but some style assistance helps too. Easier on the eyes.

    Comments or observations welcome. They can be appended either at the foot of this article or on the corresponding forum thread.