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    Existing users and regular visitors to the Deep Politics Forum will have become accustomed to a fairly standard discussion forum site with a few static pages, linked to Book lists, video lists and a YouTube Channel.

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    What you are reading now is an introduction to considerably expanded site functionality in the form of a full-featured publishing suit.

    The Idea is that DPF will facilitate publication of articles and other material that fit the overall site purpose and editorial guidelines and enable simple auto-linking between such publications and the regular discussion forum.

    The software also enables DPF to provide personal blogging facilities to users and you are invited to experiment.

    There is no intention to charge for any of these facilities, but users are required to accept a standard set of terms and conditions of use - yet to be fully defined but in accordance with both the spirit and letter of the Forum Rules.

    The Deep Politics Forum is an online community dedicated to shining light into the shadowy reaches of historical and contemporary deep political systems.

    We aim to expose deep political objectives, strategies, tactics, and operatives, and to understand their social, economic, and cultural impacts.

    Our mission transcends academic inquiry, which we accept as an invaluable tactic in a broader strategy to wield knowledge and truth as weapons in a coordinated assault on the manipulators who operate within deep political shadows.


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    Lauren Johnson

    Barcelona Terror Attack Anomalies

    We are in a time when major media outlets question NOTHING. They just report what they are told.

    Lauren Johnson Yesterday, 11:52 PM Go to last post
    Lauren Johnson

    US Naval Vessel Anomalies

    The anomalies appear to electronics failures including the loss of control and radar. One theory is that both the Chinese and the Russians have the

    Lauren Johnson Yesterday, 11:50 PM Go to last post
    LR Trotter

    And again...to continue...

    I do not believe that the limousine driver was about to lose control of the vehicle, but in order to make the 120 degree left turn with

    LR Trotter Yesterday, 09:50 PM Go to last post
    Peter Lemkin

    Barcelona Terror Attack Anomalies

    The passport and papers dropped or left in the / near the attack is quite a suspicious thing. In the USA one rarely carries a passport with them when

    Peter Lemkin Yesterday, 06:12 PM Go to last post
    Alan Ford

    Identity Unknown

    Good morning!

    The plain simple truth is able to stand all alone...no revisions, no discussion off the record, even void of Mrs. Reid's outright

    Alan Ford Yesterday, 04:01 PM Go to last post
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    Michael Barwell

    Completely "Bananas"

    22Aug’17: New tactic stated last night, similar to the quick & slow twitches, ‘strokes’ & ‘taps’ (very quick muscle twitches that seem to be being used for the last 2yrs as per kinaesthetic anchoring...

    Michael Barwell Yesterday 04:47 PM
    Michael Barwell

    "I only smoke it once it's been burnt"

    21Aug’17: c.early2008, chatting with ‘Ben’; he knew I smoked – as in ‘smoked’, & after he’d been saying that he too smokes – that his wifes mother/parents grew it, he changed his tune shortly after...

    Michael Barwell 08-21-2017 04:38 PM
    Michael Barwell

    System Failure

    19Aug’17: Something of a mod to the tactics that use the cortical modem effect/EEG clone that the forces of Beelzebub have fitted me with: very many >clicks< at any & every juncture to the most...

    Michael Barwell 08-19-2017 02:43 PM
    Michael Barwell

    Just notes; it's getting 'busy'

    18Aug’17: Turned into a very ‘busy’ night last night, from about 10:30pm: [>click< R.ear]:

    10:42pm, Newsnight, “They say ‘It’s a duty to travel to the Caliphate’” >chirp< R.ear;


    Michael Barwell 08-18-2017 03:47 PM
    Michael Barwell

    Irksome Plebs

    17Aug’17: Watching a film last night, ‘Automata’, absolutely guaranteed territory for shitehoundery to chirp-up with frequent drivel as it’s about technology, robots & AI in a dystopian near-future,...

    Michael Barwell 08-17-2017 04:44 PM