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Peter Lemkin

New Movie on Life of Gary Webb being filmed soon - titled: Killing The Messenger

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I never believed Webb committed suicide either.
Dawn, Jeez. Everybody knows that if you shoot yourself in the head and it doesn't work, you get a mulligan. Some people.
I've seen the autopsy photos....not pretty....two holes in the top of his head. Awkward that....believe even the wrong side for him...... to contort into and fire not one, but two coups des graces.
Were or are these photos readily available -- not that I want to see them? By the top of the head, do you mean aimed from the top of the head down towards the feet?
Can't locate the image now. As I remember they were from the top left - about midline - a very awkward way to hold a gun to commit suicide; not to mention that a second shot is nearly impossible to impossible.
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