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Peter Lemkin

Explosion Norway

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Adrian Pracon was shot but survived. He tells of a young boy of eleven years who stood up against the perpetrator, and ordered him to stop shooting.
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Published 8:02 p.m. today.

There were many who wanted to hear the story of Adrian Pracon from Skien today.
- It is clear that it is painful to be shot at, but it does more hurt to lose their friends, says Pracon to NRK.

The story of Pracon is strong. He swam from the shore in heavy clothing, but had to turn and swim towards the shore again to avoid drowning.

But equally strong is the incident Pracon witnessed - an eleven year old boy who had just lost his father came and told me that his father was dead. Then he went on. It was terrible to hear. The atmosphere was so chaotic that the boy just went further toward the shooter.

Pracon saw that the shooter headed towards the boy. He stoped. He heard what they are talking about. Pracon is completely silent and pretends that he is dead.

- I hear the boy say, "Do not shoot me now, you have killed my dad. I'm too young to die. "

- "Let us be," said the child, according to Pracon.
- The gunman walked away in a different direction.

Pracon was on the way up to the kiosk on Ut√łya when he first heard a shot followed by more. They then ran and threw themselves into the sea.

- We ran into the water. I did not take off my clothes because I was running back. I threw myself into the water with clothes on, and began to swim. After 100 - 150 meters I realized that this was too heavy.

Pracon had big boots and heavy wet pants. He swam so back again.

- As I swim back again I see that the gunman comes out of the woods and go up the cliff where we swam from. Then he shouted: "Everyone must die! It is their turn to die today! ", he says while he shoots at them swimming.

- You could even see the times he shot. This was a red splash in the water, says Pracon. "No, do not shoot!"

- It was terrible to look at the times he shot, and look at the people who went under just there, says Pracon.

He was exhausted when he swam towards the shore, and had half filled lungs with water.

- The only thing I could cry was: "No, do not shoot!" When he was charging at me. He looked at me a long time, and considered it.

- I do not know if it was because I begged him not to do it, or whether it was because he wanted to kill other individuals. Maybe he was looking for groups tells a candid Adrian Pracon.
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