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Scott Kaiser

Webbgate: Congrats to James DiEugenio

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Jim Di's major new review of the year's best political movie so far, Kill The Messenger, is up on Robert Parry's Consortium News, right here:

My wife and I just finished watching the movie about an hour ago. It's about doomed San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb and his ground-breaking report on the involvement of our CIA in the 1980s crack epidemic in LA and other major American cities (in order to raise money and provide weapons to Ronald Reagan's South American Contras). Webb's death by two bullets to the head was ruled a suicide, but his real murder was at the hands of the Washington Post, the New York Times, the LA Times, and all the major network television newscasts. One establishment politician who deserves praise here is current U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who wraps up the movie by succinctly backing Gary Webb's original accusations.

Please stop reading this post and click on the link above ..... NOW!!!

Tomorrow, ask me about my personal involvement in this story.

After writing about my childhood life in my second book. I have considered jumping into how these operations actually took place. If I am able to get a sealed sworn statement to them that no information would be released until upon their natural death, I will. Nevertheless, I'm still going to ask for their response.

I feel comfortable asking, after all, Frank was a good friend with my father. Their untold stories from Felix, Luis and Frank would prove to be very valuable in showing just how our government worked.

All for one and one for all. Some may find the little details quite interesting. I'm sure that if one will not give his consent, none will. However, even if one would tell his side of the story, I'm sure it would be quite fascinating, as I was walking out the door saying my goodbye's Frank said, "And I have a lot of information on the Contras too". As I was leaving I asked, can we talk about that sometime? "Sure" he replied.

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