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Scott Kaiser

Frank Sturgis on Two Oswalds

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And, my mother did contribute to the book it took nearly two years for her to open up to me. What she has to say is in the book, the book had been delayed by the publisher four times now, not by me. He has assured me that it would be released this November 22, 2014. That was not a date originally chosen. The book was suppose to be released on October, so I don't know why it's been moved again.

I have given my word to my mother if she would just give me this one last try to publish the book, if it gets delayed once more, I have to pull the book indefinitely to respect her wishes.
Years ago, I worked as managing editor for three small book publishers. Back then, and it's surely the same now, it was not at all unusual for pub dates to be pushed back, often several times, for a host of reasons... and for controversial books even more so. There is often an attempt at fact-checking, though that is tough on most budgets and schedules, and often the manuscript, or highlighted portions of it, is run by an attorney who specializes in libel cases... and then there are the usual technical issues. Good luck!

Your opinion of Sturgis is not surprising. He's my top pick for being a shooter in Dealey Plaza.

Your opinion of Sturgis is not surprising. He's my top pick for being a shooter in Dealey Plaza.
Many researchers believe Sturgis was one of the shooters, Marita Lorenz, testified at the HSCA and crossed examined by Mark Lane about her trip to Dallas with Sturgis, Enrique Montero minster of the Cuban Embassy admits of hearing that Pedro Diaz Lanz was also in Dallas, but cannot recall any other names involved. Jim Rothstein admitted to me that Sturgis confessed of being one of the shooters, Howard Hunt admitted Sturgis' participation in Kennedy's assassination. My father had Sturgis on tape. Several people including, but not limited to Aldo Vera, Nino Diaz, Felix Rodriguez, Rudy Junco and many other's seen the photographs my father carried in his attache case depicting at least one of the photos of Sturgis in Dealey Plaza on the day of Kennedy's assassination.

Do I need anymore proof?
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