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Scott Kaiser

JVB vs Scott Kaiser

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There's something about JVB that sets off my credibility sensor. I can't put my finger on it. Perhaps she's just the type of personality that doesn't register well when trying to convince people. I don't know. I'd be reticent of going full Fetzer on her.

Mrs Lewis's account of Ferrie, Ruby, Baker, and Oswald meeting her at the 500 Club is interesting to say the least. Her recounting it seems to be without hesitation. Clearly if this is true then Baker is mostly across the divide and on the side of credibility. The confirmed identical starting date at Reilly Coffee also lends credibility.

It would seem that Baker dating an Oswald double would explain the problems Pamela Brown has with her story.

if she was an innocent and Ozzie was two-timing Marina - much like the false drinking accusations - this info would make Ozzie look even worse to the US people... so why hide it?

Because investigation of it would lead back to a nest of CIA operatives engaged in anti-Castro assassination business linked to the JFK conspiracy.
If you ask me anyone who starts to have a conversation with themselves on film is just as coo-coo as JVB. Anna Lewis appears to be loosing it at around 3:33. That's scary.

Permit me to rehash what we've learned thus far, at a forum on (FB). I expressed my pissed off feelings because of my book getting delayed due to Mrs. Barkers book's which needed to get released. I suppose fiction sells more then truth.

She recently confirmed my suspicions, by saying on this interview, "This is lead by one man who's book was canceled because of my book". Well, my book wasn't canceled, just delayed. In the three months she has known Oswald she has worked with David Ferre, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister and was the lover of Lee Oswald.

Fifty some odd years later she is still so deeply in-love with Oswald that it turns my stomach, hell. I couldn't love my ex wife that much whom I was married to for thirteen years. Now, we're talking about a three month relationship. She says, that Guy Banister or Clay Shaw I forget which one paid for a motel room for both "Me & Lee". I don't know about you, but I'm a guy with morals, and before I just hop in the sack with someone, I want to be sure that's the woman I'm going to marry, and I surely wouldn't hop in the sack after meeting some woman that I have been dating for three months.

I don't know about you, but once you start fooling around and having sex everything changes, everything, and usually relationship don't last because of it, I prefer to wait before I give myself away, because I'd rather a woman falls in love with me, my mind first, so I could also fall in love with her, and that takes time.

However, my father did purpose to my mother after knowing her for only two weeks, but the only exception to the rule here is that my father knew, in his heart that he wanted to marry my mother, and the rest is history.

But, before I side track myself I want to get back to JVB. This is a romantic love story she says is "well documented" in her book. I ask, can someone, anyone please provide me with one shred of FOIA document, a love letter by Lee or a letter to Lee from JVB?

I can't see why no letter's can't be found, I still have my father's love letter he wrote my mother when they first met.

Now, in this romantic love story, it's a story of her word vs nothing else. Another words, you either believe her, or you don't. And, that is what the book is based on.

In that same forum we were having a discussion about JVB at "FB" I would have to say there may have been well over fifty posts asking questions and making statements about JVB we were all awaiting an answer from her, she finally responded and it was only to correct me on the TV she was to do an interview on, my mistake. After I spoke to Howard Platzman, I was trying to quote our conversation I had with him some years ago, and I mentioned "Current Affair" which I thought would have been an appropriate TV show for JVB considering the circumstances. But, JVB was kind enough to correct me, she said it was Sixty Minutes.

Do you think she answered any of my other questions or other questions other had? The answer to that is no, she didn't, now. You make take that for what it's worth, I'm sure well see a third book from her soon, titled "Clay Shaw".
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