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Tom Scully

Misunderstanding of the Available Evidence Supporting Nagell's Claims.

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John Mooney posted 02-26-2013


I just read the part about Richard Case Nagell being found and arrested with an "Aleksei Hidell" tourist card on him.

How solid is that?

And if it's solid then isn't that case closed against LN?
Larry Hancock - Posted 10 May 2004 - 10:10 PM
Hi John, here goes on some short responses to your questions:

1) There is only partial documentation on the contents of Nagell's car, the items which I discuss in my book were listed on the second page of an FBI report and the first page seems to have vanished. Dick Russell could not find the detailed property reports in the court records nor was there a personal property report e.g. wallet, contents of wallet etc. What is documented is very suggestive but its worth noting that Nagell made continued efforts to get all the personal and car property back to aid in his defense and that was repeatedly denied. In fact only part of it was ever returned and that was many years later as part of his personal law suit.

2) There is no direct confirmation of a warning letter to Hoover,
the only circumstantial points tending to confirm it are covered in the book including the special questions for the very early interview of Marina Oswald - questions sent from FBI HQ that could indicate that Hoover did indeed have an advance warning from Nagell specifically about Oswald.

3) As to Nagell's mental state, I spent about a year and a half going through literall all his medical records, court records etc before I was convinced that there was a clear pattern which would support him as a viable witness - clearly some of his statements are very conditional in regard to what his goals were at given times, especially during the period when his only main goal was recovering custody of his children. You will find all those documents and my analysis on the CD on Nagell available through Lancer; it's probably the largest composite collection of Nagell documents around.

4) I have no indication that Thorneberry was in the June planning meeting and he would seem out of place considering the stature of the other attendees... Carter was there though.

5) I have no real evidence that Thorneberry's appointment was anything other than sheer patronage; he clearly was a long term Johnson personal friend and Johnson had no qualms about appointing friends to positions regardless of their qualifications. It's certainly an interesting coincidence of course, it's just that we will never know for sure if perhaps Johnson called up his friend and asked for some minor favor in making sure none of Nagell's inflamatory claims about Oswald and a conspiracy got any public visibilty....for the good of the country of course.

-- Larry
So, the question is, what actual evidence exists that answers John Mooney's question posted in Feb., 2013. The key word is "exists".
Let's examine what author Dick Russell wrote more recently on this question.......