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Charles Keeble

Gestapo usa: Fed-police vigilante network persecutes citizen targets

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• Multi-agency fusion center- directed, police-protected community "policing" thugs stalk, terrorize, home-invade their targets -- including the journalist who has exposed the electromagnetic radio frequency neuroweapon "torture towers" being used to silently assault, torture, impair and harm extrajudicially "targeted individuals."

• Rule of law breakdown in counties nationwide -- and no law enforcement agency will come to the aid of the unjustly targeted.

Lockheed Martin, #1 cyber contractor to U.S. government, administers nationwide grid of "torture towers," coordinates communications, "black ops" of community policing vigilante goon squads -- covert domestic crimes against humanity.


Law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies and commands at all levels of American government oversee of a nationwide campaign of extrajudicial targeting, persecution and high-tech, electromagnetic silent torture -- an American slow-kill genocide.

The Gestapo-like mechanism that is committing serial crimes against humanity and the Constitution: the 72 regional "fusion centers" administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The fusion center "partners" include federal, state and local law enforcement, security, intelligence and revenue agencies, as well as security-related private companies, including telecommunications companies, defense contractors, and financial institutions.

The fusion center Gestapo comprises America's shadow government, an iron-fisted, centralized apparatus of social and political control, a calculated bypass of elected officials and the courts that arrogantly acts as judge, jury and executioner -- an authoritarian regime that makes a mockery of the Constitution and the rule of law.

This fusion center Gestapo is engaged in an inhumane criminal enterprise under the cover of national security and law enforcement. Its structure and tactics echo the efficient, centralized fascism of Nazi Germany. It is directed by a cultish security elite that has quietly usurped power from the nation's elected lawmakers and judiciary -- a federal bureaucrat- directed but grassroots- based American junta.

The fusion center Gestapo, by deliberate calculation, uses the wars on terror, crime and drugs as the pretext, the cover story, for what amounts to a slow-kill genocide -- a hate- and ideology-driven silent holocaust directed at persons and entire families it unilaterally and extrajudicially condemns as unworthy of the rights supposedly guaranteed to all Americans under the U.S. Constitution.

The "targets" are untold thousands of citizens, and by extension, their families, who, without benefit of due process under the law, are regarded by faceless bureaucrats in federal and local agencies and commands as dissidents, undesirables, or "enemies of the state."

As in Nazi Germany, journalists, intellectuals, ethnic minorities and homosexuals are among its prime targets. And it only takes someone in a position of authority within the vast fusion center ambit to set into motion the process that results in a citizen's designation as a "T.I." -- a targeted individual unjustly condemned to an often foreshortened life of torment, personal and financial sabotage, and physical torture and impairment inflicted by a covert celltower-mounted electromagnetic radio frequency directed energy neuroweapon system deployed nationwide -- a slow-kill American genocide:

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